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Bodylanguage Studio is home of the original Barre workout class in Albuquerque since 2006! Bodylanguage Studio is home of the original Barre workout class in Albuquerque.

Opened and maintained by Valerie and Woody Compton, Bodylanguage Studio brings you our signature workout: Barrefusion ™. Through the elements of pilates, yoga, dance, and light weights, your body and inner core will soon begin to sculpt, tone, and lift like no other. In addition to our Barre classes we offer Pilates, TRX and Group Cycling Classes. We are an Ideal Protein Weight Loss System Clinic and offer free coaching to help you reach your weight loss goals. Join us and a supportive community to become the better you!

Operating as usual

viewing life through NM sunset colored glasses~~*
As many of you now know, or will find out in .2 seconds 😉, the Governor has mandated a second round of non-essential business closures. As it stands, this would be a 2 week closure starting Monday (11/16) and then things can go back to a Covid safe normalcy. Although there is no guarantee on that timeline, we are choosing to remain hopeful that as a team, as clients, and as fellow New Mexicans we can make that happen.
I almost always choose to be a “glass half full” type woman; I could literally sew almost anything together with a silver lining 😉, but I want to be honest, this is hard. There is no ‘thing’ to actually get to be mad at. Yes, it makes you want to go outside and curse from a mountain top, but aside from the momentary release (which I highly encourage 🙃), it doesn’t solve our problems. So I’ll ask on behalf of my business, on behalf of all small businesses, that we stick together. Support when and how we can. Shopping local or joining memberships. Offering an extra smile or compliment. Taking the extra moment to control a frustrated reaction because we can’t possibly know the stress factors that are impacting the other person. Being kind, really. Doing what we can because we genuinely believe that everyone is doing their best, and they are doing their best for us too💓
So BL fam, we will see you this weekend. And after that we will see you online as we are already prepped to start filming new and fun material for our private group. Take care of yourself everyone! Oh, and socially distance offer a smize from behind your mask 😉

#bodylanguage_abq #weareessentialinanonessentialway 😉 #strongbodieshappyhearts #wewillrise #womensupportingwomen #peoplesupportingpeople #commUNITY #BLfam #fitfam #abq #abqtodo #abqfit #supportlocal #homegrown #barre #barrefusion #spin #nrg #indoorcycling #rhythmride #allineedisabikeandabeat #yoga #trx #pilates #theoriginal

I posted this on my personal page but thought that it was even more important to put on here as well. Being in the fitness industry there’s an idea of what we should promote in regards to a ‘fit’ or healthy body. I want you to know that we don’t agree with that. Take care of yourself, treat yourself, work on yourself, and most importantly, love yourself. Everything else is smoke and mirrors♥️
Pop, lock, and drop it.

Might be a dance move, but apparently it’s also quick adjustments you can make to shift your bodies appearance in photos.
•pop your booty back and rotate thighs in
•”lock” in your abs with a strong contraction
•drop your chest forward
•bonus move, pull your pants up to help narrow your waste

I’ve been spending a lot of social media time trying to counteract the bombardment of the images that promote the idea of physical perfection, and rather follow and be inspired by the women who are out there helping to demolish the idea that there should be an “ideal” body. Neither image in this side by side are bad, ugly, or unhealthy BUT even I look at them both and have a preference towards the posed one. And that’s not wrong. At all. It’s ok if we want to pose so that we look our best. It’s ok that part of why we workout is because we want to look a certain way. But it’s not ok for us to feel pressured into appearing like someone else’s idea of beauty and health. A pose, filter, and photo editing manipulates everyone’s perception of what that should be anyways. So just remember, you do you, but don’t compare your version of “you” to how someone else on social media presents themselves💓
[copied from original post]
#posedtoperfection #samebodydifferentangle #everyBODYdeserveslove

[08/01/20]   Hey everyone! As we just got word today, our studio is officially allowed to open starting tomorrow! The Live class will be of a barre class in studio and starts at 9:15 ☺️

If you’re an active member with the syudio be sure to start signing up! Anyone else is also welcome to join 💓. More details coming in an email soon.

Head down, heart open, palms up.
I humbly acknowledge that I am privileged. But I am strong in my conviction to do better for those who are not simply based on the color of their skin. Recognizing the dire circumstances they are constantly forced into because of a long line of injustices. Lack of safety when simply walking on the streets or sleeping in their beds, limited access to healthcare, resources of all types that are spread too thin, and the list goes on. It does not matter what side of the political line you fall on to know somewhere within your being that human life should be valued, maintained, and protected no matter your color or heritage.
So when I think of what I can offer, and maybe a chance to see the good in my own current circumstance, I see my open studio space and background as an instructor, a belief that #dogoodfeelgood is a real thing, and now I have something of a purpose and a plan.
I will be offering a FREE 1 on 1, or 1 to 2, personal training sessions to any person that donates to an organization supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement and/or providing support to the Navajo Nation and other Tribes suffering significantly due to COVID-19.
*Donate $30 = 30min session
*Donate $50 = 60min session
*Donate $75+ = 60min session for 2 people
To encourage people to move thoughtfully but quickly I will offer this until Monday at 12pm. Please reach out to me for suggestions on which organizations to donate to. All I need from you is to see proof of your donation sent at any point from this evening starting at 7:30pm until Monday 12pm. We will then book a day/time for your private Barre/Pilates/Yoga/TRX/Spin/Bootcamp class. Please share!

Alex Hansell is AFR’s first female top cadet

Congrats to this amazing and strong woman! Many Bodylanguage clients will recognize who she is and won’t be surprised in the least that she received this honor 💪🏽 💜 ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – An Albuquerque Fire Rescue Cadet has made history. She’s the first female in the agency’s 120 year history to be named top cadet. Thirty-two-year-old Ale…

We love you. Each of you.

You support us. We support you.

You share your smile. We want to give you more reasons to do it.

You come here to get stronger. Let me tell you, we thrive because of your strength.

You over common challenges every class. We will overcome this for you.

It is the time we close our doors, but it won’t be permanent. There are too many reasons, too many people, that we will come back from this better than ever. Every day since this came about I’ve struggled. And I know each of you have too. But we are in it together, and we will be better for it. So please continue to support us, your peers, and this community to the best of your ability. We will be here for the long haul, moving things online for now, but will keep you posted whenever we know a single ounce of information. Look for us online for continued workouts from your BL instructors. Be safe. Be strong. Be kind. 🤍


Time for our club members to earn a karma badge 💕
We are thrilled to see all of the resources being made available to those in need. This is being done on a person to person, and business to community level. It’s absolutely wonderful to see and read about. With that, I know the BL community can help add even more to this feel good vibe. We are asking that all clients bring canned goods, non perishable food items, and yes, even toilet paper to the studio on your next visit. Not making it in but still want to contribute? I’ll come to you! Let’s help supply our city with necessary items for the long haul 🙌🏼 **Also** if you know of any families/persons that are being impacted more severely, or would just benefit from assist outside of what is being offered throughout the city, please reach out to me directly. We are together in this and will do whatever we can to assist those in need ♥️
#strongertogether #strongbodieshappyheartsclub #oneABQ

Coronavirus Measures

Coronavirus Measures

Love yo'self!

Love yo'self!

News for you!

News for you!

True wellness is nourishing and caring for our bodies from the inside out~~•
Join us this coming Saturday, January 4th, for a morning of movement, education, and self care ♥️ We are excited to offer:
*A barre class at 9:15am, arrive by 9
*A presentation by @mindfulsolutionsnm on their Body Thermography technology for breast health at 10am
*The tastiest and healthiest food offerings from @blendedacai505 being served up at 10:30am
The barre class and presentation are free, please reach out to us at 505-821-6580 to reserve your spot. Let’s start the new year off learning how to care for our ENTIRE body 💫

#bodylanguage_abq #totalhealth #nourishtogrow #themoreyouknow#strongbodieshappyhearts #womensupportingwomen #peoplesupportingpeople #commUNITY #BLfam #fitfam #abq #abqtodo #abqfit #supportlocal #homegrown #barre #barrefusion #spin #nrg #indoorcycling #rhythmride #allineedisabikeandabeat #yoga #trx #pilates #theoriginal

You can’t meet her and not feel a little happier, warmer, and at ease. @jennifer.lee.smith you are a genuine soul and a true gift to everyone who knows you! Thank you for sharing your light and energy with Bodylanguage ♥️ We all are wishing you the happiest birthday and can’t wait to cheer you on with every new venture in this coming year!

#bodylanguage_abq #strongbodieshappyhearts #womensupportingwomen #peoplesupportingpeople #commUNITY #BLfam #fitfam #abq #abqtodo #abqfit #supportlocal #homegrown #barre #barrefusion #spin #nrg #indoorcycling #rhythmride #allineedisabikeandabeat #yoga #trx #pilates #theoriginal

On this #GivingTuesday Bodylanguage would like to contribute to the @yerbamansaproject and their efforts to preserve our beautiful Bosque! We will donate $2 on behalf of every client who attends any of our classes today! So if you needed a little extra motivation, helping save the beauty in our own back yard might help do the trick 🙂 Read on your learn more about the Yerba Mansa Project and the amazing work they’re doing 🖤☀️
Their Mission:
•To educate about medicinal plants, ecological issues, and our unique local bioregion.
•To bring the community together through common interests and goals.
•To contribute to the restoration of medicinal plants and their habitats, especially Yerba Mansa and the Rio Grande Bosque.

#bodylanguage_abq #strongbodieshappyhearts #dogoodfeelgood #womensupportingwomen #peoplesupportingpeople #commUNITY #BLfam #fitfam #abq #abqtodo #abqfit #supportlocal #homegrown #barre #barrefusion #spin #nrg #indoorcycling #rhythmride #allineedisabikeandabeat #yoga #trx #pilates #theoriginal

That high you get when the energy is palpable 🤩 I’m not sure there’s a word for it, not one or a dozen that can truly describe it, but man can you feel it.
Saturday mornings at Bodylanguage might be one of the most energetic and amazing things we experience every single week. With a variety of 6 classes offered, the house is always packed with our amazing clients sweating, smiling, shaking, and supporting one another. If I could bottle it up I would, but instead let’s just continue to experience it together each week 👯‍♀️🖤

#bodylanguage_abq #strongbodieshappyhearts #womensupportingwomen #peoplesupportingpeople #commUNITY #BLfam #fitfam #abq #abqtodo #abqfit #supportlocal #homegrown #barre #barrefusion #spin #nrg #indoorcycling #rhythmride #allineedisabikeandabeat #yoga #trx #pilates #theoriginal

We want to make it easy to make yourself a priority! Because self care is not selfish 🖤
These promotions are available today through end of day Monday December 2nd. And guess what?! It includes 20% off all retail as well! Purchase in studio or by contacting Monica at 505-821-6580. We’ll see you at the bar(re) soon! 🖤

#bodylanguage_abq #strongbodieshappyhearts #womensupportingwomen #peoplesupportingpeople #commUNITY #BLfam #fitfam #abq #abqtodo #abqfit #supportlocal #homegrown #barre #barrefusion #spin #nrg #indoorcycling #rhythmride #allineedisabikeandabeat #yoga #trx #pilates #theoriginal

Deals on deals on deals!

Deals on deals on deals!

#bodylanguage_abq #strongbodieshappyhearts #womensupportingwomen #peoplesupportingpeople #commUNITY #BLfam #fitfam #abq #abqtodo #abqfit #supportlocal #homegrown #barre #barrefusion #spin #nrg #indoorcycling #rhythmride #allineedisabikeandabeat #yoga #trx #pilates #theoriginal

These babes are coming at you on Friday night for a bass dropping #FreakRide with music by @valentinokhan 🎶🔊
The party starts at 5:30pm with the beat #deepdownlow and we #dontstop until we #makesomenoise and #rockit😎🌟

#bodylanguage_abq #strongbodieshappyhearts #womensupportingwomen #peoplesupportingpeople #commUNITY #BLfam #fitfam #abq #abqtodo #abqfit #supportlocal #homegrown #barre #barrefusion #spin #nrg #indoorcycling #rhythmride #allineedisabikeandabeat #yoga #trx #pilates #theoriginal

Thank you 🇺🇸

If a picture is worth a thousand words, I want to continue to be a part of the story all these smiling faces are telling 🖤
Life is like one huge choose your own adventure type book, we have an option at every turn, and I truly believe every single choice made happens for a reason. And these amazing souls, a few of which are missing from the photo, are making choices to build one another up, to add their own magic to the BL community, and are finding the beauty in growth and change. I am honored to know and learn from each of them 💜
Keeping ego to the side we are humbly, yet in a really kick as way 😉, going to continue to create the most amazing studio for our BL fam to chase down goals in! We can’t wait to see all the things that are coming next 💫

#bodylanguage_abq #strongbodieshappyhearts #womensupportingwomen #peoplesupportingpeople #commUNITY #BLfam #fitfam #abq #abqtodo #abqfit #supportlocal #homegrown #barre #barrefusion #spin #nrg #indoorcycling #rhythmride #allineedisabikeandabeat #yoga #trx #pilates #theoriginal

When you have to use all emojis because there isn’t a single word that can truly describe how amazing this birthday girl is! Alexis, I am in awe of your heart and dedication to growth, both on a personal and professional level ♥️. I consider it such a blessing to have you as a part of our team at BL. Watching you grow into the powerhouse instructor you are is incredible! And I know that every client and each of your peers feel exactly the same way ♥️. So cheers to your birthday, to all the magic this year will bring, and to all the adventures yet to come!!!

#bodylanguage_abq #birthdaybabe #numbaonespinna #strongbodieshappyhearts #womensupportingwomen #peoplesupportingpeople #commUNITY #BLfam #fitfam #abq #abqtodo #abqfit #supportlocal #homegrown #barre #barrefusion #spin #nrg #indoorcycling #rhythmride #allineedisabikeandabeat #yoga #trx #pilates #theoriginal

••All I need is a bike and a beat••

And more class times for NRG! You e been asking and we’re finally answering! Starting next Wednesday, November 13th, we will have a NRG class starting at 4:45pm 🤩 The other great news? The 4:45pm NRG and Barre classes on Wednesday’s will now also offer F R E E childcare 🙌🏼
So tell us, what other days/times would you like to see NRG classes or childcare added? We want to hear from you!

#bodylanguage_abq #strongbodieshappyhearts #womensupportingwomen #peoplesupportingpeople #commUNITY #BLfam #fitfam #abq #abqtodo #abqfit #supportlocal #homegrown #barre #barrefusion #spin #nrg #indoorcycling #rhythmride #allineedisabikeandabeat #yoga #trx #pilates #theoriginal

A foot above the rest~~•
We feel confident that anyone who attends one of our classes will be looking forward to joining their next before they’ve even left the building 💫 And that’s why we try to make it easy and accessible for you 😉. Your first class is *F R E E* and initial monthly unlimited is only $55+tax. With a variety of over 40 classes on the schedule weekly, we’re certain there’s a combination you’ll love! Because really, why settle for one thing when you can have the best of it all 🙌🏼

#bodylanguage_abq #strongbodieshappyhearts #womensupportingwomen #peoplesupportingpeople #commUNITY #BLfam #fitfam #abq #abqtodo #abqfit #supportlocal #homegrown #barre #barrefusion #spin #nrg #indoorcycling #rhythmride #allineedisabikeandabeat #yoga #trx #pilates #theoriginal

~f r e a k y F R I D A Y~ Halloween edition! Join @thisisdarian and Alexis for a special Friday night dance party 👯‍♀️. Remixes, beat drops, and all the eNeRGy you expect for a BL class! 🔥 Sign up online!

#bodylanguage_abq #strongbodieshappyhearts #womensupportingwomen #peoplesupportingpeople #commUNITY #BLfam #fitfam #abq #abqtodo #abqfit #supportlocal #homegrown #barre #barrefusion #spin #nrg #indoorcycling #rhythmride #allineedisabikeandabeat #yoga #trx #pilates #theoriginal

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7321 San Antonio Dr NE
Albuquerque, NM

Opening Hours

Monday 06:00 - 19:00
Tuesday 06:00 - 19:00
Wednesday 06:00 - 19:00
Thursday 06:00 - 19:00
Friday 06:00 - 19:00
Saturday 08:30 - 11:30
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