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Blissful Spirits Hot Yoga


Those that really know me know weird is my love language.
Sweaty bodies and laugher and friend/fam exercises is what living my best life means to me. ❤️🙌🏾 Blissful Spirits Hot Yoga

Blissful Spirits Hot Yoga, Hot Yoga Downtown Albuquerque & SWEAT Yoga Studio

You are now recognized as 𝐓𝐨𝐩 𝟑 𝐘𝐨𝐠𝐚 𝐒𝐭𝐮𝐝𝐢𝐨𝐬 𝐢𝐧 𝐀𝐥𝐛𝐮𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐫𝐪𝐮𝐞 by ThreeBestRated - 2022 👏👏👏👏👏

THANK EVERYONE who donated to Blissful Spirits Hot Yoga YogaThon. We raised $3009.00 and got 3 truck loads of physical donations!
Thank you, Blissful Spirits Hot Yoga! 💜💜💜
🙏🏼🥰👏👏 Congratulations,
Blissful Spirits!!
Are all the in-person classes fully booked and YTT cancelled?
Such a great yoga sculpt with this beauty today. Thank you Donna! 💗💪
Does anyone know how to watch yoga sculpt? Was supposed to be live at 4 but I don’t see it on here or insta
🙏🥰 thank you Maya and Denise for being my docs this morning.... my "MD" visit was awesome!! (Get it? Maya Denise = MD = docs?? ) ❤️💜💚💛

Healing the Body, Mind & Spirit Visit Our Website for Our Schedule of Classes:

Operating as usual


Their mission: To ease the suffering of people living on the streets, or in transition, by providing essential supplies in a compassionate, secular, judgement-free manner.

Join us as we help those less fortunate
in our community by raising funds for A Light in the Night, an outreach organization who supports the homeless.
Next week 12/12-12/15 ALL OF OUR 5:45pm classes at both of our locations will be DONATION based.
Students will have the option to donate cash and via PayPal. Help us support bliss style.

“Any night spent on the streets is long and dark. It is in that darkness that i strive to be A LIGHT IN THE NIGHT”
-TwoTone Grant
Founder of A Light In The Night


Reset the Energy body
DM to reserve your spot for this special Sacred Music event.


No better way to express our gratitude than starting Thanksgiving with a yoga practice. Set your alarms for tomorrow morning yogis!

🦃 ABQ schedule:

7 am Hot Yoga Sculpt with

830 am Hot Yoga with

🦃 RIO schedule:

8 am Hot Vinyasa with

9:45 Hot Yoga with .healing


Happy Monday Bliss! Don’t miss out on Part 2 of the Mindfulness Workshop Series at our ABQ location this Sunday!

Perfect for those wanting to Improve mental concentration, improve sleep, and improve mental health✨

Contact to reserve your spot!


As you clean out your pantries in preparation for Thanksgiving week, consider donating some items to one of our donation boxes we’ve set up at either studio in the lobby. Accepting donations until the end of November 🙏🏼


"Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transform the person who sees." -BKS Lyengar 💙

Yogi student Sara on her experience at Bliss says:

“Blissful, meaning providing perfect happiness or great joy - WOW if that doesn't put it simply enough of that feeling you get when you walk through that steamy front door?!

My honey has been in tune with her practice and part of Bliss for many years and would always invite me. My general response use to be 'yoga isn't my thing babe, but you have fun' and I'd return to doing whatever unhealthy thing I was doing. Then something sparked in me one day and there I was, on my mat, next to my honey ready for the change my heart, body and soul needed!

Yoga and Blissful has not only changed us on an individual level, but it has helped us grow together in our relationship. Our practice has brought us closer together and we share so much more in our love than we ever have before. Because of Bliss we have this strong newfound family that has embraced us and loved us for exactly who we are and who we are growing to become! The amount of love and support we have from Bliss is almost indescribable, but if we could put it into words it's pure, special, strong, accepting, loving and light!

Bliss has forever changed or lives for the best!”

Photos from Blissful Spirits Hot Yoga's post 11/18/2022

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you yogis. Not only for participating in this challenge but for showing up day in and day out to practice. The community we have cultivated at Bliss is unmatched and a true safe space for real people, practicing real yoga!

We can’t express enough how grateful we are to you for creating the BEST HOT YOGA STUDIO IN ALBUQUERQUE!



That feeling when you walk through the doors at Bliss to come practice. We all know it well. Blissful Spirits is home 🥰

Tomorrow is the last day of our I AM BLISSFUL challenge! Don’t forget to tag us in your posts. Winner will be announced this Saturday 🙏🏼


Good morning Blissful! Day 3 of our I AM BLISSFUL GRATITUDE CHALLENGE continues.

“ I am most grateful for the sense of community and friendship we all share at Bliss 💖 On my hardest days, when I feel most alone, I know I have friends at Bliss. Always ✨”

- Blissful instructor Sam Stevens-Sheriff

Yogis don’t forget that if you can’t participate in the challenge this week you are still able to donate canned non perishable food items at both studios.

All donations will go directly to A light in the night NM 🕯

Accepting donations until Friday!


Good morning Blissful! Day 3 of our I AM BLISSFUL GRATITUDE CHALLENGE continues.

“ I am most grateful for the sense of community and friendship we all share at Bliss 💖 On my hardest days, when I feel most alone, I know I have friends at Bliss. Always ✨”

- Bliss instructor Sam Stevens-Sheriff

Yogis don’t forget that if you can’t participate in the challenge this week you are still able to donate canned non perishable food items at both studios! These items will go directly to A Light in the night NM 🕯 We are accepting donations until Friday.


Don’t forget to save your spot for this weekends workshop at our ABQ location with 💕


Day 2 of the I am Blissful Gratitude Challenge! 💚

Instructor Erica Gonzales says:

“Grateful doesn’t seem like a big enough word for what Blissful Spirits means to me. The practice of Yoga alone has brought me peace, joy, understanding, and love for myself as I am. My practice started at Blissful Spirits. Me coming back to myself started on my mat in 105°. Being called “Flexi girl” by Melanie St. George the owner of Blissful Spirts and her saying “look at Erica in the front for the full expression of this pose”. Melanie is Bliss and she gave me the confidence I had lost from being beat up from life over and over again. I am grateful to the studio, my fellow teachers, the students, the energy, and the space to be me.”

Photos from Blissful Spirits Hot Yoga's post 11/14/2022


Blissful instructor Felicia Evans says: “Words can’t explain how incredibly grateful I am to be a part of Blissful Spirits. If you could jump inside of my heart, you would see bright colors, glitter, and smiley faces that would symbolize the joy Blissful brings to my life. My heart space would feel wide open, symbolizing my dear love and appreciation for Melanie and each student I have had the honor to practice with and guide. My heart would feel so very warm, representing the connections that Blissful has brought into my life. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!”

Don’t forget to tag us in your posts this week yogis! We can’t wait to hear about all of the things that fill your heart with joy and gratitude.


What could be more Blissful than Grace getting geared up in plank for the I AM BLISSFUL GRATITUDE CHALLENGE?! 🔥

Challenge starts tomorrow yogis. If you aren’t able to participate please consider donating canned non perishable food to one of the boxes we’ve set up in the studios this week.

Winner of this challenge will receive a FREE unlimited month of yoga and a FREE Manduka mat!

Let’s spread the LOVE LOVE LOVE 💕



Let’s kick off the holiday season by expressing our gratitude in the I AM BLISSFUL GRATITUDE CHALLENGE!

Challenge begins on Monday 11/14 and ends on Friday 11/18. Here’s how it works:

💥 Post a picture of yourself taking a class on the dates mentioned above (stories and posts count) and tag us

💥 Use the hashtag

💥 In the caption, tell us about something in your life you are grateful for. All sentiments of gratitude count in this challenge. We want to hear all about your yoga practice as well as your friends, family, hobbies, and anything that brings joy to our Blissful community.

This challenge highlights that we have the power to remain content in the present we take the time to shift our focus to the details of what we ALREADY have 🙏🏼

No limit on how many times you can post in a day. Every-time you tag us in a post, we enter your name into the drawing. The more you post, the more likely you are to win.

Winner of this challenge will receive:

💙 One FREE month of unlimited yoga classes

💙 A FREE Manduka yoga mat

Don’t forget that during this challenge we will also be accepting donations of canned non perishable food. Donation boxes set up in the lobbies of both studios. You do not have to participate in the challenge to make a donation 💫

Good luck, Yogis!


Don’t miss out on this weekends workshop. Wake up and ground with .healing ☀️ This workshop will be held at our ABQ location. Contact Felicia to save your spot yogis!


Happy Wednesday Yogis! There will be one more donation based sculpt class tomorrow night 10/27 at 5:45 pm (ABQ) to support the Pink Warrior House in honor of October being breast cancer awareness month! Wear PINK, bring CASH and come sweat it out with the one and only who was gracious enough to put this together 🎀🔥


Hey yogis! Don’t forget to bring cash to class tomorrow morning and wear pink 🎀 is accepting donations for the Pink Warrior House tomorrow during her 11:15 am sculpt and again on Thursday 10/27 at 5:45pm!


Let’s keep going yogis…
will be having what we hope are her last 2 surgeries before the year is over so she can begin the healing ❤️‍🩹 process of overcoming a breast cancer diagnosis. Let’s come together and add some funds to her Gofundme account. (Link in bio to donate)
Laura, we’ve got your back girl and can’t wait until you’re back in the hot room guiding us through practice. We love you.


Hey Blissful Yogis! Tomorrow evening is the Fall Equinox and to honor the change of seasons we will be hosting a special practice of 108 Sun Salutations. This practice generates a tremendous amount of upward energy in the body. Old, stagnant energy and emotions will begin to move throughout the body/mind and come to the surface to be released. Acknowledge what comes to the surface and allow your inner fire (tapas) we build in this practice to purify the body and spirit- releasing what no longer serves us and creating space for abundance.

Details: Thursday 9/22 from 6-8 pm in the BACK EARTH ROOM at Bliss ABQ. Led by and 🌅 Donations welcome but not required. Everyone is welcome to attend!


Hey ladies! .healing will be hosting another amazing ladies night at the start of October. Held at our Rio Rancho location. Text Felicia to RSVP 💙


Happy Monday, Yogis! We want to thank you all for participating in this months challenge and sharing your yoga practice with us. The community we have created at Blissful is unmatched and we are filled with gratitude!

Congratulations .ily on being our WINNER of this months challenge!🌟

Stay tuned yogis. This fall will be filled with more yoga challenges, workshops, and special event classes!

Photos from Blissful Spirits Hot Yoga's post 09/19/2022

Today was our final day of the challenge yogis. We have loved seeing all of your asanas and hearing about what yoga means to you. Winners will be announced tomorrow! Keep an eye out for our October yoga challenge next month! Namaste 🙏🏼

Photos from Blissful Spirits Hot Yoga's post 09/17/2022

Our yoga awareness challenge continues!🔥 Today we are highlighting twists and binds.

Binding and twisting is a component of so many postures. A pose that involves linking the hands, taking a hand to a wrist, or maybe using a towel to link the hands if your shoulder flexibility is still coming along are all ways that we bind in yoga. There are also various poses that encourage twisting of the torso, neck, spine and shoulders. Twists and binds help to improve our overall rotation. They are fun to explore because we gain a different awareness and experience of our alignment in a pose. They challenge us to make the pose work and this improves our overall relationship with maintaining physical balance and focus 🧠

Only one day left in the challenge this week yogis!Winner will be announced at the start of next week 🪷


Day #3 Show us your yoga inversions! demonstrating forearm stand 🧘🏽‍♂️

What does “inversion” mean? An inversion refers to asanas (poses) where the heart is at a higher level than the head. Not all inversions require us to be completely upside down or balance on our hands. Some other variations of inversions include:
Shoulder Stand

💥 Inversions are energizing 💥
Feeling low on energy? Certain inversions increase our internal temperature. “Heating” inversions such as handstand, headstand and forearm stand improve blood flow to the brain and leaves us feeling invigorated and mentally refreshed. Don’t have a handstand quite yet? Practice using a wall to get upside down and build your confidence stability on the hands and shoulders and core.

🧊 Inversions are relaxing 🧊
While there are inversions that energize and increase internal heat in the body- some are considered “cooling” inversions and lower our internal temperature. Such as Legs Up the Wall. This posture works to activate the parasympathetic nervous system (the branch of the nervous that is responsible for activating our sense of calm. It is the opposite of our “fight or flight” response and is known as “rest and digest”)

What is your favorite inversion and why? Let us know in the comments and tag us in your posts!


Day 2 of 🪷

demonstrating Camel pose/ Ustrastasana

‘Ustra’ meaning “camel” and ‘asana’ meaning “pose”

Both on a physical and mental level- We hold a lot of tension in our chest neck and shoulders. We spend all day with our hands at our sides and the shoulders rounded forward, essentially guarding our hearts. Camel Pose opens up the whole front side of the body and exposes our heart center. It places the spine in full extension and stretches the front of the neck, shoulders and chest.

Camel pose can bring about a feeling of panic for some students and our body's natural reaction to this feeling of danger and vulnerability is to curl inward, round the spine, and tuck the chin toward the chest. The body intuitively wants to go to the counter pose (pose we take following any given posture to balance out or counter the muscle activation and lengthening) and in this case, it is a child’s pose.

The body’s heightened response to a powerful heart opener like camel pose serves as a reminder to tap into the power of our breath to calm the nervous system when we are in uncomfortable spaces. Camel reminds us of the gems that lie on the other side of self soothing ourselves through moments of fear that arise inside of our minds and bodies. Exposing the heart allows us to show up more authentically and openly for those around us.

What is your favorite heart opener? Tag us in your posts and let us know.


DAY #1 of our Blissful Yoga Awareness Challenge: HIP OPENING 🪷

Checkout Blissful instructor demonstrating Skandasana pose. Also known as side runners lunge.

‘Skanda' means “warrior's position while preparing for an attack” and 'asana' means “pose”.

Skandasana improves flexibility in your hips, groin, and hamstrings. This posture helps to build core strength and prepares the hips for poses such as Goddess and Malasana.

Benefits include improved range of motion at the hip joint, improved circulation, and decreased back pain. This pose is also beneficial to creativity because it activates the second chakra, which improves our unique expression and creativity.

Some other hip opening postures include: pigeon, butterfly, happy baby, and lizard lunge. The list goes on!What is your favorite hip opener? Tell us in the comments 👇🏼

Don’t forget to tag us in your stories and posts. The winner of this challenge will receive ONE FREE UNLIMITED MONTH OF YOGA!


Hey Blissful Yogis! Did you know that September is National Yoga Awareness Month? To celebrate we have a new CHALLENGE for you!

We want to see you in your favorite asanas (postures) and hear what yoga means to you. Simply post a picture of yourself each day in a pose that you love and tag using the hashtag 🪷 here are the schedule for posts:

Day 1: Any Hip Opener
Day 2: Any Heart Opener
Day 3: Inversion of your choice
Day 4: Any Bind or Twist
Day 5: One of your favorite poses

Whichever student posts the most this week will be given A FREE UNLIMITED MONTH OF YOGA! 🪷

Challenge begins THIS Wednesday 9/14 and ends Sunday 9/17. Winner announced on 9/19 💥

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Opening Hours

Monday 6am - 9pm
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