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We are a small, inclusive, boutique Pilates home studio offering small group classes and privates.

Operating as usual


I have a couple spots open for classes this week!

Also, if you’ve been waiting for those mid-morning class times (perfect for school/preschool drop off!) now is your chance to get in!! 9:15 and 10:20 am classes are on the schedule starting next week 🙌

Book here:


I’ve got a last minute opening for class tomorrow!

Book here:


Hey friends! Happy Friday! Just checking in to let you know 2 things:

1. There are 2 spots open for class this Sunday at 11 am!! If you haven’t gotten in to try a class yet, this is a perfect opportunity for you 💪

2. Next week both Tues and Thurs classes at 4:30 are FULL 🙌 🎉 Because of this I have added a special class time Wednesday at 4:30 pm… there are now just TWO spots open for that class. DM me to grab one for yourself or head to my website,

See you in the studio soon! Have a fabulous weekend!


I’ve got one spot open for tomorrow’s 4:30 pm class. Who wants to join and get started on their Pilates journey to feeling stronger, taller, more pain free??💪

Send me a DM or book here:


Who’s coming to class this week? 🙋‍♀️


Look at this amazing welcome mat by 😍😍 it is so perfect, right??

“Return to Life” was Joseph Pilates’ publication in which he highlighted his original floor exercises that made up “Contrology”- the name of Pilates before it became Pilates. He considered his method a system of movement, a mind-body connection that would lead to a healthy lifestyle.

This right here 👆 is what Pilates means to me. It is a method that helps you “return to life,” to the life you want, to keep your body free of pain, and strong. Being strong is great, but being strong in a *functional* way that helps you move through life in the way YOU want really is *key*.

Ready to book your first class yet??


Book here at:


Okay friends, I have some exciting news to share! I’ve expanded my home studio!! I have a new studio name… Ashburn Core Pilates… and I’m now going to be offering small group sessions (of 3), and privates as well!!

I’ve got some classes on the schedule already starting next week… come and have a look! I’ll be adding some morning classes sometime after Labor Day (when both my kids are actually going to be in school 🙌).

Check out my new website,, and come follow me at


Who can spot what’s new?? 🙋‍♀️

I’m so excited about my new addition! And there may be duet sessions coming in the future 😬 Who doesn’t like to work out with a friend??


Was going to walk with a friend tonight… well, the rain squashed that idea 😩 instead I’m spending some time down here… I actually love coming down to my studio after the kids go to bed and I can “play” around without a time constraint. Also I skipped my workout earlier today, better late than never right? 😬


Is it bad if the first thought that runs through your head after your kid breaks your toe is how it will affect your workouts??... just wondering... 😂

Anyway, yes, my 2 year old ran over my pinky toe a few days ago and broke it 😭 since I'm out for a while from doing cardio exercise, this is the perfect time for me to add in MORE Pilates to my routine 🙌😬

One of the amazing things about Pilates is how easy it is to modify for injuries. There is a lot I can do without putting pressure on that pinky toe! Like feet in straps, which is always a crowd pleaser 😍


Oh hiii 👋 Whew, well that was an unexpected break from posting! Summer is winding down and I wanted to pop back in to say I'm still here! Still Pilates-ing! Still busy with my kids, and clients, and all things fun in the sun ☀️

How have you been? Are you sad summer is closing in, or are you going head first into Fall? I have to say, I had never been much of a lover of summer until the last couple years with kids. And I still wouldn't say I LOVE it, but it's definitely growing on me 😎 I'm still a Fall girl through and through.

I'm planning to pop in more frequently now as I get back into a regular routine again (my oldest starts kindergarten next week 😱). I am also still taking new clients if you are looking to add some Pilates into your life (who isn't??).

Reach out if you have questions! Or want to say hi, or tell me how your summer has been! 😊⛱☀️


Want to do Pilates with me but not sure where to start? It's super easy!

✨ Send me a DM!

✨ Check out my schedule linked here:

✨ Don't see a time that works for you? Ask me! I might have some wiggle room.

Super simple, right? What are you waiting for?? 😉


Can I tell you a secret?

I really don't like rolling like a ball 😅 I'm not good at it and I don't particularly like it! (Which probably means I need to be doing it more...)

I take it as a good reminder that not every exercise is meant to be done perfectly by every person. It may even change depending on the day.

Our bodies are all different, and that's great! We have our own strengths. And rolling like a ball isn't one of mine 😂

What is your least favorite exercise? I know you have one 😉


Magic Circle... Pilates Ring... Ring of Fire 🔥 ...

What have you heard this prop called? Whatever you choose to call it, this ring is one of our favorite props in Pilates class. The ring adds a fun and challenging layer to many exercises. Keeep reading to check out 3 that I love 😍

1. Bridge: bridging with the ring between your knees is SO great to target those inner thighs! Keep a good squeeze on the ring so your knees pull toward each other and avoid splaying.
➡️ added fun: hold up in bridge and squeeze the ring in and out

2. The Hundred: this adds an extra element to your Hundred! Keeping a light squeeze on the ring really activates your whole body and brings focus to your legs as well as core!
➡️ added fun: add tiny pulses on the ring while you inhale, and while you exhale hold a "super" squeeze on the ring.

3. Side lift: the ring adds more instability to the side lift, which makes it more challenging. The bottom leg's inner thigh works, while the top leg's outer thigh works, which creates a "fun" dynamic.
➡️ added fun: lift legs up, then go back and forth between bending knees forward and straightening legs out.

Want a Magic Circle at home? There are a lot of choices at various price ranges. Check out Target, Walmart or Amazon. There is definitely no need to spend a lot of money on one... I think mine is about $20 from Amazon!

Do you have a Ring at home? What exercise do you love to do with it? Tell me ⬇️


Feel good exercise: feet in straps

Feet in straps on the reformer sure does feel good! Leg circles in particular always gets a lot of love from clients 🥰

Which one of these is your favorite feel good exercise??


Are you always waiting for the perfect moment in the day to do a workout? Do you feel like you have to be wearing workout clothes, no interruptions, dedicated space in order to get some movement into your day?...

.... and then not actually do anything because you waited too long?? ☹

Stop doing this!!! Seriously, stop ✋

It's okay that you're wearing pajamas. It's okay that you only have 5 minutes. It's okay that your kids are rolling around next to you or that you have to shove toys out of the way to find a spot to do floor work.

Fit it in, make it happen. It doesn't have to be pretty, I promise!!

Try these 👇

•Squats while reading a book to your kids

•Calf raises while folding laundry

•Wall sit with your work computer on your lap

•Pilates ab series while your kids are playing Legos

•Standing push ups at the counter while waiting for water to boil

•Planks during the commercial break watching evening TV

Which of these 👆 are you going to try first? Have another idea? Leave it below!


"How many times per week should I do Pilates?"

This is definitely a top question I get asked by clients! My answer is... it depends! It depends on a lot actually!

Ask yourself these questions:

👉How quickly do you want to see results?

👉Is Pilates going to be your main source of fitness or is it a complement to something else (like running, etc)?

👉What is your top goal with starting a Pilates program?

👉What is your budget and schedule?


Clearly, as with most other forms of fitness, the more frequently you do it, the faster you will see results. If you are not incorporating any other forms of movement or fitness into your life, it will take longer to see results.

Many people recommend practicing Pilates 3 times a week. I think that's a great goal but not ALWAY practical! Life gets in the way! We're all busy, right? Look at that last question above- we ALL have a different budget and schedule restrictions to work with! And there is nothing wrong with that!

What IS important is consistency! Be proud of the dedication you put in, and the consistency of your practice will provide results 👏 💪

Do this resonate with you? Leave me a 🙌 below!


What is that contraption? It looks like a torture device!

Guess how many times I've heard that said 👆 I know, the reformer looks scary but I promise it's not! Here's a quick guide to the different parts of a reformer. Putting a name to something makes it less intimidating, right? 😉


Well this vaccine sure knocked me down for a bit 😖 I was NOT expecting that... thankfully feeling much better this afternoon 🙌

Super thankful for a husband who stayed home today to help me with the kids, and also thankful to be ... this girl does NOT like needles 😅


Good morning! I'm all ready with my coffee for my 6 am client!!

I'm 100% a morning person when it comes to working out. I love how much energy it gives me for the rest of my day 😊

Are you a morning person too when it comes to working out? Guess what... I've got a few days with a 6 am time slot open. Bonus... you'll get to see my super fun purple cat coffee mug 😉


"Are private Pilates sessions for me?"...

Short answer... yes!

Long answer... yes!

Here's why privates are great and why YOU should try a private session:

•You get to tell me your goals! And I get to think of fun, challenging ways to help you meet your goals!

•My eyes are on you the whole time (YES, this a good thing for those of you who are used to group classes and trying to "hide" 😅)

•You have an injury or sore muscle? That's okay! We work around it, or we work to improve it.

•You get to pick my Pilates brain! In group classes you don't have a chance to ask for exercises to do at home or learn more about what muscles you should be feeling.

•I'm super friendly 😜 do you tend to be shy or nervous in group fitness settings? It's okay! My studio is a safe space with zero judgement 💙

DM me to set up your first private session 🙂


Toe taps

Are you doing crunch after crunch after crunch and not seeing many results? Let me tell you a secret 🤫 those crunches aren't strengthening your inner abdoninals, which are SUPER important to getting that core strength.

First: What do crunches do? They strengthen your re**us abdominis, aka the "6-pack" abs. What do the 6-pack abs do? They... wait for it... allow your upper body to bend forward (aka flexion). That's kind if it!

Yes, they are important! They help you sit up. They help you bend down or forward. They work with other muscles to help you move.

But! What about those inner muscles?? The inner abs are called the transverse abdominis (or TA). This muscle is SO important. This is what we love to focus on in Pilates.

The TA:
•helps with posture
•supports your organs
•stabilizes your low back and pelvis

Okay, and this last one is what we're wondering about:
•it "sucks in" your lower stomach to create a flatter look

How do you engage the TA?
>>Imagine there is a band around your waist from the bottom of your rib cage down to your hip bones. Take a big breath in, relaxing your whole belly. Now on your exhale, contract your core and draw in away from that whole imaginary band, from ribs to hips, straight back toward your spine.

Now here's the kicker. Do this 👆 without tucking your pelvis. That means, don't stretch your lower back and pull your tailbone under.

What are two great exercises to work the TA? Plank and toe taps!! Make sure you fully engage the TA as described above while doing these exercises!! Not sure what toe taps are? Check out my video!

Question? Ask me below ⬇️


✨ Pilates ball ✨

Today I'm highlighting a prop that is a favorite among Pilates instructors: the Pilates ball!

This is a small inflatable ball that can be used in SO many ways. Depending on the goal, it:

•adds support
•makes exercises harder
•aids in stabilizing
•creates instability
•is just plain fun

I have a couple different brands of Pilates ball... there's really not much difference between the ones I have! You can find them easily... just search for "Pilates ball" in Amazon, Target, or wherever you want to buy one. They are usually about 8-10" in size.

Check below ⬇️ to find 3 fun exercises you can do at home with the Pilates ball. The options really are endless 🥰


♡Show up for yourself... if you don't do it, who will?♡

Enjoy your weekend!!


Question: do you even sweat in Pilates?

Haha! This question is funny to me 😜. It is true that Pilates is not a cardio workout. BUT that does not mean you are not exerting yourself! Quite the opposite. Pilates is resistance training and can be quite demanding. Anyone who tries to tell you that you don’t sweat in Pilates has clearly never taken a Pilates class!

I LOVE making my clients sweat... and the best is when it's so-called "easy" exercise that does it (hint: there are no easy exercises in Pilates).

What have you heard about Pilates that makes you stop and wonder if it's true?? Leave it 👇👇


Coming back at you today after an impromptu social media break last week! The beautiful weather combined with our kitchen work being done had me outside with the kids during most of my free time!! Isn't it nice to take a break sometimes?? 

Today I thought I'd share "About me"!

•I began my Pilates journey in 2009 after moving to the DC area. After taking classes at the local studio, I quickly realized how integral Pilates was to my physical and mental well-being. 

•With the guidance of my favorite Pilates instructor (who I still look back to as inspiration for the way I teach) I decided to become an instructor.

​•I became certified to teach mat Pilates through BASI Pilates in 2013, and went back for my comprehensive Pilates certification through BASI in 2014. 

​•After teaching at local studios these past 7-8 years, I decided to open my home studio this past Fall. I had toyed with the idea for a while and for a variety of reasons decided to go for it! 

•Why I love teaching Pilates: its a fun way to workout that doesn't feel like "work", there is something for everyone no matter your fitness level or injuries

•What do I love most about teaching: making my client sweat and challenging them even with the "easy" exercises 😉

•Outside of Pilates: I have 2 kids (Eleanor and Simon), 2 kitties (Amber and Ruby), my husband Jon (these are not in order of importance 😂😂). You will most likely find me wearing yoga pants either coming in from a workout or browsing the plant section at Lowes (just kidding on the last one... or am I?😉😂)

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I have a couple spots open for classes this week! Also, if you’ve been waiting for those mid-morning class times (perfec...
I’ve got a last minute opening for class tomorrow! Book here:
I’ve got one spot open for tomorrow’s 4:30 pm class. Who wants to join and get started on their Pilates journey to feeli...
Want to do Pilates with me but not sure where to start? It's super easy!✨ Send me a DM!✨ Check out my schedule linked he...
Can I tell you a secret? I really don't like rolling like a ball 😅 I'm not good at it and I don't particularly like it! ...
Feel good exercise: feet in straps
What is that contraption? It looks like a torture device! Guess how many times I've heard that said 👆 I know, the reform...
Toe taps



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