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Operating as usual


I hope you’re excited and ready for our PILLOW FIGHT!!! 🤩🔥 Starts at 3:30pm!


Journaling this morning, I couldn’t help but feel enormous gratitude. It’s the last day of the year for Super Kicks…

I have such an amazing team. We all enjoy each other, we get along, and everyone works hard to create a beautiful experience for our students. Thank you to my team, for your hard work, energy, and care for what we do.

I’m so grateful for you, our students. Thank you for training hard, setting goals with us, and allowing Super Kicks to be part of your family.

Thank you to Ashburn for accepting Super Kicks as a brand in the community 11 years ago. I’m incredibly grateful that we can serve, and be a small voice of influence here. I have always felt welcomed by this community. It’s been the highlight of my career.

You can “start fresh” and set new goals anytime, but the new year always feels special to me. It’s my favorite holiday. Cheers to the new year! Wishing you all a prosperous, happy, healthy, and beautiful 2024!

Master Alley


Students have been training HARD this week, and having a blast!

Don’t miss out on your next level class… Holiday week of classes = next level material! 🔥


What may look like trash is ACTUALLY our tribe, being a blessing to this community! These are all clothes to donate! 🔥

And you can participate, too! Donate your clothes! Any clothes that are gently used to new, bring them to us this week or next, and we will be making a donation to Women Giving Back at the end of the year ❤️

Share this, and let your friends in the area know! 🤗


One of the things that made a huge difference in my life was my instructor, checking my report card as a kid.

I knew that my mom and dad cared about my grades, but I REALLY didn't want to disappoint my instructor.

One grading period in 4th grade, I received a D in history. This was the worst grade I had ever earned, and I was terrified to bring my report card to the karate school.

Very calmly, he asked what I did differently, and asked me what I thought I could do to improve. I listed off a handful of ideas. He approved.

No yelling. No disappointment. Just coaching. And accountability.

I left our short little meeting, resolved that I could certainly do better. After all, they were MY ideas about what I could do differently.

6 weeks later, I brought my D up to a B, and I had never been more proud to show my instructor.

Fast forward 25 years.

This is the same approach we have with our students now. Honor roll report card? Silver star for your uniform. Not so good grades? Quick, easy coaching, accountability, and compassion as we help the student map our a game plan that gets grades back on course.

So, this grading period, bring in your report cards. Let the instructors at Super Kicks be part of the coaching and accountability for your kids.


It’s always fun coaching a kid, who gets to spar his mom! These two were having WAY too much fun! 🤩


Teaching kids to view failure as a learning opportunity is crucial. It's not about falling down; it's about getting back up with more wisdom and determination. Every time they stumble in their karate practice and rise again, they're not just learning a new move; they're building resilience and the courage to tackle life's challenges. 🥋


As the holiday season approaches, we're excited to announce our "Clothes Drive" for the entire month of December! It's a time to declutter, give back, and spread warmth in our community.

Why participate?

Teach Compassion: It's a perfect opportunity to teach and remind our kids about empathy and giving back to those in need.

Declutter for a Cause: This is your chance to clear out gently used clothes that no longer fit or are needed, making room for the new year.

Community Impact: Every piece of clothing you donate can make a big difference in someone's life.

Family Bonding: Participating as a family can create lasting memories and instill values of community service.

How to participate:

Simply bring your bags of good-to-new clothes to Super Kicks Karate any day in December that we are open! We are accepting donations from both members and non-members, so feel free to spread the word!

Let's show the power of our community and make a significant impact together. Your generosity can provide much-needed warmth and comfort to many during this holiday season.

Thank you for joining us in this noble cause. Together, we can make a difference!

Master Alley


“There’s no crying in baseball!”

Every so often, we give the class an EXTRA round, and inevitably, we get moans and sighs and groans from kids 😂

It’s normal. I do it too. I’m taking a class, working out, and the instructor gives MORE than you’re used to… you mumble under your breath.

You do it too, don’tcha? 🤪

It always makes me think of the line from A League of Their Own. “There’s no crying in baseball!”

And there’s no sighing in karate.

It gives the instructors an easy place to pause, and remind the class: embrace the tough stuff.

It’s good for you physically, but it’s even better for you emotionally.

Sometimes, life throws us curve balls. Things get extra hard. How we respond is what makes or breaks us.

Do we fold, or do we accept the challenge?

Emotional toughness—grit—it’s what gets you to black belt. It’s also what helps you succeed in life.

Want your kids receiving this type of coaching on a regular basis? Start taking our classes. Go to our website and grab a free trial!


How do you get to start YOUR work day? 🤪


Way back in the day, when Master Alley could fly…

Superman push-ups! 🔥


This young man just turned in his 1st BLACK star sheet, what you earn after assisting in 12 classes! 🔥 That's not just skill, that's leadership!

Major props for not only mastering techniques but helping others do the same. Keep shining! 🥷🌟


New families regularly call and ask, “Do you have any girls that take karate?”

Yes. Yes we do. We actually have more girls than boys at Super Kicks. AND, they make some incredible black belts. Exhibit A 👇


Attention Black Belts! Check out what you’re about to learn this next cycle! 🔥


How Does He Remember All Those Names?! 😅

Yesterday, over 400 students graduated to their next belt level, and it was AWESOME! Congrats to all of you for your hard work and dedication over the summer! I’m so proud of you!

After all the ceremonies were over, we went to Vanish to celebrate and spend time together as a tribe. I love hanging out with our members like this, because it gives us time to relax together, eat and drink, and build a stronger bond. Super Kicks is a family, and it feels good to be together.

Last night, while chatting with newer families, I was asked the question I always get after a graduation ceremony:

“How do you remember all of those names? One by one, you call everyone! Is someone feeding you names? Do you have a special trick? We didn’t see an earpiece!” 😂

I’m always flattered by the compliment, and it makes me chuckle, but I thought I’d go ahead share my secret with you. Are you ready??

We care.

That’s it. Truly.

There’s no wire, no live feed, and no names written anywhere that I’m reading.

We care about every student in our school, and from day one, we are doing our best to build a relationship that will last years beyond earning a black belt.

Listen carefully the next time you see me teach a class. I promise I use your student’s name at LEAST once. And every other student in attendance. But three times is actually my goal while someone is in the building. Why?

Because it’s important to me that a child feels seen. Heard. Part of the tribe. I want them to know that I love them, I care about their progress, and they matter. Using their name is an integral part of that.

And, I teach my team to do the same. Using student’s names in class seems like a small gesture, but the impact is HUGE.

The result is, during a graduation ceremony, I have no trouble recalling names. I know everyone there. I have a relationship with each student. I care about them.

And what might REALLY blow your mind is… so does every member on my team. It’s part of our culture. It’s who we are. Anyone could get up front, take my place, and continue to roll.

This is Super Kicks. ❤️


Brand new BOB, brand new message ❤️


It was a sad day at Super Kicks… 😢


One of the things that the instructors here love to do is make personalized videos to our students. You could look at any of our phones, and see dozens of these images per day.

What feels the best is when the kids make a video, and send one right back to us! 🤗


We've always believed in bringing the best for our students, and this summer, we've outdone ourselves! We want to take a moment to shine a spotlight on our newest gem, Master Eric Thompson.

From the moment he stepped in, Master Eric has breathed fresh energy and passion into our summer camp. His dedication, creativity, and genuine love for teaching have not only been uplifting, but have also crafted unforgettable experiences for our young students.

To Master Thompson - Thank you for your unwavering commitment and the amazing impact you've made in such a short time. We're beyond grateful to have you on board and are excited for the future!

To our Super Kicks family - If you see Master Thompson, make sure to give him a big (virtual or real) high-five! 🙌


🌟 Future leaders in the making at our summer camp! These Super Kicks kiddos are not only mastering martial arts but also building confidence, resilience, and friendships that'll last a lifetime. A big shoutout to every family that trusts us with their young champs. Here's to more kicks, giggles, and growth! 🥋

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44710 Cape Court #114
Ashburn, VA

Opening Hours

Tuesday 1pm - 9pm
Wednesday 1pm - 10pm
Thursday 1pm - 9pm
Friday 1pm - 9pm
Saturday 9am - 6pm

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