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F45 Training West Arvada


Table Talk Tuesday - Episode 2 🎙🎙
"Choosing the right Trainer/Coach to get you to the next level" 💪🙌
Nicki Thompson Richard Ybarra F45 Training West Arvada

1:30 — Richard is affective at building quality relationships. How do you do this so well? Trust. Realizing that everyone has their own unique background & experience - meet them at where they are. Knowing that there is a reason they came today…something motivated them to take that step and come in to the gym today…what is that reason? Bring fun and light-heartedness to the gym! Put yourselves in their shoes.

4:10 If you show 60% of your authentic self to someone, that is how much you will receive in return. People will feel comfortable in their own skin if you do as well. Give them 100%!

5:04 what do you love about F45? What I love most is that is accessible to anyone at any exercise level. They have a spectrum of members: from collegiate athletes to those who just want to move and build strength in safe space. All workouts can be modified.

7:22 How do you keep yourself positive & fill your spirit? Surround yourself with like-minded people and those who have the same goals. What would Jodi do?
You never leave a workout feeling worse than you come in. The reality is that you will always feel better!

9:25 How did Covid affect your business over the last year, how did you push through? There was a time we were 100% virtual — the energy in the gym was strange — with no one else there. Virtual allowed us to connect and share that energy once again. Baby steps…one day at a time.

12:40 Location: West Arvada, Central Park (Stapleton), and new location Southglenn
HIRING - looking for new coaches!! Email [email protected]. Getting back to the bigger classes again! Yeah!!

14:30 Who would you want to sit at your kitchen table and why? RuPaul - She was the front runner of whole drag queen movement. I would want to ask her about the challenges she faced and discuss her journey from square one.

16:07 The biggest item that Richard would like to leave us with: give 100% of you and be authentically you — because that is what you will receive from others! What you give to your friends/family is exactly what you will get back.

Discussed afterwards, Richard really wanted his audience to reflect on “self talk”. Be kind to yourself and lift yourself…you are beautiful just the way you are! When you are in a group work-out and cheer each other on and say to others “Come on! you got this, you are so strong!” You begin to train your mind to say those things to yourself. Healthy body, mind, and spirit!
F45 is the best way to get a full body workout. The trainers are awesome and I can’t say enough about everyone of them! The people and community vibe is what keeps me coming day in and day out. Love me some F45
I have really enjoyed working out at F45 Weat Arvada. Instructors are awesome and the workouts are challenging. Great place to workout.
Great job this morning, Chin! Hopefully you were able to get the internet working for the next class.
Can you start listing the trainer in MINDBODY again please?
You know it was a good workout when you’re hair is mess afterwards!! ❤️
F45 EST Arvada....You guys were AMAZING today! I cannot thank you enough for being a part of Cupid’s Undie Run. You guys helped make it truly special!❤️
Some of you have asked how you can get tickets to attend the Mrs Colorado pageant that I will be competing in as Mrs. Arvada in March. I will be purchasing a block of tickets on January 16. If you would like to be included in this purchase, please message me by January 15! Here are the pageant details! Preliminaries is Thursday, March 28 in DTC. General tickets are $20, VIP early entry tickets are $30. Finals and the crowning of the new Mrs. Colorado is Saturday, March 30 downtown. Orchestra level tickets are $50 each and balcony tickets are $40 each.
Just a suggestion!!! 😂💪Richard Ybarra Chin Ly Chelsea Jones Shannon Garcia Brian Weakley
Hey F45ers! Some of you know I am preparing to compete in the Mrs Colorado pageant as Mrs Arvada in April! I would love to have a crowd of F45ers cheering me on while I compete! Tickets go on sale in a few weeks and I will be placing orders for whoever would like to attend.

Prelims: Thursday, April 14th Cherry Creek
Finals: Saturday, April 16th Ellie Caulkins Opera House downtown

PM me if you’d like to be in my cheering section!
Did the Hollywood workout at F45 Training West Arvada today. You couldn't miss me - I was the old guy sweating and wheezing, muttering "Dear @God, please let it end..."

Seriously though: I've been doing F45 for over a month now; 3 times a week or so, and it is a killer workout! It wipes me out every time, it takes me at least a day to recover, and I hurt in muscles I never knew I had.

The one thing I have never felt? Injured.

I'm 54 years old with 3 kids, two under 8. I have a stressful life, and I've been way too sedentary for too long. And because of that, I get on a treadmill and fast walk for an hour, and I hurt myself. Hell, I hurt myself reaching back to hand something to my kids in the back seat. But the Functional, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout gives me a phenomenal workout, without injury.

And at my age, that's worth gold...

HIIT workout/Team Training F45 is the revolutionary training system changing lives around the globe!

Operating as usual


Congrats to @arn196 for completing 300th 🥳 You’re awesome Arnold!! We love the happy energy you bring to the studio every time! Keep up the amazing work!!


Congratulations to @terrahdm for completing her 300th classes! 🥳❤️
We love the dedication and all the effort you put in… Thank you!


🥳HAPPY BIRTHDAY!🥳 To our newest addition to this amazing team, Coach @fran_fitness ! We hope you feel all the love and get to celebrate with all your friends and family!


Congratulations to our amazing @cassfair for reaching 100th class. 🥳 We love the energy that you bring to our studio. Keep up the great work ❤️


- For todays feature Friday we're featuring the✨NEW✨ Gunnar Peterson workout we have for the next few Fridays! This is a ladder/AMRAP/Rep Based style workout, something F45 has never done before. You have a 4 min time cap to complete each combo set ladder. We start at your combo station A&B, you complete 12 reps at A, then immediately move to B and complete 12 reps. Then you move back to A and complete 10 reps, then station B for 10 reps, and so on all the way down to 6 reps. This is what I like to call a 'CHIPPER' workout where you just chip away at it rep by rep. One rep at a time. Feel free to take breaks when you need! Grab a buddy and get in here and try it out! LETS GO TEAM!❤️💙❤️💙

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Shoutout to all of our challenge participants! All of you have grown so much mentally and physically and we couldn’t be any happier for you! Congratulations to @ssmith_co Heather, Diane, @billdquinn for MVP. BIG Shoutout to @cassfair for taking first place for the womens and @danderson5151 for taking first for the mens! What a challenge this was and we are so excited for our next one!

Photos from F45 Training West Arvada's post 04/07/2022

Hey fam! Huge congrats to @joesekiya for completing 100 classes!! 🥳
That just shows consistency and commitment to your goals! We love having you in classes and appreciate your effort you put in. Thank you!


Coach @f45sflossyaussie and coach @prettyricardo_22 breaking it down for ya!
Key tips:
✅proud posture, don't let your chest fall too far forward
✅align the toes of the straight leg w the heel of the foot that steps out to allow for better balance and deeper range of motion
✅keep the toes faced forward, don't let them turn out to 45 degrees bc that is a completely different movement.
Check out this move in todays ICEBERG full body strength workout💪💪 GO TEAM! ❤️💙🤍🤍❤️💙


Happy Monday F45ers! Who's ready for the new workouts this week? Let's get the week started right with a sweaty Monday workout. Get in here! See you soon!


Next weeks REFRESH! We have an AWESOME new Friday workout for ya! Get ready for a great sweat sesh inspired by a fitness industry legend Gunnar Peterson ! THIS is a Friday workout you WONT wanna miss 💪💪


We are a worldwide community and we want to show some love to our fam in Ukraine. Bring in your gently used backpacks/sacks and donate them so we can send them to Krakow, Poland. There, the bags will be filled with medical supplies and delivered to their neighbors in Ukraine. There is also a QR code if you'd like to donate $$ as well. One of our members Iza is collecting and purchasing more backpacks from local thrift stores as well! Let's show some love to our friends in the Ukraine this week💙💛💙💛


Surround yourself with health positive people! Our is always here cheering each other on 💪💪 We don't believe in 'Summer Bods' here, we believe in a lifestyle change that is long term sustainable. Come see why we truly are 10 Day Trial for $10 Link 👉👉 https://bit.ly/3JCRhhw


For todays we wanna give a shout out to our amazing members who help us create such a fun and inclusive community. EveryBODY is welcome here! No matter where you're at in your fitness journey we're here to help and support you all while wearing a big smile 😁


⚠️💯 Club shoutout!⚠️

Hey F45 Fam! This is @ali_wally44 She always has the best attitude! Regardless if it’s early in the AM or late in the PM. She’s encouraging and we couldn’t be happier you chose F45 to get your sweat on! Thank you for you hard work and keep crushing it!


SO proud of this crew that absolutely crushed it and SHOWED UP for each other this morning! Here at F45 we are all about community and we always cheer each other on 💪💪 Thanks for having us DEKAFIT

Home 03/14/2022


HAPPY MONDAY TEAM! On this special we wanna give a huge shout out to @lauralkmerrill for crushing over 300 classes!!! 💪💪 Laura came to us in Oct 2019, not long after having both hips replaced and was a bit intimidated at first but had her first class with coach @prettyricardo_22 and found that our program really was meant for anyBODY! She said her balance and strength were both poor, but she really wanted to get back to being herself. 'It was scary at first, but with the coaches encouragement I've come further than I ever thought I could! ❤️' THANKS FOR BEING SUCH A ROCKSTAR LAURA AND ALWAYS MOTIVATING US TO CRUSH THESE WORKOUTS JUST LIKE YOU! 💙💙❤️🤍🤍❤️💙💙

Home F45 provides the ultimate gym experience by combining cutting edge techniques with high grade equipment and friendly, supportive staff. Get the complete fitness workout you deserve by locating your closest F45 gym.


⚠️ATTENTION F45 FAM⚠️ For todays we are so happy to introduce our newest trainer, Fran, to the F45 West Arvada team! A bit about Fran:
-she's from Brazil moved to the US in 2016
-Portuguese is her first language and she's learning Spanish!
-She fell in love with F45 in Feb 2022 after doing a trial!
-she loves Yoga and stretching🧘🏾‍♀️
-Her favorite F45 days are the strength days
-She has a dog named Buddy who is 1 year old 🐶
-Her favorite food is Brazilian cuisine!
-make sure to show off your favorite dance moves in class with her cuz she loves to dance! 💃🏾🕺🏾
WELCOME TO THE F45 FAM @fran_fitness 💙🤍💙❤️🤍❤️


60 classes at @f45_training_centralparkco ✅ & 109 classes at @f45_training_west_arvada ✅ Challenge winner ✅ Team Player✅ @brooklynhugs we are so proud of you and everything you've accomplished in the last year with our F45Fam! Always smiling while you cheer others on, and always showing up and crushing the workouts. Keep up the hard work! Up next 300 club! LETSGOOOO!


Choose to take action TODAY team! Show up for yourself on this day and every day. Remember that taking 45 min of the day just for YOU will benefit you in ways you can't imagine! We are RESULTS driven because our members show up and get the work done. Why? Because F45 is FUN, quick, effective, community oriented, and results driven! Happy team - LETS GET IT! 💪💪


We love taking care of our members and we LOVE seeing these wonderful reviews! If you haven't tried us out, and need more convincing, check out our 81 FIVE STAR reviews on google! Thanks to our amazing members for bringing that true community feel 🥰


❇️TRAINER TIP TUESDAY❇️ with coaches @sarahbomers and @prettyricardo_22 Breakin down the pull-up variations! Get in here and let's get sweaty! 💪💪


Happy Monday team! What goals have you crushed while working out with us at F45?? COMMENT BELOW!!


We are OPEN for your normal scheduled programming! Get in here and let's get that upper body strength day done. 💪💪


💥BOOM💥we added yet ANOTHER one into the 500 Class Hall of FAME! 🤩 CONGRATS KRISTIN on hitting 500 classes! We love having you in those early morning classes and you truly are the definition of dedication! Keep crushing it lady, see ya bright n early soon 💪💪


💙🤍❤️HAPPY FRIDAY! On todays Friday Feature, we wanted to highlight... YOU! Our amazing members who come in and crush it every day! Our community is like no other and we are so thankful for such a fun crew to work with daily. YOU all are the reason we love what we do. Real People, Real Results, Real Friendships, REALLY FUN!Thank you for being YOU 💙🤍❤️


Congrats to yet another amazing milestone CRUSHED 💪💪Thanks @mondenise for always bringing your love and positive energy to every class! WE LOVE YOU! Next stop 300 CLUB! 💙🤍❤️


WELCOME TO THE GUN SHOW! @danderson5151 JUST joined the 500 CLUB! 🙌🥳🥳🙌 What a legend! Thanks so much for being such a great part of our F45 Fam for so long! Consistency is KEY! Way to go team!


CAN'T WAIT for the new rotation of workouts next week!!! We love that NO WORKOUT IS EVER THE SAME HERE AT F45! 🔴🔵⚪️Comment below which of these is your favorite!! ⬇️⬇️

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