505 Wrestling Club

505 Wrestling Club


2019 © Rev.Melanie E~Photography
The Mighty Belen Eagles Representing at the 505 with Coach Nathaniel! Amazing Coach!!!
Dont forget to drill grandby rolls on your day off!
The 505 WC will have two athletes at this prestigious event!
Hey kids, wrestling is supposed to be fun!
Good morning 505 Families,

Our junior wrestler, Devin, is having a big SALE event at his family's business in Rio Rancho, on Saturday, 5.26.18! Devin will be hosting a lemonade stand, as well as hot dogs for the 505 Wrestling Club! The proceeds and donations will be given to the club. Wrestlers, coaches, and parents, if you are around this weekend, please stop by and show your support. Please wear your 505 T-shirts and come and help Devin out😊

Please share this post so we can help out Home Collections and 505 Wrestling Club with a fabulous turnout!!

Thank you Garcia family for thinking of the 505 Wrestling Club's needs as well as our wrestlers❤️🖤❤️
Good morning 505 WC Fans,

Our junior wrestler, Devin, is having a big SALE event at his family's business in Rio Rancho, on Saturday, 5.26.18! Devin will be hosting a lemonade stand, as well as hot dogs for the 505 Wrestling Club! The proceeds and donations will be given to the club. If you are in the area this weekend, please stop by and show your support😊

Please share this post so we can help out Home Collections and 505 Wrestling Club with a fabulous turnout!!

Thank you Garcia family for thinking of the 505 Wrestling Club's needs as well as our wrestlers❤️🖤❤️

505 WC is a year round club dedicated to first class training of wrestlers for competition at local and national levels in ABQ, NM. All ages are welcome!

Our goal at 505 Wrestling Club is to provide student-athletes with all the tools needed to not only be state champions but to reach the caliber of all-American and national champion wrestlers. Members of the 505 WC will be groomed to compete at the college level once they have finished their high school careers. We will have separate practices for our junior program, mid/high school girls program

Operating as usual


Registration is now open at 505wrestlingclub.com

We're doing all three styles starting this past Monday!!😅
All ages and experience levels welcome!


Congratulations to all the 505WC wrestlers who placed in the 2022 New Mexico High School State Championships!!

*Roman Luttrell 8th
Cleveland 106lbs

*Roberto Bear Cordova Sr.
Rio Rancho 120lbs
*Naithan Gurule Sr. Los Lunas 145lbs
*Kymani Castillo Sr. Cleveland 195lbs
*Sam Budagher Sr. Academy 138lbs

*Jason Goose Maestas So. Volcano Vista 106lbs
*Conner Cole So.
Volcano Vista 160lbs
*Josh Coon Sr.
Cleveland 170lbs

*Noah Gurule So.
Los Lunas 113lbs
*Aaron Zamora Jr.
Los Lunas 126lbs
*Noah Jones Jr.
Volcano Vista 132 lbs
*Mario Tafoya Jr.
La Cueva 145lbs
*Maile Maldonado Fr. Academy 100lbs
*Tanessa Torres Jr.
Volcano Vista 120lbs

*Jordan Hernandez Jr.
Sandia 138lbs
*Joe Coon So.
Cleveland 145lbs

*Maddox Martinez Fr.
106lbs Atrisco
*Gabriel Tharnish Sr.
Belen 152lbs

Photos from 505 Wrestling Club's post 02/08/2022

Team Training Camp!

We're very proud of how hard our kids worked at this weekend's Training Camp!

Putting in real and quality MAT TIME. We had two two-hour sessions and accomplished a lot!

* Shot Recovery! Secondary finishes to our leg attacks.
* Shot-Counter Shot. Defending attacks with head position and level change then counter-attacking the trail leg.
* The great Nerf War/ Lunch
* Cradles, Cradles and Cradles.
* Scoring from upper body attacks.

To master a skill you need 10,000 reps. This is why the best wrestlers put a majority of their time into DRILLING!


Congratulations to JORDAN for being selected as WRESTLER OF THE WEEK!


Jordan lost a tough first round match at the Jaguar Open, but he was not deterred. He came back to win 3 consecutive matches to place 3rd. He demonstrated new techniques from practice and listened well. His attitude and work ethic have also been awesome in practice!!

Congrats, Jordan!

adidas Wrestling - More Than A Sport 02/07/2022

adidas Wrestling - More Than A Sport


adidas Wrestling - More Than A Sport A short film that depicts the wrestling culture. Developed for adidas' line of wrestling products.

Stanford at Arizona State 02/04/2022

Stanford at Arizona State

Watch 505WC / RRHS alumni and New Mexico All-American Ryan Rochford live in the ASU vs Stanford dual now!!


Stanford at Arizona State Stanford at Arizona State, Wrestling, 02/04/2022


Valencia Jaguar Rumble State Qualifier Results!!

The 505WC competed Sunday at a State Qualifier Sunday at Valencia HS. Combining all Girls and 15U, we were 2nd as a team. Overall, combining all classes, we were 8th.

We had 6 individual champions!!

Congratulations to all our wrestlers on their hard work!

All Placers:

1st Dane 15U 75
1st Lucinda 6U Girls 43
1st Vivienne 10U Girls 90
1st Viana 8U Girls 53
1st Khloe 6U Girls 51
1st Matthew 15U 80
2nd Valentine 15U 106
2nd Kieran 8U Girls 57
2nd Able 6U 71/75
3rd LC 6U Girls 43
3rd Tristyn 10U Girls 90
3rd Khloe 6U51
3rd Bently 12U 65
3rd Jordan 12U 175
3rd Mastin 10U 80
4th Mikey 10U 80
4th Matthew 12U 80
4th Brody 12U 105
5th Marto 12U 105
5th Jagger 15U 96
5th Luke 8U 49
5th Mickey 8U Girls 53
6th Mycah 15U 120
6th Adrien 8U 87
6th Jojo 8U 93
6th Carter 10U 60
6th Kameron 12U 115
6th Ella 10U Girls 80/85


Congratulations to Lucinda for being named Wrestler Of the Week!!


Lucinda was the first Tulsa National Champion for 505WC and the sole National Champion for New Mexico at the prestigious Tulsa Nationals!!

She's not only being recognized for her Championship but for having a great attitude EVERYDAY in practice.

She's figured out the secret! Listen to your coaches, execute the moves we do in practice, work hard, don't goof off during work time, try your best, and compete fearlessly.

Photos from 505 Wrestling Club's post 01/22/2022

The 505WC has our

Lucinda dominated the Girls 7U 40lbs bracket! She's becoming recognized for her explosive blast double!

Additionally, she was the only New Mexican wrestler to place 1st!!!

A HUGE congratulations is in order to Lucinda for representing the 505WC and New Mexico with such tenacity!

The 505WC traveled 5 tough kids out to Tulsa, Oklahoma to wrestle for an opportunity at the pized EAGLE! Many lessons were learned and we all had fun!!


Congratulations to Kieran for being named Wrestler of the Week!

On Jan 9th Kieran was one of only 2 champions for 505 WC at the Wolfpack tournament. She won two matches and received a forfeit.

She is being recognized as WOW not only for taking first place, but for showing improvement in practice and trusting the system!!

In her first matchn, she caught her opponent on their back early. The coaches told her to let the other wrestler go so she could get more experience. She did just that and executed 2 new moves for the first time in a real match!

Our program is about long term progress and development. Even when it means risking defeat in the short term.


Merry Christmas and a happy 2lb allowance from
the 505 Wrestling Club!


Congratulations to Hunter for being named Wrestler of the Week!!


Last weekend Hunter went 7-1 at the Roswell Invasion Crash and Clash State Qualifier. He placed 1st in his age group and 3rd bumping up an age group. His on loss came in double overtime!!

Hard work is paying off for Hunter!


This past weekend a contingent of our team headed to Roswell for the "Roswell Invasion Crash and Clash," which is a state qualifying event.

Congratulations to all the 505 WC wrestlers on their performances!

Special thanks to Coach Beaver, Coach Matt and Coach Matt Harris.


Hunter 12U 105 4-0
Abel 6U 67 3-0
Deveney 8U Girls 49/53 3-0
Lucinda 6U Girls 39/43 3-0
Khloe 6U Girls 51 4-0

Lucinda  6U 39 3-1
Mastin 10U 75 3-1
Matthew 15U 80 1-1
Ayden 15U 113 3-1

Hunter 15U 106 2-1
Maddox 8U 53 4-1
Matthew 12U 80 4-1

Weston 6U 43 3-2
Khloe 6U 41 3-2
Marto 12U 105 3-2

Deveney 8U 53 2-2
Noah 15U 132 1-2
Eli 10U 70 1-2
Sawyer 8U 49 0-2
Abel 8U 69 0-2
Brandon 12U 95/100 0-2
Zach 12U 110 0-2


Congratulations to Khloe for being named Wrestler of the Week!


Khloe went a total of 7-1 in two brackets at the Pojoaque Patriot Novice tournament. She placed 1st in Girls with all pins and 2nd in Boys.


Saturday a group of our beginners went to the Patriot Pojoaque Novice Throwdown! We placed 2nd as a team and went 36-14 in total matches!

Congratulations to our young wrestlers on their proformances! 

Lucinda 6U 43 3-0
Lucinda 6U 43 Girls 2-0
Khloe 6U 55/63 Girls 4-0
Adrian 8U 87/93 5-0
Ray 12U 150 2-0
Jordan 12U 175 2-0

Levi 6U 43 3-1
Jaxon 6U 51 2-1
Khloe 6U 55 3-1
Able 6U 67/71 3-1
Cash 8U 57 2-1

Able 8U 69 2-2
Vincent 10U 120 0-2 
Zachary 12U 100/115 1-2

Brandon 12U 85/90 2-3


Congratulations to
Adrian for being selected Wrestler of the Week!


Adrian lost his first round match at the St. Jude Qualifier. However, he was not discouraged. Adrian went on to fight through 4 victories to place 3rd in the event.

For his hard work and courage he has been selected wrestler of the week!


Xmas Week!!!
HS practice @7:30pm
Tues12/21 Wed12/22
Thurs 12/23
$10 drop-in or free for helping at the youth kids practice before!


This weekend was the first Qualifier for the State Tournament.
St. Jude's Fire hosted the event at Volcano Vista HS. We had 3 champions, 3 runner-ups and 5 wrestlers place 3rd.

Congratulations to all
the 505 WC wrestlers on a hard fought competition.


Lucinda 6U 32/39lbs
Khloe 6U 51lbs
Tristyn 10U 90lbs

Abel 6U 67lbs
Hunter 12U 110lbs
Noah C. 15U 132lbs

L.C. 6U 43
Mickey 8U 49/53lbs
Kieran 8U 57lbs
Adrian 8U 87lbs
Matthew 15U 75/80lbs


Congratulations Matthew for being named Wrestler of the Week!!


Matthew was the TX Panhandle National Champion in the 80lb division!!
He won his first three matches by Pin and his finals match was a Technical Fall!!

It's no coincidence he's one of the hardest workers in the room and watches technique videos in his spare time.

Photos from NMJW New Mexico Junior Wrestling's post 12/02/2021

Photos from NMJW New Mexico Junior Wrestling's post

Photos from 505 Wrestling Club's post 11/29/2021

Texas Panhandle Nationals

We have a Panhandle Champion!
Matthew got the job done and came home with the belt! He did it in style with 3 pins and a Technical Fall in the finals.

We had four runner-ups, a 4th and 5th Placer.

Valentine placed 2nd only losing to the eventual champion in his first match 0-1. Valentine did not give up a takedown in 6 matches.

After wrestling we had a team pool party, a team feast at The Big Texan and a pit stop at the Cadillac Ranch!

1st Matthew D3 4-0

2nd Valentine D4 5-1
2nd Lucinda Girls 2-1
2nd Vivienne Girls 1-1
2nd Viana Girls 1-1

4th Kameron D3 1-2
5th Taylor Girls 1-3

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Duck Under from a 2 on 1!!





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