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We offer Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Sports Performance and Group Fitness classes to adults and children of all ages and experience levels.

Operating as usual



Just a quick reminder that we will be closed on Saturday, May 14tb, as we cheer on our teammates at this weekend’s comp.

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Today was a beautiful day for Impact Jiu Jitsu. We got to celebrate four of our friends and teammates getting their blue belts. Each of these incredible individuals has dealt with personal adversity, struggled with plateaus, pushed through injury, and worked through the inevitable doubt that creeps in and threatens a person’s will to stay the path. They have also helped other members of our team do the same. They each showed up, and kept showing up, to learn, struggle, and grow. The journey from white to blue belt is unique for each of them, but it is a hard earned transformation for all. We are especially proud of these four because as they have become who they are on the mats they have consistently worked to elevate, love, support, and better those around them. They define “good people” AND “good jiu jitsu”, and we are so incredibly proud of them.


Belting Event today from 10-12p. Come help your teammates cross over the threshold into their new belt!

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Monday Mantra:
Work hard and try and always be better, more honest, more loving, more patient and understanding, and grow just a little further beyond my own limited perspective each day than the day before it.


Invest the time, hone your craft, seek tutelage from the experts, hone your craft, master the details, hone your craft, understand the transitions surrounding your techniques, and hone your craft. Jiu Jitsu is an unending and beautiful cycle of continual improvement. Put in high quality and intelligent work, and you will see results.


Are you interested in competing?

The next competition is Grappling Industries on Saturday, May 14th. Help bulletproof your game by regularly attending our Comp Rounds class on Thursdays at 6 PM led by and .

Let us know if you plan on competing, so we can help you make a game plan. 🤙


Personal Leadership. In order to pursue difficult goals, to overcome depression, to achieve one’s potential, to move beyond the rut you’re stuck in right now, etc., you must rise to that occasion by becoming the leader that you need in your life. Let me say that again more plainly: to get to where you want to be, you must become the leader that you need in order to get there. What are the words that you would say to someone in your exact position? What would you advise that person to do in order to achieve their goals? Say that to yourself. Take those actions. Whether your are at the helm or not, your ship is out on the waves of the sea of life. Be the leader that your ship needs to navigate that wild, dangerous, and beautiful ocean.

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Respect for oneself and others, self discipline, how to interact with adults and peers, and... playfulness! Children can learn so much from Jiu Jitsu, and one of the most important things they will learn is how to “play fight”, or grapple, appropriately. By learning to identify and use positional dominance and submissions within an environment of respect and self discipline and fun, children can learn how to “play” at Jiu Jitsu in way that builds both their own self esteem and their peers.


Chris Haueter’s 3 Golden Rules for Grapplers:

1. Be the guy on top. Win on top. Stay on top.
2. Win on bottom. Have a guard "you shall not pass".
3. Never forget rule #1, easily forgotten due to the seductive and lazy nature of guard.


Weekends are our favorite vibe. Hope to see everyone tomorrow at Open Mat from 10-12pm.

Any particular musical requests for rolls?



"It's not who's good, it's who's left. It's hours on the mat. If you put in that time, natural athlete or not, you'll be a black belt. You're going to be somewhere in ten years, why not be a black belt? You just can't quit."
- Chris Haueter

See you tonight at 6pm Competition Rounds and/or 7pm nogi Subs and Positions 🤙


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Impact Jiu Jitsu Albuquerque presents Chad Lyman for two seminars across April 28-29th.

Thursday April 28th 6-8pm
No Gi BJJ Seminar

Friday April 29th 10am-2pm
C4C PJJ - Police Jiu Jitsu seminar
[ground defense and control to custody LEO ONLY]

NoGi BJJ Only - $45
C4C PJJ Seminar Only- S100
Both: $125 Cash or Venmo

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Today I had the distinct honor of spending some time with my friends Melissa and Chris Haueter. Being able to discuss philosophy, history, and deep meta-Jiu Jitsu with one of the founders of Jiu Jitsu in America is an awesome privilege. Then add to that a private roll, and you have a truly special experience. Jiu Jitsu is unique in that one can still exchange ideas and participate with some of the giants that pioneered the world of grappling that we enjoy today. I am even luckier that I am connected to such rare people as Melissa and Chris through my lineage. Being able to have wisdom passed down to me from the person who established the Street Sport Art paradigm that has so influenced my philosophical outlook and my expression of Jiu Jitsu was a treat to say the least. Thanks, Chris and Melissa.

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A couple more days to get in training with Eric and Shyla.

What a gift this week has been! We are thankful that we have been able to share the greater Impact community with our amazing one in Albuquerque. We have so much pride in the incredible people and the incredible Jiu Jitsu that we get to represent down in New Mexico. Eric and Shyla have and continue to offer their knowledge and expertise to our team, and for that we are thankful beyond measure!

Ben and I are also grateful to have had some time and space to step away to reflect and learn. Every time we travel and visit other gyms, we are reminded of how special, capable and amazing our community is. We feel inspired and excited for future of our gym, and Ben is stoked to come home with knowledge to share. See y’all soon.


Congratulations to our teammate Chad Harder on his win by guillotine choke yesterday at Grapplefest. Chad is constantly pushing to elevate his competitive capacity. Here he once again stepped on to the stage, tested his skills against another grappler, and got the win. Hard work pays off. On to the next. Special thanks to and for cornering Chad during this match.


We are so excited to announce that Impact Jiu Jitsu is officially collaborating with the good people over at Fiesta Auto. They are generously helping provide enough uniforms for our whole team (youths and adults). We will be bringing you a brand new co-branded gi from Impact Jiu Jitsu and Fiesta Auto Group. These uniforms will be available to all of our members exclusively on a donation basis. 100% of all donations that will be given in full to Alice King Community School. Fiesta Auto and Impact Jiu Jitsu are excited to work together to very directly help support a school in need and people in our community.

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Just the beginning of an awesome week ahead. 🤘🤙🙏


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We’ve got an exciting week ahead. For those of you who have not heard, 2nd degree Impact Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, Eric Loar will be coaching all of next week. Eric brings a ton of expertise, finesse and creativity to the game, and e has over 2 decades of experience coaching both adults and children.

We’re also welcoming with him some more Impact crew from our headquarters up in Portland, including but not limited to the extremely talented .

Get ready to train hard and take advantage of this awesome opportunity. 🤙🤙🤙🤙



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Parking Information for classes at Impact Jiu Jitsu ABQ (6509 Lomas Blvd NE)

Members can park in front of the gym off of Lomas and in front of the neighboring childcare center (respectfully leaving a few spots for their clientele) . If the front parking lot is full, we have access to parking directly behind the gym and behind the daycare just west of our gym. We’ll make sure to keep the back doors unlocked during business hours in the back of the building for our members to enter and exit from.


In a martial art that takes around a decade to reach black belt, a students first external recognition of achievement can be too easily diminished. The first stripe on the white belt.

Some schools have criteria for this, some just use time on the mat, others have both, and still other schools do things entirely different. Whatever the case may be, this first stripe can be first indicator that a student is on the path. This is the first sign post after setting off from the trailhead that lets you know you’re going the right way. What a moment of reassurance!?

Do not diminish this accomplishment regardless of whether it’s yours or someone else’s. Jiu Jitsu is hard, and just like any solo adventure, can be lonely, discouraging, fraught with self doubt, and have many many miles between sign posts. That first stripe is an indication that you’re beginning to develop the tools necessary to navigate the wilderness ahead. Celebrate that. Celebrate others receiving it. It was earned, and the encouragement will be needed on the deep, powerful, and meaningful path ahead.

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We are so excited to be teaming up with the best locally owned physical therapy clinic in New Mexico, Method Physical Therapy to offer affordable select physical therapy services to our members conveniently in our very own gym prior to classes.

Genevieve Richter PT, MPT, DPT and Nora Quintal Calva PT, DPT are trained in functional dry needling (FDN) techniques to treat pain and movement impairments. It is called “dry” needling as the needle uses no medication. Functional dry needling is a therapeutic treatment procedure that utilizes thin, solid filament needles to deactivate and desensitize trigger points in muscles.This is an evidence based technique that helps reduce muscle tension and decrease dysfunction of motor end plates.

They use functional dry needling to decrease pain, but also for neuro re-education. By performing strengthening or mobility exercises following this technique we are able to help patients progress towards reaching their goals.

Functional dry needling can be done in any muscle in the body. If you have tight shoulders, or feel tension on your shoulders this can be a great technique to try for your upper trapezius muscle. It has also been found helpful in relieving headaches and migraines, when needling suboccipital muscles and even the temporalis muscle.

We will be running pop-up events with 3 20-minute spots available between 5-6pm. Our first pop-up is March 10th, 5pm, 5:20pm and 5:40pm. $40 cash for each treatment. DM us to reserve a spot.


Get some rolls in today.

Today’s lunchtime class will be an open mat! 12-1pm.



The purpose of this class is to take a “deep dive” on one submission or position at a time to allow students to readily incorporate the technique into their games. This will involve significant repetition (isolation), sparring (integration), and dialogue about the details, application, and limits of the technique. The course material will be broad and will not necessarily be cyclical. The aim is to spend significant time on a wide variety of techniques so that students can follow their own creative and athletic intuition and further develop their own unique game.


So stoked to be here with these people.


Monday 530am, 7pm
Wednesday 12pm, 7pm

For both beginners and experienced practitioners, this class has two equally valuable focuses: 1.) To introduce new students to the fundamental movements, concepts, and positions of Jiu Jitsu. 2.) For established students to refine and elevate their core grappling techniques. This class is the bedrock of our Jiu Jitsu curriculum, and at the heart of all the techniques, concepts, and strategies that are taught at our school.

Opening September 2018

Soft Opening: Early September 2018

  • Founding Members who sign up prior to the Grand Opening will receive a grandfathered-in reduced tuition rate.
  • Grand Opening: October 2018

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