Empower Boxing Alexandria

Empower Boxing Alexandria


Come to class tonight at 7:00, maybe we will do some planking!! 🥊💪
Huge thanks to Josh for an incredible workout tonight!! I appreciate your enthusiasm, expertise and passion you put into you classes!!
Hello! I am a local representative for the Forte International Exchange Association and I am looking to share a potential opportunity with a family to host a sophomore female from Spain who is interested in boxing! Laure describes herself as curious, ambitious, friendly, easy going, and sensitive. She would like to participate in dancing, cheerleading, and boxing during her exchange program. She lives on an island off the coast of Madagascar with her parents and younger sister. She is looking forward to becoming more responsible and autonomous during her stay in the US...and have fun. She also specifically requested the MN area for her program. If you or someone you know would be a great fit for this opportunity, please send me a PM and I would be happy to answer any of your questions!
To all the men and women who died this day, we remember you, and we will #neverforget. Thank you to all the people who make this annual memorial happen. It is a wonderful tribute! #neverforgetproject #september11
Get ready for a kick butt work out to start your week off right, TONIGHT at 5:30! And HIIT tomorrow at 5:45! start wearing your green for St.Patti's day this week! 🍀☘️

A personal development and leadership academy using power movements to enrich your life and bring you greater success! Send us a message m.me/EmpowerBoxingAlexandria

30-Days of Service to you

As part of our 7th anniversary we are giving you access to all of our programs for 30-Days. No cost. Free. Just for you. To help you overcome, thrive and grow during this challenging time we face. This is a great way to see if boxing, martial arts, or even parkour are right for you while keep you and your family safe.

[05/04/20]   Reminder that classes are Zoom based. Tonight's class at 6 pm with Instructor Kayla!



Need to burn some stress?
Try 30-days online FREE!


[04/30/20]   Celebrating 7 years of Boxing in Alexandria in May!

This is not boxing for just anyone - this is for you!

Send us a message today to see how you can try it for FREE.

Confident, Strong, and Empowered!

You can experience the Empower Boxing difference for 30 days for FREE!

Alex Martial Arts

New evening class schedule for this week. Check your email for times.

Change to class schedule this week.
All programs included: Martial Arts, Motion Parkour, and Empower Boxing.

Do you need to burn off some stress?

Do you want to try boxing but don't know how to start?

Here is a great way to get started!

No experience necessary, no gear required.

New students ONLY!
-1-month of Empower Boxing Live Online Classes for FREE!
-5 LIVE Zoom classes every week and access to our growing Library of recorded classes and skills!

Send us a message to find out how to take advantage of this promotion.

We are here, getting ready to celebrate 7 years of boxing in Alexandria!

Thank you all for making Empower Boxing 7 years strong!

30 minute kickboxing class to get your day off to an awesome start!
Tomorrow morning at 5:30 am!
Free Friday Morning Kickstart!

Live Interactive Kickboxing with Josh starts at 5:30 pm.
Want to train with us. No equipment needed!
Gloves are fun to add some weight to the class!


Heavy Bag drill - Punch to elbow strike drill for skill Sensei David Breed - Evade Blackbelt School

Hey Boxers!
We were just working on collapsing elbows this morning!
Here is a great video with David Breed on this elbow and more!
David has some excellent boxing and kickboxing drills that we have used in class many times.

I hope I find you safe and well! Here's a heavy bag drill for you mixing between straight punches and a variety of basic elbow strikes. 1. Lead to rear 2. Re...

3soteric Gym

My friend Merrick Morlan from 3soteric Gym giving some awesome pointers on your favorite yoga poses. Plus, one of my former martial arts and parkour students Miss Ani helping demonstrate. Great job! Thank you for the tips!

Be sure to incorporate these into your daily routine to help you get more flexible and stronger throughout the day. Those thoracic spine mobility drills are AMAZING for the long days in front of the computer!

Little yoga instruction. Find your favorite yoga videos and use these cues to improve!

[04/08/20]   Hey Boxers!

We are still training!

Live Online Interactive Training with Dani, Kayla, Rachael, and Josh through ZOOM! They can see you and work with you!

Tonight at 5:30 pm, we will be training and working. just with you!

See our Empower Boxing On the Mat Facebook group for ZOOM class details.

Hey Alexandria!
Think you can't kickbox without a heavy bag?
Think again!
Live Interactive ZOOM class at 5:30!
Login, train, sweat, and have a blast!
Send us a message to get your link!

Instructor Rachael getting some work in this morning via ZOOM for some of our boxers!
We won't let this quarantine keep us from growing in confidence or getting a good workout in!
Join us!
We can be live in your living room or workout room!

Here is our LIVE Interactive Online Class Schedule!

Go to our parent wesbite: www.EnrichingConfidence.com/virtual-training for the downloadable PDF file with ZOOM links embedded into the file.

Then, check your e-mail for the password to access the classes!

Here is our LIVE Interactive Online Class Schedule!

Go to our parent wesbite: www.EnrichingConfidence.com/virtual-training for the downloadable PDF file with ZOOM links embedded into the file.

Then, check your e-mail for the password to access the classes!

Class tonight with Instructor Kayla at 5:30!

Our Live Interactive Online Class Schedule for this week!

As Ms. Dani Waltzing said, "Our First TV Guide!"

We are working through getting all the ZOOM meetings set up for this week.

Please note that we are dividing the classes up by rank this week.
Adult Mastery Martial Arts classes will train with Level 3 students this week. We will have some Mastery of Positive Thinking material included!

Need to do something?
Burn off some energy, release some stress with our Live workout at 5:30. Instructor Kayla will be leading you through an awesome kickboxing inspired workout!
Watch for the Zoom link too!

Alex Martial Arts

This e-mail was just sent out.

I know that with all of the craziness going on right now, it might be tough to give your family a sense of normalcy. We are unable to have regular classes in person but we can have interaction, training, and live class experiences!

At Enriching Confidence, we want to help keep all of our students active and motivated to continue growing and becoming the best versions of themselves.

How do we plan on doing this?

Our team has put their heads together to come up with the ultimate point driven challenge that will help keep your family motivated and inspired when practicing at home. We call it the... 🥁🥁🥁

Practice At Home Point Challenge!

How does it work?

For the next 4 weeks, our team will be live streaming classes and hosting online training for all of our students. When your family participates in our online training classes, they will earn points each time. We will also provide other weekly challenges including a weekly Instructor Challenge along with other curriculum-based challenges.

The online training and challenges that we have set-up will not only earn you points, but they will also help them to keep progressing towards their next rank or goal at the same time. Awesome right?

The Practice At Home Point Challenge will be for all of our programs
--Alexandria Martial Arts
--Sauk Centre Martial Arts
--Homeschool Martial Arts
--Motion Parkour
--Empower Boxing Alexandria
--Empower Boxing Sauk Centre
--Little Tigers
--Mastery of Positive Thinking

The Instructor Challenges currently have 2 formats - one for martial arts/kickboxing and one for parkour. They are REALLY fun!

What are the points for?

At the end of the 4 weeks, we will go LIVE on Facebook for our Point Challenge Awards Show.. Every point that your child earns during the next 4 weeks will count towards one entry in our raffle where we will be giving away prizes like apparel, at-home training equipment, private lessons, and more!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention…

We have also teamed up with Your Turn Board Games, Copper Trail Brewery, and more! Because they care so much about our community staying active and growing, they have provided some amazing prizes to help keep our students motivated. Thanks to these amazing partners, you can also win some awesome board games, gift cards to Copper Trail, and even growlers of amazing Copper Trail beverages!

When does this challenge start and end?

This challenge will begin today, March 17, 2020 at 5:00 pm and end 4 weeks later on April 15.

I hope that all of you are just as excited as our team for this amazing challenge.

How are we going to train?

We are going to use a number of different platforms for training. This will continue to change and adapt as the situation evolves. We will be using our LLC page as the main source of where and how the challenges and videos are going to work.

Please watch the Enriching Confidence, LLC website for details on where you can go to see the live training and videos as we move forward. (This page isn't used much but it will be THE source of everything you need.

Zoom Face to Face links for today can be found at http://www.enrichingconfidence.com/virtual-training/

If you do not have Zoom, it is very simple to get the app and create a free account.

Show up in your uniform and we are going to have a blast! These links will change in the next few days.

5:00 pm - Level 1 Martial Arts (Beginner through Yellow Belt)
Meeting ID: 968-435-173

5:40 pm - Motion Parkour (All ages and ranks)
Meeting ID: 357-667-849

6:20 pm - Level 2+ Martial Arts (Green Belt and Up)
Meeting ID: 875 703 339

Online Challenges and Videos will be on my Vimeo Channel.

This is where we will post videos about the Weekly Instructor Points Challenges and Training videos.

Empower Boxing

We will start online classes tomorrow.

We are finalizing details on how that is going to work with the Empower Boxing team. Keep an on the above website and our Empower Boxing page for details.

See you online!


P.S. We are hosting FREE Virtual Trial Lessons! Seriously, if you want to give martial arts, boxing, or parkour a shot virtually keep an eye on our pages for Empower Boxing, Alexandria Martial Arts, and the Enriching Confidence website for more details.

Due to the mandated closure of indoor fitness and exercise facilities by Governor Walz last night. We do not have ANY physical classes, training, camps, or events at our facility through March 27 (for now).

We will however have 100% live virtual classes and video challenges. We will also have FREE live Beginner Classes for students who are interested in kickboxing.

These challenges will include points for completing the challenges and prizes.

We are working with local business affected by this as well to provide prizes. Currently, we are working with Your Turn Board Games and Copper Trail Brewery to get prizes. There will be more supporters added.

Live Online Classes may be through Facebook Live video in our Private Groups or another platform.

Online Challenges may be posted on our Vimeo channel.

We are finalizing programming now and will send out an email through Enriching Confidence later today.

Alex Martial Arts

FYI regarding:
-Online learning

Thank you for the great words of praise and recognition!
We appreciate you so much!

Have you fallen away from your goals for the year?
What lesson are you going to learn from that?
How are you going to make it a detour and not a loss?

This makes my heart burst!!!😍😍

This comment was made outside of our Empower pages on an individual's post. It came from a person who hasn't trained in some time.

It shows just how hard we work to create an open, welcoming, and motivating atmosphere regardless of your ability or experience level.

This is what we have been doing for 6 and a half years! It is so awesome to see this kind of post!

Thank you so much!


Empower Boxing 8:30 am class in 30 minutes! These bags want to help you have the best day ever!

Boxing class in 60 minutes.
You still have time to get here and get boxing!
Instructor Kayla Flynn is going to give you a great class at exactly your level. Beginners welcome!

Potomac Bead Company - Alexandria MN

Hello friends. Thank you ALL for your well wishes and offers of help and simply for thinking about us! We have a need for lots of boxes. Not too large and not too small. We are packing up all the inventory - some to be stored then brought back, some to go to salvage. We didn't have this much stuff 4.5 years ago!! The boxes need to be able to be taped shut and liftable when filled with tubes of beads or strands of stones. Obviously theuy need to be sturdy as well. The yarn is able to go in garbage bags but the rest of our stuff is too heavy for bags. We'd be happy to pick up boxes if you have some. We will check out liquor stores today - those should work well! THANKS!! ~Deb & Kyle


Fund Set Up To Help Fire Victims

voiceofalexandria.com (Alexandria, MN, February 27, 2020) – Long-term recovery is underway for the city of Alexandria and those impacted by the downtown fire Tuesday, February 25. The American Red Cross opened

[02/28/20]   Great class this morning!
It was awesome to rock with you all today!
Now, get out there and kick some butt!

Hey Josh from Empower Boxing here!

I have been doing martial arts for 20+ years. I have trained and sparred in wrestling, Judo, BJJ, Taekwondo, Hapkdio, sword, boxing, and kickboxing. I have the skills and techniques to fight anywhere I want or need to - standing or ground.

*I love it!*

It is great to be in a match toe to toe with an opponent and try to see if you can beat him in a straight up duel. There are few things as enjoyable as that feeling of competition - be it win or lose. I have won a lot and I have lost a lot. I have competed in well over 200 matches in one form or another.

*You know what I don't love though?*

Getting punched in the face. Getting kicked in the head. It isn't much fun.

I don't love the recovery from those matches and those sports. Some of them are easier to recover from than others. Taekwondo, Wrestling, Judo, and BJJ are the easiest to recover from, in my opinion. Boxing and Kickboxing are harder because the target for every strike is the head.

Concussions are not fun. I have had a couple.

The reason my wife and I started Empower Boxing in 2013 was to give you the feeling of control, power, focus, success, and accomplishment that I felt in the sparring ring without ending up looking like these guys. https://mmajunkie.usatoday.com/2020/02/ufc-auckland-dan-hooker-paul-felder-hospitalized-fight-of-the-night

We started Empower Boxing 6 and a half years ago to show you just how powerful and confident you can be where you are right now. Showing you that you can box, kickbox, and be a martial artist wherever you find yourself right now.

It isn't about proving yourself against someone else, it is about proving yourself to yourself. It is about becoming the strong, confident, and amazing person that is deep down inside of you. You have superhero potential inside of you and Empower Boxing is meant to help you find it.

This is boxing, kickboxing, martial arts, strength training, cardio, and everything you get in traditional boxing and kickboxing training without getting hit in the face.

*Get fit and focused like a fighter, without getting hit like a fighter!*

This is why we exist.

I truly hope you can come try a class sometime to see why this is different than any other program.

I love your face, just like it is and I love your nose in the exact shape and place it is right now. Don't change it and definitely don't let someone else change it either!

See you on the mat!

Shop local.
Support these downtown merchants.
They need your support, the big box doesn't.

As we start to pick up the pieces from Tuesday’s devastating fire, most of our downtown businesses are open. With continued unity and support from our community, we can keep downtown Alexandria going strong! #downtownalxstrong #shoplocal #shopsmall

City of Alexandria

Firefighters are extinguishing the last of the hot spots from an early morning blaze in downtown Alexandria. That fire was first reported at 4:34 a.m. Tuesday. The Alexandria, Osakis, Carlos, Forada, Garfield and Long Prairie Fire Departments responded with assistance from Alexandria Police Department, North Ambulance and first responders.

The fire destroyed four buildings on Broadway Street which is also Highway 29. The four buildings housed the businesses of: RM Tattoo, Raapers Eatery & Ale, Hidden Treasures, Charlie’s Bazaar and Little Darlings Children’s Boutique. At least 20 men and women lived in apartments above the buildings destroyed in the fire. The American Red Cross assisted residents displaced by the fire. Their immediate housing, food and clothing needs are being met by the Red Cross and local businesses.

There are no reports of injuries. More than 100 firefighters, police, Douglas County Sheriff’s deputies and posse members were on scene. Officials will continue to provide security through the night and assist residents from nearby buildings retrieve belongings or determine if their units are habitable.
Red Cross volunteers will be at the Alexandria Fire Station until 9 p.m. Tuesday for those directly impacted by the fire. The address of the fire station is 302 Fillmore Street, Alexandria.

The City of Alexandria would like to thank the many volunteers and local businesses that provided an overwhelming amount of support. The food, water and coffee are greatly appreciated. The needs of firefighters and residents are currently being met. No donations are being accepted at this time. The city will release additional information about long term needs in the coming days.

Highway 29 will continue to be closed from 3rd Avenue to 6th Avenue. Businesses unaffected by the fire will continue to be open. Access may be limited to entrances in the back.

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Alexandria?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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415 Fillmore St
Alexandria, MN

Opening Hours

Monday 17:30 - 18:30
Monday 05:15 - 06:15
Tuesday 05:30 - 06:00
Wednesday 17:30 - 20:00
Wednesday 05:15 - 06:30
Thursday 05:15 - 06:15
Friday 05:15 - 06:15
Saturday 08:00 - 09:00
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Nordic Warriors Boxing Academy Nordic Warriors Boxing Academy
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Address: 124 7th Avenue West Hours: Monday - 3PM-9PM Wednesday - 10AM-2PM 5PM-8PM Thursday - 3PM-9PM Friday - 10AM-3PM Saturday - 9AM-10:30AM

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