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Great times at Blue hole.
Can we go diving yet?
My friends at The Scuba Company gifted me this full face mask that can be used for PPE. Keep in mind the store has been closed for almost 2 months yet they still found a way to give back to their community. I am beyond blessed by my SCUBA family. ❤
IMHO, The Scuba company is the best dive company in Albuquerque. Great equipment selection, knowledgeable instructors and friendly staff. Looking forward to my advanced underwater certification at the end of August.
Night dive shenanigans. Michael Hansen Yasmany Fuentes
Anyone interested in diving Blue Hole this weekend (1/19-1/20)? Message me if interested.....Dana
Hello! I’m looking for people interested to start Underwater Rugby in Albuquerque. Ideally UNM staff or students. Let me know if you live in the area and are interested to get it going! I set up a first page,

or message me with any questions.

Ariel Otero’s first imagination stamp in his passport! Roatan Honduras 🇭🇳 ❣️🏝. Congratulations 🎶🦈🏝🎵
I won a free 2 dive boat trip the last time I was in Key Largo. Sadly, I don't expect to make it back there to claim the trip before it expires.

If anyone in our Scuba Co family will be heading to Key Largo to dive before November 7th, 2018, and would like to use this coupon, drop me a note at [email protected].
Are you a PADI Divemaster (or will you soon become one)? Would you like to take the next step in your professional development, allowing you to help in more direct ways with classes, and even teach some classes on your own? PADI Assistant Instructor is the next step in your professional training, and we have a class this May! Class will be on May 12, 13, 19, 20, and 26.

Once you are a PADI Assistant Instructor, you can do all of these things a Divemaster cannot:

1. Present the knowledge development elaboration for any PADI Diver course under the instructor’s indirect supervision. The instructor personally assesses student knowledge development. �
2. Present initial skills training under the instructor’s direct supervision during confined water dives. �
3. Conduct open water surface skill evaluations during Open Water Diver course dives under the instructor’s indirect supervision. �
4. Teach and certify Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty Divers under the direction of an instructor. �
5. Independently teach the Project AWARE (nondiving) Specialty course. �
6. Independently teach the Coral Reef Conservation (nondiving) Specialty course. �
7. Independently conduct Discover Scuba Diving in a pool or confined water. �
8. Independently conduct Bubblemaker programs. �
9. Independently conduct PADI Seal Team AquaMissions. �
10. Teach and certify divers in specialty courses that don’t include dives after completing Specialty Instructor Training courses and earning Specialty Instructor ratings for such specialties. �
11. After completing the corresponding instructor training and earning Specialty Instructor ratings, conduct Digital Underwater Photographer specialty courses under the direction of a PADI Instructor. �

Everything in the course also counts towards your IDC, saving time and reducing the cost if you decide to continue on to become an instructor.

Interested? Give us a call at Scuba Company.
Thanks, Yasmany, for helping me get my face in the water. You really went over the top to help me figure out what to do and how to do it.
Congratulations to Brandon Beck, who got certified this weekend in Altitude and Underwater Pumpkin Carving, and Kevin Gourley, who earned his Open Water certification. It was a great weekend was Blue Hole, with mild weather and remarkably clear water--80 foot vis on Saturday and still 60 foot even on Sunday.

Scuba classes, equipment rental, sales, repairs, trips, hydro static testing, military boots, one on Our experienced instructors teach Padi courses from basic scuba to divemaster, and everything in between.

Our students dive wearing only top-of-the-line gear. We provide quality equipment sales, repairs, and servicing. We organize group trips all over the globe! Visit our website for schedules, pricing, and special events.

Operating as usual


A simply joke started by our very own Andrew Priscella Mccain several years ago has now become a trip tradition for all. Nothing says dive addicts like a dive flag painted on your big toe. Yes this tradition is followed by all so if you can identify the toe call them out. The Toedition (get it lol) is in full affect every trip.

Photos from The Scuba Company's post 10/17/2022

Phillipines day 7, finalizing our last night with a lechón followed by dancers and the staff partying till they dropped. Never seen staff so happy and appreciative like this before, they genuinely appreciated our company and bringing them much needed work. They have been really affected by the lockdowns and with new restrictions loosening they finally can host tourist like us again. The following morning we had a wonderful opportunity to have Blissful Spirits Hot Yoga Rio Rancho Melanie st. George her self run a yoga lesson in Paradize just right before our long travel back home.

Photos from The Scuba Company's post 10/15/2022

Phillipines Day 6, a full day to tour this wonderful peace on country and have a moment for adults to be kids. Let’s face it divers never really grow up at all, we just find bigger toys. we could not ask for a better group to accompany us to this amazing resort.


Phillipines Day5, with every dive you find something new and something breath taking. Come out for a surface interval to just find it hard to recover fast enough cause you spent the hour laughing and joking with the best people around. This is what diving is all about.


Taking a day break from diving to see the surface👌


Phillipines Day 4, memories and smiles that will last for ever. When you are part of these trips is more like being a part of a family you never expected to have.


Send a message to learn more.


Phillipines Day 3, the number one thing that stands out is how much the people want us here and care for our satisfaction. We are nothing but smiles and joy from being so happy to being here and enjoying our selves to the fullest.

Photos from The Scuba Company's post 10/10/2022

Phillipines Day 2, in Paradize you get treated in first class all the way around. (Hence the tux). Diving in these currents gives a sense of full enjoyment and challenges at the same time. The aquatic life takes our breath away and the group brings laughter on the surface. Keep tune verde islands is next


Oh good morning this fine Sunday. What are you doing today? This is our groups view just before our first dive 🦈

Photos from The Scuba Company's post 10/08/2022

Phillipines Day 1, after long flights and short 2 hour bus ride and 45 minute speed boat we have made it. What an amazing resort with such amazing customer service we are sure to have an amazing time here. Stay tune and get jelly.

Photos from The Scuba Company's post 10/04/2022

Fun travels and adventures are the best when spent with family and friends ! Come see us when you are ready for some fun times 🦈. We make adventures happen 🎉


Spooky season is upon us, let’s get ready to be spooked underwater? What!! That’s right haunted Blue Hole dive on the 29th. Join us for fun, food, pumpkin carving, and costumes. If your looking to get your night diver specialty what a great time to do it, think about it you will see more that 5 fish for once!!!


4 years in the making, the Phillipines is just around the corner just 6 days away folks.

Photos from The Scuba Company's post 09/27/2022

4 days of diving with 3 awesome group of divers. Congratulations to all the new and advanced divers, you guys had the best dive conditions and visibility possible. Keep on diving and see you on our next dive trips.

Diving with Disabilities: It’s called “Adaptive Scuba Diving” 09/21/2022

Diving with Disabilities: It’s called “Adaptive Scuba Diving”

Diving with Disabilities: It’s called “Adaptive Scuba Diving” By: Amal Pillai Scuba diving is one of the most sought after recreational activities across the globe. Right from children to adults to elderly citizens, everybody fathoms the less explored world which is underwater. But did you know that there are over 1.5 billion people in the world who are suffer...


!!!Free Seminar!!! Ever wondered how the pros travel so light? Ever wanted to reduce travel luggage stress right before your trip? Well here it is all the pro tricks they use available to you this Thursday starting at 6pm @ The Scuba Company. Let us know if you will be coming by.

Photos from The Scuba Company's post 09/20/2022

Half our team had an opportunity to work on making our customer experience even better. By perfecting our teaching and approach, allowing us to surpass the standards and create amazing divers. We strive for the best quality in diving possible. Way to go team, great job.


No we can’t Belize it, blue hole trip and whale sharks included, you must be mad to say food is included also. Join us in another wonderful adventure to see the world.

Photos from The Scuba Company's post 09/17/2022

We are so happy to be able to sponsor our local Ice Wolves. This is a great program for our state and we are glad to be a part of it.


“When Americas lend a hand to one another, nothing is impossible. We’re not about what happened on 9/11. We’re about what happen 9/12.” Jeff Parness.

Let us not only remember September 11 today but also remember how we all came together for one cause. Remember that and act on it, join your community and build strength as we have done before to make our country strong together.


Confirmed, we are skipping thanksgiving. We love turkey and family but this year we are switching the duck for some sea food. Great way to change it up and dive the whole holiday. So who wants to join us there!!!!

Photos from The Scuba Company's post 09/05/2022

Join us @ Isla Marisol Resort, Belize!!
For an all-inclusive week dive vacation
12 tank dives & day trip to Blue Hole
~5-star PADI beach resort located on Southwest Caye of Glover's Reef Atoll
~Situated amid an idyllic UN World Heritage Site and Protected Marine Park, perfectly positioned to offer unparalleled island and ocean tours suited to all levels of experience. Unrivalled Belize SCUBA diving, incredible snorkeling, and world-class saltwater fishing are just steps away

Price: $2,700-2,750 +Airfare Deposit: $400


Mayan princess is locked and rooms are selling fast. Contact shop if you are ready for a gorgeous beach resort stay.


Few take the plunge in becoming rescue divers, few that do really are the divers you want on your boat to help when it counts. Way to go guys great job!!!


What a busy and diverse weekend, from open water divers, advanced divers, dry suit divers, and altitude. Congratulations on a job well done guys welcome to the world we love. Now go follow the bubbles!!!

Photos from The Scuba Company's post 08/30/2022

Nothing says a busy weekend like a Monday aftermath cleaning spree. Keeping our rental stock healthy and sanitized for the next group is a hard task but we are glad to do it. After all this is the part all divers regret the cleaning.


Remember folks it’s national dog day and we love dogs. So bring your dog with you today and let us meet your furry family member. We will have treats for them and a treat for you as well, don’t worry we will only ask the dog to do a trick…. Maybe.


Congratulations guys on completing your certification. The underwater adventures await you all, now get out there and start exploring.

Photos from The Scuba Company's post 08/13/2022

Final day of our wonderful trip down to Coco View Resort. What an amazing fun group to be around and dive our little hearts out. Thank you to all of you for joining on us this adventure, stay tuned for further adventures coming soon. A big shout out to Lauren Rice on completing her Dive Master training while being down here, welcome to the team officially. Thank you CoCo View Resort for such great service be seeing you again.

Photos from The Scuba Company's post 08/12/2022

Day 6, we have done a thing or two that’s for sure from getting our customer to face her fears and dive with her husband to reuniting another one with her favorite sloth and even sending two people down to 2000ft below in a submarine. You dream it and we will find a way to get you there safely and sound while laughing all the way there. We are in the transformation business and we understand disc***ecting from day to day work to create great memories. We love what we do and love you all.

Photos from The Scuba Company's post 08/11/2022

Day 5, everyone joined in on the shark dive and faced either fears or thrills. The sea was angry my friends 10-15ft swells, with good team work and great pros no one got hurt and everyone had good laugh about it. Oh and rose and jack made an appearance on our boat.

Photos from The Scuba Company's post 08/10/2022

Day 4, the skies keep casting gorgeous sceneries and allowing for cooler temperatures. From the unlimited shore dive comes some of the best aquatic life you can spot on this island. Took to the streets at night to happy Harry’s for the best steak bites around. Great laughs great fun

Photos from The Scuba Company's post 08/09/2022

Day 3, dive camp continues, amazing shots and boy the warm water sure keeps us warm for the long dives we are making. The customer service and guides here know how to treat both a photographer and a new diver so they both get what they are looking for. Amazing group of people, when you travel with us you are treated like one of the family.

Photos from The Scuba Company's post 08/08/2022

Day 2, the real dives have began. On our first guided dives we spotted a sting ray and a juvenile spotted eagle ray. The paradise we get to call home for the week is a summer camp paradise. Both our new divers and pros are able to dive their skill set and explore freely.

Photos from The Scuba Company's post 08/07/2022

Day 1, we have made it to Coco View. Smooth travels and all 25 guest have arrive to adult scuba camp. What a great feeling to have such freedom to dive when ever we like and be surrounded by great friends.


Whale Shark dive 2023..... so excited to be planning The Scuba Company upcoming travel.... ask and you shall receive.... Belize 2023 with stunning Whale Shark dive COMING SOON‼️🤿💦

Photos from The Scuba Company's post 08/04/2022

The Scuba Rangers are here to save you all from wetsuit rash, jelly fish stings and coral abrasions. Our custom rash guards from Daisy Dot will do just the trick and with high quality material you are sure to feel like with your rash guard. If q color or fit is not to your liking then our Scuba Rangers will size you for custom fit and colors


Congratulations to our newest open water class, even thought the rain slowed you down you still pushed on. Fun class with one of our best female instructor. Keep on diving guys.

Photos from The Scuba Company's post 07/31/2022

Day 7, last day and we spent it getting culture shock in the market during our day stay. We where all exhausted but all 28 of us made the most of every minute and it was so worth it. Got to love traveling.

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Phillipines Day5, with every dive you find something new and something breath taking. Come out for a surface interval to...
Phillipines Day 4, memories and smiles that will last for ever. When you are part of these trips is more like being a pa...
Phillipines Day 3, the number one thing that stands out is how much the people want us here and care for our satisfactio...
Spooky season is upon us, let’s get ready to be spooked underwater? What!! That’s right haunted Blue Hole dive on the 29...
4 years in the making, the Phillipines is just around the corner just 6 days away folks.  #thesscubacompany #followthebu...
Well this happened and nothing else should be mentioned lol #thescubacompany #worldtravelers #followthebubbles
The chow call, if you miss the sound, you miss the delicious catch of the day… #thescubacompany #worldtravelers #followt...
Welcome to Beqa Lagoon, Fiji
Helping our future airmen get acquainted with the water and trying some scuba while they are at it.  You can’t ask for a...
What a great group, our future Air Force taking their first breaths underwater. We are honored to have been able to work...
Finally the time has come for our Scuba Olympics, that’s right folks your reading it right it’s time to see who the best...




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