V Rock Academy by Sandhya Bayireddy

An Academy for Dance, Yoga, Meditation, Fitness and more in Ashburn & Reston. Reston Address:
12320 Pinecrest Rd, suite 100, Reston, VA 20191

Operating as usual


It's a pleasure hosting free online yoga classes to our amazing V ROCKERS ever since we were quarantined. Will continue to practise mindful yoga until the lockdown comes to an end.
Just ❀️ teaching these adorable munchkins. :)
#lovekids #loveyoga #lovedance


#THEKINGS workshop with the world of dance winner Karthik!! 😍😍 Thanks to Swapna for contacting VROCK for the workshop β€οΈπŸ™


Photos from V Rock Academy by Sandhya Bayireddy's post 02/25/2020

#THEKINGS world of dance winners!! workshop with Karthik! Loved every bit of it 🎊❀️ thanks to Swapna for contacting VROCK !! πŸ™πŸŽŠ
Videos in the next post.


V ROCK Academy is proud to present #THEKINGS dance work shop in collaboration with sristhi academy (Florida based) tomorrow here in Ashburn!!
Msg/call 5716659840 for more info and reservation


Looking for teen dancers for a coming up dance show. Interested ones pls contact 5716659840 "ASAP" to know details. Thnx!

Photos from V Rock Academy by Sandhya Bayireddy's post 02/13/2020

Video: https://youtu.be/1NB4WbKxp5o

Husn Parcham cover video! 😍 Check out the YouTube link :)

Photos from V Rock Academy by Sandhya Bayireddy's post 09/02/2019


Happy Vinayaka Chavithi from V ROCK Academy!!
Power packed performance by VROCK students for 22nd TANA Conference curtain raiser in the banquet night. Much talked about performance till date! Very close to my heart! πŸ’
Choreo: Sarayu Chittepu :)

Thankyou RamKom's Photography for the wonderful captures!!

Photos from V Rock Academy by Sandhya Bayireddy's post 07/02/2019

Teams Dancing Birds (in burgandy) and Star Struck (in green) performed their best at DhimTana event on June 8th (will be posting videos soon)
Yes, the teams have lotsa fans now as their performances won so many hearts and thoroughly did justice to the outstanding choreography by our ROCKSTAR ✨ Dance with Anagha Sreenivas πŸ’•

Photos from V Rock Academy by Sandhya Bayireddy's post 05/28/2019

ROWDY BABY group!! These super-mom rockstars performed for Ugadi at Greater Washington Telugu Cultural Sangam - GWTCS
The most energetic ladies group!
They put their soul, blood and sweat in not just the performance but also in each and every practise session. One of the best performances at VROCK.
Don't they look like divas? 🀩πŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸ’ž
Choreo: Navya πŸ’ž

Photos from V Rock Academy by Sandhya Bayireddy's post 05/14/2019

Our Dancing Tornadoes!! πŸ’ž They are super crazy and always high on energy levels. Always happy and never gets tired or bored!! And yep, they smashed the stage with their energetic dance moves at the Ugadi event for Greater Washington Telugu Cultural Sangam - GWTCS!
Thanks to Dance with Anagha Sreenivas @ Anagha for an amazing choreo and for all the love! The kiddos love you to bits n pieces! πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒ
#prochoreographer #dancelikenoonewatches #rockstarskiddos #alltimefavorite

Photos from V Rock Academy by Sandhya Bayireddy's post 05/09/2019

One of my favorite teams for sure!! They are adorable, sweet, witty, wacky and the most funny bunch!
So to match with their personalities...i named this team 'Rockin Rabbitz' and they hated it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Apart from all the inside jokes... Enjoyed all the funny stories that the kids share and loved having them over in our VROCK studio.
Special thanks to Navya Alapati for the choreography, hardwork and for having so much patience with this handful bunch!! :) Im sure you enjoyed teaching them as much as they did too :)))

#gwtcs #ugadiperformance #lovekids #purplesnpinks #lovefordance

Photos from V Rock Academy by Sandhya Bayireddy's post 05/07/2019

What a splendid performance that was at Greater Washington Telugu Cultural Sangam - GWTCS Ugadi event!!
Our Dangerous Divas team just rocked the moves that was specially choreographed by Dance with Anagha Sreenivas @Anagha, Miss India DC :)

Thank you Anagha for your mind blowing choreography and for being such a down to earth sweetheart that u always are! :) we just loved having you over at our studio and the girls enjoyed learning all those new moves from you. πŸ’žπŸ‘Œ

Photos from V Rock Academy by Sandhya Bayireddy's post 02/12/2019

Team VROCK Patakas performed and jazzed their dance moves with lots of attitude at the recent GWTCS Sankranthi event.
This bunch is my mini-me and cudnt wait to see them week after week for the practise sessions. πŸ€—β™₯️
Love them to the moon and back n super proud to see them rock the stage!! :)

Choreo: Sandy

#patakas #lovefordance #dancewithpassion #highheelstenache #inkeminkemkavali #chusachusa #adorablebunch

Photos from V Rock Academy by Sandhya Bayireddy's post 02/08/2019

Our 'V ROCK Stars' performed and stole many hearts at the GWTCS Sankranthi event!! Oh ya, paparazzis in the event for sure 😘😘
Ages 3-5 only :) the most sweetest, adorable and one of our favorite group!! β™₯️
Look at them in those outfits!!! Aren't they irresistibly cute??🀩
Choreo: Sandy

#happyfeet #beautifulsouls #youmakemesmile #dancelikenoonezwatching #positivethinkers #futurestars #innocenceandcutenessoverload

Photos from V Rock Academy by Sandhya Bayireddy's post 11/28/2018

Team "HIGH RISERS" performed a Bollywood hiphop sequence on CATS stage..just ROCKED THEIR MOVES n drew energy from the cheering crowd!! :)
This group was always highly energetic, super excited in learning all challenging dance moves, never wanted to miss any class and just couldn't wait to perform!! πŸ˜ƒβ€οΈ
Choreo: Sarayu

#danceineverynerve #daretochallenge #lovetodance #dancetheirheartout #happykids #passionfordance

Photos from V Rock Academy by Sandhya Bayireddy's post 11/23/2018

Team "Dangerous Divas" Performed at CATS Diwali event last week. Yet another one from VROCK Academy!! Always looking forward to seeing these happy and pretty faces at VROCK's studio every week.
These chikitas rocked the stage with so much grace and energy!! Love ya gals!! ❀️
Choreo: Lucky

#danceforfun #dancelikethereisnotomorrow #uturn #rangammamangamma #smileisourbestornament #lovefordance #positiveattitude

Photos from V Rock Academy by Sandhya Bayireddy's post 11/19/2018

Extremely happy to see the VROCK "Lill Monsters" team perform with so much joy on the CATS Dasara and Diwali Celebrations

Love everything about this adorable bunch. You give instructions and they'll happily follow no matter what.
This team was VROCK's first dance performance n always very close to my heart!! ❀️
Choreo: Ravallikka
#Rockedthestage #alwayshappy #innocenceandcutenessoverload #lovelymomsmakehappykids #yellownblack #shiningstarsonstage #dancelikenoonewatches


Successfully done with the 6 weeks yoga summer session for Kids and Teens - stress management and mindfulness!!!

Will be starting Yoga classes again in the Fall in both Ashburn and Reston locations and yes, as most requested..planning classes for adults as well. Pls message us if you like to reserve your spots for the Fall season :) πŸ˜‡πŸ™

#OMmantra #yogalife #livelaughlove #lifeisbeautiful #yogaforkids #yogaforlife #positivenessoverload


Here we announce the Yoga and Meditation classes for summer!! Pls call/text 5716659840 for details/enrollments.


Reston, Thursday: 6-7pm, from June 28th - August 2nd, 2018 (6 weeks)
Instructor: Nora May

Ashburn, Sunday: 11-12pm, from from July 1st - August 5th, 2018 ( 6 weeks)
Instructor: Nora May


Reston, Thursdays: 7-8pm from June 28th - August 2nd (6weeks)
Instructor : Nora May

Ashburn, Sundays: 3-4pm from July 1st - August 5th, 2018 (6 weeks)
Instructor: Nora May


Reston, Tuesday: 6-7pm, June 26th - Aug 14th, (10 weeks)
Instructor: Vanitha Raju

Ashburn, Sunday: 9-10am, June 24th - Aug 12th, (10 weeks)
Instructor: Haritha Bhumireddy



21690 Red Rum Dr #172, Ashburn, VA 20147


12320 Pinecrest Rd #100, Reston, VA 20191


P.S : Website under construction

V Rock Academy - Hip Hop workshop 06/11/2018

V Rock Academy - Hip Hop workshop

That was a fun HipHop workshop this weekend!! Thanks to the participants and their families for the tremendous support!! Made a video with all the fun sequences.
Special Thanks to the HipHop rockstar Rishi for giving his 100% in both the V Rock Academy locations. Good to be around positive, ambitious and passionate people!! You sure Rock and looking forward in working with you more!! :)

Please stay tuned. V Rock Academy will be announcing the HipHop classes soon!!
Mean time, interested folks can message at 5716659840.

V Rock Academy - Hip Hop workshop V Rock Academy by Sandhya Bayireddy - HipHop workshop by Rishi Devulapalli


V Rock Academy is proud to announce two locations - Ashburn and Reston. (As per requests)
Thankyou for all the positive feedback and overwhelming response for dance enrollments!!

Sorry for not putting up any updates..we were busy building a fantastic team of teachers!! Stay tuned for more updates.

As promised classes will start from this June for dance, yoga, meditation and details will be announced soon.
For enquiries, pls call/text 5716659840.

Ashburn location:
21690 Red Rum drive, suite 172
Ashburn VA 20147

Reston location:
12320 Pinecrest Rd, suite 100
Reston VA 20191

Thank you :)

Photos from V Rock Academy by Sandhya Bayireddy's post 04/26/2018

I'm excited to announce the much awaited long due dream venture of mine!!
The launch of '' V Rock Academy" ~ Dance, Fitness,Yoga, Meditation & much more!!

I have been a dance enthusiast my entire life!! Started dancing for fun since I was young and decided to take it professionally along the way. Dance for me is my life. It is the biggest part that defines my personality. It has taught me discipline, emotions, strength and togetherness all at the same time. The one thing that can always cheer me up is dancing! It puts a smile on my face and fills my heart with joy! All I know is I wouldn’t be me without Dance!! I breathe when I dance and every time I do, I enter into a beautiful world of creativity. Choreography has become my passion! (may it be a dance show or a fashion show) It gives me confidence and helps me find my hidden self. Dance in any form is inexhaustible to me, even if i perform a piece 100 times, every time i can approach it with a new outlook.


I never used to love health and fitness to begin with. But, to my surprise…turns out the second of my passions. At school I hated sport. I would hide and try to avoid it. Never ran unless I was late for my school bus and then realized my legs could run too!! :)

Jokes apart - My biggest inspiration in Yoga as part of fitness is none other than my mom! She herself is a Yoga guru, won several awards and has made a mark for herself in the field of yoga!

The past two years, I mastered Inner Engineering as part of Yoga and Meditation back home and love the way my life has turned since then! I started seeing Fitness in a total different direction and I just can't wait to share my knowledge with kids, teens and everyone out there who needs help with stress management, peer pressures and other challenges to cope up in this competitive Rat Race the world has turned out.


Few reasons to be passionate about Dance, health and fitness

Β· You look better, feel better and sleep better.

Β· You have increased motivation to set, achieve goals and boosts confidence.

Β· Dance and Fitness is a drug free way to help with anxiety, depression and many more challenges

Β· It’s a great way to meet new friends and find your tribe.

Β· And oh, this combo gives you a guilt free way to enjoy the little treats in life!

(I would encourage all ages to join the fun and live a stress free , positive life)!


The Academy is for boys and girls of all ages starting with 4+ and offers Bollywood/western, traditional, folk and what not! The students will be working towards competitions, festivals, yearly recitals & performing shows in various events through out the year.

V Rock Academy also offers Salsa, Bachata, Contemporary, Modern, Hip Hop, Dance play, Bhangra, Jazz, Garba, Indian Classical, Bollywood Zumba, Yoga, Meditation, Inner Engineering for kids, Self defense and much more!

There will be trained teachers too to teach some of the above dance forms every couple of weeks to keep the training fresh and so you can learn various styles.


Β· V Rock as in 'WE ROCK'.

Β· The circle in between the wings is a carrier that bears the name of the Academy as a "stamp, mark or label"

Β· The wings in the logo represents Freedom, Free spirit, Grace, Fascination, Dream chaser, Spirituality, Intelligence, Victory and more.

The logo (mostly black) will not have any other particular color as I wanted it to look like a raw stamp. Encouraged my son and few of my friends' kids who can draw pretty well (unlike me :P) to beautify the concept I have in my mind. I loved their work so much that I couldn't decide on which one to post. Hence, posting all the pencil sketches as they are all very special to me.

Official Launch, location, website, formal logo and other details will be announced/posted soon. Please stay tuned!

P.S: I'm launching this Academy purely as a hobby to begin with and to pursue one of my passions! Hope to have all positive gestures and some super happy souls around.

Please message me for questions and inquiries. Thank you! :)

~ Sandhya Bayireddy

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