WB20 - Whole Body 20 EMS

WB20 - Whole Body 20 EMS


Showcasing #LoudounSBA Winners! 👏👏 Big thank you to Hann and his team at Leesburg Lifestyle magazine for showcasing these awesome local business leaders this month. We always love seeing the support! WB20 - Whole Body 20 EMS, The Marketing Management Group, Lost Rhino Brewing Co., Extraordinary Transitions - Pamela & Dave Jones - Long & Foster Real Estate, Loudoun Cares, Magnolias at the Mill Restaurant, Cucinamore, LLC, House Cleaning Heroes, Stacey Metcalfe, Tony Howard & Shawn Mitchell.
And, second, read all about the extraordinary Daphne Mustafa and Bernard Mustafa, WB20EMS pioneers in January's Leesburg Lifestyle!
Well, FIRST things first -- thanks to Jerome for helping me nearly completely eliminate my upper arm flab in just 7 weeks! (Not that easy for #womenofacertainage.
*Flips hand*
Oyyy dear,
Hang onto yourself, health, and life.
Don’t drop.
Come try a revolutionary full body workout that can be done anywhere using EMS technology.
It only takes 20 minutes but is 90 minutes worth of exercise.
Message me and check out WB20 - Whole Body 20 EMS for more details. 💪
Live and human,
We were proud to celebrate our small business community last night at our 27th Annual Loudoun Small Business Awards. 🏆 Congratulations to all of the finalists and winners! #LoudounSBA
🔻Small Business of the Year Winner: Loudoun Cares
🔻People's Choice Award Winner: Lost Rhino Brewing Co.
🔻Loudoun Entrepreneur of the Year Winner: Dawn Crawley, House Cleaning Heroes
🔻Superior Service Business of the Year Winner: Extraordinary Transitions - Pamela & Dave Jones - Long & Foster Real Estate
🔻Nonprofit Organization of the Year Winner: Loudoun Cares
🔻Virtual Business of the Year Winner: Cucinamore, LLC
🔻Main Street Business of the Year Winner: The Marketing Management Group
🔻Health & Wellness Business of the Year Winner: WB20 - Whole Body 20 EMS
🔻Loudoun Destination Business of the Year Winner: Magnolias at the Mill Restaurant
Congratulations to all of the finalists for the 27th Annual Loudoun Small Business Awards! 🏆 We can't wait to celebrate with you on October 29th. 🥳👏 People's Choice Award voting is open NOW, and closes Thursday, Sept. 9th at 5 p.m. Vote: www.LoudounChamber.org/SBA

Thank you to all of our sponsors, including our Signature Sponsor One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Northern Virginia, as well as our People's Choice Sponsor BCT-The Community's Bank.

Finalists for Superior Service Business of the Year, Sponsored by Comfenergy
🔺 Dogtopia
🔺 Extraordinary Transitions - Pamela & Dave Jones - Long & Foster Real Estate
🔺 House Cleaning Heroes
🔺 Stone Ridge Oral & Facial Surgery-Mark Armanious DMD

Finalists for Nonprofit Organization of the Year, Sponsored by Claude Moore Charitable Foundation
🔺 INMED USA Partnerships for Children
🔺 JK Community Farm
🔺 Loudoun Cares
🔺 Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy

Finalists for Virtual Business of the Year, Sponsored by Backflow Technology LLC
🔺 Cheers in a Box
🔺 Cucinamore, LLC
🔺 Purpose WorX
🔺 Yield Bookkeeping Services, LLC

Finalists for Main Street Business of the Year, Sponsored by
MainStreet Bank
🔺 AWL Creative at A Wedding Loft
🔺 Lost Rhino Brewing Co.
🔺 The Clay and Metal Loft
🔺 The Marketing Management Group

Finalists for Health & Wellness Business of the Year, Sponsored by Lowes Island Dentistry
🔺 WB20 - Whole Body 20 EMS
🔺 Dulles Life Smiles
🔺 Nutri Muscle Meals
🔺 Physician Premiere Weight & Wellness Center

Finalists for Loudoun Destination Business of the Year, Sponsored by Bank of Clarke County
🔺 Escape Room LoCo
🔺 Magnolias at the Mill Restaurant
🔺 The Restaurant at Patowmack Farm
🔺 the Zone

Ambassadors Health & Wellness themed New Member BizCrawl ☀️ Membership Coordinator Emma Royce and a few Chamber Ambassadors visited several new businesses who opened last year. Due to size restrictions at the time on gatherings, their ribbon cutting events did not get the full Chamber experience, so a field trip was scheduled!
1️⃣ First stop: WB20 - Whole Body 20 EMS is an elegant, powered whole body system of fitness training designed to improve strength and fitness by building muscle and burning fat in 20 minute sessions.
2️⃣ Second stop: The Resilience Network is a mental health resource comprised of licensed professionals who are committed to the healthy emotional development of children and families.
3️⃣ Third stop: The NOW Massage Ashburn is designed to serve as a sanctuary and oasis from the bustling reality of every day life.
4️⃣ Fourth stop: Happy Hour at City Tap Loudoun!
Today is #thankfulthursday!

We would like to lend a special thank you to a few of our silent auction donations! Thank you to four local powerhouse businesses, Reston Limousine, WB20 - Whole Body 20 EMS, The Market Group Inc. and the Zone for their generous donations to be auctioned at our Reading Between the Wines Event.

Join us at Walsh Family Wine on May 15th to bid on these, or any of our other silent auction items.

TICKETS: https://fb.me/e/28GI4w5Jh
Congratulations to wholebody20ems on your Grand Opening in Ashburn! 👏✂️ This exercise is a 20 minute mood boosting, fat burning, muscle toning program designed for all fitness levels. Learn more on their website: https://www.wb20.io/ #LoudounPossible
⏯️ Live from the wholebody20ems ribbon cutting!

Their mission​ is to enhance clients’ quality of life by delivering innovative fitness and wellness solutions. Take a look at the live demonstrations below to learn more!
Learn more about Daphne Mustafa's entrepreneurial story in the next installment of the Loudoun Chamber’s Black History Month profiles of local Black business owners. ➡ Daphne, along with her husband Bernard, is a Co-Founder and COO of wholebody20ems in Ashburn. WB EMS is fitness technology has been widely used for many years outside of the U.S. by celebrities and athletes such as Usain Bolt. Read here: https://www.loudounchamber.org/black-history-spotlight-wb20/

Burn fat & build muscle in 20 mins twice a week with WB20

WB20 EMS is an elegant, powered whole body system of fitness training designed to improve strength and fitness by building muscle and burning fat in 20 minute sessions.

Operating as usual


Form Friday- Triceps Extensions

Triceps are an often overlooked muscle in the arms, but they are very important to train as they control your elbows and are important stabilizers in the shoulder joints.

When doing extensions, stand tall with the weight lifted overhead and slowly lower the weight behind your back and back up while keeping your core and shoulders stable.


Join our team!

We are looking for dedicated trainers to join our expanding WB20 team!

Learn more and submit an application at: wb20.io/join-our-team/

Timeline photos 05/12/2022

We are looking for dedicated trainers to join our expanding WB20 team!
Learn more and submit an application at: wb20.io/join-our-team/

Photos from WB20 - Whole Body 20 EMS's post 05/11/2022

Last week, a client came in with complaints of weight gain and bloat. Her pants didn't fit and because it had been a few weeks since we last saw her, she felt that she had "slipped up" in between sessions. Our FIT3D scanner showed a 4in increase in her waist size due to bloating, but that she had actually lost inches everywhere else along with a 2% drop in body fat! With her morale lifted, we talked about her stress level, sleep, and diet and it was clear that two things were missing: WATER AND FIBER! Her trainer Corinne provided a number of helpful resources to get her diet back on track and things "moving" in the right direction 💩 . Our client texted today stating that 80% of her bloating is gone and she can't wait for her next session.

Next time you feel bloated, skip the caffeine, laxatives and diuretics! Reach for a BIG glass of H2O instead!!! 🚰


Train anywhere, any time.

Mobile training with EMS technology makes workouts convenient, fun and easy.

At WB20, we offer mobile training with our certified EMS trainers, allowing you to select the time and location for your workouts.

20 minutes is all you need! We’ll meet you there.


A little Monday motivation to get your week started in the right direction 💪


Happy Mother’s Day!

Today we celebrate our matriarch and co-founder Daphne Mustafa.


It’s National Fitness Day 💪

Get out and get active, that’s the motto for today. Let today be the day you commit to getting your daily 30 in!


Wish you had more time to devote to your fitness?

Try our time-saving, whole body EMS workouts at WB20. Our 20 minute sessions yield the equivalent of 90 minutes of weight training by combining EMS technology with expert HIIT, bodyweight and TRX training.


Never let small failures stop you from achieving big success!


Kettlebell Form

Kettlebells are a versatile free-weight that boasts the strength-building benefits of dumbbells with the ability to be used in exercises with a lot of movement. However, improper kettlebell form can lead to pain, bruises, and even injury.
To ensure that your workouts are effective, our trainers instruct our clients on proper form and technique. Better form, better results.

Timeline photos 04/22/2022

Ever feel intimidated by workout equipment? When you train with our trainers they can help and instruct you on how to properly use everything! This not only maximizes your results but also ensures you are safe and don’t injure yourself.

Timeline photos 04/20/2022

Paula is back! Starting this weekend she will be available to schedule a training session. Please call us to schedule your next training with Paula! (703) 574-1721

What is Whole Body EMS? 04/20/2022

What is Whole Body EMS?

Whole Body Electric Muscle Stimulation increases strength & improves metabolism by working 95% of your muscles for 20 mins during each session. It usually takes over 90 mins of traditional strength training to achieve that. It’s time saving & effective. https://bit.ly/3EyYNbG

What is Whole Body EMS? WB-EMS (Whole Body Electric Muscle Stimulation) increases strength & improves metabolism by working 95% of your muscles for 20 minutes during each session. I...


“Friendly and Fun”- words we LOVE to hear on a Friday!Thank you for the review, Pat!

Timeline photos 04/14/2022

Proper form helps you work out more efficiently so you can use your energy for the extra push rather than wasted movements. Our trainers work with our clients to maximize the efficiency of their workouts, not only through the EMS suit, but also through their form.


“Energy and persistence conquer all things” - Benjamin Franklin


Get more out of your workout with WB20 and get more out of your morning with this delicious coffee protein shake!🍌🍫💪🏻

Timeline photos 04/06/2022

To make the most out of your first session, keep these tips in mind. See you at the studio!

Timeline photos 03/31/2022

As we close Women's History Month, our trainer Corinne shares this thoughtful advice for our female following:
"If women want to change their body symmetry, they have to use heavy weights. Women often avoid lifting heavy weights because they fear getting 'bulky' but we lack sufficient testosterone to build that type of 'bulky body' without getting some additional help. Weights give us that beautiful 'tight' body where nothing jiggles, but we need to go heavy... as in more than 5lbs!" 💪

Trump Dials Back Putin Praise, Russia Sanctions Prominent Americans & Zelensky Addresses Congress 03/21/2022

Trump Dials Back Putin Praise, Russia Sanctions Prominent Americans & Zelensky Addresses Congress

Watch Jimmy and Guillermo try EMS fitness. We have a newer, wireless suit that achieves the same amazing results with increased mobility. Get in on the action!

Trump Dials Back Putin Praise, Russia Sanctions Prominent Americans & Zelensky Addresses Congress Lawmakers in Washington gathered for a special address from Ukrainian President Zelensky, President Biden called Putin a war criminal, a Russian-owned supery...


Mojy WB20 Testimonial

It's not luck, it's work. 🍀 It's not magic, it's science. 🌈
Mojy has found her pot of gold with our 20 min full-body workouts that will benefit her for years to come.
Wishing you all good health this St. Patrick's Day.


“Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”
-Sean Patrick Flanery

Timeline photos 03/09/2022

We are growing and looking for trainers!

Apply today at http://www.wb20.io/join-our-team/

Timeline photos 03/08/2022

Happy International Women's Day to our Co-Founder Daphne Mustafa, along with all of our fabulous female team members and clients. Learn more about Daphne and why she launched WB20 in this special feature in Leesburg Lifestyle magazine.

Timeline photos 02/25/2022

The Best of Loudoun 2022 poll is now open! We're honored to be nominated under both the Fitness Center/Gym and Personal Trainer categories. Please take a moment to cast your vote for your favorite people, places, businesses and organizations in Loudoun County.


Katie x 2 demonstrating the row

Happy Twosday 2️⃣.2️⃣ 2️⃣.2️⃣ 2️⃣
In celebration, here are Katie and Katie demonstrating the row.
Working out is better in pairs!


Former Super Bowl champ Don and his wife Yannette love their WB20 workouts!

Check out WB20 EMS Fitness. 02/06/2022

Check out WB20 EMS Fitness.

We are thrilled to be featured in the Best of Ashburn poll! Please take a moment to vote for us and your other Ashburn favorites. 🙏

Check out WB20 EMS Fitness. Check it out now!


Meet Bernard, our NASM Certified Personal Trainer.

Bernard grew up loving adventure, animals, and riding BMX. He got into personal training because he loves helping facilitate healthy change in others. He now teaches and certifies other trainers, has trained multiple success stories and is thrilled to continue enriching lives.

Book an appointment today to get started with one of our passionate personal trainers! 🤗


90 in 20

Whole-Body Electrical Muscle Stimulation (WB-EMS or EMS) is a remarkable, scientifically proven, FDA-CLEARED method of fitness training that delivers rapid results, while preventing undue stress on your joints and ligaments. Research has shown that EMS is more effective than conventional weight training at reducing fat, building muscle, and increasing functional ability.

Timeline photos 01/18/2022

Fitness is more fun with friends. Join our new group HIIT Glutes & Core Training class powered by EMS technology. Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 7am.
Sign up now: https://www.wb20.io/sign-up/

Supercharge Your Workout – Reclaim Your Life 01/12/2022

Supercharge Your Workout – Reclaim Your Life

Thank you, Leesburg Lifestyle, for featuring us!!!

Supercharge Your Workout – Reclaim Your Life Supercharge Your Workout – Reclaim Your Life


Tony Thompson has been training for over 25 years. He owns Train Hard in Virginia Beach. Thanks for the glowing testimonial, Tony!


Tiffany loves the benefits she's getting from her WB20 EMS workouts.

It's time for you to give it a try!

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Kettlebell Form
Mojy WB20 Testimonial
Katie x 2 demonstrating the row
90 in 20
The Sticky Note Challenge!




WB EMS training for fat loss, muscle gain, functional fitness, athletic improvement, SAQ, balance and mobility. Improve body composition with WB20 EMS



44921 George Washington Blvd. #125
Ashburn, VA

Opening Hours

Monday 7am - 7pm
Tuesday 7am - 7pm
Wednesday 7am - 7pm
Thursday 7am - 7pm
Friday 7am - 7pm
Saturday 7am - 7pm

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