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If anyone has found a messenger bag with a wallet belonging to Alan Marsilio can you please reach out to Paula Julian to let them know you found the bag? It would be greatly appreciated. 🙏🏻
Is there any way to get (nearly) real-time trail conditions? After a storm like yesterday evening's it's hard to know if the trail is safe to ride on today (it wasn't).
Any update on the proposed improvements to the trail in Falls Church City? The original proposal indicated completion last summer but the only action I've seen is marking of utilities. Thanks!
Quiet, frosty morning walk in Sterling.
HI, was cycling on the trail yesterday and lost a pair of glasses,somewhere between Ashburn and Leesburg, any suggestions where someone would hand those in locally,if found?
Found a pair of Bebe eyeglasses near purcellville; specifically just past the Berlin turnpike crossing.
Lot of gorgeous wildflowers right now, and so many pollinators! This section near MP38.5.
Sending a sincere 'thank you' to all those who came to my aid last Sunday when I took a spill on the trail near Vienna headed West around 1:30 PM. I have a separated shoulder and transient amnesia from the fall. I am so lucky so many kind people came to my aid, contacted my husband, and got me to a hospital. THANK YOU so much for caring!
Found this key and key ring today between mile 22 and 22.5. I hung it up on the message board at the Pacific Boulevard parking area in Sterling.
Found this key and key ring today between mile 22 and 22.5. I hung it up on the message board at the Pacific Boulevard parking area in Sterling.
I ride the trail daily and was just wondering if anyone is experiencing yellow jacket and wasp stings on the Trail? I've been stung by black wasps each of the last two years and went into Anaphylaxis shock. The latest was today near Eden Street, fortunately this time I had an epipen and the reaction was quickly dealt with. Now I just have a severely swollen ankle/foot. In addition to the wasp stings I've had yellow jacket stings multiple times. I've ordered Deet to spray on but does anyone have other suggestions?
Saw 3 deer on a 5 mile run today in Leesburg. Mile marker 32.5

45 miles of paved trail, in Northern Virginia, for walking,running, bicycling and skating and 32 miles of adjacent gravel trail for horseback riding.


Temporary Closure and Detour of W&OD Trail at Idylwood Park Starting On or About Feb. 24 - Newsroom | Virginia Department of Transportation

A heads up for W&OD Trail users:

virginiadot.org Official website of the Virginia Department of Transportation

Plenty of space out on the trail today for people playing hooky from work (or recovering from the Super Bowl). No judgments here 😀😅😎

Throwback Thursday--NOVA PARKS-- The Power Plant That Never Was

Today we're looking back to our most read Throwback Thursday post of last year.

Our most popular story is the story of Algonkian Regional Park. The park's story may be one of fate or simply just one of luck. The park spans 838 acres next to the Potomac River, a swath of land that was once set aside for a coal burning power plant.

For the complete story: http://ow.ly/a8Ye50y85ET

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NOVA Parks Roving Naturalist

Karl, the manager of @wod_trail gave me an awesome tour of the western end of the trail, including blue ridge park! I can’t wait to do astronomy programs there. The night sky should be 👌 @ Ashburn, Virginia

Today's brisk winds cool the metal as our NOVA Parks welder, Calvin, celebrates a freshly-repaired Glencarlyn bridge pipe rail fence...

[01/16/20]   Just a heads-up that staff are planning to repair the railing on the bridge near Glencarlyn Park in Arlington beginning around 9:30 tomorrow morning. This will at times involve single-lane traversal of the bridge and occasional brief delays as the work is performed. Please stay alert if you're travelling on that section of the trail then, and thank you for your patience and understanding.

If you're near Belmont Ridge Rd and in need, look for our new bicycle repair station, a much-appreciated recent Eagle Scout project...

A snowy yesterday in Herndon...

W&OD Trail's cover photo

W&OD Trail


Planners Praise W&OD Dual Trail Plans for F.C. - Falls Church News-Press Online

Planners Praise W&OD Dual Trail Plan for Falls Church.


fcnp.com Plans to expand into a full dual use the segment of the 45-mile W&OD Trail that runs through the center of the City of Falls Church are due for final approval late next month.


2019 has been a big year for NOVA Parks, our 60th Anniversary. In addition to creating some of the most iconic parks and places in our region, in many ways NOVA Parks helped create what we know as Northern Virginia today. As one of the first regional organizations, we helped build the identity of Northern Virginia as a unified region.

This year, we have turned out 52 stories, a throwback for every week in the year. As the last of those throwbacks, let’s look at this series and what they say about our past, and what NOVA Parks will be in the future.

The complete story: http://ow.ly/wTF950xHngA

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Enjoying a fire in the Ashburn shop wood stove. Happy Holidays from the staff of the W&OD Trail!


Falls Church Planning Commission Voices Support for Proposed Dual Path


tysonsreporter.com The W&OD Railroad Regional Park may get parallel walking and bicycle trails in the City of Falls Church. The city's Planning Commission held a work session on the proposed plans last night (Monday). The dual-path would run between N. West and Little Falls streets, according to the city doc

FYI...a FREE holiday event tonight.

TONIGHT at Ice and Lights: The Holiday Village at Cameron Run arrive before 6PM and get FREE VIP ADMISSION (includes admission to the Holiday Village and Ice Skating).

(Free admission is limited to the first 100 people)

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Throughout the sixty years of its existence, NOVA Parks (Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority) has acquired some of the most beautiful parkland and historical sites in the Northern Virginia region. Significant settings like this lend themselves to significant occasions like weddings. While we do not know the date of the first wedding in a NOVA Parks facility, we do know that by the 1990s weddings in our parks were growing and has continued to grow ever since.

For the complete story: http://ow.ly/BOdv50xDy2T

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While the Declaration of Independence declared “all men are created equal,” African American men did not gain the right to vote until the end of the Civil War (1865) and then had to struggle for decades to be able to fully use that right. Women did not gain the right to vote until 1920, also after decades of struggle!

The turning point in the long struggle for women’s right to vote happened in the early 20th century at a large prison complex near the north shore of the Occoquan River.

Complete story: http://ow.ly/lbC450xxLwz

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Before fall leaves us (pardon the pun!), one more autumn photo from trail-user, Mouncey Ferguson...


NOVA Parks, formerly the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority, is continually growing its parkland. With the rich history of Northern Virginia, historic sites are a big part of our park system. Today we throwback to just over ten years ago, a time when the park authority acquired a new historic site as well as new parkland. The two additions are located directly next to one another and they are often considered one and the same.

For the complete story: http://ow.ly/m9Yo50xryLx

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Some fall photos sent to us by trail-user Mokha Ramonovich Babiev!


NOVA Parks 60: We love NOVA Parks!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends, guests and partners! We hope today is filled with laughter and good cheer!

Today we are so thankful for the last 60 years. We are incredibly thankful for all our NOVA Parks supporters and guests throughout the last 60 years!


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A fast and fun look through all the great services and opportunities NOVA Parks provide told from the standpoint of our favorite people - our guests! Produce...


Today we look back at NOVA Parks (Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority) 40 years ago in late 1979 – early 1980. At that time the agency was celebrating its 20th anniversary and had already grown to about 8,000 acres.

For the complete story: http://ow.ly/LHUX50xlKe3

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Just a heads-up: This coming Monday between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., tree work will be performed near the intersection of Shreve Rd and Virginia Ln in Falls Church. Please exercise caution in this area at that time.


Arlington W&OD Trail Expansion Moves Ahead Despite Tree Advocates’ Objections | WAMU


wamu.org Park officials and cyclists say the trail is too crowded, but some residents worry expansion would mean removing trees.


NOVA Parks (formerly the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority) has always been at the forefront of regional land conservation, historic preservation, and recreation. Today we throwback to 2013 and the acquisition of two of NOVA Parks with “sanctuary” in the name.

For the complete story: http://ow.ly/ajFn50xgphU

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NOVA Parks 60: A Salute to Our Partners

As NOVA Parks celebrates our 60th Anniversary we would like to give a huge thank you to all our amazing Partners! We wouldn't be where we are today without you!


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NOVA Parks works with a variety of partners throughout Northern Virginia. These partnerships have helped grow the agency, and in many cases, have helped NOVA...


Arlington’s W&OD Trail is so popular it could be widened, but it faces opposition

This is a great editorial supporting Dual Trails in Arlington from the Chair of Arlington’s Bicycle Advisory Committee.


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ggwash.org The Washington and Old Dominion Trail (W&OD) is a popular amenity in Arlington - so popular that the number of people of walking, running, biking, and scooting on the trail has led to congestion. There’s a proposal to enlarge the trail, but it’s facing opposition from some people because it mean...

Some absolutely gorgeous fall (and winter) photographs sent to us courtesy of avid trail user, Mouncey Ferguson! Enjoy!


Modular Wetland System Linear 2.0

We are working on improving the W&OD with dual trails (parallel paths for pedestrians and cyclists). While we are widening the trail for a better experience, we will also be improving the stormwater performance of the Trail property. Swales will slow down the water and allow it to soak into the ground. In addition, we will be using modular wetlands like this video shows.

MODULAR WETLAND SYSTEMS, INC. The Modular Wetland System Linear is the only stormwater system to utilize Horizontal Flow Biofiltration. The MWS Linear replic...


60% of the human body is made up of water! And, in Northern Virginia, a very substantial amount of the water you drink is filtered and protected by the parklands of NOVA Parks (Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority).

For the complete story: http://ow.ly/NPZV50xaVgA

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Dual-use trail could be expanded to another part of W&OD


insidenova.com Arlington County Board members on Saturday will be asked to add their voices in support of a request from the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority (NOVA Parks) for $5.65 million

We would greatly appreciate your input into W&OD Trail safety. Please take a few moments to fill out the survey below.


In preparation for the coming freezing temperatures, the water fountains the trail maintains that aren't all-season have been winterized. These include: the Vienna train station, Buckthorn Ln in Vienna, Lawson Rd in Leesburg, and the Purcellville train station.


Founded in 1959, by late 1969 and early 1970 the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority (NOVA Parks) was in full swing, creating the regional park system we know today. A review of the Board minutes from this time gives a snapshot of what was going on. Issues at the top of the agenda included:

◾Buying the Carlyle House
◾New Chevy Station Wagon for $2,262
◾Potomac Overlook Acquisition & Development
◾Major Land Acquisitions along the Occoquan
◾Bull Run Campground Development
◾Playground for $1,000
◾Development of Fountainhead
◾Pohick Bay Acquisitions
◾Dreams of the W&OD

For the complete story: http://ow.ly/V7Pc50x3AIO

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The bridge rails now span Lee Hwy!


At the most basic level, there would be no park systems without parkland. Land is the central ingredient. When NOVA Parks (Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority) was founded 60 years ago the first act was to buy 537 acres that was the start of Bull Run Regional Park.

From there rapid park acquisitions took place throughout the 60’s, 70’s and part of the 80’s. By 1975 NOVA Parks had grown to 7,418 acres.

For the complete story: http://ow.ly/NPb850wXDav

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Girder Installation Underway This Week for New W&OD Trail Bridge Over Lee Highway - Newsroom | Virginia Department of Transportation

Monday through Wednesday next week, girder installation for the bridge over Lee Hwy will take place, requiring a further trail detour between the hours of 7 p.m. and 5 a.m. each of those nights.


virginiadot.org FAIRFAX – Bridge girder installation is occurring this week during daytime hours for the new Washington & Old Dominion Trail Bridge over Route 29 (Lee Highway) in Arlington. This work is taking place west of Lee Highway, and will not impact roadway or trail users.

By planting #trees, #pollinator plants & shrubs, NOVA Parks Algonkian Golf Courseincreases the habitat value for many species, including #hummingbirds, #butterflies, and #birds.

Learn how in this WTOP News story:


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Today, NOVA Parks is well known for the award winning winter light shows. Between the Bull Run Festival of Lights, and the Meadowlark Winter Walk of Lights, around 280,000 people a year are delighted and entertained. And, this year a third light show, the Cameron Run Ice and Lights, will attract visitors to Cameron Run on Eisenhower Avenue for ice skating and holiday lights. But where and why did this all start?

For the complete story: http://ow.ly/k2NH50wT5gG

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Today, NOVA Parks is well known for the award winning winter light shows. Between the Bull Run Festival of Lights, and the Meadowlark Winter Walk of Lights, around 280,000 people a year are delighted and entertained. And, this year a third light show, the Cameron Run Ice and Lights, will attract visitors to Cameron Run on Eisenhower Avenue for ice skating and holiday lights. But where and why did this all start?

For the complete story: http://ow.ly/k2NH50wT5gG

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Throughout its existence, NOVA Parks has always worked hard towards many things. Two endeavors that are on the top of the park authority’s list are the conservation of natural landscapes and the preservation of historic sites throughout the Northern Virginia Region. Whenever an opportunity has come around to acquire land which offers the chance to do both of those things, NOVA Parks has always been prepared to do so. But when such acquisitions happen through a donation from a long-time resident of the region, the resulting park land becomes a special part of the park authority’s holdings.

In the late 1970s, just such a thing happened for NOVA Parks.

For the complete story: http://ow.ly/2zMo50wMEhe

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Throwback Thursday--NOVA PARKS--Not Quite So Savage
NOVA Parks is a large park authority that is recognized in the Northern Virginia Region for its conservation, preservation and recreational efforts. The organization has many parks and historic areas within its system, most of which are quite well known. There are, however, a few gems hidden within NOVA Parks’ assets. Today, we highlight one of those and share the story of its name.

For the complete story: http://ow.ly/xJj950wGQP1

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Throwback Thursday--NOVA Parks--
Washington's Failed Canal Makes a Great Park

George Washington is a man who needs no introduction. Just like any other virtuoso Washington tried many things throughout his life. One of his businesses is well remembered in the region for its ambition and promise but also for its overall failure. NOVA Parks operates a regional park on the banks of the Potomac River in Great Falls that showcases the history of Washington’s endeavor while also providing recreational land for fishing, hiking and connecting with nature.

Complete Story: http://ow.ly/e7UT50wzNzy

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