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Photos from Chalk Cartel's post 05/13/2022

We are stoked to see this late film starring @hanna_smash. Honest, raw and real with some hard hitting sport climbing in Southern, AZ.

Great work to @pauldoffing and @mantmant

Link in bio to check it out.

Photos from Chalk Cartel's post 05/11/2022

We support both @thenuggetclimbing and @joekinder

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@scottstuk enjoying a bluebird day on riverside granite… does it get any better?! Dang!


TGIF!!!! Have a great weekend y’all.

• @dog_man_van


The moments in between.

• @raviolibiceps


Name the route…

• 🌹 @ltjian


The New River Gorge yields some of the highest quality climbing in the USA. Ask @dylanbarks95 about his latest 8c, Mandrill.

🔥 🤘💪☄️


Thanks @benrueck for reminding us what commitment looks like. 😜

Photos from Chalk Cartel's post 04/25/2022

How’s your grip?

• @dog_man_van


Happy Earth Day everyone! We pride ourselves in our eco friendly packaging and sourcing our chalk. 🌎❤️

Let’s celebrate this planet and all try to do better and play a part in conservation. Lots of love. 💟☮️


Thanks for this great gif from @thebouldercaddie of @tax_adit snatching up one of the beautiful holds in Joe’s Valley.


Congrats to @joekinder on his newest line, Mamajama (grade undecided).
42 and still and poppin!

📷 @gajdaphotography


And again!!!! @andistull sends another impressive level and a beautiful line. Maze Of Death, V12.
RAD!!!!! 💥🤘🚀💪

Photos from Chalk Cartel's post 04/13/2022

@nate_williams01 dialing the jump move on the raw dog V14 Insurgency.

📸 @tchenrock


Congrats to @hanna_smash in making his first semi-finals in the World Cup circuit. WHOOP!!!!! 🤘💥

📷 @vladek_zumr


We sponsor @thenuggetclimbing and enjoy the consistency and variety that releases every Monday of the week. If you like geeking out on climber talk, training and interesting stories, subscribe. We love it.

The current episode is with @nedfee and his late book “Beastmaking”. 👍


@hanna_smash in the inverted world. ♾

Photos from Chalk Cartel's post 04/04/2022

Sometimes, no matter how good our chalk is…. Ya eat it. 😜

📷 @ie_phot
• @averagejoesbouldering


Uncut footy of our guy @apurdy97 sending the famous Dreamtime, V15 😉

Photos from Chalk Cartel's post 03/30/2022

We are so proud of @felinefavia to hear such a great podcast on @thenuggetclimbing !!! Give it a listen when you’ve got the time and follow both accounts. 👍👊❤️

- Link in bio -

• @felinefavia
• @thenuggetclimbing



Climb 4 boulders, rest 4 minutes, repeat 4 times. Finding the right combination of boulders can be a challenge, because you want them to be medium difficulty–not too easy and not too hard. You should be maxed out after you finish your 4th set, but not falling off the wall.


Oh we do brushes too…

•High density boar's hair bristles
•Durable, long lasting, wear-resistant
•Made from 100% recycled plastic
•Steezy Chalk Cartel Logo for maximum street cred


Anyone with a home-wall or has a friend with one might dig this series.

We recently partnered with @homeclimbingwalltv for a solid episode. Here’s a quickie teaser and you can check out the latest on their page. Enjoy!


DWS anyone? @ltjian in Mallorca braving the unknown.

• 📷 @timkemple


@ie_phot showing one of the perfectly sculpted boulders. A pathway with just enough for the human body to use for ascending. Beyond Life, Joe’s Valley, UT.


We love the boards, but isn’t it nice to grab some comfy blobs on the bouldering walls? 😉

• @andistull


Blue bird skies! @lincoln_vanboulders on Chips in Joe’s Valley, UT.

📷 @dog_man_van


Siurana, 🇪🇸 or Tensleep, 🇺🇸 ?

• @stroh.light
• 📷 @vickyvicti


@noapproachnate taking those sharp-tiny-grips-just-in-the-right-way while standing-on-those-non-existent-feet-hoping-they-don’t-peel.
- We love climbing -


The freedom we feel in the boulders, cliffs and mountains…. Bliss.

• @a.vanoni
• Autobahn, 5.11+
• Half Dome, Yosemite


Is it a weekend of socializing or solace? Either way…. Enjoy it. ☀️


Our boy @raviolibiceps took a break from the Moonboard to use that strength of his in Switzerland. Congrats on the send of The Dagger, V14!!! Whoop!!!! 👏💪🤘🔥 🗡


And our boy sends!!!!! Life Of Villains, 9a, Utah. Whoop!!!!

• @dylanbarks95


We stand in support of Ukraine. You’re in our thoughts.


One of the more unique climbs in the USA.

• @joekinder
• The Tube, 8b+
• Kentucky
• @gajdaphotography

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Chalk Cartel was established to meet the demand for high performance climbing chalk at a competitive price; we bring high quality chalk to you directly from the source. Chalk Cartel is committed to building a unique, independent, sub-culture brand climbing lifestyle.

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