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SWEAT Yoga Studio strives to maintain a vibrant hot yoga community in Albuquerque that is open and welcoming to all students looking for hot yoga in ABQ!

SWEAT Yoga Studio is a sophisticated state-of-the-art facility, utilizing the most advanced hot yoga equipment available, with every detail designed to create an optimal hot yoga experience. Hot yoga class environments are controlled by a customized hot yoga HVAC system that allows the heat, humidity and air quality to be consistent and safe throughout your SWEAT hot yoga experience. SWEAT Yoga Studio’s owners are determined to provide an exceptional and unique hot yoga studio to best support their student's needs.

SWEAT Yoga Studio strives to maintain a vibrant and welcoming hot yoga studio in Albuquerque with a variety of different hot yoga classes to choose from. At our hot yoga studio, you can enjoy complimentary mats, towels, showers, blocks, daycare and more! Try our hot yoga studio in Albuquerque anytime and we promise we'll deliver on an extremely fulfilling hot yoga class. Come SWEAT with us at an

• T E A C H E R F E A T U R E •
Let's talk about first impressions. At first glance, Corina Rose is super-model gorgeous. She is tall in stature and her striking features are hard to miss. But that smile. We often forget about the power of a smile. And luckily for us, she gives them out readily - like it's her superpower; walking through the studio, head held high, shooting smiles left and right like a gunslinger shoots bullets from the hip in a western shoot-out.

Her smile is the first of many gifts you will receive from this tall drink of water and is only overshadowed by her heart, which is warm, welcoming and exudes love and acceptance. Regardless of the day you are having, a few minutes spent with this special lady and you can't help but feel better about the world. She despises half hugs, so if you go in for a hug, make sure to use both arms and give that woman the loving squeeze she deserves. Along with that great smile comes an infectious laugh and there is something greatly rewarding in being the one to make her laugh!

It is said that the quality of a great yoga instructor is that you feel their presence. This is one of the many indescribable qualities you feel when you take a class from this lovely woman. Her presence in the yoga room makes you feel safe and taken care of. Students have said that her voice is so calming and grounding that they often feel like they were just read a bedtime story. She has a knack for teaching peak-pose classes and getting you to try something new. In the hot room, you can't help but feel her authenticity, passion, and desire to be of service.

Speaking of service, Corina is a leader of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. Her passion and dharma to spread awareness, honor her father, inspire survivors, and remember the lives lost, is one of the many ways this generous soul lives her practice of yoga off the mat.

Corina graduated from SWEAT Yoga School with her 500-hour certification last summer and in "real life, works for Presbyterian Healthcare Services as a Physician Liason. She has an extensive understanding of the human anatomy and enthusiastically accepted a lead role to teach anatomy in our upcoming 200-hour yoga school.

She is the other half of SWEAT's #powercouple. She married her movie-star-quality husband, Dallas last summer in the most romantic and loving wedding in all the land. It's only a matter of time before Dallas will be in yoga teacher training and they are teaching in tandem. Hint Hint- Dallas, yoga school starts Feb 8th. #subaticle

Her favorite foods are anything Greek and her favorite color is purple (we knew she came from royal descent). Favorite music includes Fleetwood Mac, Kacey Musgraves, and Kings of Leon. Her hobbies include baking, traveling, yoga, camping, and snowboarding, all of which she does with her sweet family and her adorable Labradoodle Ember.

This down to earth country girl from Tucumcari NM, makes you feel at ease as soon as she shares that first smile. She is smart, driven and always a little #extra and that's exactly how we love her.

We move in yoga so that we can be still. So that we can open up, so that we can see ourselves, and so that we can let all of our love shine through.

Tuesday Classes:
6:00 Flow 60 w/ Corina
8:30 Flow 60 w/ Meredith (Daycare)
11:30 Static 60 w/ David
4:15 Flow 60 w/ Shannon (Daycare)
5:45 Static 60 w/ Jeff
7:30 Flow 60 w/ Jeff

How will you move this weekend? Join us for a class - we bet there is something JUST for YOU! Something hot, something warm, something upside down? Something flowy and showy or silly? - I mean really we have what you need so stop saying no to the flow that is GLOW. And if that’s not your jam, we suggest Restore because you’ll get more but not be as sore.

Saturday Classes:
7:00 Flow 60 w/ David
8:30 Static 60 w/ Ann (Daycare)
10:00 Flow 75 w/ Jessica (Daycare)
2:00 Rocket Yoga w/ David

Sunday Classes:
7:00 Static 60 w/ Julie
8:30 Flow 60 w/ Shannon (Daycare)
10:00 Static 75 w/ Ali (Daycare)
2:00 Restore 90 w/ Terri
4:15 Glow with the Flow 75 w/ Ali

#restorativeyoga #glowwiththeflow #rocketyoga #staticyoga #flow
Art by @realfunwow

• Teacher Feature •

Brilliant and beautiful, sharp as a tack, silly as a schoolgirl; our girl Bri is straight out of a fairy tale! With a secret first name of Josefina, how could she not be - she is truly pure magic. Read on to discover why this woman is special in so many ways.

Bri began teaching yoga at the age of 19! This was five years after finding her practice during a very challenging time as a young teen. She completed her 200 RYT at BODY of Santa Fe and her 300 RYT in the Integrated Heart training and most recently, she was prana vinyasa certified by Shiva Rae.

Bri graduated with an MSOM from Southwest Acupuncture College and runs her own business, Classical Chinese Medicine of New Mexico as a licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine.

When Bri is not in the studio you can find her laughing with her hunk Joe, playing with her pooch, and making a mess in her clay studio (she makes little clay cups with vaginas at the bottom of them - who wants one?). Bri's favorite foods include tapas and anything Greek or Spanish. She has a soft spot for 90's music, dances like nobody is watching and loves all the shades of blue. We love you @josefinabisaacson #sweatteacherfeature 📷 Ethan Zeke Johnson


Carson Calhoun is BACK!


February 14-16 THREE classes to choose from! Join us for some fun with Carson!

sweatyogastudio.com Rocket Yoga Friday 2/14 4:30-6:30 PM $25 Rocket Yoga is a dynamic and challenging sequence, combining poses and transitions from Ashtanga's Primary, Second, and Third Series. In this class, you can expect a little bit of everything: arm balances, backbends, deep twists, and of course, inversions.

• 4517 •
The number of people that took class in December 😳
Holy Guacamole ABQ you all really brought it last month. Actions speak louder than words, votes, reviews or even the good ol’ pat on the back! We are humbled and honored.
Thank you for bringing your practice to SWEAT! It makes us wonder, what is the definition of a yoga studio? And more specifically, a yoga studio community? Our goal in providing a brick and mortar studio for our yogis is to give them//you a sense of home. A sense of belonging and ownership in a place that feels safe and welcoming. A place you can walk into time and time again that will have the same beautiful faces smiling back at you, flowers on the counter, clean mats and towels for you to use and most importantly a huge beautiful yoga room to lose yourself in. Thank you for making this your studio. THANK YOU to each of you that walk through our doors every day, every month and smell the flowers, smile at our teachers and practice in our hot room. We welcome you with open arms, day in and day out and wouldn't have it any other way. #grateful #yogastudio #yogacommunity

• Teacher Feature •

SWEAT born and bred, Ann Kennedy received her 500 RYT from SWEAT Yoga School. She is a strong believer in the benefits of yoga for Mental Health because that is what initially brought Ann to her practice. She has a passion for connecting people through every form of movement and it shows in her classes.

She has no sense of urgency, is easily distracted, and loves socializing! She wins #1 Dog Momma every year and her absolute favorite place in the world is cuddling with Theo while they eat bags and bags of carrots.

If you are lucky enough to see Ann's playful and silly side, you get a glimpse of the sweetest little spirit that lives inside this woman. She lets her intuition guide her and doesn't conform to social norms.

While her commitment to her practice is admired, she admits to having no shoulder mobility and still doesn't know which is cat pose and which is cow pose. Her Favorite pose is frog or playful puppy & her least favorite pose is forehead to knee/kneeling salute.

If students see "grab a block" written on the door before her class they know it's going to be a doozy - but after those classes, she gets comments like, "Oh Ann, you wonderful genius!"

She has been called the daughter of SWEAT and we think that suits her perfectly. We love you, Ann Kennedy ! 📷 Ethan Zeke Johnson

Some people believe that holding on and hanging in there are signs of great strength but there are times when it takes much more strength to know when to let go and then do it. #annlanders
Monday Classes:
6:00 Static 60 w/ Nathan
8:30 Flow 60 w/ Elisa (Daycare)
11:30 Flow 60 w/ Elisa
4:15 Static 60 w/ Meredith (Daycare)
5:45 Flow 60 w/ David
7:30 Static 60 w/ Jessica
Art by @gingiber

• Teacher Feature •

Here we go! Over the next few weeks will be featuring each of our teachers to help you get to know them better and highlight some of their accomplishments, interests and fun facts. We will move through the staff roster alphabetically so we begin with Alison Roberts!
Ali received her 200-hour RYT in 2012 and two years later went on to receive her 300-hour RYT from Zuna Yoga, in Bali, Indonesia. She has a diverse education including studies in International Business at The University of Brighton, England and she studied Sociocultural Development in Thailand, India, and Nepal. Ultimately Ali received a BA in combined studies in marketing, film, and psychology from UNM in 2002.
Most recently, Ali traveled to NY to become a Trauma-Informed Yoga Instructor and she is about to receive her 50hr Rocket Yoga certification. If you have been to one of her Rocket classes, you can tell that she LOVES teaching this class and she says it’s because it is challenging, healing and fun!

She loves her two boys, Cyrus and Chase, more than anything in the world. When her beautiful family is not at the studio, you can find them at the zoo, the aquarium, or various museums for a day of learning and exploring.

In class, she has a reputation for being intentional with her sequencing and breath cues and making you work harder than you ever knew you could. She often leaves us in serious post-yoga euphoria! Her gifts as a yoga teacher have captured the hearts of many yogis at SWEAT and her kindness, compassion and love extend beyond the mat. She is an animal lover, a health-minded, hard-working, and supportive woman whom we are lucky to have in our community!
We love you Alison Roberts 📷 Ethan Zeke Johnson

• SWEAT Offerings •
Our spectacularly talented and lovely friend @agirlnamedhonor updated the SWEAT board today and we had to stand back and not only marvel at her adorable sketches but also feel a teensy bit of pride in all that we are offering at the studio right now. There is SO MUCH to choose from and more great opportunities, events, workshops and classes to come.
Flow to the Beat - Friday’s @ 5:45
Kids Yoga - Wednesday’s @ 4:15
HOT Pilates - Wednesday’s @ 10:00 & Thursday’s @ 4:15
Restorative Yoga - Sunday’s @ 2:00
Rocket Yoga - Saturday’s @ 2:00
Glow with the Flow - Sunday’s @ 4:15
Internship Classes - Wednesday’s @ 7:30
Yoga + Acupuncture - Jan 30th @ 7:00
Yoga School begins Feb 8th and there’s still room for a few students #doitforyou
Carson Calhoun Weekend Workshop - February 14-16
SWEAT Workshop Series beginning in February - more details coming soon!
Come hang out with us! Life is fun at SWEAT ☺️
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• Class Cancellation •
APS is on a two-hour delay so we are cancelling the 6:00 am class Friday 1/17. Please check the schedule for the rest of the morning before coming to the studio.

• New Mat Towels •
Ohhhhhhhh just wait until you feel how soft they are! We have swapped out all the old mat towels for brand new beautiful @mandukayoga towels and they are an absolute luxury! We provide complementary mats, mat towels and hand towels to all our students. Come do yoga with us! #sweatyogastudio #fullservice #hotyoga #abqyoga #sweat

Don’t wait! There are a few spots open and school begins on Saturday February 8th!
SWEAT invites you to immerse yourself into your practice while learning the essential tools necessary to move forward on your path as a yoga student and teacher. We have gathered the core of our SWEAT faculty to create this thorough curriculum for students who want to be teachers, teachers who want to refine their understanding of poses, anatomy, and yogic philosophy, and practitioners who want to enrich their practice and immerse themselves in the world of yoga!
School starts February 8th - email us for an application today! #sweatyogaschool #200houryogaschool #yogaschool

• Locker Gawker •
Have you seen the new lockers in the ladies locker room!? It’s a beauty 🤍
While you practice, we want you to feel safe and secure. That’s why we lock all of the exterior doors during class time and have 12 high quality security cameras running at all times. But recently the security of our personal belongs was threatened and we all felt violated, helpless and frustrated. It is our pleasure to now provide you with a way to lock up your purses and valuables. Below are a few tips for locker use:
~ please bring your own lock to use.
~ lockers are for day use only. Locks left on lockers overnight will be cut.
~ please keep the inside of used lockers clean by wiping them out after use.
~ please be gentle opening and closing the lockers and shut the the doors quietly.
Enjoy! 🙏🏼

It’s Friday! Come shake up your chakras with Jenny in our 60 minute HOT Flow to the Beat class tonight at 5:45 🎶 Let loose, have some fun, and get ready for the weekend 🤸🏻‍♀️#flowtothebeat #sweatyogastudio #sweat #hotyoga @jenoboe

We are in Mexico scouting locations for a yoga retreat! The first SWEAT retreat is happening this year! We are planning a very special getaway that will include amazing food, a spectacular location, plenty of beach days, exploration and YOGA!
Who’s in!? ⛱🧘🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️☀️
#sweatretreat #sweatyogastudio #sweat #mexico #yogaretreat

• K I D S Y O G A •
Good news! Kids Yoga classes are now every Wednesday at 4:15 during adult Flow 60. We love our kiddies so much that we decided to add this class to the schedule permanently with Emma Lewis
Kids will have space for self-expression in this class where they learn to strengthen their bodies, and learn breathing and mindfulness techniques through yoga poses, music and more. Children will get to release energy and learn how to relax. Appropriate for ages 4-7. Reserve online - only 10 spots available. #kidsyoga #sweatkids #sweatyogastudio #sweatcommunity

Free workout at Bear Canyon Crossfit and yoga class taught by Ali this Friday night at 6:30. Make new friends, visit a Crossfit box and have a drink on us!! Help us celebrate our new collaboration with Bear Canyon CrossFit Let’s support local! No reservations needed, just come!

This Friday please join us with SWEAT Yoga Studio. 🧘‍♀️We have partnered up to give you the best of both worlds, Yoga and CrossFit. We will (WOD) workout then do yoga with one of the best instructors in the city.
Come join us this Friday, January 10th at 6:30 pm at Bear Canyon CrossFit!

This is a women’s only event. 💃

Please bring an appetizer to share. 🥦🥑🥒

Right now you can come to Bear Canyon Crossfit and do 10 classes for $10.00. You can also go to SWEAT yoga and do 10 classes for $10.00. If you love them both we are offering discounts off your memberships.

Can’t wait to see you all. Come play and have fun. Great way to start your 2020.

For many, yoga is about stretching and strengthening the body, exploring challenging postures, or managing the stress of daily life. On Sunday, Tias Little showed us that it may be "just" about the great sense of well-being that we can feel after a yoga practice. Thank you @prajnayoga for coming to SWEAT and sharing yourself with us and thank you to the 75 yogis who came to the studio to practice with us. We are enormously grateful for the support and truly impressed with the ABQ yoga community.

[01/03/20]   Flow to the Beat Anniversary PARTY!! Friday 1/3 at 5:45 Monica will be teaching the exact same sequence that set this class on fire one year ago! Join us! If you’ve been wanting to try it, trust us now is the time. This class is wild.

Drum roll please 🥁
This New Years Eve lineup is just for you! Come ring in the new year with all of your friends at SWEAT! Let’s spend the last day of 2019 moving, breathing & sweating together ✨
See you in the hot room 💦

7:00 Static 60 w/ Julie
8:30 Flow 60 w/ Shannon (Daycare)
10:00 Flow 75 w/ Ali (Daycare)

New Year’s Day:
8:30 Flow 60 w/ Julie (Daycare)
10:00 HOT Pilates w/ Monica
11:30 Flow 60 w/ Meredith

Our Story

SWEAT Yoga Studio is a sophisticated state-of-the-art hot yoga studio in Albuquerque. We utilize the most advanced hot yoga equipment available and with every detail of our yoga studio is designed to create an optimal hot yoga experience. Hot yoga class environments are controlled by a customized heating system that allows the studio temperature, humidity, and air quality to be consistent and safe throughout your experience. SWEAT’s owners are determined to provide an exceptional and unique hot yoga studio to best support their student's needs and ambitions.

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