Allied Sportsmen of WNY

Allied Sportsmen of WNY


Evans Rod and Gun Club 22 Pistol and Rifle Silhouette Shoot Thursday 8/8/19 from 4pm till ? Kitchen and Bar will be open, come out and check it out and give it a try and have some fun.
You can Shoot the Squatch on Saturday at Allied. 100 yards at our Light up the Night Charity Shoot.
The initial stocking of the pond has been completed thanks to Joe Terry Bobby Tom and John 5000 minnows 1000 crayfish and 250 bluegills sorry no fishing Special thanks to Bobby could’ve did it without him submerging minnow condominiums
Summer is here and so is our SUMMER MEMBERSHIP DRIVE!
40 Acres - 5 working Trap houses - Outdoor Archery Field Targets and 3D courses Indoor 15 position Pistol Range outdoor rifle range over 300 friendly members.
the 2018 Light up the Night event was awesome.
Sunday is looking pretty good weather wise. In fact previous ATA Shoots this year have had crappy weather. There is a good possibility that we could have a lot of ATA Trap Shooters show up for our ATA Shoot. They have some catching up to do so do it at Allied.
The Buffalo News By Rod Watson| Published 11:30 a.m. April 24, 2019 in Thursday's, 4- 25- 19, paper Rod Watson: Want to protect gun rights under SAFE Act? Don’t get sick "We just want to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and others who should not have them." That’s the mantra every time Gov. Andrew Cuomo and other politicians snooker the public with "reasonable" gun control measures like the SAFE Act or the plethora of bills Democrats have unleashed since taking full control of Albany. But the next time you hear that political poppycock, remember Lois Reid. Reid is not a criminal, a terrorist or a madwoman. She’s just a 71-year-old law-abiding citizen who was stripped of her guns for five years because of the SAFE Act, before finally reclaiming her Second Amendment rights last month. Reid was victimized not by criminals, but by her own government. Why? Because it’s easier for politicians to pretend like they’re doing something by targeting those who follow the law than by going after those who don’t. Her ordeal began shortly before Christmas 2013 when Reid went to Buffalo General Hospital and was transferred to Erie County Medical Center. She suffers from a form of mitochondrial myopathy, a neuromuscular disease she said left her disabled since 1990 and bedridden most of the time until it was finally properly diagnosed in 2011. An expensive compound medication she calls "a miracle" got her back on her feet until her insurance company stopped paying for it two years later. That’s when she went to the hospital and the SAFE Act kicked in, with an interrogation about whether she owned a gun – which she refused to answer – and what ended up as an erroneous designation as an "involuntary" admission, which can imply mental health issues that trigger a report to the Integrated SAFE Act Reporting System. That started a chain reaction that led to her pistol permit being suspended the following month. Because her guns were co-registered with her husband and son, she didn’t have to turn them in, as is normally done. But they had to be locked in her husband’s gun safe and the court barred her from "any physical contact with any of these weapons." Because she maintains a separate condo, it meant Reid – who had an "unrestricted" permit allowing her to carry – was suddenly without protection. "I felt extremely vulnerable," said Reid, who even stopped attending an evening church service unless her husband accompanied her. "I had to make changes in my life," she said. And all because of an erroneous report she suspects was triggered by a hospital staffer angry her over refusal to answer the gun questions. It took two years before the office of Niagara County Judge Matthew Murphy got to the bottom of what happened, concluding that her disease has "a plethora of neurological symptoms that often manifest – and are frequently misdiagnosed – as psychiatric, rather than physical" and that the hospital "appears to have misperceived the symptoms." Indeed, according to Mitochondrial Disease News, the most frequent misdiagnoses are, in order, psychiatric disorder, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and multiple sclerosis. That erroneous diagnosis, along with an equally erroneous designation of Reid as an "involuntary" admission, started a series of false reports that the judge found ended with the State Police notifying the Erie County Pistol Permit Licensing Office that Reid "‘has been adjudicated as a mental defective or has been involuntarily committed to a mental institution.’ Neither of these claims is accurate." The Niagara County judge got the case to avoid conflicts of interest because Reid and her husband, gun-rights advocate Harold "Budd" Schroeder, are well-known here and Schroeder is a past president of the Judges and Police Conference of Erie County. After digging into it, Murphy ordered her pistol permit reinstated without restriction in June 2015. But that, along with resolving the insurance snafu, was only half of Reid’s battle. As a result of the misdiagnoses and erroneous reports, she also had been listed in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS. As long as she was on that list, created under the Brady Bill, she was barred from reclaiming her guns. After doing internet research, working through a bureaucratic maze for years and ignoring advice to try to get the hospital to correct the mistake, she finally just sent in the judge’s decision. The FBI accepted that and removed her from the NICS list last month. Even now, though, it’s still not clear how Reid got termed an "involuntary" admission. She said she went to Buffalo General one afternoon, but didn’t get a bed at ECMC until the following day. Exhausted and without her glasses, she signed what she thought was a standard admissions form. It actually was admission "as a voluntary-status patient to this hospital which provides care and treatment for persons with mental illness." Of course, she doesn’t have mental illness, as the judge concluded. But even then, it’s not clear how that became the "involuntary" admission that cost Reid her Second Amendment rights for five years. "I couldn’t go target shooting or anything," said the avid gun-rights proponent. ECMC said privacy laws prevent it from commenting. Reid – who was part of a previous unsuccessful SAFE Act lawsuit – had wanted to sue again, but multiple lawyers told her she missed the deadline because the clock started ticking in 2015 when she get her permit back, not last month when she got off of NICS. Now, the best she can do is warn others of the hazards of a badly written law rushed through Albany in the dead of night. The SAFE Act was passed under a "message of necessity" with no time to even read it, let alone debate it, just so politicians could say they did something after the Sandy Hook school shooting. Shortly after the law’s passage, the New York Times filed a Freedom of Information Law request to get a tally previously denied by the Cuomo administration, and found there were some 34,500 names on the Safe Act’s mental health list, most of whom wouldn’t even know it unless they owned a gun or tried to buy one. That was 2014, meaning tens of thousands of New Yorkers no doubt have been added to the list since then. The law’s other shortcomings – the seven-round limit struck down by two federal courts, the pistol permit recertification fiasco, the cosmetically-based "assault weapons" ban – also have been manifesting themselves ever since it was passed, making life a hassle for legal gun-owners like Reid while criminals ignore it. After her ordeal, Reid has some advice for others: cross-register your guns to make sure the government doesn’t seize them when it screws up like this, and never go to "any hospital in New York State that has a mental health unit." There’s one more bit of advice she might have offered: Stop voting for politicians who masquerade as crime-stoppers by passing bills targeting legal gun owners instead of criminals. Rod Watson – Rod Watson has been a weekly columnist for The Buffalo News since 1992. In addition, as urban affairs editor, Watson oversees coverage of the city school system, City Hall reporting, the federal courts, transportation and politics.
ASA 30 Target Qualifier Shoot on June 1st and 2nd at Allied along with other clubs nearby. Hawkeye Bowman Nadine Fulle 5/18/2019 5/19/2019 Erie County Conservation Club Dan Fisher 5/26/2019 5/26/2019 Allied Sportsman's Club John Floriano 6/1/2019 6/2/2019 West Falls Conservation Club Mike Cummings 6/15/2019 6/16/2019 Glen Coe Conservation Society (NY-PA) Dave Neely 6/30/2019 6/30/2019 Evan's Rod and Gun Club (NY-PA) Jerry Gorski 7/14/2019 7/14/2019
Due to the Growth of our Gun Raffle over the past as well as some other things, the Town of Marilla has re-evaluated the maximum capacity of our facilities. We can no longer safely and comfortably service our guests legally so we had to make new arrangements. Our options were to expand to a large tent and hope the weather cooperated or find an alternative. Not wanting to bet on the weather, we made arrangements with the Jamison Road Fire Company to use their facilities for our raffle. Same great food and prizes just a 9-mile detour to a new larger facility. Same times 6pm to 10 pm Same Date April 20th. Same Food and Prizes. All Ticket sellers are asked to notify the people they sold to. We will put the word out on Facebook and email as well as this notice on our website.
The new Target Timer Control has arrived!

Indoor shooting range Trap Archery Angling Rifle Range.

Allied Sportsmen Club is a Shooting Club with a indoor pistol range and 5 trap houses, Archery Angling and small bore rifle. Trap Houses are ATA Certified for Target Registration.

Obituary for Dorothy P. Kalejta at Pietszak Funeral Home

Rich Kaljeta's mom has passed. The former Dorothy P. Kaczmarek, a loving Wife, Mother, Nanie, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, and friend of many, passed away peacefully at Mercy Nursing Facility at OLV, in Lackawanna, New York, at the age of 78. A Silkscreen machine operator at Trench Mfg., of Buffalo, NY, for over 15 years till

Who backed into the wall of the clubhouse? It's someone with a dirty ball...


ATA Shoots at Allied Sportsmen Club

ATA Dates for 2020 • April 19, 2020
• May 17, 2020
• July 5, 2020
• August 2, 2020
• September 6, 2020 Register your ATA targets at Allied Sportsmen Club

[01/19/20]   This week at Allied: NFPL has a Bye Week Indoor Spot on Tuesday Informal Pistol on Wednesday Indoor 3D on Thursday JOAD on Saturday

Column: Time to take New York’s 'common sense' gun control quiz

Rob shoots with us in NFPL. He is also a columnist for the Buffalo News. He knocks it out of the park with this one. With the state’s finest thinkers back in Albany for the start of another legislative session – and Democrats controlling all three center...

Irish Night at Allied Sportsmen Club

Mark your calendars! March 14th. We have had an Oktober Fest an Italian Night and a Polish Feast. All were delicious and a fun time with the epicurean talent of Lynette. So for all of our Irish Members, Lynette is volunteering to …

Our Informal Pistol League is about to start. All are welcome. We shoot the NRA Gallery Course. 50 ft 10 rounds Slow 10 Timed and 10 Rapid. .22 caliber or centerfire. You shoot 30 rounds per match for the best possible score of 300. In the IPL we are very informal so we opened it up to .22 rifles for those without a pistol permit. This also allows you to shoot with your kids or grandkids. Rifles must be semi-automatic as the Rapid fire is 5 rounds in 10 seconds. This is all for fun folks. Come on down to Allied.

Indoor 3D at Allied Sportsmen

More moving targets added at Allied. Beside the Gopher and Racoon, We now have a Piebald deer. We did have a Piebald deer on our grounds sighted a few years back.

3RD Anual Christmas Party at the Lancaster Country Club. Gets better every year. Thanks to the team that put it all together.

December News at Allied Sportsmen Club

December Newsletter

Club Christmas Party is almost at Capacity

Time is running out. Don't delay.

[11/10/19]   Members meeting on Wednesday! All Members and prospects welcome. We will have Christmas Party Tickets on sale. Also, time to discuss next year's gun raffle and upcoming IPL. Meeting starts at 7 pm new members please arrive at 6:30pm

Allied Sportsmen of WNY

3D ARCHERY @ ALLIED! Starts December 5th

3D ARCHERY @ ALLIED! Starts December 5th

November News from Allied Sportsmen

November Newsletter is in your inbox. Christmas Party Ticket Information inside.

Get Allied Apparel with Embroidered on it .

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Allied Apparel

November is Apparel Month at Allied Allied Sportsmen Apparel on Sale! – November is Apparel Month – ALL APPAREL AVAILABLE FOR ORDER AT GENERAL MEETING What a great time to order – delivery before the holidays!!! Print ou…

Allied Sportsmen

Trap Banquet Today! 3 pm Newsletter at Allied Sportsmen Club

Polish Dinner at Allied.

[10/09/19]   Members Meeting Tonight 7 pm!

Polish Dinner Night

Don't forget members, home cooked Polish delicacies at the club on Saturday the 12th. Click for more..... We had an Oktober Fest and an Italian Night both were delicious and a fun time. This year we are having a Polish Dinner Night. That’s right, we are talking about Golabki, pierogi, kielbasa, s…

Indoor Pistol Range dual utilized with Archrey

Free for the first 25 at Wood n Brook.

[09/27/19]   Rain in the forecast for Saturday so stay indoors and whip up something delicious for Family Night at the Club.

[09/23/19]   This coming Saturday is the first Family Night of the new season. Bring your kids and or grandkids to the club along with a dish to share. We will shoot a little and then feast. Starts at 7 pm.

In preperation of the upcomping NFPL Season!

Best Marksman

One of the best marksmen in the FBI was passing through a small town. Everywhere he saw evidence of the most amazing shooting. On trees, on walls, and on fences, there were numerous bull's-eyes with the bullet hole in dead center.

The FBI man asked one of the townsmen if he could meet the person responsible for this wonderful marksmanship. The man turned out to be the village idiot.

"This is the best marksmanship I have ever seen," said the FBI man. "How in the world do you do it?"

"Nothing to it," said the idiot. "I shoot first and draw the circles afterward."

NFPL Niagara Frontier Pistol League The Niagara Frontier Pistol League or (NFPL) is a .22 caliber NRA Match Course League. Each competitor shoots 30 rounds per match. Scores are tabulated for the team…

Brownie’s Pizza Post, Inc.

FYI Opening soon.

The old Giacomo’s Pizza Post is now Brownie’s Pizza Post, Inc. Great new food items! New owner! Opening Soon!

Allied Sportsmen Club Meeting Reminder

Attention all members and people interested in becoming a member.

Allied Sportsmen Trap

The last shoot of the season is this Sunday. Starts at 9 am

ATA Shoot this Sunday! Last one of the season. Members needed to volunteer.

[08/14/19]   August Membership Meeting - 7pm Wednesday, Aug 14.

Fall Trap League

THIS IS A 300 BIRD LEAGUE 20 shooting days to shoot 12 matches. ATA Registration during Trap Events. Fall Trap League begins Aug 6th at Allied Sportsmen Club Fall League on Tuesday’s and Sunday’s Handicap Team League 5 highest scores of each team are totaled. Prizes for First 3 teams.…

DEC Seeks Participants for 2019 Summer Wild Turkey Survey

If you see a Turkey say something. DEC encouraged New Yorkers to participate in the state’s annual survey for wild turkeys.

JOAD shoots on Saturday mornings at Allied. Will start up again in September.

There is something to be said about the values we are teaching our children, and how they are to present/represent themselves and the club. I have to say I am proud of these kids. They represented themselves and the club with respect and great sportsmanship. We got compliments on these kids and they did great. They all also took home medals... way to go kiddos!!!

The Light up the Night Shoot is for all ages and is family fun.

Light up the Night

3rd Annual Light up the Night

Big Event at Allied this Saturday Night

Open to all, Come and enjoy the fun,

The pond is looking great.

Allied Sportsmen Club Accepting New Members

Accepting New Members Click to watch a short video.

July Newsletter from Allied

July News and Calendar for Allied Sportsmen of WNY

Join Allied

Join Allied Sportsmen Club if you like to shoot. because we shoot at Allied.

Join Allied Sportsmen Club if you like to shoot. because we shoot at Allied.

Youth Trap

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Alden?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Indoor 3D at Allied Sportsmen
Allied Archer goes for the the Gold





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