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Coach T Training Programs “I’ll make you work hard. I’ll make you have fun. And I’ll be cheering you on from the sidelines every step of the way.” — Coach T

Photos from Boston Marathon's post 05/23/2023

A legend of determination and dedication that inspired us all in so many ways! We celebrate Rick Hoyt and send all our love to his family in the loss of such a wonderful person as we honor his legacy.

Photos from Coach T Rally's post 02/12/2023

So here’s the thing. You can protect your embassy without blocking access to the public sidewalks we all pay for. And if you don’t like a woman calling you out for this so be it. I will stand my ground and take photos as I need until you move your car as the dc laws require. I may be able to move around your car but a wheel chair will not. And neither is the answer. You are in the wrong not us no matter what and you don’t have diplomatic plates to plead otherwise.


Sending wishes of festive joy and my hope that your day has moments of laughter and gratitude for all that is good as we continue to rally for those so deserving.

Photos from Coach T Rally's post 10/31/2022

What a way to wrap up my 12th and final MCM coaching cheerfest! From the misty dark glow that carried me to the start line, easily finding my fabulous athletes properly layered for the chilly morning and still ready for the sun that we knew would arrive later, getting beyond the cannons to cheer them and every other runner that followed them into Rosslyn and the big climb that awaits. The timing of the races is amazing! The 50k racers (largest held in the US) are off just as the marathoners arrive, then just as I walk back to my 25 mile spot from cheering the marathon start, the 10k racers are coming through for their finish. Loved getting to see athlete Cindy fly by at the 5 mile mark so fast I couldn't get a picture until she was past. After a good rally for the full 10k pack, it was time to welcome the amazing hand cyclists and first marathon finisher. My apologies to our beloved local phenom, , who I called out an added cheer to after he had passed. I think it must have confused him because he turned and almost tripped trying to see who the crazy was screaming at him. Kudos for the amazing 50k 2nd place finish! And from there on it was cowbell, cheers, encouragements, run rallies with former athletes, friends, and the like -- until I got to rally all three of my amazing athletes in for the finish. The weather really was one of the best I've seen but still classic MCM - with the cold start and sunny bright finish. Congrats to all who conquered the day. I will miss being there but know there will be other cowbells that will do the honor in my place. So proud of my athletes for crushing their first marathon, and conquering the challenges this course brings, staying positive and determined all the way to the finish despite it. Regardless of the long walk to the start, this race is executed with amazing precision and support by the military and others alike. It's a tough course but the crowds, the marines, and the iconic scenery, make it one you have to do at least - if not just once!


As most of you know, my career in marathons started with the many many years ago. I am grateful that for the last 12 years I’ve had the joy of rallying my own athletes to the finish line with Elmo along for the ride - wind permitted! This year is no exception - except that it will be the last time I will be doing just that. I’m not going anywhere because as you know, once your coach always so! But it is time for coach to rally the start line herself again. So! Until then, let’s all get our cowbells in motion for the day and rally all those braving the distance all the way. If you are racing and need some Coach T love - look for my visor and cowbell between mile 25 and 25.5 - and expect a hug before I kick you hard to the finish! If you’re a veteran to the joy of being chased with love by me before — give a shout out below to assure my current athletes and all around them that it’s worth the crazy strong finish!


Our efforts to honor this day by running to and by the Pentagon 9-11 Memorial got detoured by POTUS’s pending arrival but the power of this image even from our perimeter view remains the same. Never forget.


How can you not be inspired to conquer your marathon when this is the view at the start line? So proud and excited for the Trail Dog team I've had the honor of coaching toward their goal of conquering the Patagonia Marathon in Chile this morning. Bill (first marathon!), Yaco, and Andrey ready to take to the Patagonia trail and climbs for the 26.2 distance - and Tom and Susan ready to rally the half marathon with equal passion. Shout out to Nicole keeping it local with her 10k race in part to her her first marathon next month. Fall race season is here and me and my cowbell are ready to cheer them and all through the race miles ahead!


The vision of Mike Reilly saying "You are an Ironman" is what echoed in my mind with every single training session I did in prep for my first Ironman in Lake Placid in 2006 -- and truthfully every one thereafter. I can say with confidence that it fueled the 74 athletes I coached through that distance equally. Today is a celebration of all that he brought to the Ironman distance - the 17 hour day he voiced for all that dared the distance, the miles, challenges, determination, set backs, and victories we all conquered in every way with his voice inside our head giving us the courage to see it through.


I have been at the finish line with my amazing athletes for the past 12 years - from 5k to marathon to Ironman distances. Being proud of the work we’ve achieved together never gets old. I will forever celebrate moments like this. Congratulations .jeb on your first Ironman and to all the victories that await!

Timeline photos 07/16/2022

Inspiration overload -- Oh, and google 'Allyson Felix' to see an added ode as so deserved!

Allyson Felix's legacy will live on forever, both on and off the track. ❤️

CLASH Endurance Watkins Glen Set for Saturday 07/08/2022

Wow, look at the fun heading to my hometown area this weekend! A fun new format to triathlon racing and a great way to bring a new mode of racing to these classic raceways! Oh by the way, if you are there cheering or racing or visiting the Finger Lakes for any reason, check out Wags to Riches on Main Street in Watkins Glen. Wags is a consignment shop that provides 100% of its profits to the Humane Society of Schuyler County! Shameless plug but it's not just about triathlon, am I right?

CLASH Endurance Watkins Glen Set for Saturday Jason West, Andrew Starykowicz and Haley Chura and Sophie West will headline second 2022 CLASH race of the season.


That stretch from Mile 22 to 24 -- the hills are behind you, the Citgo sign is looming on the horizon in front of you, and that run down Boylston Street to the finish line feels within reach. Sending all my Boston Marathon mojo to those racing today and so grateful to all the women that led the charge fifty years ago that allowed us to prove our talent to the distance.

Looking Back on When Joan Benoit Samuelson Won the First Women's Olympic Marathon 03/22/2022

History matters. As we find ourselves rallying back to racing again after two long years -- take a moment to read this and really appreciate how far we've come and how important it is to celebrate the joy of racing itself. Women, we've had to work all the harder for the right to stand at the start line and earn the reward of the finish all the more for it. I for one watched this race with all the awe and inspiration of Joan's achievement - not at all knowing it was the foundation of my own marathon career but so loving the barriers she broke in the moment and the pride she offered us all equally.

Looking Back on When Joan Benoit Samuelson Won the First Women's Olympic Marathon


Twelve years ago - on March 12th - I looked at the four nervous new runners standing in front of me and simply said -- "I've never taught a running class before so let's conquer this eight weeks of Running 101 together!" -- and so we did. And somehow here I am still coaching - and forever in awe of the miles, memories, successes, heartbreaks, injuries, and amazing fun I've had the honor of sharing with you individually - and as part of the CT3 family. What a ride it has been and I am forever grateful to all who have shared in the journey in so many ways!


You know my love for giving blood. With O Negative blood that only 7% have and 99% can use, I'm grateful I can give and determined to do so for any and all in need -- especially trauma patients and babies as such blood is most often reserved for. This week I gave blood in honor of a cherished friend who has recently been the recipient of another life saving measure -- organ donation. Today, she sent this photo in thanks for my donation. No, it's not my direct donation. But it is a donation from another dedicated donor and my pint is in the wings ready to step in where needed next. Never have I felt my contribution to the core as I did seeing this image. So grateful and can only hope this will inspire others to do the same. In such challenging times, we need these critical gifts of life that can be transported across land and sea to those in need.


The results are in! Who am I going to be cheering at Mile 8 of the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler this year? Give a shout out below so I can get my cowbell ready. And if this long two years has you needing a bit of Coach T training / track / weekend love to get you in race mode -- DM me and you know I'll get you rallied and ready! Let's do this!


Every year in December, I try to give my athletes a bit of a break from the regiment of the swim, bike, run focus with the joy of sharing in all life's joys in ways that will carry them forward into the year ahead.

'December to Remember' has been a slogan for all things from car sales to the best of holiday giving. This sometimes cliche and annoying slogan stuck in my head early on this year and rather than fight it, I embraced it and put it as our team mission. Today the reward proved itself by the story one of my athletes shared as noted below. I hope it inspires you to carry forward the motto that kindness above judgment always proves the wiser.

'I was at the vet for what should have been a quick visit but they too are hectic with the demands of the season so I sat in the lobby longer than expected. The woman across from me was what I would describe as 'snot filled' and not seeming to notice that others were nearby, blowing her nose at random to which I was admittedly a bit horrified. I'm so cautious about covid issues - as we all have come to be - I was admittedly irritated by her lack of regard for others around her. I tried to just distract myself and came upon your team email (see photo capture below). I read it and challenged myself to assess the situation from a position of compassion instead of frustration when I realized she wasn't sniffling... she was crying! I went over and sat next to her only to realize she had just had to say goodbye to the precious cat that had been so much a companion of her life.'

Never assume. Sit softly and give patience and learn first. You just never know what sitting in aide to someone you first saw as a challenge helps you learn of their struggles and others. At the same time remember that if in need - please allow yourself the gift of accepting help from others. The reward is shared equally I promise!

And yes, train, focus, and believe! Giving to yourself in ways that bring passion, health, and sanity to your life is what allows you to give to friends and strangers equally!

Photos from Coach T Rally's post 11/13/2021

And he’s off and running!! Coach and his awesome home crew are cowbell ready to see him to an awesome marathon finish. Go .jeb GO!!!!

Photos from Boston Marathon's post 10/30/2021

As an honored Boston Marathon runner, I couldn't agree more. Boston Marathon cheerleaders are the best of the best. Biased but cheerleaders -- yes we see you Humberto standing tall and proud in your awesome Boston Marathon jacket -- are indeed some of my favorite!

Photos from Coach T Rally's post 10/25/2021

Double dose of from the awesome team today! cheers and smiles for and as the celebration of their IM 70.3 North Carolina victories continue - and from .jeb and his big run prep partner Tom who crushed 21 miles with crazy smiles yesterday! Team up and have fun!

Photos from Coach T Rally's post 10/22/2021

Oh for the joy of pre race smiles! Coach is proud and ready to cheer these to awesome athletes - and - and all taking to tomorrow. You’ve got this!


Rise and shine Chicago, it's race time!! Good luck to all racing and a special shout out to Keira D'Amato who will be on the front lines leading the charge on the elite women's side. Go racers GO!!!

Your start line is waiting for you.

Unlimited Youth The Iron Nun Nike AD 10/06/2021

I was just talking about this legend of Ironman this morning at track. I've competed along side her in a few of those 45 Ironman races myself and can say for certain she is the definition of unlimited youth!

Unlimited Youth The Iron Nun Nike AD Ironman Iron Nun - Nike Ad 2016


How is it that it was 20 years ago that I stepped up on that water fountain to lay claim to my coordinator role over all you tall and handsome . So glad to be one of the few women to hold that coordinator title but sure there will be more of us to follow!

Photos from Coach T Rally's post 09/13/2021

It's been a long time since it's been a back to back in person racing - coach cowbell cheering - weekend. Worth the wait - and worth the long read ahead as well. Let's start with the goal crushing, solo and family all star Patriots Half Ironman event courtesy of Kinetic Multisports and their awesome events. When John-Eric decided to take on his first 70.3 event, he was smart to rally a coach to get him through (a bit biased of course but I'll own it for the moment). What he did that was even more to his favor? He rallied his family to do the relay as a way of supporting him as well! That his awesome sister Kiersten rallied my coaching support to get her half marathon ready for the run leg of the relay was my honor! To see his mom rally the swim - as was her talent and passion - and his brother Liam crush the bike to help challenge and motivate Jeb equally was truly fun, family spirited competition, and yet all in love and support equally. In showing to their shared spirit of sport, grit, and determination -- Jeb finished top in the Novice category and 5th in his AG, well beating our sub 6 hour goal with a 5:50 finish, and his family relay (A Hoo, A Bear, and a Lady) finished top of the relay category as well. As if that wasn't enough, on Sunday my cowbell and I got to stand at our beloved Mile 8.5 spot along Haines Point to cheer on athletes, alumni, and friends - Ritch, Patrick, Bill, Humberto, Amanda, Courtney, RC, Massa, and so many more familiar Cherry Blossom 🌸 10 Mile race faces. The weather proved well in our favor even if the blossoms were still hibernating. Congrats to all that got out there and got it done!!


Doing the USA and triathlon proud!! Congratulations Team!!

Our PTS2 women gave it their all at the Tokyo Paralympics Games! So proud of these women 🇺🇸

Photos from USA Triathlon's post 08/23/2021

It's , , and all wrapped in one. Celebrating our flag bearer Melissa Stockwell USA as she and Chuck Aoki represent the USA as Flag Bearers for the opening ceremonies of the !

Ironman makes it official - world championship postponed to Feb., 2022 - Triathlon Today 08/20/2021

My heart aches for those who have been gearing up for this - Heather and Michelle that means you! - and for this country that has people who continue to make getting on with the passions of our life so impossible because of their own selfishness and chosen ignorance. That said, I know we all will rally through and cheer on all the World Champion athletes all the more in February 2022!

Ironman makes it official - world championship postponed to Feb., 2022 - Triathlon Today Triathlon Today: Your News, Our Passion. Fastest and most accurate independent news outlet for triathlon news, duathlon news and multisport news, offering a great mix of race reports of triathlon events, actual industry news, gear, human interest stories, pro- and age-group profiles, long course and...


No better day than a friday to remind all my athletes - old and new - that the key to training success is simply this: breathe, blow bubbles, and be glad cartwheels are not a part of our training plan! (watch to the end -- its worth it!)

A Profile in Courage 08/09/2021

You can always count on Dan Rather to bring true heart, compassion, and truth to all things. His insight is spot on and needs to be read by all who had anything to say about Simone Biles and other such judgements.

A Profile in Courage Simone Biles forced us to pause to think about sports and life. And for that we should all be thankful.


Wow, just WOW!!! What an Olympic Marathon race! Congratulations and such awe to Jepchirchiri and Brigid Kosgei on their gold and silver finishes. Tears and cheers and huge USA pride to Molly Seidel!!


Wow, just WOW!!! What an Olympic Marathon race! Congratulations to all and huge USA pride to Molly Seidel!!

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Triathlon Events 07/31/2021

Super proud of the individual success of Katie Zaferes earning the bronze in the individual Olympic Triathlon - and fangirl love to Flora Duffy - who I got to meet as I helped her find her keys in Colorado many years ago - on her gold winning performance! How fun was it to take all that joy to the next level and see the team relay come to life for the first time and how this US team rallied each other to a well earned silver medal. Rock on with your awesome triathlon individual and team victory -- rock on!!

Photos from Coach T Rally's post 07/25/2021

Break out the cowbell, it's a big race day! Though I don't have any athletes of my own at Ironman Lake Placid this year, my tracking roster of former CT3 Iron racers, friends, pro fan favorites and the like is the longest ever! Kathleen, Morgan, Sarah, Mark, Dede, Heather, Angela, Brenden, Angie, Matt ... to name a few! Some course changes this year with the beloved Olympic Oval under repairs but the energy is high and the early morning rain has stopped so it's game on for the athletes and and volunteer time for me so let's do this shall we? Special cheer to our CT3 awesome Iron athlete Tom taking on IM 70.3 Ohio today as well. Go racers GO!!!

Photos from Coach T Rally's post 07/04/2021

No better way to kick off the holiday than a great team run from Candy Cane City - a huge 15k victory for Victoria - celebrating Rob's naturalization by the President himself last week - and some good festive treats for us all in reward. Whatever way you spend this holiday, train safe and smart and have some fun! Oh and let's keep our fight for democracy going shall we?


Some words - and images - need repeating!!

Holy hot Sunday...Monday...Tuesday and beyond. Yes. Heat advisories are in effect and if I see any of you awesome athletes hitting the pavement for a midday run - you'll have Coach T to contend with! I've said it before but will say it again. Be smart, get up early and get it done or get creative with some indoor cross training instead! Remember to dial back the distance and take it silly slow. Sunglasses, visor, solid hydration and electrolyte intake to keep your body in check. Safety over the need for a sanity run no matter what!


I got my second vaccine on Saturday - yea to that! Recommendation from many sources was 64 oz of water on the day before the shot. But like anything that is a generalization - especially in factor to your size, general hydration level, and time of the vaccine. My 2nd shot was at 9:45am. Drinking 64 oz before that at 5' 2" creates a dangerous case of over hydration. So, lots of water the day before and just over 32 ounces the morning before the shot was a more appropriate formula. Even still - I needed salty foods to help balance all that water equally. I am fortunate to say the hydration proved helpful. Doesn't prevent all the after effect -- oh how my left arm felt for almost a day after -- but it did help. Side effects or not, so worth it for me and those around me. Trust science, and the process it takes to get things right.

Timeline photos 04/20/2021

I will be forever grateful to Kathrine Switzer and all the women who challenged the system and paved the way for the the medals we have earned in Boston and across the nation respectfully.

Kathrine Switzer became the first woman to officially run in the world's oldest annual marathon -- even though a race official tried to drag her off the course of the then male-only Boston Marathon on this day in 1967. Her story is a dramatic illustration of the barriers that female athletes had to overcome and of how far girls and women in sports have come in only a few decades. Switzer was a 20-year-old college student at Syracuse University in 1967 when she registered for the race using her initials, K.V. Switzer. Not realizing that she was a woman, who were barred from participating in the Boston Marathon for over 70 years, race officials issued her an entry number.

During the race, marathon official Jock Semple attempted to physically remove Switzer from the marathon after discovering she was female. Other runners, including Switzer’s boyfriend Tom Miller, blocked Semple and she was able to complete the marathon. Photographs of the incident and the story of Switzer’s participation in the marathon made global headlines. Switzer's record-setting run as the Boston Marathon’s first registered female runner came one year after the historic run of Bobbi Gibb, who disguised herself and snuck in to run the marathon in 1966.

After the marathon, Switzer became deeply engaged in efforts to increase girls’ and women’s access to sports and she and other women runners finally convinced the Boston Athletic Association to drop their discriminatory policies and allow women to participate in 1972. Today, nearly half of Boston Marathon entrants are female. Switzer also helped lead the drive for the inclusion of a women’s marathon in the Olympic Games -- a victory which was achieved at long last with the first women's marathon at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles.

As for the individuals captured in this dramatic moment, Semple later publicly apologized to Switzer and the two reconciled. After the rule was changed to allow women in the marathon, he became a staunch supporter of women racers. Looking back at what she called the “great shoving incident," Switzer reflected, "these moments change your life and change the sport. Everybody’s belief in their own capability changed in that one moment, and a negative incident turned into one of the most positive.”

To share this inspiring story with children, there's a fantastic picture book "Her Fearless Run: Kathrine Switzer's Historic Boston Marathon" for ages 6 to 10 at

For adults who would like to read more about Kathrine Switzer's inspiring story, we highly recommend her autobiography, "Marathon Woman: Running the Race to Revolutionize Women's Sports," at

For a wonderful picture book about women breaking athletic records throughout history, check out "Girls With Guts!" for ages 6 to 9 at

For an excellent book for adult readers about 22 trailblazing women runners, including Switzer, check out “First Ladies of Running: 22 Inspiring Profiles of the Rebels, Rule Breakers, and Visionaries Who Changed the Sport Forever,” at

And, for a fantastic t-shirt that speaks to the fact that strength has nothing to do with gender, check out the “I'm not strong for a girl. I'm just strong.” t-shirt for both kids and adults at


Eight years still feels like yesterday. Forever


From bold goals to broad smiles, dare to set the mark and go after it. That is all you can ask of yourself. Congratulations Desiree Linden on yet another vision seen and accomplished!!

Desiree Linden made the leap to ultrarunning today and set a huge new 50k world record of 2:59:54 in the process. Splits and more:

Photo: Brooks Running

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