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Will Brown makes hole-in-one on No. 16 at Anniston Municipal today, 102 yards with a sand wedge. It was his third. The shot was witnessed by Danny Whittaker, Adam Johnson, Mark McCaig and Layton Bussey.


Here are the full first-round scores and Sunday pairings for the Buddy Moore Tournament:

First-round scores
Buddy Flight
Cory Etter-Caleb Bowen 53�
Brennan Clay-Andrew Brooks 57�
Matt Rogers-Jeremy McGatha 57
�Landon Straub-Jason Johnson 58�
Ashley Bussey-John Sears 58
�Layton Bussey-Byrron Preston 58�
Chip Howell-Jonathan Pate 60�
Will Brown-Tyler Dopson 61�
Jake Goggans-Grant Jackson 61�
Marcus Harrell-Peyton Bradley 61

Mary Ann Flight
Clay Calkins-Chris Hubbard 62�
Chris Reaves-Tim Dennison 63�
Jimbo Phillips-Mike Hughston 63�
Lamar Carter-Billy Thompson 63�
Tony Hicks-Nick Hubbard 63�
Danny Whittaker-Gary Thomas 64
�Mike Herndon-Tony Strickland 64
�David Ramey-James Ramey 64�
Frank Brady-Landon Winfrey 64
�Steve Akers-Rodney Grubbs 64

Scott Flight
Kelly Rogers-T.J. McGatha 65�
Scott Moore-Will Prickett 65�
Lenn Coffey-Adam Johnson 65
�Charles Carden-Johnny Barnes 65�
Ted Heim-Garrett Heim 66�
Andrew Tyson-Trey Sawyer 66
�Jimmy Jackson-Gordon Stewart 66
�David Hill-David Fitzgerald 66�
Mark Gaines-Andy Jenkins 67
�Chris Randall-Wayne Tillman 68

��Angie Flight
Tim Mullendore-Mike Braxton 68�
George Salmon-Lee Waldron 69�
Grady Sapp-Eddie Reese 69�
Jim Ramey-Morgan Ramey 71
�Keith Gann-Steve Rogers 72�
Donnie McGinnis-Ron Dulaney 73�
Jay Jenkins-Matthew Wright 73
�Steve Mullendore-Will Mullendore 75
�Derek Webb-John Roe 76�
Ken Renfroe-Konner Renfroe 82

Sunday pairings
8 a.m. Shotgun�
1B: Kelly Rogers-T.J. McGatha, Scott Moore-Will Prickett
�1A: Lenn Coffey-Adam Johnson, Charles Carden-Johnny Barnes
�2: Ted Heim-Garrett Heim, Andrew Tyson-Trey Sawyer
�3: Jimmy Jackson-Gordon Stewart, David Hill-David Fitzgerald
�4: Mark Gaines-Andy Jenkins, Chris Randall-Wayne Tillman
�5: Tim Mullendore-Mike Braxton, George Salmon-Lee Waldron
�6: Grady Sapp-Eddie Reese, Jim Ramey-Morgan Ramey�
7: Keith Gann-Steve Rogers, Donnie McGinnis-Ron Dulaney�
8: Jay Jenkins-Matthew Wright, Steve Mullendore-Will Mullendore
�9: Derek Webb-John Roe, Ken Renfroe-Konner Renfroe�

1 p.m. Shotgun
�1B Cory Etter-Caleb Bowen, Brennan Clay-Andrew Brooks
�1A: Matt Rogers-Jeremy McGatha, Landon Straub-Jason Johnson�
2: Ashley Bussey-John Sears, Layton Bussey-Byron Preston�
3: Chip Howell-Jonathan Pate, Will Brown-Tyler Dopson�
4: Jake Goggans-Grant Jackson, Marcus Harrell-Peyton Bradley�
5: Clay Calkins-Chris Hubbard, Chris Reaves-Tim Dennison
�6: Jimbo Phillips-Mike Hughston, Lamar Carter-Billy Thompson�
7: Tony Hicks-Nick Hubbard, Danny Whittaker-Gary Thomas
�8: Mike Herndon-Tony Strickland, David Ramey-James Ramey�
9: Frank Brady-Landon Winfrey, Steve Akers-Rodney Grubbs


Pair of aces: Cory Etter (L) and John Sears both made hole-in-one during Saturday’s morning wave of the Buddy Moore Tournament. Etter and his partner Caleb Bowen shot 17-under (with 5 pars); they went eagle-eagle-eagle with their ace.


‪Matt Rogers shoots 4-under 23 over his last 9 holes, with birdies on 4 of his last 5, edges Chris Randall by 2 to win The Hill Par-3‬


Photos from The Hill's post


Got word today Johnny Barnes made a 2 on the par-5 No. 1 today at The Hill, jarring a 5-iron from 205. Ted Heim, Chris Reeves & Jerry Dingler were his playing partners.


Tyler Dopson with the double eagle on #1 at The Hill! 250 with a 3WD! Witnesses Bradand Samantha Hardin and Nick Pollard.


Jeremy McGatha makes his 100th start in County Tour extra special, beats Chad Calvert 2&1 for Match Play title. 08/29/2019

Etter a winner – E.A. Sports Today By East Alabama Sports TodayVESTAVIA – Pine Hill pro Cory Etter took the lead with a birdie on 17 and held it through the final hole to edge Jammie Lett 1 up Wednesday and win the Alabama-Northwest Florida PGA Section Match Play Championship at Vestavia Country Club.It was the 38-year-old Etter’...


Congratulations! 🎈


Cory Etter won his semifinal match in the Section Match Play Chanpionship 2&1 this morning. Plays Hoover CC’s Jammie Lett for the title.


Etter-Bowen win Buddy Moore

McGatha, Rogers battle first-round leaders on back nine until Bowen’s birdie on 17 provides separation

By East Alabama Sports Today

In what became a classic shootout on the back nine, Caleb Bowen made a 15-foot birdie putt on 17 to put him and partner Cory Etter in the lead and they held on at the final hole to win the Buddy Moore Charity Golf Tournament Sunday.

The first-round leaders shot a two-day total 29-under-par 111 to edge Jeremy
McGatha and Matt Rogers by a shot.

Bowen and Etter, runner-ups twice in their two previous pairings in the tournament, carried a four-shot lead into the final round, but McGatha and Rogers had caught up to them when Rogers chipped in for birdie on 11.

They basically matched hole for hole the rest of the way until Bowen made his birdie on 17. Both teams birdied 18.

This story will be updated at the East Alabama Sports Today website.

Final scores
Buddy Flight
Cory Etter-Caleb Bowen 54-57—111
Jeremy McGatha-Matt Rogers 58-54—112
Brennan Clay-Layton Bussey 59-57—116
Clay Calkins-Chris Hubbard 60-61—121
Lenn Coffey-Tee Brown 59-62—121
Chip Howell-Jay Miles 61-65—126
Gary Wilborn-Janson Wilborn 60-68—128
Johnny Barnes-Charles Carden 61-68—129
Lamar Carter-Bruce Collins 60-72—132

Mary Ann Flight
Randy Burke-Danny Weeks 63-60—123
Gage Miller-Allen Mangham 62-61—123
Jason Johnson-Landon Straub 63-62—125
Jim Ramey-Scott Murphree 63-63—126
Danny Whittaker-Gary Thomas 63-64—127
George Salmon-Chris Maye 63-64—127
Will Brown-Austin Minter 63-64—127
Frank Brady-Landon Winfrey 62-65—127
Adrian Geeting-Chase Hollingsworth 63-65—128
Jackson Bonner-Matt Hunter 62-69—131
Byron Preston-Brian Simpson 63-69—132

Scott Flight
Daniel Clonts-Brett Key 64-64—128
Ted Heim-Garrett Heim 65-63—128
David Ramey-Greg Shultz 67-65—132
Michael Herndon-Tony Strickland 65-67—132
Chris Randall-James Randall 65-67—132
Andrew Tyson-Guy Bradley 67-65—132
Mark Gaines-Andy Jenkins 66-69—135
Kelly Rogers-T.J. McGatha 66-70—136
Scott Moore-Will Prickett 66-71—137
Derek Webb-John Roe 66-71—137
Tim Mullendore-Mike Braxton 67-74—141

Angie Flight
Steve McClellan-Ron Wheeler 68-68—136
David Hill-David Fitzgerald 68-69—137
Steve Akers-Grady Sapp 69-68—137
Henry Donald-Rob Reynolds 72-67—139
Steve Rogers-Keith Gann 72-69—141
Donnie McGinnis-Ron Dulaney 70-73—143
Jay Jenkins-Matthew Wright 71-72—143
Ken Renfroe-Konner Renfroe 72-74—146
Steve Mullendore-Will Mullendore 72-75—147


Buddy Moore Tournament Hole # 2 party!


Photos from The Hill's post



Buddy Flight
Cory Etter-Caleb Bowen 28-26—54
Jeremy McGatha-Matt Rogers 29-29—58
Brennan Clay-Layton Bussey 29-30—59
Lenn Coffey-Tee Brown 27-32—59
Lamar Carter-Bruce Collins 30-30—60
Gary Wilborn-Janson Wilborn 30-30—60
Clay Calkins-Chris Hubbard 29-31—60
Chip Howell-Jay Miles 29-32—61
Johnny Barnes-Charles Carden 31-30—61

Mary Ann Flight
Frank Brady-Landon Winfrey 31-31—62
Gage Miller-Allen Mangham 31-31—62
Jackson Bonner-Matt Hunter 31-31—62
Jason Johnson-Landon Straub 31-32—63
George Salmon-Chris Maye 32-31—63
Danny Whittaker-Gary Thomas 32-31—63
Adrian Geeting-Chase Hollingsworth 33-30—63
Byron Preston-Brian Simpson 34-29—63
Randy Burke-Danny Weeks 31-32—63
Jim Ramey-Scott Murphree 30-33—63
Will Brown-Austin Minter 31-32—63

Scott Flight
Daniel Clonts-Brett Key 30-34—64
Ted Heim-Garrett Heim 32-33—65
Chris Randall-James Randall 32-33—65
Michael Herndon-Tony Strickland 33-32—65
Derek Webb-John Roe 35-31—66
Mark Gaines-Andy Jenkins 34-32—66
Scott Moore-Will Prickett 31-35—66
Kelly Rogers-T.J. McGatha 33-33—66
David Ramey-Greg Shultz 32-35—67
Tim Mullendore-Mike Braxton 33-34—67
Andrew Tyson-Guy Bradley 35-32—67

Angie Flight
David Hill-David Fitzgerald 33-35—68
Steve McClellan-Ron Wheeler 34-34—68
Steve Akers-Grady Sapp 34-35—69
Donnie McGinnis-Ron Dulaney 34-36—70
Jay Jenkins-Matthew Wright 34-37—71
Henry Donald-Rob Reynolds 36-36—72
Steve Rogers-Keith Gann 36-36—72
Ken Renfroe-Konner Renfroe 35-37—72
Steve Mullendore-Will Mullendore 38-34—72

8 a.m. shotgun
1B: Clonts-Key, Heim-Heim
1A: Randall-Randall, Herndon-Strickland
2: Webb-Roe, Moore-Prickette
3: Rogers-McGatha, Gaines-Jenkins
4: Ramey-Shultz, Tyson-Bradley
5: Braxton-Mullendore, McClellan-Wheeler
6: Akers-Sapp, Hill-Fitzgerald
7: McGinnis-Dulaney, Jenkins-Wright
8: Mullendore-Mullendore, Donald-Reynolds
9: Renfroe-Renfroe, Rogers-Gann

1 p.m. shotgun
1B: Etter-Bowen, McGatha-Rogers
1A: Clay-Bussey, Coffey-Brown
2: Wilborn-Wilborn, Calkins-Hubbard
3: Carter-Collins, Howell-Miles
4: Barnes-Carden, Miller-Mangham
5: Brady-Winfrey, Bonner-Hunter
6: Johnson-Straub, Salmon-Maye
7: Ramey-Murphree, Whittaker-Thomas
8: Geeting-Hollingsworth, Preston-Simpson
9: Burke-Weeks, Brown-Minter


Ty-ing it all together

By East Alabama Sports Today

It wasn’t a 57, but it was more than good enough to win another tournament.

Ty Cole shot a final-round 68 Sunday to complete a wire-to-wire victory in the 83rd Calhoun County Championship at Anniston Municipal Golf Course.

He went into the round with a five-shot lead and his two-day total 125 was three shots better than runner-up Jeremy McGatha. Brennan Clay finished third (131) after the best round of the day (64).

The win was Cole’s record fifth on the Calhoun County Golf Tour this season and 18th since joining the Tour. He locked up the Player of the Year the day before and finished with the maximum points available under the current points format.

McGatha got within two shots with two holes to play after nearly making hole-in-one on 16, but Cole turned back the threat with a birdie on the next hole. It was McGatha’s eighth runner-up finish in the Calhoun County Championship (to go with three wins).

The bracket for the Calhoun County Match Play Championship was determined at the conclusion of play. Here are the unofficial 16 seeds and first-round matches: No. 1 Ty Cole vs. No. 16 Ott Chandler, No. 2 Jeremy McGatha vs. No. 15 Jonathan Pate, No. 3 Gary Wigington vs. No. 14 Matt Rogers, No. 4 Brennan Clay vs. No. 13 Layton Bussey, No. 5 Adrian Geeting vs. No. 12 Scott Martin, No.6. Randy Lipscomb vs. No. 11 Caleb Bowen, No. 7 Justin Graveman vs. No. 10 Chad Calvert, No. 8 Daniel Black vs. No. 9 Dalton Chandler. Alternates: Frank Brady, Clay Calkins, Andrew Brooks, Tyler Dopson.

Read more at the East Alabama Sports Today website.

Championship A
Ty Cole 57-68—125
Jeremy McGatha 62-66—128
Brennan Clay 67-64—131
Justin Graveman 66-67—133
Dalton Chandler 66-67—133
Ott Chandler 66-68—134
Tanner Wells 67-69—136
Jonathan Pate 67-69—136
Adrian Geeting 64-73—137
Caleb Bowen 67-71—138
Daniel Black 67-74—141

Championship B
Billy Thompson 68-66—134
Chad Calvert 69-66—135
Gage Miller 68-70—138
Matt Rogers 68-71—139
Andrew Brooks 68-71—139
Randy Lipscomb 69-74—142
Jake Goggans 69-74—143
Nate Griffin 69-74—143
Tyler Dopson 69-75—144
Keith Raisanen 69-75—144

First flight
Nick Pollard 70-69—139
Chris Hubbard 70-72—142
Tony Hicks 70-73—143
Frank Brady 70-73—143
Lamar Carter 70-75—145
Jason Johnson 70-75—145
Will Brown 70-78—148
Jeff Borrelli 70-78—148
Lenn Coffey 70-78—148
Danny Whittaker 70-84—154

Second flight
Layton Bussey 71-65—136
Landon Straub 71-71—142
Clay Calkins 72-72—144
Brian Woodfin 71-76—147
Landon Winfrey 71-76—147
Robin Wood 72-77—149
Mike Lett 72-77—149
Ron McClellan 72-78—150
Chase Hollingsworth 71-79—150

Third flight
Andrew Miller 73-72—145
Chip Howell 74-72—146
Randy Watson 75-74—149
Payton Bradley 75-74—149
Tim Steward 73-77—150
Don Hill 75-76—151
Byron Preston 75-76—151
George Salmon 75-77-152
Chase Thomas 73-79—152
Chad Mullinax 73-79—152
Kenny Fulmer 74-83—157
Andrew Tyson 75-80—155
Nick Hubbard 74-WD

Fourth flight
Timmy Woodard 78-70—148
Chris Randall 77-73—150
Mike Hughston 77-76—153
Keaton Borrelli 77-77—154
Allen Mangham 77-77—154
Mark Gaines 76-78—154
Will Broome 76-79—155
Johnny Barnes 77-78—155
Tim Dennison 77-80—157
Mark Cotton 77-86—163
Cameron McCareeth 77-78—165

Fifth flight
Kenneth Patterson 80-73—153
Cal Lambert 80-75—155
Ted Heim 78-78—156
Al Johnson 79-79—158
Trent Lott 79-79—158
Tyler Teneyck 78-82—160
Chris Reaves 80-82—162

Sixth flight
Kelly Rogers 81-78—159
Dennis Austin 82-78—160
Brad Hardin 84-79—163
Will Coker 83-83—166
Bruce Collins 81-88—169
Gene Hicks 91-87—178
Brad Young 81-WD


Cole blazes with 57; leads County Championship by 10 shots after the morning wave of play

By Al Muskewitz
East Alabama Sports Today

As good a year as Ty Cole has had on the Calhoun County Golf Tour this season there was still a mathematical possibility he might not win the series points championship and Player of the Year honors for the third time in four years.

He just about took care of all that Saturday.

The Tour’s all-time wins leader set the Anniston Municipal course record when he shot 13-under-par 57 to lead after the morning wave of the opening round of the 83rd Calhoun County Championship.

It was three strokes better than the lowest score he has ever shot in the game. He is the first player in County Tour history to shoot a tournament round in the 50s and it came with one bogey on the card or it could have been even lower.

The closest players to him at the end of the morning wave –Tanner Wells, Daniel Black, Jonathan Pate and Caleb Bowen – were 10 shots back. If he completes the deal Sunday it will be his fifth Tour win this season, a single-season Tour record.

The old course record at The Hill was 58, set by James Ramey during a regular round in 1992 and tied by Dalton Chandler two years ago. This, of course, was done under tournament conditions.

“I just got the putter going,” Cole said. “We were talking about it out there, it was kind of like just playing a round at the local club with the boys.

“When I got up this morning I didn’t know if I was going to play. I worked yesterday, then played in a tournament at Silver Lakes, my back seized up on me and I bet I didn’t hit 10 full shots all day out there. I woke up this morning and it felt fine. I even dressed like I was going to ride around and watch (Chad) Calvert play if I couldn’t play. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to swing it.”

The round felt similar to the record 64-62 he put up in winning at Cider Ridge earlier this year. But it didn’t start so impressively. He birdied his first hole of the day, the par-3 seventh, parred 8 and made bogey on 9 – a hole he typically doesn’t play well – after his second shot found the trees.

He got on a roll on the back nine, shooting 26 with eagles on 13 (20 feet) and 18 (35 feet), giving him a Tour-leading six for the season. He left another eagle putt on 10 dead center one roll short of the hole. He had 10 birdies.

“When I got over the ball I felt like I was going to hit a good shot, when I got over the putt I felt like the putt was going to go in,” Cole said.

Cole has won four tournaments on the county Tour this season and leads in four statistical categories, normally a strong enough resume to win a Player of the Year endorsement, but the way the standings are calculated on the Tour he still needed to finish fourth or better to a Gary Wigington win this week in order to take the title.

“I didn’t think about any of that today,” Cole said. “I showed up just hoping I could play golf.”

The afternoon wave includes Wigington, Jeremy McGatha and Brennan Clay – the Nos. 2, 3 and 5 players on the season points list – and former course record holder Chandler.

This story will be updated.

Morning leaderboard
Ty Cole 31-26—57
Tanner Wells 33-34—67
Daniel Black 34-33—67
Jonathan Pate 33-34—67
Caleb Bowen 32-35—67
Billy Thompson 37-31—68
Keith Raisanen 35-34—69
Jake Goggans 33-36—69
Chad Calvert 34-35—69
Randy Lipscomb 34-35—69
Lenn Coffey 34-36—70
Will Brown 33-37—70
Jeff Borrelli 34-36—70
Jason Johnson 36-34—70
Frank Brady 34-36—70
Brian Woodfin 33-38—71
Landon Straub 35-36—71
Landon Windrey 36-35—71
Ron McClellan 35-37—72
Robin Wood 37-35—72
Chase Thomas 36-37—73
Tim Steward 37-36—73
Andrew Miller 37-36—73
Kenny Fulmer 38-36—74
Payton Bradley 40-35—75
Randy Watson 36-39—75
Don Hill 39-36—75
Will Broome 37-39—76
Keaton Borrelli 42-35—77
Mark Cotton 36-41—77
Mike Hughston 38-39—77
Cameron McCareeth 39-38—77
Timmy Woodard 37-41—78
Tyler Teneyck 42-36—78
Trent Lott 39-40—79
Al Johnson 41-38—79
Chris Reaves 43-37—80
Brad Young 43-38—81
Dennis Austin 42-40—82
Will Coker 43-40—83


LeCroy, Harper blow away SKCC field

By Al Muskewitz
East Alabama Sports Today

It’s going to take a record number of superlatives to describe this record setting Sunday in the Sunny King Charity Classic

Jacob LeCroy and Jacob Harper, his hand-picked partner to dethrone the dominant three-time past champions, obliterated the record books in winning the SKCC Sunday.

The short version is they blew away the overall scoring record and set the best-ball round scoring. They were 51-under-par 163 overall and 15-under 55 for the round, and won by 13 shots - another record.

They only failed to birdie or eagle eight holes in the entire tournament.

The previous scoring record was 43-under and the old best-ball record was 13-under.

Players were using terms like amazing, astonishing, outstanding and never to be broken to describe it.

They had the scoring record after the 10th hole and went to a once-unheard-of 45-under on LeCroy’s eagle on 11. They hit 50-under on LeCroy’s birdie putt on 16 in front of a massive gallery.

It was an impressive sight to see. Harper, the 2018 Alabama Open champion and mini-tour player from Beulah, shot 28 Sunday on his own ball. LeCroy, a recently graduated Donoho senior heading to play golf at South Alabama, was 7-under 8-under on the back nine.

Harper shot golf’s magic number 59 on his own ball. Lecroy shot 62.

Tournament officials said the event raised $120,000 for its local charities.

This story will be updated at the EA Sports Today website.

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It looks like Riley is not just a golfer but a film producer as well. Check out this commercial she did for The Hill.




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