SWEAT Yoga Studio

SWEAT Yoga Studio strives to maintain a vibrant hot yoga community in Albuquerque that is open and welcoming to all students looking for hot yoga in ABQ!

SWEAT Yoga Studio is a sophisticated state-of-the-art facility, utilizing the most advanced hot yoga equipment available, with every detail designed to create an optimal hot yoga experience. Hot yoga class environments are controlled by a customized hot yoga HVAC system that allows the heat, humidity and air quality to be consistent and safe throughout your SWEAT hot yoga experience. SWEAT Yoga Studio’s owners are determined to provide an exceptional and unique hot yoga studio to best support their student's needs.

SWEAT Yoga Studio strives to maintain a vibrant and welcoming hot yoga studio in Albuquerque with a variety of different hot yoga classes to choose from. At our hot yoga studio, you can enjoy complimentary mats, towels, showers, blocks, daycare and more! Try our hot yoga studio in Albuquerque anytime and we promise we'll deliver on an extremely fulfilling hot yoga class. Come SWEAT with us at an

• H O T P I L A T E S •
Come ignite your core and strengthen and tone your body in our new HOT Pilates class every Wednesday! Class limit is 30 so sign up online!
Wednesday Classes:
6:00 Static 60 w/ Terri
8:30 Flow 60 w/ Monica (Daycare)
10:00 HOT Pilates w/ Monica
11:30 Flow 60 w/ Meredith
4:15 Static 60 w/ Ali (Daycare)
5:45 Flow 60 w/ SWEAT Intern Karina
7:30 Static 60 w/ SWEAT Intern Jenna
#hotpilates #sweatyogastudio #sweatinterns #sweat #abqyoga #hotyoga

A negative mind will never give you a positive life. Switch your perspective - flip your angle. Always end the day on a positive thought. No matter how hard things were today, tomorrow is a new day.
Tuesday Classes:
6:00 Flow 60 w/ Caitlin
8:30 Flow 60 w/ Meredith (Daycare)
11:30 Static 60 w/ David
4:15 Flow 60 w/ Shannon (Daycare)
5:45 Static 60 w/ Jenny
7:30 Flow 60 w/ Jessica
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HOT Pilates starts Wednesday!

Read our latest newsletter about HOT Pilates!


• GLOW with the FLOW •

Our GLOW with the FLOW class got a little special attention from Kevin Paris recently. If you are looking for a warm, magical, soothing way to end your weekend, join us Sunday’s at 4:15 for a 75-minute candlelit flow class.
Video created by the talented Ethan Zeke Johnson - Flow created by the fabulous Alison Roberts and music by the sweet Kevin Paris.
#glowwiththeflow #sweatyogastudio

It’s almost BEAT time! The DJ is setting up now and there’s still a few spots left in class! Come on down and FLOW with us! #flowtothebeat #livedjyoga #sweatyogastudio ✍🏼 @agirlnamedhonor

• Organic Collagen Bars •
Sharing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with 10g of grass-fed collagen and 12g of protein ✨ We are thrilled to bring you the ultimate chocolate collagen bar from Molecular Zen. Good for your gut, amazing for your skin, hair & nails - made with excellent ingredients.
Try one today at #sweatyogastudio 🌈⠀
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[05/08/19]   • Live DJ this Friday Night! •
We are putting a capitol B in Beat this Friday night! 💽🎶For one night only, we will have a live DJ playing music while @monica_moxi teaches us ALL the moves. You know those moves - those moves that make you find that booty! 🎵🎈🎶💎🖤🎤💽👀💣‼️🎵💋🎶💎🎈👀💽🎤
Bring your friends and reserve your spot online. We are celebrating a fabulous little yogi sweetheart named @thisisdarian on her 21st birthday 💋#flowtothebeat #livedjyoga #findthatbooty #abqyoga #hotyoga #sweatyogastudio

• Moving into Stillness •
SWEAT’s 300-hour trainees spent an afternoon with Tias & Surya Little at Prajna Yoga in Santa Fe. Moving into stillness was the topic and learning how to counteract the stimulation of our busy go-go-go lives by finding time to be still. And also slowing down to recognize that stillness in your mind and body can be experienced within movement.
Thank you @prajnayoga for a truly outer hip experience👌🏼
Wednesday Classes:
6:00 Static 60 w/ Terri
8:30 Flow 60 w/ Monica (Daycare)
10:00 HOT Pilates starts next week! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
11:30 Flow 60 w/ Meredith
4:15 Static 60 w/ Ali (Daycare)
5:45 Flow 60 w/ SWEAT Intern - Karina
7:30 Static 60 w/ SWEAT Intern - Jenna
#sweatyogaschool #sweatyogastudio #300hourteachertraining

SWEAT Yoga Studio

Tomorrow our 200-hour yoga school students are finishing up their flow exams so Glow with the Flow is cancelled. We will be back to our normal schedule next week. Join @josefinabisaacson again on May 12.
Sunday Classes:
7:00 Static 60 w/ Julie
8:30 Flow 60 w/ Shannon (Daycare)
10:00 Static 75 w/ Caitlin (Daycare)
4:15 Glow with the Flow 75 - canceled
2:00 Restore 90 w/ Terri
#sweatytt #sweatyogaschool
#restorativeyoga #glowwiththeflow #sweatyogastudio #sweat #hotyoga

• S W E A T K I D S •
Have you ever seen a yogi train? We have and it’s
a d o r a b l e 🧘‍♀️🧘🏻‍♂️🧘‍♀️🧘🏻‍♂️🧘‍♀️🧘🏻‍♂️
Our new 6 week series starts tomorrow! 🙏🏻
*** Thursdays @ 4:15 $10/class ***
Kids will have space for self-expression in this class. Emma will encourage them to strengthen their bodies, and learn breathing and mindfulness techniques through yoga poses, music and more. Children will get to release energy and learn how to relax. They will learn the importance of connection to others by playing games and doing partner poses. Sign the kiddos in and then flow with Nathan P. Espinoza in the hot room!
#sweatkids #kidsyoga #sweatyogastudio #sweat #abqyoga


How Yoga Helped Me Complete My First Ultramarathon

Yogis! Read how one of our teachers, Sarah Hatch used yoga to train for her first Ultramarathon!

sweatyogastudio.com Sarah inspires her friends, her family, and her fitness participants with intentional and heart-warming conversations about courage, confidence, and self-love. She shares her wealth of knowledge and her contagious energy in every interaction.


The Science Behind Why Houseplants Are Good For You

It's no secret that at SWEAT Yoga Studio we LOVE plants!
Maybe this is why! "When we are looking at a green leafy plant, our stress levels can go down, our mood can improve, and our minds can work more effectively. We are even likely to think more creatively."

lonny.com We're here for a plant-based lifestyle.

• N E W C L A S S •
Wednesdays 10 - 11 **STARTS May 15**
You asked for it! Due to an overwhelming request for HOT Pilates at SWEAT, we have added it to our schedule! Come ignite your core with Monica Coshenet as she guides you through a SWEATy Pilates class in our beautiful studio. ▪️Hot Pilates is a fun, challenging, full body, low impact exercise that targets small muscles by focusing on using slow, precise movements to strengthen the entire body with a large focus on the core. ▪️Each class moves through a series of exercises that strengthen the body’s stabilizing muscles, improves coordination, tones, and improves agility and power. ▪️Consistent practice creates improved posture, flexibility, strength, and mobility. ▪️Our Pilates classes allow for each exercise to shift from beginner to advanced depending on the person and their goals. ▪️The strength work ensures you build muscle endurance. And it’s not all about abs, think also a tight toosh, lean legs, sculpted arms, and a strong back!
▪️Want more class times? Let us know!
#hotpilates #sweatpilates

• Breathe on Purpose •
The answer is always the breath. Come back to the breath. Notice the breath. Control the breath. Sit with the breath.
Tuesday Classes:
6:00 Flow 60 w/ Caitlin
8:30 Flow 60 w/ Meredith (Daycare)
11:30 Static 60 w/ Ann
4:15 Flow 60 w/ Shannon (Daycare)
5:45 Static 60 w/ Jenny
7:30 Flow 60 w/ Ann
📸 @ezj_official_ #breatheonpurpose #sweatyogastudio #sweat #hotyoga #abqyoga #pranayama


Hidden Benefits In Practicing Hot Yoga


sweatyogastudio.com Hot yoga is unique in that it is a well-rounded workout that is healing to the body. In just a 60 or 90 minute hot yoga class , students will receive a cardiovascular experience that also increases both strength and flexibility. The owners of SWEAT believe wholeheartedly that hot yoga can be a st


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Fellow yogis, we need your help! Leave a Google review of our studio to help us understand our community and reach more like-minded people 🙏🏼



SWEAT Yoga Studio on Google

search.google.com In flow 60 and flow 75 classes, postures are strung together in multiple series. As the name suggests, a student can expect to “flow” from one posture to the next in this style of class, synchronizing the breath with the movement. The pace of this class is generally quicker than a static sequenc...


SWEAT Yoga Studio on Google

search.google.com In static 60 and static 75 classes, you will experience a series of postures performed individually with a short pause in between each pose. This class can be a vigorous and well-rounded workout, but is also very appropriate for beginners. It will provide both the new and advanced practitioners with...


SWEAT Yoga Studio on Google

search.google.com It is widely recognized that investing in a private yoga session can do wonders for developing your practice, but for many, this one-on-one attention is financially and logistically out of reach, at least on a consistent basis. FOCUS taught by Joe Fox is an effort to find a middle ground for those w...


SWEAT Yoga Studio on Google

search.google.com This 90 minute class is where a student goes to dial it way down. Expect a very relaxing experience in a warm, but not hot, room. Practitioners will use props to find full body relaxation in postures, allowing gravity to do its work. This is a fantastic balance for a vigorous practice, and also a gr...


SWEAT Yoga Studio on Google

search.google.com A fun, energized, and focused yoga class for kids! This class will help kids learn and explore yoga through art, music, movement and more! Offered several times during the year, this 6 week series is taught with a different focus each week. Little yogis learn mindful breathing, meditations and yoga....


SWEAT Yoga Studio on Google

search.google.com Charge up every Friday night with a quicker version of our Flow 60 class. FLOW to the BEAT will be set to louder, beat bumping music that will leave you energized. We ask that you come with an open mind, stripped of any and all expectations you carry of yourself. Just come and breathe and move your....


SWEAT Yoga Studio on Google

search.google.com In this warm Flow 75 class, we will cultivate sustainable strength by exploring the energetics of asana by building heat from the inside out. We will draw focus away from the external environment by flowing to candlelight and uplifting music so that we can drop further into the inner experience. Thi...

• Live Music Flow •
Wednesday, April 24th 6-7:15 pm $10
Come flow, breathe, SWEAT, laugh and sing along to some of the biggest hits and artists of all time. Ali Roberts will guide us through a soulful 75-minute candlelight practice while LA-based singer-songwriter and yoga musician Kevin Paris provides the tunes. **5 spots left**
#livemusicflow #sweatyogastudio #sweat #abqyoga #hotyoga #candlelightyoga #kevinparismusic #holdtheposenotthebreath

• Break Bonds // Transcend •
When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds; your mind transcends limitations; your conscious expands in every direction; and you find yourself in a great, new and wonderful world. #patanjali
Monday Classes:
6:00 Static 60 w/ Ali
8:30 Flow 60 w/ Elisa (Daycare)
11:30 Flow 60 w/ Elisa
4:15 Static 60 w/ Elisa (Daycare)
5:45 Flow 60 w/ Ali
7:30 Static 60 w/ Jessica
#sweatyogastudio #sweat #hotyoga #abqyoga #yoga

• E A S T E R C L A S S E S •
Just a reminder that we have a very modified schedule of classes for Easter Sunday. We wish you all a wonderful holiday weekend filled with family, friendship, food, love and laughter 💗

Sunday Classes:
7:00 Static 60 w/ Caitlin
8:30 Flow 60 w/ Shannon (Daycare)
10:00 Static 75 cancelled
2:00 Restore 90 w/ cancelled
4:15 Glow with the Flow 75 cancelled
📷 @templeofleaves

Monica is back and that means you better come ready to move, groove and find that booty!
See you in the hot room! All your friends will be there, will you?
#flowtothebeat #sweatyogastudio #sweat #findthatbooty #fridaynightbeats #hotyoga #abqyoga ✍🏼 @agirlnamedhonor

• J U S T N O T I C E •
You don’t always have to try so hard to live each day to the fullest. Each day is full all on its own. All you have to do is notice. #emmarosetait
Tuesday Classes:
6:00 Flow 60 w/ Caitlin
8:30 Flow 60 w/ Meredith (Daycare)
11:30 Static 60 w/ David
4:15 Flow 60 w/ Shannon (Daycare)
5:45 Static 60 w/ Jenny
7:30 Flow 60 w/ Ann
#sweatyogastudio #sweat #abqyoga #hotyoga


The Power of Yoga with Carson Calhoun: Ashtanga & Rocket-Inspired Yoga Classes on Alo Moves

Yogis! Don't miss this opportunity to hang out with a lighthearted, strong, dynamic and super playful yoga teacher this weekend. Workshops are almost SOLD OUT! Register online now! www.sweatyogastudio.com


This series will introduce you to two styles of yoga: Ashtanga vinyasa and Rocket-inspired sequencing: both taught by Carson Calhoun. It will take your power...

Travel + Leisure

Yoga with lemurs! Look at that one doing malasana. Amazing.

The lemurs will even "do" some of the poses with you!

• C A N D L E L I G H T Y O G A •
Join us for a warm candlelight flow class Sunday @ 4:15 ✨🕯✨ Come warm yourself from the side out. ✨
Sunday Classes:
7:00 Static 60 w/ Julie
8:30 Flow 60 w/ Shannon (Daycare)
10:00 Static 75 w/ Ali (Daycare)
2:00 Restore 90 w/ Jenny
4:15 Glow with the Flow 75 w/ Bri

B E A T B U M P I N . . .
SWEAT dripping, free flowing Friday night FLOW to the BEAT is here at last! Join Elisa as she moves us beat by SWEATy beat to her carefully curated playlist.
Don’t be boring.
Don’t be shy.
Don’t hold back.
Come Let. It. All. Go.
5:45. Be. There.
#flowtothebeat #sweatyogastudio#sweat #beatbumpin #sweatdrippin #hotyoga ✍🏼 @agirlnamedhonor

• F L O W to the B E A T •
Julie Kelly Smith is up next and we’re ready for her! 🔥Join us in the hot room for some fun Friday night at 5:45! ✍🏼 @agirlnamedhonor
#flowtothebeat #sweatyogastudio #sweat #hotyoga #abqyoga

• L O B B Y G O A L S •
Potted plants in the studio...never too many? Or pump the brakes Mrs. Johnson?
Wednesday Classes:
6:00 Static 60 w/ Terry
8:30 Flow 60 w/ Sarah (Daycare)
11:30 Flow 60 w/ Ann
4:15 Static 60 w/ Ali (Daycare)
5:45 Flow 60 w/ SWEAT Intern - Jeff
7:30 Static 60 w/ Caitlin

Yoga with Carson

Come hang out with Carson and learn something new! Workshops are filling up fast! Reserve your spot now - visit www.sweatyogastudio.com or email us at [email protected] for details. Dates are April 5, 6 & 7.

Break through your limits + explore your edge in my brand new Ashtanga- and Rocket-inspired plan, The Power of Yoga on Cody App: cdyapp.co/-the-power-of-yoga

Dreams without movement are delusions, escapes, kid’s play. You have to put your feet into your dreams if they’re ever going to be reality. #paulnewman
Sunday Classes:
7:00 Static 60 w/ Julie
8:30 Flow 60 w/ Shannon (Daycare)
10:00 Static 75 w/ Ali (Daycare)
2:00 Restore 90 w/ Jenny
4:15 Glow with the Flow 75 w/ Bri

• a star in the hot room •
SWEAT Yoga Studio is proud to announce that our very own shining star Nathan P. Espinoza will be the master of ceremonies at tomorrow night’s FLOW to the BEAT ✨We are told to wear red, be on time and make some noise!
NATHAN will be on the mic - REBA will be on the speakers and we will all be having some FUN.
#flowtothebeat #reba #sweatyogastudio #sweat #hotyoga #abqyoga

Yoga with Carson

Don't miss the opportunity to learn from this guy! Carson will be teaching a handstand workshop on Saturday, April 6th from 10-12 at SWEAT. All levels are welcome, details online www.sweatyogastudio.com
- see you there! Carson Calhoun Yoga Workshop

I am so excited to share this with you all! Even though I travel to a lotttt of cities, I know that many of you are not able to practice with me in-person. I hope I am still able to make you laugh through this online practice. I absolutely loved shooting this series with Alo Moves. Share this with a friend and come practice with me for FREE for two weeks - I bet you'll learn something new and laugh out loud :) alomov.es/-handstand-tips-and-conditioning

Reserve your spot now! It's going to be a great weekend with Carson!

Let’s play!
1. Find your city on this list.
2. Tag your friends who you want to come with you.
3. If your city isn’t on there, leave a comment and tell me where to go. Bonus points if you @ tag the studio or studio manager.
4. Secure your spot at YogaWithCarson.com/schedule (link in my bio)

BARCELONA - March 14-17 @harayogastudio
HOUSTON - March 23-24 @bigpoweryoga
COLLEGE STATION - March 26-28 @yogapodcollegestation
DALLAS - March 29-31 @yogafactorytx
FRISCO - April 1-4 @horizonhotyoga
ALBUQUERQUE - April 5-6 @sweatyogastudio
ST. LOUIS - April 9-11 @goyogaexpress
EL PASO - April 13-14 @hotboxyogaep
BOULDER - April 20 @bulldogyogaboulder
BOULDER - April 23 @bouldertridelta
SEATTLE - April 25-28 @hotyogainc
UVITA - May 4-10 @floretreatcenter ROCKET YOGA RETREAT
SAN ANTONIO - May 11 @blackswanyogasanantonio
SAN MARCOS - May 12 @reddawgyoga
PHILADELPHIA - May 14-16 @bulldogyogavillanova ROCKET YOGA TRAINING
LOS ANGELES - May 17-22 @alolosangeles
MEXICO CITY - May 25-26 @yogafestmx
DENVER - June 1 @bigpoweryogadenver
BOULDER - June 3-7 @bodhimovement ROCKET YOGA TRAINING
CHICAGO - June 21-23 @shriyogacenter
APPLETON - June 25-27 @95yogahouseappleton ROCKET YOGA TRAINING
WASHINGTON DC - June 29-30 @flowyogacenter
ALEXANDRIA - July 13 @532yoga
NEW YORK CITY - July 15-18 @revolutionyogaofficial ROCKET YOGA TRAINING
BOSTON - July 19-21 @downunderyoga
LONDON - July 24-28 @indabayoga ROCKET YOGA TRAINING
DUBLIN - August 1-15 @hotyogadundrum *200hr YTT* and ROCKET YOGA TRAINING
PRAGUE - August 16-18 @pragueyogacollective
ZURICH - August 24-25 @o.yoga.ch
BERLIN - August 30 - September 1 @yogaatlobe
SANDY - October 4-6 @yin.wellness.institute
PORTLAND - October 25-27 @yogapearl
MEXICO CITY - November 28 - December 2 @greenyogamexico
MINNEAPOLIS - December 20-22 @upyogamn

Sign up for everything on my website www.YogaWithCarson.com/schedule
(link in bio)

📸: @tomkingsford 👖: @aloyoga

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Opening Hours

Monday 05:30 - 20:30
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