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Hi. New to biking. What do your women’s mountain bikes rang from?
This kid is a beast!

Join us THIS Labor Day for an epic Bike Scavenger Hunt! Prizes will be awarded, click link for details. LET'S RIDE!!
Any demos coming up??
Please keep an eye out! My husband's Specialized
Roubaix Color Black 56 cm Carbon Fiber Road Bike was stolen last night while having dinner at El Patron on Montgomery. He's recently retired from the Air Force and riding 50 miles in 50 states. Yesterday he finished his 15th State. We need this bike back!
Please be on the look out for: the greenspeed Trike with special Hase pedal that was stolen from our Placitas home 1/9/18? This has been reported also to Sandoval County police. THX!
We’re delighted to inform you that Bikeworks ABQ has been selected as one of the best Bike Shops in New Mexico by Best of AmericanTowns, a property of AmericanTowns Media! Here is the link to the page:

For over 15 years, AmericanTowns Media has been the leader in highlighting the incredible work of great local organizations and initiatives. Best of AmericanTowns brings the most interesting and unique places in America right to the fingertips of the user with the opportunity to browse the best places to eat, live, and visit.

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Best. Bike shop. Ever.

Professional bike shop specializing in repairs and maintenance. Dealer for Giant, Yeti, Rocky Mtn., and Devinci bicycles.

Temporarily closed


When you haven’t posted anything all year, and then you just show up to say you’re leaving…..
We’re out! Shop trip to go ride mountain bikes in Colorado, because it’s been a long summer!
We are closed from Sept 12 through the 20th. Smooches!

When you haven’t posted anything all year, and then you just show up to say you’re leaving…..
We’re out! Shop trip to go ride mountain bikes in Colorado, because it’s been a long summer!
We are closed from Sept 12 through the 20th. Smooches!


It’s with a heavy heart that we announce our new hours. Back by popular demand, we will be here on Saturdays again, like some sort of business. Now it’s 9-5 Tuesday- Friday, and 10-5 Saturday. Still closed Sunday and Monday.


Bikeworks turned 13 this month. And today will be our 13th year of being closed on Black Friday, because, you know, it’s gross and stuff. Also, here’s a pic of Lucero, from 13 years ago, riding a Bianchi that was already retro by then. Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!


We got a few 2021 Rocky Mountain Altitude Carbon 50’s in stock. I really like the clean lines, and understated aesthetic of this bike. And the orange decals have a metallic flake that I didn’t notice until it was out in the sun. This completely redesigned Altitude is starting to rack up some good reviews! #rockymountainbikes


My kids made a Calvin and Hobbes inspired, two headed snow goon.


Well that’s about the most snow I’ve ever seen in my back yard.
Snow Day! Bikeworks is closed today. We will get back at it tomorrow. Go have a snowball fight, and drive safe!


Hey internet, long time no see! Remember the 35th Anniversary Yeti ARC from this summer? Well, we got one (of the 100 made)! So much custom! It’s not spoken for yet, so hit us up if you’ve got a whole in your heart the size of an unobtanium limited edition hardtail! #yeticycles #35thanniversary #yetiarc 10/13/2020

LoveYourBrain x Revel Bikes 2020 Hey! We're LoveYourBrain! We're a nonprofit on a mission to improve the lives of people affected by traumatic brain injury. We've teamed up with Revel Bikes to make a big difference in the lives of those affected. Join us!


Thanks @srammtb ! We got some fresh artisan bread gift in the mail today from Sram. And some lucky person in the area is gonna find a silver eagle baked into the bread and win a GX Eagle group. We will let you know if we win!


Hey, do y’all know Jay Wulf? Or his restaurant, The Greenside Cafe? Have you ever been to a Sandia trail build day and been fed burritos? Or been to our bacon station and been surprised with brisket and coleslaw? Or been to the donut station and been surprised with enchiladas, or monte cristos? Well, that was all Jay. He has taken every opportunity to feed the mountain bike community for the past 12 years, since his restaurant opened. He’s an awesome dude and great mountain biker.
Well, restaurants are having a hard time these days. So maybe swing by and grab some lunch to go if you can, maybe pick up a t shirt while you’re there. Let’s give a little support back to one of the most generous small business owners out there. You can order on their website and pay when you pick up. And you can trust that they are taking every possible precaution to keep your food and to go containers clean and safe.
Thanks! @ The Greenside Cafe


Hey everyone. Just a little update on the state of affairs at Bikeworks ABQ world headquarters.
While we have been deemed an “essential business”, we are only allowed to be doing repairs, and no customers are allowed in the store.
We are also running with just two of us at a time, so we can give each other more space in the shop.
So, we are only taking on repairs for existing customers. With the small staff, and the extra complexity of interacting while social distancing with customers, our capacity is pretty small right now. Please call or email to schedule a repair. We are holding fairly regular shop hours on weekdays, but it’s by appointment only.
We are also taking it easy, spending time with family, and trying to make sure everyone is staying healthy and sane.
We have had lots of people reach out and check in. Luckily, being small and having an awesome landlord, we are in a good place. All the familiar faces will still be in the shop when this is over, we won’t have to lay anybody off. We are all healthy too, thankfully.
Thank you all so much for your support and concern. I can’t wait to see you all again soon!


Hey everyone, hope you’re all staying sane, safe, and getting out for some solo rides.
A few of the biggest bike parts distributors have organized to offer customer direct shipping, in an effort to help us local bike shops help you to support us!
Long story short, give us a call and we can do the sale over the phone, and you will get most items at your door in just a couple days. We will charge a small shipping fee for items under $75, and free shipping on orders over $75 (some exceptions may happen, but generally). We appreciate all the effort you put in to supporting us. We miss you all like crazy, it’s so weird being closed right now. We just can’t wait until we are back to normal, fixing bikes, high fives, 5 o clock beers, and sharing stories about riding in the shop. Miss you mean it! #isupportmybikeshop


Hey Team! We are calling it for now, until further notice. We hustled out nearly all our repairs today. If you have a bike in the store, or a new bike showing up soon, email us .. [email protected] We will meet customers by appointment and schedule deliveries, but in general, it’s time to bunker down, not time to be in the bike shop. Thanks for your support!


Math wins every time. We are closing our doors as of Thursday (3/19). We are going to finish up the repairs we currently have, and will arrange curbside pickup or delivery. We can do sales over the phone, and ship or deliver as needed. We will let ya’ll know when we are ready to take on more repairs. It’s all kinda by the seat of our pants right now. But we had quite a lot of foot traffic again today, and that just doesn’t feel appropriate anymore. So, the doors are closed and we will take it from there. Thanks everyone for doing their part. If anyone feels like this is overblown, I encourage you to research the math, and how exponential growth rates work. Thank you all for your support, and take care. Air Smooches from 6 feet away. Sincerely, Team Bikeworks.


It seems that things have gotten real. While we don’t want to overreact, we also want to do our part. So our thoughts for running the shop in a responsible way currently include... Keeping the door locked, and only having a few customers at a time; offering to bring product out to customers at their cars; and pick up / delivery repair service if requested (and logistically reasonable for us). So, if you need something, and don’t want to come in, or leave your house, just give us a call, and we’ll get something figured. Thanks!


Hey Party People! The Rocky Mountain demo rig is coming to the ‘Burque on Saturday April 4th. We will be up at the Embudito trailhead, we will be set up at a friends residence, so look for the signs. There will be Elements, Altitudes, Instincts, and Slayers. Bring Helmet, ID and Credit Card. We start at 10am, last bike goes out at 4pm. Woot woot! #youcantcatchcoronawhilemountainbiking


Snow Day! We’re calling a snow day tomorrow (Friday 1/17), opening late! We will be opening at Noon. If you’re looking for us, we will be up at Sandia skinning a lap or two.


If you know anything about Bikeworks, you know that we take celebrating Baby Jesus’s birthday pretty seriously around here! As such, we will need to be closed for a few days to prepare and then recover. So.... we are out! We will be back on Friday, 12/27. Happy Holidays! Thanks everyone for making 2019 our best year ever. We have the best customers ever, and we are humbled and amazed by the support you all show us every year. Love you mean it!


Die Hard is a Christmas movie.


Sup Nerds! We out. Catch you on the flippy flappy.


Hey internet, long time no see. Well, enough small talk. Pay attention, cuz we’re switching to winter hours as of Monday November 4th. We will now be closed Mondays, until spring. So, new hours are Tuesday through Friday, 8am - 6pm, and Saturday 10am - 5pm. Closed Sunday and Monday. That’s all. Smooches!


Happy Labor Day!?
We will be closed all weekend! Saturday, Sunday and Monday! Enjoy your long weekend everyone!


Who has two thumbs and isn’t working tomorrow? We are closed for the 4th, but open normal hours Friday and Saturday. Also, we got some new Bikeworks custom gloves in!


Albuquerque Mountain Bike Association

Member Appreciation Party in 2 days! We're getting raffle prizes together, so if you haven't joined yet, now's the time. Bring a friend and have them sign up on-site, and you'll each get 2 raffle tickets! Don't forget to RSVP on Meetup ( or on our website:

Huge thanks to Bikeworks ABQ for their support and generous donation of a TLD helmet and Maxxis Tires for the raffle!


Happy Father’s Day! This is my Dad, Lee Lucero, shown in his natural environment, having just finished riding all of Mag 7, guarding the beer and chips while we ran back for the shuttle vehicle. He grew up without a dad, but still managed to be an amazing father for me and my siblings. I ride bikes because of him, I own a bike shop because of him (he got me my first shop job when I was 15), and I know how to be a dad because of him. And he still rips on a bike. I love you Dad, thanks for being such an awesome Dad and Grandpa. Let’s get out for a ride soon!


24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest, and Bacon Station, 2019 Edition, in the books. Managed to get 3rd in 4 person co-ed, and Dave took the win in the over 50 12 hour event. We did the bacon, the watermelon, and @greensidecafe Jay and Barb came through with some amazing brisket! It was good. I’m exhausted. Woot woot!


It’s that time of year again! Heading out to the @zia_rides 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest to race bikes and run the infamous Bikeworks Bacon Station. Bringing some turkey bacon this year, and lots of fruit too! Unlike previous years, the shop will be open for normal hours this weekend. Hope to see you out there! #24hoursintheenchantedforest #bikeworksbaconstation #cantstopwontthink


We had a great turnout for National Trails Day. We worked in the Sandias on Challenge trail, with some nice new sections, repairs, and reroutes. Thanks to @greensidecafe and @albuquerque_mtb_association we had a great post work cookout, with plenty of beer thanks to @canteenbrewhouse Now I can’t wait to go back up there and ride that trail!


Loaded up to go have some fun this weekend. We will be closed Monday for Memorial Day. See y’all Tuesday!


Merchandising merchandising merchandising! We got some co-branded Troy Lee Skyline jerseys in. And some new Camelbak bottles. #thisdummyisntwearinganypants @ Bikeworks ABQ


Hey! What’s for lunch? #sb130lunchride #yeticycles @ Bikeworks ABQ


Got a stanky old helmet you’ve been thinking about replacing? Worn out pads, salty straps, a suspicious dent or two? Well your day has come my friend! Cuz we have a bunch of last years helmets at 40% off! And nobody cares that it’s last year’s helmet, except that one guy you ride with who always comments on your outfit, but you don’t even really like that guy anyway, so who cares. So get on down here and get you a new foam hat my friend!


I’ve been going to the 12 Hours in the Wild West since the first year. I’ve managed to get on the podium 4 of those times. A first and second place in 4 person, a second place solo, and now a 3rd place duo last weekend. It’s always a great time, and I’m loving this belt buckle collection. Thanks @zia_rides for always putting on an awesome event!


Brand spanky new Sram Force AXS. Most remarkable things seeing it in person? That chain is so skinny, and the derailleur is so quiet!
Fine looking bike @lindarets @sramroad #sramaxs


I love old bike parts in original packaging. Trying to figure out which of us here at the shop is the most Steely-eyed.

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Swinton is kart #23. Everybody needs to know that I (Lucero) beat Swinton's fastest lap by 0.03 seconds. So I finally be...
About to go Karting with Giant bicycles peeps.
I checked with OSHA, this is how they said to do it.
Oliver learned how to ride a 2 wheeler today, and Julian mastered fat skidz! #proudpapa #skidsareforkids #nextstopworldc...
What good is a brand new $6,000 carbon fat bike if it doesn't jump? Thanks Vince for testing it out for us. (He was just...
Hard day at work. My new phone has slow-mo video!





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