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A night out!!! I rarely get dressed up anymore. Usually I dress down because I’m either in the pool or teaching a yoga class. But an excuse to get dressed up gets me out of my comfy zone. I sometimes resist dressy occasions because I love the comfort of my tee shirts, shorts and flip flops. But getting out of my own way and just going with the flow is good!! Besides you never know what you might be missing? It might be fun!!!!


The contrast of this leaf cutter bug on the fading red Canna was so great to me, it caught my eye as I was watering.


I’m a yoga teacher who loves to arrange flowers. I sometimes will use the flowers for a visualization session alining the chakra’s. I will place the vase of flowers so they are in view of the students. Then after our yoga session while in Savasana using aromatherapy we take our journey.


I’ve been coloring my hair for about a year now. All the sudden it just started turning really grey. I’ve been a hairdresser for 30 years and I was always coloring my clients hair. Sometimes they would come in every 3 weeks!!!! A lot of men too!!! I decided to just let it go. I live in a very sunny climate now, and I love to be outside in the pool and in the garden. The colors fade quickly because of that so I’m just leaving it the way it is. Not fighting it anymore. I think it looks okay and since now I’m a yoga teacher now it just makes more sense to me. Doing aquatic yoga and yoga on the mat, Teaching all the time it just suits my lifestyle now.


Tomatoes 🍅 fresh from our garden. Enjoying the last bit of summers bounty. 🍅


Trees dancing in the light. These dead cotton wood trees come to life when the sun shines on them after a storm. They seem to look as though they are dancing together and becoming energized by the universe.

Photos from Bella Vita Yoga's post 06/27/2022

I’ve always been so interested in the Chakra’s. I know what you’re thinking, these aren’t Chakra’s, but what they are, are images I give to my students in part of a visualization Chakra meditation. I describe the object during a meditative Savasana. These particular objects happen to be flowers I’ve grown in my garden. I do my best to describe them to my students and sometimes I will have a vase filled with each one in case someone is having a hard time imagining. For me this is a way to combine my love for flowers and plants and combine it with yoga and meditation Chakra meditation particularly. On a nice day we may do a session outside with the flowers all around us. This creates a nice setting and good visual. The photos are in order of the Chakra from 1-7. root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown.


I never get tired of seeing balloons land in the field beyond our backyard. It’s always an exciting way to wake up in the morning, I just have to remember to put my clothes on before I jump out of bed and head out onto the deck to take the pictures!! Lol!!! ✌🏻️


Planting some pool side planters today. Using this variegated Yucca as a focal point plant in the combination. I also combined Asiatic Lilies and Lantana along with portulaca a trailing succulent.


I wanted to create a more formal floral arrangement for my living room. I’m definitely not formal, but my living room really is on the formal end, unlike the formal living and dining rooms of yesteryear that maybe our grandmothers had, I definitely didn’t grow up like that but I had friends who only used those rooms during holidays and special family gatherings. On the contrary our living room is very lived in. This arrangement is made with all faux flowers Hydrangeas, lilies, chrysanthemum,holy hock, astilbe, Japanese anemones, foam flower and curly willow sticks. I love to arrange flowers both fresh and faux. It’s one of my hobbies

Photos from Bella Vita Yoga's post 04/27/2022

I’m excited about using some vintage chairs and cushions to mix in with more modern outdoor furniture. I love this time of year when I get to be creative outside with the yard.

Photos from Bella Vita Yoga's post 04/10/2022

Spring flowering vines and trees are blooming now! This Wisteria is so fragrant, I wish you could smell its heavenly scent. As I went in close to get the photo it was intoxicatingly hypnotic!!!! As if she was saying don’t go, stay for awhile and linger around some more. 😌😍


The sunrises lately here in New Mexico have been so pretty. This was around 7:00 am and it only lasted a minute or so. 🌅


I take after my mom, she was so good at making something from nothing. I made this curry soup with pork and vegetables from a dinner the night before. It was crockpot slow cooked Chinese pork. Along with Jasmine rice. To make the soup I added lots of fresh vegetables, beef stock,curry paste more curry and turmeric and some of that jasmine rice,to get a wonderful orange color I added more curry paste to taste. I topped with fresh cilantro chopped peanuts and sriracha.


This succulent container I planted a couple years has finally really filled in nicely! They all started as small little 4 inch pot plants. This indirect diffused morning and early afternoon light seems to be the perfect sweet spot! It’s a mixture of succulents that we’re giving to me from a fellow gardener. I like how they co mingle together completing each other as they sunbathe blissfully.


Homemade Chicken Tortilla Soup. All fresh organic ingredients! Made with nutritious homemade chicken stock. Also made our own homemade crispy crunchy spiced tortilla strips, topped with fresh avocado,cilantro, Mexican sour cream with a squeeze of lime just before serving. Delicious 🤤 tortillasoupmovie 🇲🇽


I was captivated by this beautiful garden area in front of The Bistro At Encanterra. This is Queens Creek just outside of Scottsdale Arizona. 🌴🌳🌲🎄🍀☘️🌿🌱🎋🍃🍂🍁🍄🌾🌷🌹🌺🌸🥀🌻🌼 🌳 🌺

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Little bright colorful arrangements I made for the clinic today in between classes. They really brighten up the office and everyone’s day!!! 💜 ❤️


I’m super excited for my interview with Yoga Jounal Magazine tomorrow!! Nervous and excited!!!
I’m also happy to be talking about all the things I love, Yoga, meditation, chakras and my newest interest sound healing.
I’m new to sound healing but very interested in all that it does. I recently acquired a heart chakra sound bowl and have been using it on my students in the studio during chakra meditation. There are so many emotional and physical benefits. Wish me luck and hopefully it will be something they are interested in.


Photos from Bella Vita Yoga's post 01/31/2022

I am very excited to have the wonderful opportunity to be interviewed by yoga journal magazine! This will happened in about a month or so. I’m so honored and excited I can’t keep it in! This is a small studio where I focus on one or two individuals at a time. I have always been a one on one person so it completely works for me and my students. One to One actually happened and went this direction because of the Covid pandemic. Since then it just wound up being something that just stuck and worked out for the best. It was almost meant to be. A silver lining. I enjoy doing one to one yoga and smaller groups of 3 or 4 very much. I am also learning at this time more about sound therapy and how sound waves can relax the body and mind. My studio is inside GD psych services in Rio Rancho New Mexico. 4200 MedowLark Ln. Ste. A1


Starting our class this morning. Vinyasa slow flow.


Watching these balloons float by is never dull! We see them during sunset and sunrise around 5:00 pm. This one is from the Indian Cultural Center. It looks especially beautiful against the blue sky.


A beautiful sunset fades through the winter trees adding a backdrop of colors to their dark silhouettes creating a dramatic contrast and then fading into winter darkness.


The magical Albuquerque never ceases to disappoint! This is why it’s called The Land of Enchantment!!!!
Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!!!!

Photos from Bella Vita Yoga's post 12/23/2021

Christmas time is here!!! I love decorating and making the house look festive!!! ❤️


65 degrees in December!!! I really don’t even need a jacket!!! Crazy!!! The sun is shining and it’s gorgeous out! I’ve begun to start the decorations outside, lights etc and I’m just in awe of the weather here this year. ❤️

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The magical Albuquerque never ceases to disappoint! This is why it’s called The Land of Enchantment!!!! Happy New Year E...
Happy Pride Month!!!! #pridemonth #pride2021 #gayboy #gayman #poolbaby #pooltime #skinnydipping #funinthesun😎





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