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Orona's Ranch


The other night I got to capture and celebrate wonderful Lilyana with her family as she celebrates her 15th birthday. We spent her Quinceañera at Orona's Ranch (Gloria is so amazing!) and UNM walking and talking and laughing with her, her family, and her boyfriend and had so much fun. And look at how STUNNING she is. What an honor!! Can’t wait to share more from this magical evening ❤️
Orona's Ranch
Hello all! Orona's Ranch will be having a Winter Break Day Horse camp! See information attached!

Orona’s Ranch provides lessons designed to be a fun way for everyone to enjoy recreational riding Call for your Free Riding lesson!!

Operating as usual


Hello from Orona's Ranch!

We have some openings for fall and winter!

We have an open stall available for a horse. Includes alfalfa/ grass 2 times daily, water and cleaned stall. Arena, ditches nearby, 2 round pens, and in house farrier.

Horseback riding Lessons are available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday's mornings! Any home-schooling kids need an activity? Adults wanting a new challenge?

Gift Certificates:
Gift certificates available for Horseback riding lessons!
Arena use:
Arena with poles, barrels and flag available for practice!

First time horse ownership classes available!

Please call Gloria Orona at 505-259-0532 for more information and pricing.


Happy 4th of July from Orona's Ranch! Please be careful with fireworks. The 4th of July brings many celebrations, loud noises and stressed pets. Please be mindful for all animals! See you soon!


Orona's Ranch is having summer horseback riding lessons! I have a few spots left on Tuesdays, Thursday's and Saturday's. Our hours are 8:00, 9:00 and 10:00 AM. We try to get riding done before it gets too hot. We offer Beginning horsemanship, Intermediate level I, II, III, and Rodeo Instruction! Having a great time with students!


Hello from Orona's Ranch! Have a happy summer!


Happy new year from Orona's Ranch! We will be taking the first 2 weeks of the year off to organize and schedule our new year 2022! We are excited for a new year of fun with horses!! Thank you all for your support throughout the years and years to come!

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ORONA'S RANCH HORSE SALE, TACK AND RIDE!! NOVEMBER 13, 2021. 10:00 TO 3:00. 1935 Arenal Rd, SW Albuquerque, NM 87105 A great horse event for our community! Please share!
Horses for sale! Tack for Sale! Horse Services and products!
Horse back riding for kids of all ages!

Horses for sale will be shown by owner. Arena, round pen, and Bill of Sale available. You can present a horse or come on out and buy a horse! $20.00 per stall. You will also receive 2 tickets for horse ride.
Hello! We have a few project horses, one 5 year old gray gelding, 15 hh a few saddles, a 8 year old broke Dune mare, not 14.2 hh no specifics on her, one 11 year old, Bay Arabian mare, broke but need experienced rider, 14 hh. I'll get pictures soon. I have a couple more, but no details
Tables are available for Tack, horse or dog health products, horse dentist, chiropractors and more. Lot’s of great buys! $20.00 for a table or spot. You will receive 2 tickets also for horse ride.

We will have horse rides in a round pen for kids of all ages.
$10.00 Horse Rides!

Food Truck will be here for good eating!
A good time for horse enthusiast!
Coffee Truck with great drinks!

Call Gloria Orona 505-259-05323 for your registration form if you would like to
sell a horse or a get a table for your tack or service.

Covid precautions are asked. Social distancing, masks for closer than 6 ft.


Little Miss Marianna and Baby (Horse) getting ready for her first rodeo with Orona's Ranch at the First Impression Rodeo this coming weekend!! Let's wish her luck!!

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Thank you Jesus for a safe week of Summer Horse Camp at Orona's Ranch!

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Thank you Holly and girl scouts for taking a Beginning horsemanship crash course at Orona's Ranch! A special thank you to Lexi and Joanna for your assistance!!

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Orona's Ranch presents 2021 Orona's Ranch Rodeo Team! Joanna, Laelia, Maya, Nadia, Monica, Dane and Evan!! Thank you all for working hard at your riding and getting ready to compete at the First Impression Rodeo! Let's Rodeo!!



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Orona's Ranch is getting ready for 2021 horseback riding lessons! Will follow Covid-19 precautions! Excited to see all the great kids riding!


Happy Veterans day from Orona's Ranch!!!

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Amazing day of lessons and trail riding with students at Orona's Ranch! A little training for a horse going over horse walks as well. Great bunch today!

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Orona's Ranch students learning walk, trott, lope, poles, barrels, flag, trail riding, and keeping safe!! Thank you Jesus for the opportunity to share my beautiful smart horses!!


Orona's Ranch is up and running for lessons at this time. We are taking every precaution to keep all safe. All our lessons are by appointment only.
Unfortunately we will not be having Horse camp this year due to too many communal activities and large groups are not allowed.
We may have some trail riding on designated dates and times. We will post on Facebook when and where!
We thank you for your support and your kindness to keep a small business going in our community.

Orona's Ranch updated their website address. 06/08/2020

Orona's Ranch updated their website address.

Orona's Ranch updated their website address.


Orona's Ranch is excited to get started with lessons again. We are putting some safeguards in place and setting up a new schedule that we hope to get back in business. We are limited to 2 students at a time and 1 parent per child with 1 instructor. We are needing to get sanitizing wipes. I can't find them anywhere in store or online. Please let me know if you have a source for them. See you all soon!

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We are waiting patiently to see if we open soon. June 1st! We are a contact industry, so we are not allowed to open. We are putting safe measures in place. We hope to open up for lessons, camp and trail riding soon. Maybe a few horse parties! We appreciate your patience and your prayers our mom and pop business will survive. Keep safe and hope to see you soon! DROP ME A PICTURE OF YOU OR YOUR CHILD EXCITED WE OPEN UP SOON!


Due to Covid-19 stay home order and no large gatherings, we are postponing Orona's Ranch horse camps till we get clearance. We are a non-essential business and not able to open till given permission. Will post new dates as soon as we know. Thank you for your patience and your kindness.

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Orona's Ranch will remain closed till further notice. We will be updating forms and safe procedures for all to follow when we do open up. We pray to have horse camp if allowed after governor's update June 7. Thank you for your patience and kindness ❤️


Orona's Ranch has a special horse named Baby! She has been a great first for many kids and adults. She is still going strong at 30 years old! I love this horse! If you or your child ever rode Baby, please make a special comment! Thank you to all that have come to Orona's Ranch for your horse back riding or horse needs!

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Good Morning from Orona's Ranch! We are a non-essential business. We are closed for now. We hope to start Classes, trail riding, horse parties, rodeo team practice and more as soon as possible. If you have any questions about Orona's Ranch and a future in horses, please message, text or call me at 505-259-0532. Be safe!

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Orona's Ranch Horse Sale, Tack and Ride is on March 21st! Here are a few horses, tack and services that will be here! We are excited to give safe horse rides in a round pen with helmets for kids of all ages! We will have Veterinarian on hand! Great BBQ Food! Pharm Aloe products! First Impression Royaty will be present! Lots of Equine Services! Bonnie Gomez Signature Crosses! Tack for sale! Good fun! PM me Gloria Orona! if you have any interest in selling a horse, tack or service you would like to have here that day! Remember to spread the word!

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Orona's Ranch Horse Sale, Tack and Ride, March 21, 2020, 10:00 to 3:00! Horses for Sale, Tack for Sale, Horse Therapy Demonstrations, Pharm Aloe products and discussion, Vendors, and Horse rides for kids of all ages!

Here is a horse that will be at Orona's Ranch for you to try out and talk to the owner about the horse, ride the horse and see if it will be a good fit for you!

4 year old stud white sturdy horse. Trailers, stands for farrier, used as family trail horse, super sweet guy that needs a good home. He has a baby brain but is very smart and ready to work! Come out and check out this horse!


ORONA'S RANCH ARENA is available for horseback riding, poles, barrels, and flag!. We also have a round pen for your riding and training needs.You can take 1 hour or more if you need. Arena use for individual or groups. By appointment only. PM me or call me 505-259-0532 for more information and book your time!


Happy New Year from Orona's Ranch! Thank you for another wonderful year of great support for what we do with our horses and community! Thank you Students, parents, community partners, First Impression Rodeo Club, and so many more others that make Orona's Ranch a wonderful place to be! See you all Next Year!

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Orona's Ranch Rodeo Team is a group of kids learning the sport of rodeo! We provide horses for your child to enter in rodeos! We are excited to coach kids in rodeo events like Barrels, Flag, Poles, Steer Dobbing, Goat Tying and Breakaway! If you child is interested in getting into rodeo, give us a call 505-259-0532 or PM message!

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At Orona's Ranch we have lots of great services!! Trail riding, lessons, rodeo instruction, photo shoot, horse care, horse parties boarding, breeding, farrier service and lots love! Lots of life lessons working and caring for horses! Call 505-259-0532 for your next horse experience! Blessed to be doing this for 17 years!

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Great day of riding at Orona's ranch! Very hot, but got it in!


Happy 4th of July from Orona's Ranch! Have a safe fun day!


Good morning from Orona's Ranch! Where horses and people meet!

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Little Miss. Joanna learning to ride ba****ck on Mr. Sueno!


Orona's Ranch! A place to learn Riding and horses!


Horseback riding is not just for kids! Any adults out there wanting to learn to ride or care for horses? At Orona's Ranch you can come and learn about horses! PM me for your next Horse Experience!

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RODEO INSTRUCTION is available at Orona's Ranch for kids of all ages. Poles, Barrels, Flag, Goat Tying, Breakaway, Steer Dobbing and Roping! You can bring your horse or use one of ours! We have good gentle horses that will help you learn the sport! PM me if you have a child that has always wanted to be in a rodeo! PLEASE SHARE!

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Field trips to Orona’s Ranch is an exciting and educational introduction to the world of horses, horse keeping, riding, and equestrian sport.

Schools, Community Centers, YMCA, DayCare, any Group wanting a place to visit and ride a horse!
Please share!

CALL Gloria at 505-259-0532 FOR YOUR TIME SLOT!

• How to be safe around horses and other farm animals
• Horse behavior and anatomy
• Horse breeds and colors
• Horse sports
• Horse keeping- diet, health, care, etc.
• A tack-up demonstration
• A group photo at alfalfa stack can be taken for a memory
• Pictures will be taken during the visit and forwarded to chaperone
A short ride (optional) during which participants will learn:
• How to mount and dismount
• How to stop, go forward and steer
• Proper riding position
• Safety while riding
• Access to the picnic area

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Orona's Ranch presents the horses that bring happiness to many children and families! We are proud of our herd! Starting with Cita all the way to our most current baby buckskin Orona. Call or PM for your next horse experience!! Lessons, trail ride, horse party, family outing, and horse camps!!!

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Orona's Ranch! Check out our page!
Horse back riding! Trail Riding! Horse Parties! Family outings! Team building outing! Rodeo for kids! Boarding! Breeding! Transport! Horse camp! Photo Shoots! Call or message for your next horse experience!



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Orona's Ranch Winter Break Horse Camp!
Taking registrations now!
December 24, 26, 27, 28, 31 January 2, 3, & 4.
10:00 to 3:00 Weather permitting for riding. 50.00 per day
Ages 6 to 18
Horse activities, Feeding horses, learning good food, bad food for horses, Roping, photo shoots. horse arts and crafts, baking, Horse movies, possible guests and so much more! Every child gets a Beginning horsemanship booklet!

Please share

(Call or PM for Extended hour fee)
7:30 am to 6:00 pm.




Thank you US BANK for having Orona's Ranch first Team Building program with horses! You were amazing handling the horses and working together on saddling and riding!! Great riders great bankers! Ofelia Diaz, Anthony Torres, Lizzette Gardina, Chavela Molina, Sheila Baca and Neyra Montez!


Gloria I think you did a wonderful job taking care of Star she was well taken care of well fed and watered you take wonderful care of your horses they are exercised daily and your rates are really fair and would recommend your services to everyone Roger and sharon Sammons

Photos from Orona's Ranch's post 08/31/2018

Kids of all ages riding and having fun at Orona's Ranch! Lesson, horse parties, trail riding and so much more!! Great family time!


Wonderful memories happen at Orona's Ranch! Kids of all ages enjoying horses and life with horses! Great family time, therapy and stress relief! Message me for your next horse back riding experience!


Family outing and horse parties happen at Orona's Ranch!

Photos from Orona's Ranch's post 08/21/2018

Rodeo instruction happens at Orona's Ranch!!

Photos from Orona's Ranch's post 08/13/2018

Orona's Ranch will be having trail riding at the Boca Negra Horseman Complex during Balloon Fiesta, October 11, 12, and 13. We provide the horses! Message me if you are interested in taking a trail ride on the west side near the Petroglyphs and Volcanoes! $75.00 per person 1 hour. Age 8 years and older. A beautiful sight of the city! I will be taking photos at no charge!

Our Story

Orona’s Ranch is in the heart of the South Valley in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We love sharing our wonderful gentle horses for kids of all ages. Give us a call and set up a time to visit!

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Little Miss Marianna and Baby (Horse) getting ready for her first rodeo with Orona's Ranch at the First Impression  Rode...
Loving some Orona's Ranch! We are flooded out in our arena and property, but we are still here working on other things n...
Loving some Orona's Ranch! We are flooded out in our arena and property, but we are still here working on other things n...
Trail riding with student!! Great kid!





1935 Arenal Rd SW
Albuquerque, NM

Opening Hours

Tuesday 8:30am - 6pm
Wednesday 8:30am - 6pm
Thursday 8:30am - 6pm
Friday 8am - 12pm
Saturday 8am - 12pm

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