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Love to Sifu's family, from mine. You were always my "home," my stable place. Sifu and his teachings made me who I am today--a happy, healthy community education and support person working for truth and freedom.
Thank you!
Today was both a sad day and a celebration for the passing of Master Charles Lin.
As I sit and listen to the heartfelt voices of his students as they recall the many ways Master Lin touched and enriched their lives it makes me proud that men of this caliber exist.
As I watched the video presentation of glimpses of his life with his family, students and friends the joy and inspiration was purely apparent.
I was not a student just a peer and casual friend yet his humility, patience, kindness and diligence was and will always remain an example for all.
One of his students made a reference to Master Lin having a goal to be immortal I smiled briefly for he Master Lin had truly attained it. His legacy of family, students and friends will insure he will never be forgotten and that is truly to be immortal.
Rest in peace knowing you attained your goal Master Lin.

Francisco Rivera
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The Chinese Culture Center, New Mexico's home of traditional Chinese Martial Arts... CHI KUNG, TAI CHI CHUAN, SHAOLIN KUNG FU, CHILDREN'S KUNG FU, as well as traditional LION DANCING, DRAGON TEAM DANCING and DRUM TEAM.

Operating as usual

[08/16/21]   New Saturday Seminar Series - Taoist Qigong Water Method

Every other month beginning September 4.

Learn to move Qi principles an practices will be taught.

September classes will be held Sept 4, 11 and 18 from 9:15 to 11 am.

[07/07/21]   Hi, all you night owls!
We now have a 7 pm to 8:30 pm Tai Chi class Tu and Th.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Day Registration 05/07/2021

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Day Registration

Here is the link to the Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Day at the Museum

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Day Registration Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Day Registration

[05/07/21]   Come join us at the Virtual 24th Annual Asian Pacific Islander American Heritage Day with the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History

Explore the CCC booth and enjoy the performances/offerings/booths from members of the Albuquerque Asian community.

The CCC is also offering a live Tai Chi question and answer session at 10:30 AM.

See you there.

[04/23/21]   Saturday April 24 is World Tai Chi and Qigong Day! Celebrate by practicing your favorite forms!


[04/10/21]   Chin-Na Class update - the new class offering in Chin Na will now begin in June, 2021, not May as originally posted.


The Chinese Culture Center is pleased to participate in the Virtual Vigil to Honor and Mourn in Solidarity with the AAPI Communities in Albuquerque. We are serving as a site to meditate and reflect through April 11, 2021. Please feel free to leave moments or messages of hope.

The Chinese Culture Center is pleased to participate in the Virtual Vigil to Honor and Mourn in Solidarity with the AAPI Communities in Albuquerque. We are serving as a site to meditate and reflect through April 11, 2021. Please feel free to leave moments or messages of hope.

[03/24/21]   NEW CLASS OFFERING –
Chinese Internal Martial Arts, with focus on Chin Na

Lin’s Martial Arts Academy is excited to announce the offering of a unique new class providing integration of the internal arts of Tai Chi, Hsing Yi, and Bagua, with the unifying discipline being Chin Na.

Training will include meditation, qi gong, and basic exercise to develop a strong mind and body.

Class instruction will very much be in the Chinese tradition. The internal arts of Tai Ci, Hsing I and Bagua provide the core of the training. Specifically, instruction will include 13 Posture Tai Chi, 5 Elements Hsing I, and Classical Bagua forms. Training will be refined through the years based on these fundamental teachings. Ultimately, external style Chinese martial arts will be incorporated into the discipline.

The training will be scaled to be appropriate for the full range of students from beginners to those with more experience in martial arts. The class will provide physical conditioning, flexibility and balance with increasing competence as time progresses.

The classes will be led by Keith Winterkorn, MD, who studied for over 25 years under Sigong Charles Lin, the founder of Lin’s Martial Arts Academy. Dr. Winterkorn has led classes in Chin Na and Bagua at the Academy for the past several years. Dr. Winterkorn also has extensive training in martial arts over the past 50 years including Shaolin Kung Fu, Karate, Tai Kwon Do, Aikido, and Judo.

The Lin’s Martial Arts Academy observes all health and safety recommendations associated with the Covid pandemic. Prospective students are strongly encouraged to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

Class time: Monday and Wednesday 7:30 to 9:00 pm
Tuition: $90.00 per month plus tax.

[02/27/21]   Happy Lantern Festival, All! - First full moon of the Lunar New Year.


Happy Virtual New Year!!!

Rest assured that Lion Dancing, a dragon, and firecrackers inaugurated the New Year for Albuquerque.


Happy New Year!!!

Have a great Ox year!


Virtual Chinese New Year 2021--Year of the Ox


Virtual Chinese New Year

We can't have mass gatherings yet so we're moving online for Chinese New Year this year. Here's a preview.

[11/25/20]   Happy Thanksgiving to All! Be safe, be well, be positive!

[10/29/20]   Hello, All!!

just to remind you to check out the Blue Moon (second full moon of October) and Halloween as well this Saturday evening.

Enjoy these special events!

[09/29/20]   A sincere THANK YOU!! to all to voted to enable the CCC to place 3rd in the Journal Choice Award Martial Arts Division. The CCC family appreciates your support.

Thank you too for your enthusiastic comments.




[09/24/20]   Happy Autumn!! Don't forget Chinese Autumn Moon Festival is just around the corner. October 1's Full Moon.

Enjoy the full moon, can you spot the golden rabbit (rising moon in the evening) or Chang Er in the later, morning sky?

Happy Autumn Festival from your family at the Chinese Culture Center!

[08/29/20]   Our Bagua class is a great success. Much to learn in an integrated way. Not too late to join!

[08/10/20]   Bagaua Class Days Correction:

Update: Wednesday and Friday 1 to 2 pm
Tuesday and Thursday 3:15 to 4:15 pm

Please call 505-268-7023 or email us at [email protected] with questions.

[08/10/20]   Great News Everyone - Baguazhang will be presented as a regular class starting the week of August 17. Baguazhang consists of forms that combine a palm method and a stepping method. While sounding simple it is a very sophisticated system of martial arts meditation methods and physical and mental training.

Whether one is new to martial arts, advanced in other martial arts such as Tai chi, Kung fu, Aikido or Jui jitsu there will be space and value to be found in this class.

Come join us for this unique opportunity to learn and practice Bagua!

Instructor: Keith Winterkorn

When; Monday and Wednesday from 1 to 2 pm OR Tuesday and Thursday from 3:15 to 4:15 pm.

Tuition: $60.00/month

[08/02/20]   Great News, All. We are back! This week small group classes - Adult Tai Chi and Kung Fu are again being offered.

Procedures are in place to secure your safety at the facility.

Please call us 268-7023 with questions. If no answer, please call 264-9876 and we will respond as soon as possible.

Hope to see you soon to resume your journey into physical and mental well being with us.

[04/18/20]   We are happy to announce that we have received a $5000 Micro-Business relief grant from the City to help sustain us during our closure. We are grateful to the City and Mayor Keller for this help. Hope to see everyone back at the CCC soon!

Be well all, stay safe!

[12/23/19]   Happy Holidays from the Chinese Culture Center - Lin's Martial Arts Academy!!

Last minute holiday shopping? Don't forget our gift shop for unique Asian items....large and small.


Cloisonne, enameled copper ware, glass eggs, BaGua mirrors, candle holders and jewelry boxes.


Holiday gift ideas!

[11/24/19]   Announcing the December 2019 Special Saturday Seminar Series topic - 20 basic Sword Techniques.

The class will cover the basic straight sword techniques and applications in a safe and friendly environment. Wooden and Nerf swords will be used to develop skills and confidence.

The class is taught by Shifu Ray Tokuda.

Class is open to individual 12 and above.

When: Saturdays December 7, 14, and 21 from 10 am to 12 pm.

Tuition for general public is $85.00 for the three class sessions of the seminar, with a 20% discount for students with a valid ID.

Come join us for this unique and fun learning opportunity!

[10/29/19]   Congratulations to the 13 instructors and students of the CCC who successfully completed CPR training October 27. They are an asset to the school and their community

Thank you for your commitment!!

[09/17/19]   October Special Seminar.....Chin Na!!

Oct 12, 19 and 26. 10 am to 12 pm.

Come learn basic self defense techniques and life saving techniques in a positive atmosphere.

[09/17/19]   Don't forget we will be performing at the Rail Yards Sunday Sept 22 from 11:30 to 12:10.

Stop by our booth and hear more about our class offering. Coupons available for 50% off first month class tuition PLUS a FREE uniform T shirt.

See you there!!

[08/27/19]   Congratulations to Lin's Martial Arts Academy/ Chinese Culture Center.....voted the number 3 Martial Arts School - Albuquerque Journal Reader's Choice Awards!!

We are TRADITIONAL MARTIAL ARTS!Come check out or school. Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Kung F u and Children's Kung Fu!!。

[06/24/19]   A big THANK YOU! to the National Senior Games for having us out to demonstrate Tai Chi this past Saturday! We had a lot of fun!

[06/01/19]   Chin na class for defense against weapons is amazing. Philosophy of being attacked and defending yourself agains attacker was very useful. As well as practical hands-on experience in the self defense moves.

Great jo!

[05/11/19]   Marriage of Heaven and Earth

I cannot say enough great things about the Marriage of Heaven and Earth Chi Kung class recently taught by Ms. Marcy Pincus at Lin's Martial Arts Academy.

In addition to teaching this Chi Kung set, hands on instruction in opening and closing the joints (fingers, wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle) as well as partner exercises were included in the instruction. These joint exercises were most helpful in learning to moving chi through these areas to improve mobility and reduce pain.

The class was comfortable, students were encouraged to ask questions and relate their responses to the exercises. Ms. Pincus was attentive to individual student's joint issues to help address them within the framework of the class.

There were lots of smiles and "ahh's".

I hope more Chi Kung classes will be offered in the future.

[05/09/19]   Thank you to everyone who has liked our page - we're up to 500!

But mostly, thank you to everyone who's ever been a student or customer of the Chinese Culture Center. Here's to many many more years of keeping the beauty of Chinese culture and martial arts alive!

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Happy Virtual New Year!!!
Happy New Year!!!
Virtual Chinese New Year 2021--Year of the Ox
Virtual Chinese New Year
CCC at Dragon Lights Festival 20 Oct 2018!!!
Dragon Lights Lantern Festival Show
Lantern Festival Show 2017




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