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Life Quest Chiropractic & Sports is Alexandria's premier choice for chiropractic and exercise training for individuals and families in search of a high performance lifestyle and robust longevity.

Alexandria's premier choice for compassionate, caring and expert chiropractic care for families and athletes.

If you're not tracking your food intake, reaching your fitness and/or weight loss goals is much harder. Try "My Fitness Pal" or "Carb Manager" from Google Play Store or the App Store.
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Best 10 Minute Hip and Low back mobility exercises

Here's a great 10 minute routine for hip and low back mobility.

Feel free to login to see individual video demos of each exercise for you to do at home. Visit Click on the "Exercise Login" button o...

Rebuilding Your Mental Health

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Balance, stability and mobility

Here's a great drill focusing on balance, stability and mobility. I love this for folks with foot, ankle, knee, hip and low back issues.

A quick demo on proper snow shoveling techniques.

In review:

1. Tighten your stomach
2. Maintain a flat lower back, or what we call a "neutral spine"
3. Hinge at the hips to load the legs and buttocks
4. Lift the full shovel by driving your hips forward and standing up
5. Throw the snow forward without twisting.

The majority of low back injuries from shoveling result from rounding out the back and/or using a twisting motion to throw the snow.

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Upper Back and Neck Pain - Life Quest Chiropractic

Do you sit most of the day? Spend too much time on your device looking down? Check out my latest exercise blog with a movement to help alleviate lower neck and upper back pain and tightness. If you’re sitting the majority of your day, here is one of our top exercises for helping combat upper back and lower neck pain.. Check it out.

Research shows this movement not only activates the nervous system but has also been shown to improve self-confidence.
We use this for folks that are struggling with having confidence in the capabilities of their back/body when recovering from an injury.

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Tools of the trade. Helping you feel better and move better is our goal.

This guy...down 36 # since training with us. Diet, exercise.
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BootCamp 2020 - Life Quest Chiropractic

New Year, New You, New Goals
Check this out! New year, new you! Learn about our personal training bootcamp at The Studio @ Life Quest.

Special Offer - Life Quest Chiropractic

Heavy snow...
ice everywhere...
perfect conditions for the making of a cranky low back.
If you're low back pain is slowing you down, check this out! Feeling better is just a click away. Reserve your Initial Evaluation for $65. Our team will contact you to schedule. Get Answers and Solutions Your Initial Evaluation will be extremely thorough and complete. We look at posture, ranges of motion and abnormal movement patterns. We perform orthopedic a...

Do You Have Whiplash? - Life Quest Chiropractic

With the terrible road conditions the past week there have been a lot of accidents and fender benders. Check out my latest blog post regarding whiplash with a sweet infographic. Here’s a nice little infographic I created to help people better understand some of the most common signs and symptoms of a whiplash injury. For many who are injured in a low impact car crash, these signs and symptoms don’t appear for weeks, if not months, post accident. Those involved in more v...

Move everyday, in as many ways possible. Your body was built to move, to play, to lift, to dance, to run. The more you move, the better you feel. We are creating a culture of movement at Life Quest. Join us!

Ratings of perceived effectiveness, patient satisfaction and adverse events experienced by wellness chiropractic patients in a practice-based research network

The marketplace is filled with a wide variety of "wellness" products and services, most of which have no research to support their claims. For over 20 years we have been promoting a wellness lifestyle that includes regular chiropractic adjustments to optimize the function of the spine and nervous system to promote a person's highest level of performance. Here is a nice little research paper exploring wellness patients perceived benefits of chiropractic care.

In order to stay well, one must be actively engaged in habits and activities that promote health and well-being, including chiropractic care. Complementary Therapies in Clinical PracticeVolume 36, August 2019, Pages 82-87Ratings of perceived effectiveness, patient satisfaction and adverse events experienced by wellness chiropractic patients in a practice-based research networkAuthor links open overlay panelJoelAlcantaraabAndrewWhettencJea...

What a great surprise! This little angel gave me a picture of her getting her first adjustment. So thankful to be able to be able to help families stay well!
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Moving from a place of pain with movement to strength in movement is what we are all about.

We'd like to welcome our newest team member, Amanda Kramer! Amanda has a big heart and is passionate about serving our community and our practice.

Amanda joined our team in October and will be assisting with patient care. Amanda enjoys hunting, fishing, baking, traveling and volunteering in her spare time. All of which is accompanied by her son Gavyn.

“Volunteering is a very big part of my life and I help with many organizations. The one closest to my heart is the Eagle’s Healing Nest in Sauk Centre. Gavyn and I volunteer with the homeless, those struggling with mental illness and victims of domestic abuse.”

“I am very excited to be part of the Life Quest team and love helping people get better.”

Great little series of movements to get you primed for a great training session or run.

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Improve your posture by reducing the forward pull by the chest muscles. Just a few minutes a day can create big changes!

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Face pulls. If you have a phone or spend any time looking down, you should do these.

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Lookin' for a quick warm up for the shoulders and upper back? Or maybe you need to work on your posture, or improve your shoulder health. Here is one of my "go to" movements that I feel everyone can benefit from.

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Life Quest Chiropractic & Sports Newsletter

Want to keep in the loop on the latest updates at Life Quest...including tips, recipes, movement and fitness ideas? Click the link and sign up! Thank you for checking out our website!   Sign up for our Monthly Newsletter that is chock full of great information about healthy living, longevity and lifetime fitness.  As a THANK YOU for signing up, receive a FREE copy of my report, "How To Build A Better Back: 4 Strategies For Living Pain Fre...

Low back pain is major reason for opioid prescriptions. With such high rates of success in providing help, it's great to see conservative care being recognized as solution to reducing opioid abuse. Got low back pain?? See us. We can help!

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Yoga with Tam: An All Levels Mobility Course

WOW! Our current 6 week Yoga class is full, but we have another one coming up! Click the link to watch a short video to learn more about Yoga with Tam at Life Quest.

Check out a video I made via Loom

Vitamin C: A Key Ingredient to Health and Longevity - Life Quest Chiropractic

As the season's change, your body has to adapt to new stresses which can sometimes weaken your immune response giving way to cold. Check out my blog for info on how Vit C can help you this time of year. Vitamin C is a well known vitamin that most of us have taken as a supplement once or twice.  The most known primary effect of Vitamin C is its ability to boost the immune response.  It does so by helping support the body’s production of lymphocytes and phagocytes, white blood cells that are the ...

Hip hinge. This future officer was having low back pain during handgun range training that requires a posture of trunk flexion with extended arms. Reprogramming the hip hinge was key to him being able to now shoot for extended periods of time without back pain. Oh, and his last 2 outings totals were 98% and 99% on target.

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Thanks to @tamthullyoga for leading our group. Great opportunity for folks to get started with a regular yoga practice. Life is way better when you move better!
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My favorite part of being on the ketogenic eating plan is my morning coffee. Do you #keto ? We do! And we can help you too!

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Working as a machinist, all the work happens out in front of you, resulting in postural stress. Banded pull aparts are a movement we teach as pre-hab for these folks to prepare the spine and CNS for work.

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Restoring tone and movement is key to recovering from low back pain. More than that, however, is maintaining alignment and movement patterns to reduce the chances of reoccurrence.
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It's time for your Weekend Workout! All you need is 2 dumbells and some determination. Get after it!

Low back assessment in athlete with low back pain after deadlifting. Notice the difference in movement pattern in left Sacroiliac joint vs right with hip flexion. Which one moves better?

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SrFit class is a great way to get moving! Private setting, personal care while working on YOUR goals and weaknesses to stay active and well later into life.

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Weekend Workout for 6/23/19

Shuttle Run then rest 3:00 and repeat 5 times.

Let me introduce Nancy...she has had Chiropractic care for years with good results. This spring she decided to take on some personal training to increase her core and lower body strength to help her with her large garden. The smile here says it all!
"The training at The Studio is really good and I feel so much stronger every week! Ryan makes it all happen- he's awesome!"~Nancy A.

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High Performance Care For Everyone

Alexandria's premier choice for compassionate, caring and expert chiropractic care for families and athletes. Whether you are a competitive athlete, weekend warrior, mother of 3 or simply rely on your body functioning at peak levels, we are here for you.

With same day appointments, low-waiting time visits and expert care, we fit your healthy, busy lifestyle. Spinal and extremity care are the pinnacle of what we do, however, we offer optimal nutrition guidance, exercise program prescriptions and wellness education to help you achieve and maintain optimal health.

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Balance, stability and mobility




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General information

With over 20 years of experience helping families get well and athletes get back in the game, let our experience and passion for wellness help you discover your full potential for a high performance life. By focusing on the 5 keys to optimal health, which are: Healthy Nutrition, Quality Sleep, Exercise, Proper Hydration and a High Performing Nervous System, we will help guide you along your path to wellness. When you’re ready to take your health to the next level, we offer a variety of fitness and wellness services in The Studio, our on-site wellness facility. More than a chiropractic clinic, we are your home for creating a high performance life.

Opening Hours

Monday 14:30 - 17:30
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