Ben Aldridge's International Black Belt Studio

Ben Aldridge's International Black Belt Studio


Hi folks! With everyone being home and training by online classes, I wanted to give you a "gift" for all of you to play with, practice and study for fun! It's based on aspects I had learned from my instructors and I wanted to give this set to all of you! Hope you like it!
Is there karate tonight (Columbus Day)?
Congratulations Ben!
Sensei Robert Koch, look what Chris found today!
Early morning lessons!
She’s coming for you ninjas! 😂😂😂
Check these two out! Merry (late) Christmas to our Kenpo family!
Tonight's belt test....good job everyone!!!
Matthew Phelps!
John Phelps!
Fun time with the boys! Each child worked hard to get their belts!

We offer classes for people of all ages. From beginners, to black belts and beyond, we have a program for you! Give us a call to set up an introductory lesson with Sensei Ben and see what we're about.

Self Defense and martial arts training for everyone of all ages and past training backgrounds. An open school to those who want to progress, learn, and add to what they already know or add on to what they will learn.

[04/26/20]   Here's the schedule for our live classes! I've talked to a few parents that have had problems with getting their kids motivated to stay active, so my offer to all of our students families is to join in on these lessons! If you're a parent that's watched your kids learn, here's your chance to learn as well. Do the weekly workouts with your family, have everyone participate in the Facebook video challenges, stay active! Here's your chance to learn something new and to be able to do something as a family. For the students that have already signed up for May lessons, information will be sent to be able to log in. As always, if you're interested in lessons, let me know!

Online Zoom class schedule
5:35 Ninjas
6:25 Youth review
7:15 Adult review
5:35 Youth phase 2
6:25 Youth phase 3
7:15 Adult phase 2
6:25 Eagles
7:15 Adult Masters
6:25 Youth phase 1
7:15 Adult phase 1

[04/26/20]   Hello everyone! I wanted to give everyone a more detailed update as to what’s going on. I am at the studio today until 3 pm for you to pick up hand pads and pay for online lessons for the month of May. You can reach me on the studio phone at 716-937-3772, or message the page for my cell number.

-For hand pad purchases, please call ahead to make sure we still have some left. I can take a credit card payment over the phone or take cash. Please pull up with your passenger side facing the front door, and I’ll come out and give you the hand pad. We’ve got red, black, and blue.

-For online lessons, tuition will be your normal price. We’ll have 1 video class using Zoom for each phase each week, unlimited use of the MyStudio app, a weekly workout, and twice weekly Facebook challenges. The entire family is invited to join our students for the Zoom lessons, as well as use any of the other resources we have available. My goal is to keep everyone moving and active for the entire month of May! A schedule for the weekly classes will be sent in a separate email.

-I’m still working on calling everyone. If I haven’t called you yet and you want to join for the online lessons, please send me a message and we’ll get things taken care of.

Please do not hesitate to contact me through Facebook, email, or on my cell phone if there is anything you need.

Sensei Ben Aldridge

Today's karate challenge!! Back hand, reverse punch, step through snap, round, and side all while keeping your foot in the air with loud kiai and 3 frog jumps! Must be outside, enjoy the beautiful weather!! Post your video in the comments.

[04/25/20]   Today's karate challenge goes live today at noon!! Also, hand pad sale ($20) tomorrow from noon to 3 pm, call ahead starting at 11:30.

[04/24/20]   Had a change of plans, I won't be at the studio Saturday. I'll be there this Sunday the 26th for hand pad pick up! Same plan of action though. Pads are $20, Call ahead starting at 11:30 am, pick up starts at noon.

Hey everyone, heres our first karate video challenge! First student to post a video of themselves and tag us in it wins!

We've got hand pads for sale! These are the same ones we use in classes. $20 a piece, 1 per person. I'll be here this Sunday the 26th from noon to 3 pm. We'll have to do it like getting take out from a restaurant. Please call the studio no earlier than 11:30am for over the phone payment. All you have to do is pull up to the door and I'll hand the pad to you. We have black, blue, and red. All sales will be first come, first served. If there are any left over I'll set up another time to pick them up. If you ordered one as part of the hand pad seminar you can come pick it up then.

[04/22/20]   I hope everyone is doing well, I have some good news! Starting in May we'll be running online classes! If you're interested, please contact the school. I have already started making phone calls and will continue to do so to check up on everyone. As part of the online classes, we'll also have weekly workout videos that can be found on the MyStudio app, and karate challenges to do twice a week. I also have a ton of hand pads that I can sell as well for you to practice. If you purchased a hand pad as part of the seminar we were supposed to have, I'll be arranging a day you can come and pick it up. Keep checking our page for updates, and I'll be sending emails as well to let everyone know what's going on. Our first karate challenge goes live at 5:00 pm today, so keep an eye out for the video showing you what to do!

I hope everyone is still practicing at home. Here's a bit of Long Form 6, something I'm working on relearning. Let's see a video of something you're working on! Techniques, forms, sets, or combinations, it doesn't matter. Post a video and tag us in it!

[04/05/20]   Hey everyone!! I hope all is well, I just wanted to give everyone an update. There are videos up for each listed technique on the MyStudio app. As of now, they're shorter videos meant to be an aid to training. Hopefully soon I'll be able to get more detailed videos up to give you all the information to be able to train at home. I'll be calling everyone over the next day or two to see how you're doing and answer any questions you may have. I hope everyone is doing well!


Hey everyone, check out this video from Master Joe Rebelo!

Hi folks! With everyone being home and training by online classes, I wanted to give you a "gift" for all of you to play with, practice and study for fun! It's based on aspects I had learned from my instructors and I wanted to give this set to all of you! Hope you like it!

Here's the app we're using! Students and parents, message me for the studio code!

[03/19/20]   Live video at 6:00!

[03/19/20]   Trying something new tonight, a live video!! At 6:00 pm tonight I'll be talking about the new app for our students, things I'll be working on while we're closed, and what to expect in the future. Please share this and help get the word out!

[03/18/20]   Good news! I've got an app set up for the studio that will let you look at our events, send us messages, emails, view current curriculum (with videos!), and a while bunch more. I'm still in the testing stages of things and hope to have some curriculum set up tomorrow evening! This will make sure you're getting information while we're closed, and help me run things more efficiently once we're open again.

A quiet night here at the Dojo, figured I'd bring the dog to hang out with me. After some research, I can't hold regular classes, but I can run private lessons. We won't be accepting new students at this time though. I'm working on getting a service set up to get videos available for everyone, so stay tuned! I'm doing my best to make the most of our situation. As always, feel free to ask any questions you may have.

[03/16/20]   It is with a heavy heart I must announce that we will be closed until further notice. This is due to a NYS mandate released earlier today with regards to COVID-19. Hopefully this will not last long. I'll have more information out as soon I able able to, so please keep an eye out for future posts. I am doing my best to look into any and all relevant information as to when we can legally and safely open again. If you have any questions, feel free to message the page, send us an email, or call the studio. I will do my best to get you answers. Stay safe and stay healthy, I look forward to seeing everyone soon.

- Sensei Ben

[03/15/20]   Hello everyone, Sensei Ben here. As of today, we will continue to offer classes. I know things are difficult now, and we'll do our best to keep our doors open. There's plenty of information out there on steps to take to ensure proper hygiene, so please do your research. I encourage you to do your part to stay clean and healthy, and we'll do our part as well. I leave the decision up to each of you as to whether you come to class or not, as I cannot tell you what is best for you and your family. There will be a few adjustments as to how we run things. Attendance cards will not be used, so please check in at the front desk and we'll take care of the rest. We'll keep contact to a minimum during classes as well. Please don't hesitate to talk to me, or leave a message. I'll do my best to call you back as soon as I can. I look forward to seeing everyone on the floor.

Last week to sign up!

[02/24/20]   Hey everyone, it's belt test week! Remember, the only time you have to come in is for your test. I look forward to seeing everyone out on the floor showing off what they've learned!!

10 years ago today. Time flys

A huge day of success at our studio yesterday. We had 5 kids test for their junior Black Belts, and 7 adults test for their Black Belts. I'm always impressed by the dedication each of our students puts into making it this far. They've set a goal and achieved it. There's always more to learn though, and I'm sure I can speak for the rest of the instructors by saying that I'm looking forward to the future of all these hard working people.

[12/11/19]   We will be closed tonight due to weather, stay home and be safe! If you or your child hasn't got their red stripe yet this week please try and make it in tomorrow, belt tests are next week.

Ready for classes tonight!

[12/05/19]   Saturday, December 28th we'll be holding a seminar! Sensei Kyle Rozewski is returning from China to teach us some Jiu Jitsu! We'll have a sign up sheet with more details on the counter next week.

[12/05/19]   Please make sure to grab a calendar for this month, they're on the display case near the attendance cards. Next week is red stripe testing, the week after that is belt tests, and we'll be closed the week of Christmas!

[11/19/19]   Hey everyone! It's black stripe week so we'll be checking everyone's progress during classes this week. Keep working hard!

[11/14/19]   Any parents or students interested in plowing our lot? Had a change of plans and looking for someone to take care of it for us.

[11/11/19]   We're open for classes tonight!

Last night was a first, I had a student come dressed as me for our Halloween classes. If anyone else has pictures, feel free to share!

[10/28/19]   Don't forget, all classes this week are part of Halloween Fun Week!! Make sure your kids know to bring their friends and come in costume!

[10/23/19]   Tonight is the last night of test week! Don't forget, next week is our Halloween Fun Week, bring your friends!

[10/18/19]   Belt tests are next week, and we're looking forward to everyone showing what they've learned over the past cycle! Don't forget that as always, the week after belt testing is when we run our student mentoring program. That week is Halloween, so Monday the 28th, Tuesday the 29th, and Wednesday the 30th (we'll be closed Thursday for Halloween) we'll be running fun classes for the kids with costume contests, games, and all kinds of cool karate stuff! BRING AS MANY FRIENDS AS YOU WANT!!

Got a fantastic opportunity to train with some highly skilled and wonderful people over the last couple days. Martial arts is far more than punches and kicks. It's also the people you meet and the amazing experiences you get to enjoy along the way. The UMAAI Ohana Gathering was great and I'm definitely looking forward to it next year!

[10/14/19]   Just a reminder, we will be open for regular classes tonight!

These 2 young ladies achieved their junior black belts this weekend! The amount of dedication and hard work from these two is impressive. We're all really proud of them!

Ben Aldridge's International Black Belt Studio

Congratulations to Sensei Rosie on achieving her 3rd degree Black Belt!! I cannot express how thankful I am to have her as part of our school. She's an awesome instructor and we're lucky to have her. Make sure you congratulate her next time you see her!!

Congratulations to Sensei Rosie on achieving her 3rd degree Black Belt!! I cannot express how thankful I am to have her as part of our school. She's an awesome instructor and we're lucky to have her. Make sure you congratulate her next time you see her!!

Ben Aldridge's International Black Belt Studio

Here's the groups that came to our seminars on Friday! Professor Austin gave us some awesome material to work on, and we were lucky to have some great insights from Master Joe Rebelo as well! Thank you to all who came out to support our school and take another step in becoming a better martial artist. I can't begin to express how thankful I am to everyone who was a part of these last few days.

[08/24/19]   Fun fact about today: 18 years ago today I had my first introductory lesson with Sensei Koch, who at the time had a 3rd degree Black Belt.

Yesterday was incredible. Sensei Robert Koch achieved his 7th degree Black Belt! His teacher, Professor Robert Austin, Kenpo Joe Rebelo, and our good friend Chris Riederer sat on the board for the test. It was an honor to be a part of his test, and I will always be proud to be a student of his. Next time you're here for classes, don't forget to congratulate him!

It's getting closer! The sign up sheet is on the front desk, make sure you get signed up!

Make sure you sign up!

Professor Austin is coming out in August! We'll be hosting Friday night, and our friend Chris Riederer will be hosting Saturday! We'll have a sign up sheet available soon.

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