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The Institute for Sport Coaching, headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, is a national, non-profit 501(c) 3 organization dedicated to developing and delivering educational experiences and leadership tools critical to the advancement and improvement of sport coaches in the United States.

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Sexy Star Trek 07/17/2016

An American National Sport Coaches Association? » Institute for Sport Coaching

Let the debate begin. Is it time for a national US Sport Coaches Association?


New Book by Youth Sports Advocate–Bob Bigelow » Institute for Sport Coaching

New ebook by Bob Bigelow is out. Great guy, and moreover, the right view regarding youth sports. I worked with Bob when I lived in the Boston area 2004-2014. He was doing LTAD before it was popular! Highly recommend his new ebook for any sport parent or youth sport coach/administrator.


The Value of Sound to Coaches » Institute for Sport Coaching

Interesting info about listening to good performances can aid your athletes. When I first saw the title to this Sports Coach UK blog, I jumped to the conclusion that it was about listening to athletes’ performance as another means of gaining insight to their effort and technique. Boy, was I wrong!


Sport Technology Update: Realtime Feedback from Medball or Barbell » Institute for Sport Coaching

Latest blog on sport technology. I first blogged about new RFID technology being implanted in a basketball back in 2012. I recently came across similar technology being implanted in a medicine ball or attached to a barbell. Thanks to Assess2Perform, coaches and athletes now can measure almost instantly such MOEs as:


National Coaching Conference 2016 » Institute for Sport Coaching

Check out the 2016 National Coaching Conference If you are a coach at any level and looking for an opportunity to learn about innovative and cutting edge coaching methods, I highly recommend you consider attending the 2016 National Coaching Conference.


Institute for Sport Coaching

My latest blog

Latest blog--looking at two examples of wearable sports technology.


Sports Technology–Wearable Technology » Institute for Sport Coaching

Latest blog--looking at two examples of wearable sports technology. As many readers of this blog know, I have an affection for technology! Over the past few years, more and more technology is seeping into sports especially technology being integrated into clothing. Imbedded technology provides the opportunity to gather feedback on performance such as ground contact…


McFarlane’s Plan for Psychological Skills Training » Institute for Sport Coaching

Quick sharing of a Canadian national track coach's idea for a PST program for athletes. Brent McFarlane, noted Canadian hurdle and sprint coach, wrote one of the best books on hurdling, The Science of Hurdling, which unfortunately is out of print. The last time I read it I had to use the interlibrary loan system to find a copy.


Goal Setting Part Two » Institute for Sport Coaching

New blog on an interesting addition to SMART goal setting. I previously looked at some new ideas about goal setting a few months ago and found some new thinking to add to it. If you are curious the previous blog on goal setting can be found here.


How to Develop and Use Networks » Institute for Sport Coaching

Just a short blog on how to structure your networking to get more out of it. Throughout my career I have been told about the importance of networking. Meet strangers, hand out your card, tell them what you do in 30 seconds or less. We’ve all been victims of networking events, planned and unplanned. But I finally found some guidance on how to truly approach networking and wha… 01/23/2016

Back in the Saddle » Institute for Sport Coaching I have been distracted by my move to a new home in a new city in a new part of the country. Plus new jobs for my wife and me. And, last but not least, becoming empty nesters as our daughter went off to college. 09/08/2014

Smart Teams Play Safe–Upcoming Conference » Institute for Sport Coaching

Check out the Smart Teams Play Smart conference! There are still seats and sponsorship opportunities available for our groundbreaking summit in Boston. Join us as a stellar roster of national experts give educational, “TED-talk”-style presentations on youth sports health and safety best practice recommendations and we celebrate the launch of MomsT… 08/16/2014

Respect for Sport Coaches on ESPN? » Institute for Sport Coaching

Listening to ESPN and hearing some comments about regarding coaching. The other day, I was watching ESPN while I was working out. One of the segments I watched first was about Johnny Manziel aka “Johnny Football” and his chances at becoming the Cleveland Browns’ starting quarterback. Shannon Sharp, one of the commenters during this segment, commented (paraphrased as I… 08/11/2014

Institute for Sport Coaching -- August 2014 Newsletter

Institute for Sport Coaching -- August 2014 Newsletter 08/10/2014

Life Lessons for Coaches — We Too Can Learn Them! » Institute for Sport Coaching

New blog on life lessons that coaches can learn! Athletics is a great teaching tool; for coaches as well as their players. Sometimes we coaches forget that it’s as important for us to learn from our experiences as it is to help our players grow. I learned several things as a head coach that you can’t know until you sit in the big chair, and I use… 08/01/2014

OODA Loop–Tool for Teaching Decision Making in Sport » Institute for Sport Coaching

Using the OODA Loop to teach decision making in sport. For years I have been a big fan and practitioner of the OODA Loop. The OODA Loop was developed in the late 1960s by US Air Force Colonel John Boyd to help train fighter pilots during the Vietnam War. But know I want to talk about it in the context of sport and how it can be used to teach decision-ma… 07/26/2014

The Coach Becomes the Athlete–Role Reversal! » Institute for Sport Coaching

Check out lessons learned from our guest blogger regarding when she became an athlete becoming coached! About three years ago, I decided to learn how to swim. As a child, I did not have access to a pool and was somewhat fearful of the water. I had taken lessons before but never followed through. 07/11/2014

Summer 2014 Reading Recommendations » Institute for Sport Coaching

Finally out--summer 2014 reading recommendations for coaches. Three great books covering different aspects of our profession. Finally getting back to blogging about the latest coaching resources of value to coaches. In my defense, there were three whole books for me to read! But seriously, the following are the three I recommend you should check out: 07/08/2014

Coaching Resource of the Month — July 2014 » Institute for Sport Coaching

Check out our July Coaching Resource of the Month on info on how to coach athletes with asthma. As an athlete with asthma, I know firsthand how debilitating an attack can be. As a coach, working with athletes who are dealing with asthma is another challenge. The good news is that It can be controlled to allow athletes to stay in the game. The National Institutes for Health provide great inform…

[06/26/14]   New blog--getting back to a new normal.


Institute for Sport Coaching's cover photo 04/02/2014

Institute for Sport Coaching -- March 2014 Newsletter

Institute for Sport Coaching -- March 2014 Newsletter 03/11/2014

Coaching Resource of the Month — March 2014 » Institute for Sport Coaching

March's Coaching Resource of the Month now available. This is long overdue but March 2014′s Coaching Resource of the Month is SportsCoachUK’s blog. SportsCoachUK has a team of sport coach specialists blogging on a number of issues directly related to coaching including a new series on coaching apps. Highly recommend checking it out. 03/11/2014

Be Who We Be » Institute for Sport Coaching

Some thoughts about coaching from our guest blogger, Helen Williams “Be who we be. If we be who we ain’t, we ain’t who we be.” I said this to my team once in a pregame speech. What I wanted them to understand was that if we expected to be successful and reach the goals we set for ourselves, we would need to consistently be at our best. We needed to do the right thin... 03/07/2014

How Sport Coaches Learn » Institute for Sport Coaching

Interesting study by SportsCoachUK on how coaches learn. I love surfing through the SportsCoachUK website. Nothing like it based in the US. Chuck full of information for coaches and those who develop them. Never disappointed when I go there for information and resources. 03/06/2014

The Power of Visualization & the Beatles » Institute for Sport Coaching

Short blog on visualization--if it was good enough for the Beatles, why not your athletes? In the opening seconds of the Beatles song,, you can hear John Lennon providing instruction, “…picture your fingers.” I love that–the Beatles using visualization techniques to do their magic! 02/28/2014

Institute for Sport Coaching -- February 2014 Newsletter

Institute for Sport Coaching -- February 2014 Newsletter 02/21/2014

Friday Night Tykes–What a Nightmare!!! » Institute for Sport Coaching

Some thoughts on Friday Night Tykes It’s quite simple: a well-trained coach leads to successful, healthy and confident players, while a poorly trained coach results in a team that does not reach its potential. The consequence of a coach that hasn’t undergone proper training isn’t only a lack of wins, but also an increase of injuries -... 02/08/2014

Welcome to new Institute Sponsor–JUGS Sports » Institute for Sport Coaching

Thanks to our newest website sponsor--JUGS Sports. JUGS Sports is the leading producer of baseball and softball training aids including baseball and softball pitching machines, hitting tees, protective screens, practice balls, batting cages and other practice equipment . Their training equipment is trusted by professional and amateur athletes as wel... 01/29/2014

Institute for Sport Coaching -- January 2014 Newsletter

Institute for Sport Coaching -- January 2014 Newsletter 01/12/2014

Coaching Resource of the Month — January 2014 » Institute for Sport Coaching

Great blog to follow--Jeff Mitchell's Coach Growth. Over the past few months, I have really enjoyed reading Jeff Mitchell’s blog about coaching development called Coach Growth. Jeff is a community coach developer in New Zealand. He covers many topics in his blog including: 01/07/2014

The Other Head Injury » Institute for Sport Coaching

Some good info on sports-related eye injuries-the other head injury to be concerned with. Concussions are very serious business for athletes and their families to deal with, however, there is another head injury that requires our attention as well–vision damage. Each year approximately 42,000 sports-related eye injuries require emergency room medical treatment--add in those that don’t an... 01/05/2014

Are You Visually Impaired? » Institute for Sport Coaching

Some thoughts on coaches using visualization for themselves. “Seeing is believing.” At least that’s the creed some people live by. But what about the reverse, “Believing is seeing?” We talk about visualization to our players hoping to help them be successful, yet how many times do we coaches practice that? Most of the time we concentrate so much on helping ou...




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