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Beautiful Malas that are handmade in the land of enchantment with love, light, and Aloha

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✨UPDATE: SOLD✨In need of some grounding vibes? This mala & soulful stack bracelet set has got you covered! These beauties are made with ox eye, mahogany obsidian, goldstone, agate, bronzite, bloodstone, and more. 😍 they come with a handwritten card listing all of the crystals and properties. DM to claim!

Photos from The Soulful Fairy's post 03/10/2022

as a surprise for ‘s birthday 🎉🤗. Normally I am terrible at keeping gifts a surprise but I managed waiting a whole month after 😂. did a great job telling her vision for this gift ❤️.


Throwback to a custom order for 💚 Love the earthy vibes ✨

Watch this reel by thesoulfulfairy on Instagram 02/23/2022

Watch this reel by thesoulfulfairy on Instagram

Here is the mala to be raffled off. ❤️ see previous post on IG for details

Watch this reel by thesoulfulfairy on Instagram lukefranchina • I think you should treat yourself


Head over to IG to participate!! 🤩💓

Want a handcrafted mala from yours truly but (like everyone) are on strict budget at the moment? Buy raffle ticket for $10 and be entered to win a beautiful 2/22/22 portal mala! Mala will be finished on 2/22/22 and will harness the power of the portal. The drawing will happen once we reach 22 raffle tickets sold. To claim a specific number comment the number(s) you’d like and be on the look out for a DM to collect payment. Once commenting, no backsies!*must be in US to participate. Not affiliated with Instagram.*
2 Amber
5 Jimean
11 Amber
13 Jimean
19 Deidre
22 Amber



How does this make you feel when you see it? ☺️😍


It’s been a minute since I’ve posted but I’m still here! This is a custom order for 💓 Totally loving the colors 😍


Mindful Mama mala for 🥰 These colors tho😍

Photos from The Soulful Fairy's post 12/14/2021

Custom order for 🤩 pictures never do the malas justice

Photos from The Soulful Fairy's post 12/11/2021

**AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE** The “Realized Potential Fairy Mala” features a Ruby Zoisite pendant, lapis lazuli, labradorite, onyx, more ruby zoisite, and pyrite. Ruby Zoisite is believed to help you realize and utilize talents of the mind/ stimulate psychic abilities. It is also known to inspire joy and spontaneity. There is so much goodness in this gorgeous mala! DM to make it yours....before I decide to keep it lol 💞


Both of these pieces have found loving homes but this pic is just so pretty 🤩 How are you finding beauty around you today?


has an impressive collection of treasures from The Soulful Fairy 🤩🙌


*DM TO PURCHASE* The Discerning Fairy Mala 🖤 more info in previous post

Photos from The Soulful Fairy's post 12/04/2021

*DM TO PURCHASE* The Discerning Fairy Mala is made mostly with pyrite but has an assortment of other great stones such as Tiger eye, Ox Eye, Smoky Quartz, Gold-dipped agate, gold-dipped lava stone, green cat’s eye, and champagne aura quartz. The energies of these are thought to help wearer see through facades, stay calm in tense situations, protect against negativity/control/manipulation, and so much more 🖤 Features a mini Tibetan Horn pendant and Tiger Eye chunk.


Merry Fairy Mala ❤️ details in previous post *UPDATE: SOLD*

Photos from The Soulful Fairy's post 12/03/2021

I caved and created this Merry Fairy Mala ❤️ the color red to keep you grounded this holiday season, clear quartz to protect against negativity and amplify your holiday intentions, howlite to soothe any anxiousness, and moonstone for inner growth and strength as we transition into the new year. *UPDATE: SOLD*


“Summer in my Soul” soulful stack bracelet 💛 DM to purchase


from previous post 💞

Photos from The Soulful Fairy's post 11/28/2021

This is probably one of my most special custom orders. I was asked to create a mala for a lovely young teen that unexpectedly gained her father as a guardian angel several years ago. If I told you how this mala came to be it would trip you out ❤️goosebumps and tears while this came together. It was truly an honor to create this for her.

Photos from The Soulful Fairy's post 10/28/2021

This beautiful double wrap soulful stack bracelet features larimar, moonstone, labradorite, rose quartz, & clear quartz ✨energies for enhancing intuition, inner strength, spiritual growth, clarity, & love✨ *SOLD*


This beautiful double wrap soulful stack bracelet features larimar, moonstone, labradorite, rose quartz, & clear quartz ✨energies for enhancing intuition, inner strength, spiritual growth, clarity, & love✨ *SOLD*


Bringing these goodies with me to this week! Limited quantities available 🥰 large and small bottles of Fairy Mist & Fairy Zest, rollers of Fairy Breath 🤣(rosemary & lavender), rollers of Fairy Zest with fairy dust (rose gold mica powder). DM to claim yours!

Photos from The Soulful Fairy's post 10/25/2021

This set is inspired by Scorpio season 🦂overall energies are thought to keep you grounded and focused, inspire clarity and compassion, cleanse and protect your energy, and more! *DM to purchase*


*DM to purchase* Another shot of the Scorpio Season mala 🤗❤️


Scorpio season bit me with the inspired creativity bug and I am LOVING IT. DM to order 🥰💞 I’d love to create something for you!


Mala inspired by the Full Hunter Aries Moon 🤩*this piece has been purchased*


DM to purchase 💫 see previous post for more details 🌝

Photos from The Soulful Fairy's post 08/04/2021

This beauty is available for purchase! It features a beautiful triangle druzy pendant and is made with shungite, moonstone, and clear quartz. The energies of these are thought to be highly cleansing and grounding. Shungite is believed to protect against EMFs. Other properties are believed to be: improved concentration, emotional harmony, and heightened intuition. 💫 DM to purchase!

Photos from The Soulful Fairy's post 07/06/2021

Rain or Shine Mala ☀️ UPDATE SOLD! This beauty is made with champagne aura quartz, citrine, and lapis lazuli with a druzy pendant. 😍


Rain or Shine Mala ☀️ UPDATE: SOLD


Larimar helps promote inner peace & unconditional love, dissolves energetic blockages, raises consciousness, and so much more! A truly amazing stone to have around and soooo beautiful 😍

Photos from The Soulful Fairy's post 05/21/2021

When your friend wants a custom Larimar mala you get your hands on some gorgeous Larimar beads and make it happen! 😍 I can’t stop staring at it!
Thank you for letting me bring your vision to life💕



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