Jazzercise Ashburn VA

Jazzercise Ashburn VA


FitFoods with Claire
FitFoods with Claire


Join me for 8:45am Strength30 tomorrow morning!! Livestream from Colorado ☀️
Message us to get a chance to be invited to a Private Event with Puneet Ahluwalia Candidate for Lt. Governor of VA at 5Tara Restaurant, Ashburn, VA. This Sunday, April 4th at 4 pm.
I am trying to replay a class on the JZ Livestream site. I have the new PW, but when I log in, there is no window/popup with the classes that can be replayed. Has anyone else had that problem?
I wish Karen would send me my shirt and scarf and/or make a donation to American Diabetes Society.
Thanks Karen for a great class! I love your secretary!
Watching the game show network during the quarantine and this question came up. Could you answer it?
I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m kinda missing my other workout partners... Martha, Annie, Melanie, Alison?!?! #jazzerciseondemand. #hekeepslookingatme
29 Classes in 29 Days To No Classes For God Knows How Many Days,Now This Is A Challenge..Missing My Buddies Love You All !
To All My Jazzercise Buddies!!! 29 Classes in 29 DAYs NOW No Classes For Who Knows How Many Days....... HAHAHA, Which Is The Hardest...Love & MissYou ALL!
Terrific new routines❣️
Rocking Robin, Today Snow & ALL!!!!
A commitment to a healthier ME!! No matter how cold it gets outside......brrrr. #nomochickenlivers #sweatinlikeanoldie

Jazzercise is the original dance party workout. Blending dance with pilates, yoga, kickboxing and more, one 55-minute session can burn up to 800 calories.

You'll get long, lean muscles and a mood boost that can't be beat! Blending dance with Pilates, yoga, kickboxing and strength training, one 55-minute session can burn up to 800 calories. The results? Long, lean muscles and an undeniable mood boost. Our classes—HIIT, Strike, Fusion, Core, Strength and Dance Mixx—will leave you breathless, toned and coming back for more. Expect to feel results after

Operating as usual


What's your favorite Easter candy? Enjoy your weekend!


Smiling from ear to ear because tomorrow marks the halfway point of our April Challenge. How many classes do you have left to earn your mat bag?


Happy Spring!!! Try something new! You will find it fun and encouraging like Monica did! 👏


Although weight loss should not be the sole purpose of exercise, when combined with diet, it is the best way to lose weight.

Learn more about this: https://buff.ly/3fKNsKd


There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Continue taking care of yourself and good things will come.


Need a little extra push? Come dance with Joyia tomorrow night, April 11 @ 5:30 PM, and earn a bonus point!


Your Friday Funny. What are you doing this weekend?


This month we are ALL about helping YOU achieve our goals! 🔥 Did you know that “thinking in three” is one of the best ways to do it?! Try picking three simple goals this week (like going to class three times, drinking more water or getting enough sleep) and build self-confidence when you absolutely crush it.
So tell us, what’s one goal on your list this week? ✅


There's good news though! It's never too late to begin rebuilding that muscle you lost! A healthy diet and a little weight training goes a long way.
In our class , it may be time to up your weights or use the bands if you aren’t already. 💪


Tomorrow is our first new Monday 5:30 PM in -person class! Great way to start your week, and to get started with our April Challenge! Clear your calendar to attend 13 in-person classes between April 1- 30 and you earn our cute mat tote bag! See you on our dance floor!

Not a member? Join us for the challenge for only $85. No commitments. Register today at jazzercise.com/InTheBag


Dancing into DAY ONE of the April Challenge! Take 13 classes this month for your chance to score a super cute mat bag! Raise your hand if you in!

Not a member but ready to take on the challenge? Join us all April long for just $85 with no strings attached! Sign up now at jazzercise.com/InTheBag#jazzercisenation


Get ready for tomorrow! Believe nothing, and trust no one this April Fools’ Day. Just like any other day when your instructor says, "Last one..."

Aerobic Exercise, HIIT Cardio & Dance Fitness | Jazzercise 03/30/2022

Aerobic Exercise, HIIT Cardio & Dance Fitness | Jazzercise

Sweating your way to that post-class glow is always worth it… especially when there’s a super cute gift up for grabs Join us for the April Challenge and you can score one of your very own totes!

Plus, if you have a friend that’s new to Jazzercise they can join in on the fun too! New members can dance with us all April long for just $85 – no strings attached! Get more info at jazzercise.com/InTheBag.

Aerobic Exercise, HIIT Cardio & Dance Fitness | Jazzercise Jazzercise is a combination of aerobic exercise, HIIT cardio, and dance fitness safe and effective for all ages and fitness levels. Try a class today!

Carbohydrates: MedlinePlus 03/29/2022

Carbohydrates: MedlinePlus

Carbs tend to get a bad rap these days with the growing popularity of high protein/low carb diet plans out there. But you need carbs for energy and fiber. How much and what types of carbs should you eat? Read about it here.

Carbohydrates: MedlinePlus Carbohydrates are one of the basic food groups. Learn how to incorporate carbohydrates into a healthy diet.


You've all heard it, if you don't take care of yourself, you can't effectively take care of others, and as a wife, mother, daughter, grandmother, friend, and many other titles, it is important. Here are 10 tips on showing yourself some love. Which one do you practice regularly? https://buff.ly/2pH2pCF


Have a fabulous - and tasty - weekend!


We are excited to announce we are adding a Monday 5:30 PM class starting April 4th! Come dance with Joyia in-person as we will not live stream this class. We can't wait to see you on our dance floor!

What is Intermittent Fasting 03/22/2022

What is Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting....what does it really mean and is it really affective? In short, you rotate days of eating with days of fasting. On fasting days one does not eat any food or drink any beverages with calories.
Intermittent fasting is currently not recommended as not enough research has been conducted, especially on any possible side effects to individuals with certain health risks. Read more here.

What is Intermittent Fasting There are various types of intermittent fasting and proponents claim that it can speed weight loss and reduce risk of certain diseases.


Are you up for a challenge? � Grab your
friends and join us in April! Take 13 in-person classes between April 1st and 30th, and you can earn this super cute mat bag (not to mention, our endless admiration!). �
Not a member but want to get in on the fun?
Join us all April long for just $85… no strings
attached! Sign up now at


Happy Spring! Only 70 more days until Memorial Day. Time to train.....


Friday Dance Party! So much fun with all these beautiful ladies and team teaching with Karen & Jennifer!


No sweatpants this weekend! Enjoy the gorgeous weather today and tomorrow and soak up some Vitamin D!


Find your luck (and fun and friends and...) at Jazzercise! 🍀 🍀 🍀


We continue to explore healthy eating options during National Nutrition Month. Read about these easy tips to follow when eating out. https://bit.ly/3wdWdWr


Due to expected snow storm coming in this evening, our Saturday 9:00 AM class (3/12) will be live stream only. No in person class at The Founders Hall. Stay safe and dance!


Age is just a number. I think I am still in my fourties’. How old do you feel?


What’s your reason?


March is National Nutrition Month. The goal is "to bring attention and public awareness to the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits." We will explore a variety of topics on the subject this month.

Inflamation....some can be good. But many of us experience chronic inflammation. Learn about the 13 best anti-inflammatory foods you can eat to help fight it.


If it is important you make the time. Your health is important.


If it is important enough, make the time. Your health is important.


It was a great beginners technique and DanceMixx class tonight! You have one more day to take advantage of free classes for our March Friends & Family event! PM for questions or details!


Starting off our March Friends & Family weekend off with a Fusion dance party - perfect combo of cardio and strength in a HIIT format! Take any classes through Monday, 3/7 for FREE! Check out our special beginner class Sunday, 3/6 @. 4:00 PM; technique class,
DanceMixx45 class, food & prizes!

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