Lebanon County Police Combat Pistol Club

Lebanon County Police Combat Pistol Club


I remember back years ago, probably in the late 70's coming up there to shoot a NRA match in February. It was so cold that ice formed on the inside of my shooting glasses. And I did get my NRA classification to boot. Glad to see that you all are still functioning!!!
My wife and I finally picked up two new 9mm Mossberg subcompact handguns. We are new to shooting but have wanted to get into it for years. I hope to be able to come here soon and see what this place is about.
What happened to the October 6th 3-gun match?

The Lebanon County Police Combat Pistol Club is a pistol and rifle range that provides fi****ms training, competition and a place to practice shooting.

The Lebanon County Police Combat Pistol Club is a pistol and rifle range that is dedicated to providing a place to shoot for local civillian club members and law enforcement personnel. We are open to the public; our only requirements are that you pay the membership fee and be legally allowed to own fi****ms. Please visit LCPCPC.com for a membership application. Please contact us for company/law en

Operating as usual

[06/23/21]   This coming Saturday is the next regular club pistol match, stop on out and say hello and see some of the upgrades we are working on.

Armed teacher stops kidnapping on Utah school playground | American Military News 05/27/2021

Armed teacher stops kidnapping on Utah school playground | American Military News

Armed teacher stops kidnapping on Utah school playground | American Military News An armed teacher stopped a kidnapping when he used his firearm while confronting a man who grabbed a child playing on a playground on Tuesday, according

Oppose ATF nominee David Chipman 05/26/2021

Oppose ATF nominee David Chipman

Oppose ATF nominee David Chipman The Biden Administration has nominated former ATF agent and Giffords anti-gun activist, David Chipman, to be Director of the ATF. Take action right now to help FPC defeat Chipman’s nomination!

ATF To Redefine Ghost Guns, Silencers, Receivers, & More: Are You Now A Felon? 05/08/2021

ATF To Redefine Ghost Guns, Silencers, Receivers, & More: Are You Now A Felon?

For anyone interested we should all contact our representatives and the appropriate agency about this... https://youtu.be/KIqG-c03QTE

ATF To Redefine Ghost Guns, Silencers, Receivers, & More: Are You Now A Felon? The ATF is trying to redefine what a firearm is, what a receiver is, what a silencer is, when they have to be "registered", and many other "rules" that would...


Fort Indiantown Gap and the fall of Saigon, 1975

One of the best 4th of July celebrations ever

[04/20/21]   This coming Saturday April 24th is the regular club match, if you got an itch, it's time to scratch it.

[01/21/21]   Saturday January 22nd is the first match of the year, we are running a limited number of matches this year, so if you can stop on out.

youtube.com 12/18/2020

WAKE UP America || Pistol Braces and 80 Percent Lowers

A good video to watch

youtube.com The ATF and DOJ are after it again, this time after polymer 80 buy build shoot kits and pistols fitted with a stabilizing brace being deemed a short barrel r...

blog.princelaw.com 12/14/2020

If ATF Comes A Knocking, Only Surrender Your 80% Frame or Receiver Under Protest!

Just in case

blog.princelaw.com As many in the Firearms Community are aware, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) raided Polymer80, Inc last week and since then, there is at least one report of a customer…

pjmedia.com 12/12/2020

An Open Letter to A Young Woke Revolutionary

pjmedia.com Today's woke revolutionaries have probably never heard of Pol Pot or the ghastly horrors he committed. They follow similar ideals -- but that will not keep them safe from their own woke allies.

[11/19/20]   Don't forget, Black Friday 3-gun is on. May be the last time we are allowed out of the house...lol.


Charlie Kirk


We need to teach our kids to love America again. Not this garbage, revisionist history we get from the 1619 Project.

[09/25/20]   Tomorrow is our regularly scheduled pistol match, stop on out and say hello.


300 Black Out


Full auto suppressed 7.62X39


Today is the day for the suppressor shoot! Come out and join us 10am-3pm


Rioter shot in testicles by rubber bullet - Lancaster PA

nothing to say 🤣🤣

Excellent shot. Rub some dig on it and walk it off... #LancasterRiots


Suppressor Day is this Sunday, September 20th from 10am to 3pm! There will be many different guns and cans to try out for free!


[09/15/20]   Reminder, this coming Sunday is the Lanco suppressor demo day. If you were thinking of buying one this is the perfect way to try one out first. Starts at 10:00

[08/20/20]   Heads up, monthly club match is on for this Saturday. We are evaluating if these matches are viable to continue, so if you haven't been to one please consider coming out to participate. Or even just to say hello.


Lanco Tactical, LLC

Our 2020 Lanco Tactical Suppressor Day is just over 1 month away! We are excited to have some new manufacturers participating at this years event! More information can be found at this page: https://www.lancotactical.com/pages/suppressor-day

harrisburghunters.org 07/28/2020

Harrisburg Hunters and Anglers — Offering a wide range of facilities and programs for all outdoor enthusiasts.

I know many of our long time members participate in PPC matches. Check out the following information for matches in the Harrisburg area. These matches are NOT at our range but at Harrisburg Hunters and Anglers!

2020 PPC - Match Flyer
WHEN: April 4 August 1
May 2 September 5
June 6 October 3

Open to the public. Range setup and registration starts at 8:00 am. Safety
briefing at 8:50 am. Hammer down at 9:00 am. Continuous relays run until
around noon, if we have enough shooters.
WHERE: Harrisburg Hunters’ & Anglers’ Association
6611 Hunters Run Road
Harrisburg, PA 17111
COURSE OF FIRE: Combat 600 Match, using NRA B-27E targets.
FEES: Costs are $5 per relay. Up to 5 relays held per match date.
 Stock Centerfire Semi-Auto (iron sights only).
 Stock Centerfire Revolver (iron sights only).
 Stock .22 Rimfire Semi-Auto or Revolver (iron sights only).
 Stock Centerfire Concealed Carry Semi-Auto or Revolver (iron sights
 Open Gun (any safe Centerfire or .22 Rimfire Semi-Auto or Revolver,
all mods and optics allowed, also includes iron sight guns built for NRA
PPC Open Class).
AMMUNITION: Any safe factory or hand-loaded pistol ammunition (no
magnums or bottlenecks allowed). Standard velocity is recommended. Sixty
rounds required per relay (50 rounds for Concealed Carry).
AWARDS: Cash awards by Gun Class, determined using Lewis Classification System.
CONTACT: John Kline, (717) 514-0404, [email protected].

harrisburghunters.org Offering a wide range of facilities and programs for all outdoor enthusiasts.


Ultimate Things

If anyone was looking to get me a birthday gift.....

[07/15/20]   The regularly scheduled monthly pistol match on July 25th is on!


Thanks to everyone that came out yesterday to start the fireworks off with a big bang, or a lot of bangs...


*attaches suppressor*

Don’t forget about LANCO’s suppressor shoot later this year!


[06/22/20]   To those that have been asking, this coming Saturdays monthly club match is cancelled yet again. The July 4th start Independence day with a bang 3-gun is on.


Lanco Tactical, LLC

2020 Suppressor Day Update! We have pushed our 2020 Suppressor Day back to Sunday, September 20th from 10AM - 3PM. Please checkout the video on our YouTube page for more details! https://youtu.be/nwZ4RcwAFXs


It is outrageous that FB covers this photo.

Some things need to always be remembered, honored, and respected.

Our country and the heroes fighting for it and us, our history, all of it, good & bad.

If we forget what mistakes are made, we will always repeat them, learn our history. If we don’t respect and honor the Sacrifices of those fighting for our freedoms, no one will stand up for us. If we don’t honor the flag and what it means, then it means nothing and no one will support you and your fight either. It’s about standing as one, all races, all religions of this country, as Americans equally against any hate, and tyranny both domestic and foreign for our country.

(You don’t have to agree, but again it’s our page and our feelings. Don’t agree, don’t like us or follow us. We are a nonprofit for First responders and veterans...Period they and this country is what this page is about. )

Disclaimer; we do not control if this is shared, if it’s covered or still is covered here on our page, Facebook censors it not us.


Ammo Distributers; the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

An interesting video about one of the friends of the club https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wm5jbO0dldw&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR2a05__NZlr3an6321pa9bket1Lb4JlGujAiSI-kakNtEgDhL-oJwl_JZE

Ammo Distributers; the Good, the Bad and the Ugly Ammo Supply Warehouse Sportsman’s Guide Target Sports USA Which is which....? 👀😶 https://www.facebook.com/R...

[05/19/20]   I must again inform everyone that this months match has been cancelled do to the Wuhan flu, hopefully June we will be able to see all of you again.


local guys making great products

Introducing the new True North Concepts Modular Holster Adapter: made from DFARS grade 6061-T6 and milspec type 3 hard coat anodized, the MHA is designed to fit all safariland 3-hole pattern mounting type holsters, and other brands that use that standard of mounting. It’s light weight, locks onto belts like a vise,and is incredibly rigid to remove unwanted movement, flex and play. The mounting bars lock onto belts up to 2&1/4” wide, or thread through molle belts. It boasts 10 degrees of forward cant and 10 degrees of negative cant, for 20 degrees of total adjustment, with three height settings set 1/2” apart from the “Mid-ride” position. It serves as a foundation to build off of, with additional accessories coming soon. Available now on our Webstore in Black and Earth Brown

change.org 04/30/2020

Can you spare a minute to help Barry Breidegan?

change.org Stop the Pennsylvania Game Commission from making supplements and minerals illegal to use


received 2872411729501679

for any of our deer hunting/loving members, a local company making a great product.

Forget Genetics LLc Corn Lolly

[04/22/20]   This months match has been cancelled due to the Wuhan flu, hopefully next month

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300 Black Out
Full auto suppressed 7.62X39
3 Gun Shoot
We had a great turn out for our Fourth of July 3 Gun! Consider joining us for our next one. We change up the courses all...
Here's a first person view of the 3 gun shoot from November 7th. It's as much fun as it looks. Thank you to the shooter ...
Our first 3 gun shoot was a success! Everyone had a good time and learned a little bit in the process. We are going to d...
Our first 3 gun shoot was a success! Everyone had a good time and learned a little bit in the process. We are going to d...
Here's some video of one of our range staff shooting his Draco AK at night. Check out that fireball! You might want to t...
Some of our guys having some fun with a suppressed C**t M4 after the rifle class.
If you have an AR-15 or similar rifle and would like some training in its use, consider joining us on Saturday, August 3...
Room Clear!
Tactical Rifle




1855 Russell Rd
Annville, PA
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