United Kenpo Karate Academy

United Kenpo Karate Academy


Black Belt 2021!

We invite you to join us and check out our school and we offer a month of Introductory Lesson with m Classes are fun, exciting, and challenging.

We specialize in the Positive Character Development of our children, self-defense, and physical fitness. Our training is self paced allowing everyone to progress at their own rate while developing your self-esteem and confidence. Our school promotes a "family" environment that is open to all members of the family to participate. We offer classes for children between the ages of four and six called

Operating as usual


Sergio Sr Dzul

It's up.

Former BCFD firefighter killed in overnight homicide 09/25/2022

In Memoriam of Mr Daniel Bourne:

He was a student, an office manager and along with his wife Mrs Bourne who are the great longtime supporting parent for Courtney and Jonathan, especially for Courtney who has been continually trained with us since 2005.
On behalf of the entire UKKA program, our deepest sympathies and condolences

Former BCFD firefighter killed in overnight homicide ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Police say a security guard has been killed while on the job at a Calvary Church on Osuna over Friday night. Former colleagues told KOB 4 he was beloved and had a long career of serving the state and nation. Calvary church leaders and a former employer have confirmed to us that...


Wishing all the dads a great Father’s Day

Photos from United Kenpo Karate Academy's post 06/02/2022

Under a hot desert sun in NM, our 2022 black belt candidates are performing their physical test and to get ready for the oral/written exam on Friday 6/3 and a torture technical test following a graduation ceremony on Saturday 6/4 starting at 7AM.
Photos courtesy of miss Kerry Mcandrews

Testing place: Ventana Ranch park
Graduation place: Olympus event center @ https://olympus-events.com/



We just lost a good friend and a great grandfather to our 3 students (Noah, Rory and AJ) this morning from covid.
God bless his soul, Mr Mille please RIP!
Our deepest condolences to the family


In loving memory of our late Grand Master Bill Packer August 19, 2005

Photos from United Kenpo Karate Academy's post 06/20/2021

Congrats to all 18 new black belts. We are proud of y’all

Photos from United Kenpo Karate Academy's post 06/20/2021

From day 1 in Little Dragon program to first degree junior Black Belt excellent @ the age of 8.
This is a great leading example for an awesome 3 years of hard work and dedication.
Thank you mr and mrs Kesler for trusting and continuous supporting us @ United Kenpo Karate Academy.


A special shout out to Courtney Bourne
and Tim Ibarra for a job well done from this weekend 2021 BBT


Happy Father’s Day to all the dads


In our little world we always say a black belt is a white belt that never quits and here’s a good example.


Better late than nothing, right?


Promotion: Junior first brown, black belt is right around this summer corner
Congratulations to all


...on the side walk with our juniors


UKKA want to wish everyone a very 🥳 happy new year


Wishing y’all a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year


Wishing y’all a very happy Thanksgiving 🍁🍽🦃


To comply with the state closure mandate about covid19 situation, our dojo will unfortunately be closed in the next 2 weeks starting Monday November 16th 2020 however, we’ll conduct the ZOOM online class so please check your email for more information on how to get to zoom.
We do appreciate your understanding and support during our difficult situation.
God bless!



UKKA will reopen for all classes starting today Wednesday October 28th 2020 per schedule.
Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this inclement weather situation.


UKKA will be closed today Monday October 26 for all classes due to inclement weather.
Please stay home and stay warm and check with us for more weather updates for tomorrow Tuesday October 27.

Photos from United Kenpo Karate Academy's post 10/22/2020

Congrats to all October new belt candidates, very awesome works, so proud of y’all

Photos from United Kenpo Karate Academy's post 10/02/2020

Moon festivities! A previous fund from GM Nieto Taichi class and United Kenpo Karate Academy is working and creating a smiling happy faces from the orphanage kids Buddhist temple and other less fortunate children in Baclieu coastal village.

Photos from United Kenpo Karate Academy's post 09/12/2020

Perfectly obey the covid19 rule of engagement, we are doing some free basic karate lessons from a Saturday morning’ bring a friend to train on our sidewalk, yep! On the sidewalk


Happy Labor Day everyone.
Yes, we are open TODAY


Taken some 14 years ago and now amazingly, two in that group (2nd and 5th from the right in front row) are still kicking with us.


Belt promotion today. Congrats 🎉 to all new ranks!

Photos from United Kenpo Karate Academy's post 07/04/2020

United Kenpo Karate Academy want to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Independece Day




Here comes our monthly June’s and 2020 black belt candidates. They have received their respective ranks today.
Big congrats to y’all


Covid, rain or shine, it’s no matter! Our 2020 black belt test will go on

Photos from United Kenpo Karate Academy's post 06/02/2020

First class yesterday with social distancing and all


Theatre is permanently closed, our school’s back alley is now become an overnight dwelling for some folks

Photos from United Kenpo Karate Academy's post 05/26/2020

“Ok now turn to the back!

No no, not that back, the back of the room - facing opposite of the camera.

Just... face your couch.”

This is a story of my life since March 16 2020.

We were ever not in an ideal and favorable position of teaching martial arts online but under this circumstances, we have stuck together in a consistent basis and got through with our heads high.
For our students, you are the best that I can ever ask for out there so it’s very true that “when people give you lemons, turn it into a lemonade”
So proud of you!


NM governor just announced phase 1 opening for the state business but not gyms, beauty salons and restaurants with restrictions of social distancing, etc and the state has mandated wearing a mask in any public places starting May 15.
Anyway, I copied and pasted this post from Century Martial Arts community as and FYI, just in case when we are allowed to open our dojo
FYI: You won't get CO2 poisoning from wearing a mask while training.

That difficult breathing you feel is not CO2 poisoning. Without getting too deep into the science, CO2 is too small and will pass through your masks just like oxygen does. That's why surgeons can wear them for hours without passing out. It simply doesn't happen.

You WILL experience reduced airflow and/or some resistance while breathing if your mask is working. For the inexperienced, it might feel like wearing an elevation training mask (those actually feel much worse)... and you need to adjust appropriately until you get used to it.

Masks can get moist quickly during heavy training: a blend of sweat and the extra huffing and puffing of heavy breathing. Drawing in breath through damp cloth can feel more strenuous than when it is dry. You're effectively creating a mini-sauna on the lower half of your face. Adjust appropriately.

Also, if you wear glasses, they may fog up.

Photos from United Kenpo Karate Academy's post 04/20/2020

Thank you GM John Patrick Nieto and the Taichi students, because of your support to attending the Saturday Taichi class, today we donate over 600lbs of rice to this non-government run “Red Cross” agency in Baclieu province south VN to contribute into an automated rice distribution to those who needed during this coronavirus crisis.
Once again, thank you!


Since the school closure on March 16, 2020 from this coronavirus crisis, UKKA have been teaching the online virtual classes for those who wants to continue quest of training and yep, we can’t spar but surely the students don’t miss a beat on polishing up their materials alongside with learning the new ones.
Honestly it was a bit rough at first for instructors and students alike, but with patience and consistency we, together got through it and now we are cruising to be the best that we can be.
Because of your tremendous support, I have added couple more of virtual classes starting this week. Each class is an hour long unless specified, here’s our full schedule:

Mon @1:30pm- Little Dragon
@3:00pm- jr. White-Gold
Tue. @1:30pm- jr. Orange-Purple
@3:00pm- jr. Blue-Green
Wed @1:30pm (online pretest)
@3:00pm-jr. 1st&2nd Brown
@5:30pm- L’ Dragon (45min)
Thu. @3:00pm- jr. Wht-Gld-Org
@5:30pm-jr. Pur-Blu-Grn
Fri. @3:00pm-1st&2nd Brown
Belts (review)
@5:00pm-jr. Black belt (75m)
Sat. @10:30am- all adult (75 min)

FYI: thus far, we have promoted 10 students ranking from Little Dragons to junior Green belts.

Thank you for your continuous support please continue to be vigilant, stay home and stay safe.

Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Webinars, Screen Sharing 04/08/2020

Online virtual class with my 8 years old student

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One of my student is doing the online virtual class with us. Thank you Mrs Giana D Gallegos for posting this up.

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Our Story

@ United Kenpo Karate Academy (WWW.UKKANM.COM), we specialize in the Positive Character Development of our children, the ultimate self-defense, and physical fitness. Classes are fun, exciting, and challenging. Our training is self paced allowing everyone even with those who has limited ability to progress at his/ her own rate while developing your self-esteem and confidence. Our school promotes a "family" environment so that we offer a very competitive family rate to all members of the family to participate.

Classes are specially designed for:

  • Little Dragons Karate ages from 4 to 6 that teaches them the basics fundamental of Kenpo Karate and emphasizing character building, developing the ability focus, self-control, Honor, Respect, and Discipline.

  • Junior programs ages 7 to 14 mainly focus on character building, discipline with the ultimate self defense & competition forms (katas) and best of all, stretching the important value of academic excellence to go alongside with our karate curriculum.

  • Adult program is for all ages and all walk of life. This is the best part of health endurance activity besides learning self defense and forms (katas) which can be used as a morning self workout. No one can’t say “I am too old for this” since we have students as young as 70 and still kicking.

    Please check out our website for more details, stop by and ask us how you can start? You'll be glad you did.
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    Tiger and the Crane kata




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