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Shoutout to another four Shine Your Light Yoga Festival participating studios ✨ Full Body Fitness & Yoga , SWEAT Yoga Studio , Kindness Yoga , Hothouse Yoga

On December 12, 2020, yoga studios across the nation are holding a class to support survivors of sexual violence! Join us by registering your studio for free at: https://takebackthenight.org/yoga/

Korey Mckinney
I.L.T (Independent Lead Tech)
Email: [email protected]

Good morning, my name is Korey. Just wanted to get the word out about a valuable service I offer. Because of my strong passion for Yoga I have decided to work that niche by helping struggling Yoga instructors get more students every month through guaranteed marketing strategies. I promise this is NOT just another annoying marketing sales pitch that Im slapping on your page to try and make some quick cash, those offers annoy me just as much as you. This is a great service and opportunity for interested Yoga providers who are interested and 'serious' about scaling there businesses and desire to get more committed students for there training! If you or someone you know is interested in this service I am willing to send free leads (students) to you just to prove that this system really does work for ‘anyone’ who is serious about there business and there training. What I've learned in business is that we must offer 'value' 100% of the time to the people that we provide service to if we expect to get anything of value back. If this sounds like something you might be interested in please contact me for more detailed information. Thank you so much for reading and have an amazing day!

Korey Mckinney
Thank you for hosting Tias Little yesterday..
I enjoyed the class and I enjoyed the studio!

Best wishes for the new year...
Thank you SWEAT Yoga Studio! The afternoon in Albuquerque with all of you was truly magical. I look forward to gathering together again! Beautiful Sunday. 🙏🧡🧘‍♀️

Are you motivated to cultivate a connection to something wider and deeper than yourself? ~ 🙏 ~ Join Tias Surya Little at the beginning of the New Year for Clear Intention, Strong Spine, Open Heart at SWEAT Yoga Studio in Albuquerque, NM! ~ January 4, 2020 | 2 - 5 PM
In this class, weave together yoga, meditative awareness, and the wisdom teachings to cultivate a clear intention for the year ahead. Come prepared to create internal flow, joy, and space in this immersion on the path of practice.
As summer winds down, we're looking for ways to get healthy again. Grab a friend and head to SWEAT Yoga Studio Little Tokyo - new students get an unlimited 14 days for $45! 😋

Hot Yoga Downtown Albuquerque, Blissful Spirits Hot Yoga & SWEAT Yoga Studio

You are now recognized as 𝐓𝐨𝐩 𝟑 𝐘𝐨𝐠𝐚 𝐒𝐭𝐮𝐝𝐢𝐨𝐬 𝐢𝐧 𝐀𝐥𝐛𝐮𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐫𝐪𝐮𝐞 by Three Best Rated® - 2019 👏👏👏👏👏
SWEAT Yoga Studio
We strive to create and maintain a vibrant hot yoga community in Albuquerque that is open and welcoming to all students.

Click here for more details 👇

For More: https://entertainment.jhalak.com/


SWEAT Yoga Studio strives to maintain a vibrant hot yoga community in Albuquerque that is open and w

SWEAT Yoga Studio is a sophisticated state-of-the-art hot yoga studio in Albuquerque. We utilize the most advanced hot yoga equipment available and with every detail of our yoga studio is designed to create an optimal hot yoga experience. Hot yoga class environments are controlled by a customized heating system that allows the studio temperature, humidity and air quality to be consistent and safe

Operating as usual

Healing Sound Bath with Danielle Goldfarb from Austin, TX 12/20/2022

Healing Sound Bath with Danielle Goldfarb from Austin, TX


Healing Sound Bath with Danielle Goldfarb from Austin, TX Lay back on a yoga mat and relax as 3 planetary-tuned gongs, large crystal quartz bowls, Tibetan bowls and other instruments play to create a vibrational, healing experience that will resonate with every cell in your body, leaving you rejuvenated and refreshed.  These instruments put you i


Have you always wanted to try a hot class at SWEAT? Now is the time with TWO awesome deals for all new students.

✨Your first class at SWEAT is always FREE!
✨ Or maybe you want to try several classes and formats at the studio and the unlimited 7-day special for $30 is more your jam.

Either way, come practice with us! Make an account on our website and visit the pricing page or find it on the Mindbody app.

We offer HOT Yoga, HOT Pilates, Yoga Sculpt, and Flight Club, as well as Restorative classes & daycare.

Cheers to more movement for all 🧘🏻‍♀️


Grand Opening 💗

Daycare spots are now open!

Register online for Saturday & Sunday 8:30 & 10:00 AM classes 💗


Daycare Grand Opening! We are celebrating the re-opening of our daycare program with complementary daycare for everyone for the entire month of October!

SWEAT for a Cause: NM Kidney Foundation Fundraiser 06/07/2022

SWEAT for a Cause: NM Kidney Foundation Fundraiser


SWEAT for a Cause: NM Kidney Foundation Fundraiser Saturday, June 25th, 5-6:30 PM Join Deejay & Jeff as they create a unique space where static meets flow for a 90-minute SWEAT for a Cause donation-based practice. All proceeds will go to the New Mexico Kidney Foundation to spread awareness and support the fight against kidney disease.

Yoga Sculpt 03/03/2022

Yoga Sculpt


Yoga Sculpt HOT Yoga Sculpt! Now every Friday evening at 5:45 PM with Chloe.

Restore 90 is BACK! 01/11/2022

Restore 90 is BACK!


Restore 90 is BACK! Restorative yoga is a practice that is all about slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching. Every-other Sunday from 2:30-4:00 beginning 1/16/22.


Happy New Year! ✨

As we step into 2022 with eager and optimistic eyes, we can’t help but take a moment to reflect on the past year.

One of the best parts of 2021 was getting to see friendly faces come back to the studio after the pandemic mess of 2020! It brings us so much joy to welcome you all back. Thank you for trusting us with your practice, your health, and your well-being.

We’ve also made a ton of NEW friends! We had 727 first-time students come through our doors last year and they are some of the raddest people we’ve ever met.

We taught 1,709 classes, greeted 32,704 beautiful faces, graduated another fantastic round of yoga teachers, welcomed the cutest Sheepadoodle in the world to the SWEAT family, taught yoga all summer long in the prettiest courtyard in Albuquerque, continued to partner with our friends at , got to see our girl open her own boutique gym , took 45 yogis to Mexico for our first yoga retreat, and ended the year with a strong and talented team of instructors.

We are grateful, to say the least ❤️

The new year is always an opportunity to begin again but as said in class this weekend, “every moment is a new beginning.” You don’t have to wait for the new year to start fresh; take a deep breath, reset, and carry on.

With love,
David & Marisa


Intro to Yoga Nidra Workshop

Restore. Heal. Rest.

Saturday, January 8, 2022, 4-6 PM

with Lori Marshall 500-Hour RYT, Meditation & Yoga Nidra certified instructor

$10 Members // $20 Non-Members

Join us for an introduction to our newest class at SWEAT. This two-hour workshop will give you an overview of the practice known as a guided yoga nap. You will experience deep relaxation, healing, and an opening of consciousness.

You will tuck yourself into your perfect nest...where you will be completely supported and able to relax as you are guided thru a sequence of physical relaxation allowing your body and mind to sleep while you stay awake and aware.

Yoga Nidra is an ancient practice that can be the perfect remedy to the overstimulation and stress of our modern lives.

This restorative, meditative practice may include gentle movement and breathing while settling in, the practice is done in stillness without poses or physical movement.


This Sunday!

(yoga led by me)

this Sunday at El Pinto (10 am)

All money raised will be donated to Equality New Mexico to support struggling youth in the lgbtq+ community.

SWEAT Yoga Studio


Join us this Sunday @ 9:00 AM as our Summer Yoga Series at El Pinto Restaurant continues with !🧘🏻‍♀️
💥Our friends at Meraki Coffee+Market will be donating several gift certificates for our raffle. If you haven’t been to this beautiful little cafe yet, you need to go! They have the BEST breakfast sandwich and golden milk latte in ABQ 🤩

See below for all the fun details!

✨$10/class & each person will receive a $5 food & drink coupon from El Pinto and a raffle ticket!
✨Class is from 9-10
✨ You can just show up OR book your yoga spot in advance on MindBody and still pay at the door - but don’t worry, there’s plenty of room for everyone!
✨Make reservations and stay for bunch after class! Visit ElPinto.com to get a table.
✨Don’t forget a mat, water bottle, and a smile!

See you on Sunday! 🧘🏻‍♀️


✨We are getting ready to celebrate in a big way, for a big reason 🌈This month reminds us to celebrate differences - what makes you, YOU should be honored and respected always and with no exceptions 🏳️‍🌈
Join us in the gardens of El Pinto on Sunday, June 27th at 10:00 as Nathan P. Espinoza takes the stage, I mean the runway, I mean the spotlight- well what we are trying to say is he’s going to strap one on and teach some yoga! Strap on a mic 🎤 that is and raise money for Equality New Mexico ❤️All proceeds will be donated to this local organization in honor of
💥Come in all your beautiful glory and help us celebrate the LGBTQ+ community.
💥Class is from 10-11 $10 cash or Venmo
💥You can reserve your spot on MindBody or on our website - the class will be open for registration this Saturday.
💥There will be tons of raffle prizes from local artists and businesses like and so many more!
💥Make reservations and stay for brunch with us! Each person gets a $5 coupon for El Pinto.

We look forward to celebrating and raising money for our awesome community 🥂


Join us this weekend for the kick off to our Summer Yoga Series at El Pinto Restaurant! Class will be taught by !💥Our friends at the ABQ Uptown will be donating some AMAZING raffle prizes. Sarah is a former lululemon Ambassador and David is a current one so they want to show their local friends & studio some special love and support ❤️

See below for all the fun details!

✨$10/class & each person will receive a $5 food & drink coupon from El Pinto and a raffle ticket!
✨Class is from 10-11
✨ You can just show up OR book your yoga spot in advance on MindBody and still pay at the door - but don’t worry, there’s plenty of room for everyone!
✨Make reservations and stay for bunch after class! Visit ElPinto.com to get a table.
✨Don’t forget a mat, water bottle, and a smile!

See you on Sunday! 🧘🏻‍♀️


Mark your calendars! On Sunday, June 27th we will be celebrating with a very special garden party yoga class at El Pinto Restaurant & Cantina taught by the ONE and ONLY Nathan P. Espinoza! We will be donating all proceeds from this event to a local ABQ organization that supports the LGTBQ+ community AND giving away tons of prizes. See below for Nathan's special message and please help make this celebration and fundraiser a giant success!


Garden Yoga 🌿🌸🌱🌼🧘🏻‍♀️
Introducing SWEAT Yoga Studio’s Summer Yoga Series at El Pinto!

Join us all summer long as we gather to practice in the fresh air and beautiful gardens of El Pinto Restaurant. Their newly built pavilion is surrounded by lush trees, grass, wisteria vines, and flowers; the perfect shady yoga spot to practice with all of your favorite SWEAT teachers.

Grab your mat and a friend, make reservations to stay for brunch, and join us in the North Valley! See below for details and the schedule.

✨$10/class & each person will receive a $5 food & drink coupon from El Pinto. You can book on Mindbody via our website www.sweatyogastudio.com to reserve a spot or just show up - there's plenty of room for everyone!
✨Class is from 10-11 on Sunday’s except for 6/13 class is from 9-10.
✨Make reservations and stay for bunch after class! Visit ElPinto.com to get a table.
✨Every week we will raffle off amazing items from our friends at and many more!

June 6 - Sarah
June 13 - Mia (this class from 9-10)
June 20 - Father's Day - No class
June 27 - Nathan
July 4 - Independence Day - No Class
July 11 - Ali
July 18 - Kacey
July 25 - Lindsay
August 1 - Sarah
August 8 - Angela teaches Pilates!
August 15 - Ali
August 22 - Kacey
August 29 - Jenna


Showers are open!
One more little step that makes it feel like the old days. We’ll take all the little changes we can get!
A few new twists to showering again:
✨The studio closes 15 minutes after class ends so if you choose to shower, please do so quickly and be mindful of your teachers time.
✨Please continue to social distance in the locker rooms.
✨Bring a towel - we do not stock shower towels anymore.


Come show us your smiles! ✨

We are thrilled that this day has finally come. That we are moving in a healthy and positive direction. Our staff and students have stuck it out with us and we are finally seeing a real sense of normalcy. Below is our plan for implementing the updated directives from the NM Health Order:

1. Anyone who is fully vaccinated can choose not to wear a mask in the studio lobbies and during classes.
2. Those that are not, must continue to wear a mask, including our instructors.
3. This will be a true example of honesty and integrity. We trust you. Please do not take advantage of this new policy and create unnecessary stress on our business and in our community. If you’re not vaccinated, please continue to wear a mask.
4. If you have had COVID and are not vaccinated, you must continue to wear a mask. Having had the virus is unfortunately not the same as having gotten the vaccine. We are just following the language of the health order.
5. We will continue to social distance and keep to our strict sanitizing procedures.

~ To those of you that have been waiting for this, welcome back! That hot room is waiting for you.
~ To those of you that came back right away and wore a mask from day one, that hot room is still there because of you.


We are lucky to be adding a few more Pilates and yoga instructors to the SWEAT family. Meet Angela Hanchett, our new HOT Pilates instructor 🖤

Angela is a native New Mexican who grew up in the small town of Deming. She found her love of physical movement in high school after joining a local family-operated dance studio. She continued to dance throughout college and eventually auditioned and became a member of the NMSU dance team.

It wasn't until her mid-20's that she found Pilates. This quickly became a part of Angela's life and she became certified by an instructor trained by Eve Gentry, an original disciple of Joseph Pilates. Angela has 7 years of teaching experience in group Pilates and is also trained and certified in Barre. Angela enjoys raising her two children, practicing yoga, writing, and connecting with nature.

She will be teaching every Saturday at 1:00PM starting March 20th.

Welcome, Angela Hanchett 🖤


Thank you.
Yesterday was such a beautiful and generous show of support for Black Boys OM. We are humbled, grateful, and blown away.


Black Boys OM.
Please read our previous post about a very special fundraiser that we are doing Friday, February 26th to raise money for and to support one of our instructors .

Attend a class, buy a class pack, pick out a pair of yoga tights, or join and become a member!

All proceeds will go to this grassroots organization that exposes yoga, mindfulness, and meditation to Black men and boys.

Friday Classes:
6:00 Flow 60 w/ Dominic
8:30 Flow 60 w/ Kara
10:00 Flow 60 w/ Ali
11:30 Flow 60 w/ Ali
4:15 Static 60 w/ Nathan


We are excited to partner with SWEAT Yoga Studio instructor, Dominic Stanley in bringing awareness and support to an amazing organization called Black Boys OM. Black Boys Om exists to empower Black Male Yoga Instructors to share their wellness practices within the Black community. They focus on uplifting Black Boys in particular with programs that specifically address their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

A grassroots cause that works to utilize yoga as a means to bring awareness and exposure to the benefits of this practice, is an organization that we are happy to get behind.

So, in honor of Black History month and to support Dominic and this forward thinking group, we will be donating all of our proceeds this Friday, February 26th to

If you are ready for another class pack, or have been contemplating joining and becoming a member, please wait till Friday! We want to raise as much money as we can!

will be teaching Flow Friday morning at 6:00 am to kick off our fundraiser - join him for class and then browse our boutique or grab a drink from the cooler.

https://blackboysom.org/donate to donate directly to them!


We have had several small locally owned businesses bring all of their employees to the studio lately. What a healthy team-building activity!

It’s Team Tuesday! We send a big thank you to our owners, Justin and Isaac, for taking the team to Hot Yoga! It was the team bonding experience of a lifetime and we definitely got our sweat on😅


The lovely Shannon will be kicking our booties tomorrow in HOT Pilates 🤩
Saturday @ 1:00💪🏼✨💧
Join us! The last time she taught, we were sore for days!

Saturday Classes:
7:00 Flow 60 w/ Nathan
8:30 Static 60 w/ Kacey
10:00 Flow 60 w/ Jessica
11:30 Flow 60 w/ Mia
1:00 HOT Pilates w/ Shannon


Your best bet for a weekend SWEAT💦

Saturday Classes:
7:00 Flow 60 w/ Nathan
8:30 Static 60 w/ Kacey
10:00 Flow 60 w/ Jessica
11:30 Static 60 w/ Mia
1:00 HOT Pilates w/ Ann

Sunday Classes:
7:00 Static 60 w/ David
8:30 Flow 60 w/ Shannon
10:00 Static 60 w/ Ali
11:30 Static 60 w/ Kara
1:00 Flow 60 w/ Lindsay


• Pilates // Yoga •
Every week in HOT Pilates Ann Kennedy will focus on the core strength, mobility, and balance needed to move into various yoga poses. Join her this week as she helps us tap into the strength needed to get into all variations of crow pose!

Thursday @ 4:15
Saturday @ 1:00

Book online via MindBody or our website.


• New Classes •
We know that some of you can only make it in to practice on the weekends and because those classes fill up so quickly we needed to do something to even out the demand. We are excited to offer two more weekend classes for you!

- Saturday 1:00 HOT Pilates with Ann
- Sunday 1:00 Flow 60 with Lindsay

Don’t wait until the last minute and sit on the waitlist- book now to guarantee that you SWEAT this weekend!

Photos from SWEAT Yoga Studio's post 02/02/2021

• SWEAT ShOpPe •

New in the boutique 👀
• Branded lululemon align & invigorate leggings as well as tanks, & high neck bras.
• Beautiful earth tone Alo Airlift and Lounge leggings & bras.
• All the cute Spiritual Gangster tanks & bralettes.

Tuesday Classes:
6:00 Flow 60 w/ Kara
8:30 Flow 60 w/ Ali
11:30 Static 60 w/ Ali
4:15 Flow 60 w/ Shannon
5:45 Static 60 w/ Jeff

We are OPEN! 02/01/2021

We are OPEN!


We are OPEN! A few reminders as you plan for class..


Hurry! There are only 4 spots open in Thursday’s HOT Pilates class @ 4:15! Want to strengthen your yoga practice? Spend an hour with Ann working on core stability, precision, control, alignment, breath work and mobility. Sounds like yoga right? Well, it’s the perfect compliment to your yoga practice and it’s a killer workout! Pilates is great but HOT Pilates is on another level entirely 💧💪🏼💦👌🏼

Now you can join Ann twice a week✌🏼Beginning February 6th we will offer HOT Pilates every Saturday at 1:00.

.AND if that wasn’t exciting enough, we will have a once a month guest appearance by the fabulous Shannon🖤

Sign up online - limited space available.

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Albuquerque?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

Our Story

SWEAT Yoga Studio is a sophisticated state-of-the-art hot yoga studio in Albuquerque. We utilize the most advanced hot yoga equipment available and with every detail of our yoga studio is designed to create an optimal hot yoga experience. Hot yoga class environments are controlled by a customized heating system that allows the studio temperature, humidity, and air quality to be consistent and safe throughout your experience. SWEAT’s owners are determined to provide an exceptional and unique hot yoga studio to best support their student's needs and ambitions.

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We bring the HEAT. You bring the SWEAT.




4500 Osuna Road Northeast
Albuquerque, NM

Opening Hours

Monday 5:30am - 8:30pm
Tuesday 5:30am - 8:30pm
Wednesday 5:30am - 8:30pm
Thursday 5:30am - 8:30pm
Friday 5:30am - 6pm
Saturday 7:30am - 4:30pm
Sunday 7:30am - 4:30pm

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