Get Out And Go Tours

Bike rentals in Northern VA, GAP and C&O Canal bike tours, leasing programs, and corporate bicycle events in the northern Virginia-DC-Mid-Atlantic area.

Hybrid, road, mountain, tandem, kids bikes, trail-a-bikes, trailers for rent. Corporate and public tours, as contracted. We can handle groups of 20-30, depending on height spread among the group.

We offer the area's largest variety of bike rentals - road, hybrid, mountain, tandem, kids, trail-a-bikes, trailers, bike touring/camping gear, and more. Daily, weekly, monthly, and lease options available. We support corporate "green" initiatives through a custom leasing program, and offer corporate group rentals for team building and social events.

Operating as usual

I have ###two### ONE white 20" Trek Verve 3 hybrids available from the rental fleet, for $400 each. Other size bikes have a waitlist at this time. Tuned up and ready to ride. Message me if you are interested.

Someone had a really good time on the Trek rental mountain bikes!

Several people have rented bikes and gone across Whites Ferry, to ride up to Monacacy Aqueduct, shown here. It is the longest Aqueduct on the C&O Canal, with seven arches. Enroute, you also pass the Lockhouse 26 foundation and the state of MD's largest oak tree, as well as Lockhouse 27. There is a long watered stretch of Canal with fish, frogs, and birds, like blue heron.

To do the same, call us (571-572-2453) and reserve bikes. The surface is all new, smooth, and not muddy after rain!

The end of a busy bike rental weekend - cleaned helmets hung to dry.

[05/31/20]   YES, we are renting bikes through this period. We did not close.

Please feel free to call and reserve bikes with a pick up time. We offer hours by appointment. Same day rentals will be supported as best possible.

Things are back to (new) normal at Get Out and Go Tours, and so is bike rental pricing. We still clean each bike and helmet after each use.

We still have hours by appointment.

We are working other jobs too, so advance coordination is key. To reserve your rental bike, call 571-572-2453.

Families can get out and go too! Melissa brought her daughter, twin sister, Melinda and her son, Nico, Jennie and Katherine, for a family group outing on Saturday, May 16th. They used the full compliment of hybrid bicycles, Trail-a-Bike and Burley trailer, and explored the nearby (1 mile) W&OD trail.

COV-$19 Deal!

Ride bikes "No Handed" when you rent our Change Of Venue, In Demand - $19 (COVID-$19) bike rental promotion, where every bike is washed with a 5% dawn dish soap solution, lubricated, and sanitizer wiped, for your safety, between each ride. Helmets too, so every ride starts with a "clean" bike and a "clear head."

The nearby W&OD trail is open for proper social distancing exercise (see rules on below post).

Unlike gyms and fitness centers, as an outdoor activity small busuness, we do not need to be closed, however, we too will practice social distancing (a.k.a. "NO DRAFTING"), and here is how.

* We will clean your rental bike and lock it with those of up to two other people in your household group, but away from other groups.
* We will leave you the lock code and paperwork, plus a cleaned pen.
* You complete the paperwork, sign the waiver, insert exact cash payment into the envelope, or Venmo the funds to us (credit card payment for +$3 or +3%, whichever is more), and drop it in the payment box.
* You ride, return, and lock the bikes.
* We clean them for the next use.

ANY bike in the rental fleet, for up to 4 hours.

(ANY bike in the rental fleet for up to 24 hrs. for just $25)

You must CATCH these details --

* You MUST call ahead (571-572-2453) and reserve a non-overlapping pick-up time. They will be spaced out. We have hours by appointment anyway, so this is not really new.
* You MUST tell us that you want to catch the COVID-$19 deal, before it is gone.
* You may not rent in groups of more than three, which should only be household members.
* You MUST agree to practice proper social distancing. Do not be offended if we remind you.
* You SHOULD share this with all your friends (even though you won't be in the PELOTON together), because the more healthy everyone can be, the better the REAL COVID-19 can be tolerated.
* This special WON'T last long (we hope), but we will maintain COVID-$19 as long as COVID-19 is CLIMBING the mountain. When it SUMMITS and starts its DESCENT, we will UPSHIFT to regular prices.

Please check in to Get Out and Go Tours, and post pictures from your ride with #GOTOURSCOVID19.

Any questions?

What? The gym is closed? Rent a bike from Get Out and Go Tours, keep your distance, and get some exercise distance on the W&OD trail. Enter at mile 28.5 and go west 16 miles or east 28 miles, all for just $25/day for a hybrid, or upgrade to a road bike for just $25 more.

571-572-2453. Hours by appointment.

The W&OD Trail, the nearest bicycle rail trail to us advised today that it is still open and allowed to be used, and the Park Service etiquette/rules, which we have copied, because our business can't share their post.

We also decided that, instead of washing bikes only when they got really dirty, to soap and water clean all bikes (and our hands) after each use. These five are ready for tomorrow's use.

If you want to rent bikes, we can prepare bikes and helmets for human interaction-free payment, retrieval, use, and return. Call ahead 571-572-BIKE(2453).


Many of NOVA Parks trails are still open for our guests to use. However, we would like to provide the following recommendations for trail users on observing social distancing minimums.

✔️Follow CDC’s guidance on personal hygiene prior to heading to trails — wash hands, carry hand sanitizer, do not use trails if you have symptoms, cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, etc.
✔️Observe at all times CDC’s minimum recommended social distancing of six feet from other people. Practice it and know what it looks like. Keep it as you walk, bike or hike.
✔️Warn other trail users of your presence and as you pass to allow proper distance and step off trails to allow others to pass, keeping minimum recommended distances at all times. Signal your presence with your voice, bell or horn.
✔️Note--NOVA Parks public restrooms are closed — be prepared before you leave and time outings so that you are not dependent on public restrooms.
✔️Bring water or drinks — public drinking fountains should not be used.
✔️Bring a suitable trash bag. Leave no trash, take everything out to protect park workers.
✔️Please respect posted trail closures due to conditions or other considerations in order to protect the trails for longevity.
✔️Remember to keep your dogs on leash- it’s the law.

Don't worry, you can still rent bikes this weekend. Road bikes, hybrid bikes, Mt bikes, kids bikes. Clean bikes, clean helmets. Just call ahead (571-572-2453), and we will have them ready. Riding bikes is a good way to stay healthy, get out, and not be in a crowd.

New season, new rental bikes. Trying some Trek Marlin 7's. 27.5" and 29" wheels. Sorry, late night pick up.

Registration is OPEN for the 2020 Hemophilia Federation of America's "Gears for Good" charity bike tour on the C&O Canal. The dates for the 2020 tour are September 18-20, and you can find complete details at:

The tour is operated by Get Out and Go Tours, and we actually have a fun team within the tour, called GoTeamPhilo. GoTours joined forces with hemophiliac Kimberly Philo, to raise funds and ride as a fun loving, supportive team. We usually get a team jersey and fight to raise a lot of funds. Consider joining our team, any team, or no team.

Virginia weekend weather is going to be great, so we are offering the mixed up "Spring into Winter" half-priced hybrid bike rental, Saturday and Sunday. Just $12.50 cash price.
Call ahead to reserve, 571-572-2453.

Weekend weather in Virginia is going to be Spring spectacular, so we are offering an all mixed up "Spring into Winter" 1/2 price hybrid bike rental for Saturday and Sunday. Call ahead to secure your reservation, 571-572-BIKE (571-572-2453). Cash rate just $12.50!

The W&OD trail is just 1 mile away.

Off to work for the FINAL time this year. LAST bike delivery of the year, coming right up!

For those who rode Gears for Good 2019, and know the story about Lauren's bike, I'm happy to report that it is back up and running, and the bonus "team Philo" and "make a difference" charity stickers are nice bonuses, as it enters the fleet. Come along on Gears for Good 2020, to see it in action!

Hybrid bike rentals are available for just $25 for a whole day, and local riders or frequent business travelers can get a frequent renter discount card good for five one day rentals with any regular priced rental, for just $50.

Try us out. Call 571-572-BIKE(2453) to schedule pick up.

Bikes ready for the Montgomery County Judges ride on the W&OD Trail, on a beautiful fall day.

Sights you will see on Gears for Good.

Gears for Good National Ride

Gears for Good is this weekend. It is going to be a remarkable weather weekend -- perhaps perfect. I have just enough pull, that if you are a super procrastinator, but want to ride the C&O Canal Friday to Sunday, can be at Key Bridge Marriott to board the bus at 0745 Friday, and can raise or pay the fundraising minimum of $1,000, I can get you in. And, if you join on GoTeamPhilo, our company team, you can even get a free rental bike for the tour!

Let us know, then register at Help support Hemophilia Federation of America today!

Possibly last chance to register for the September C&O Canal ride, September 20-22, 2019. This is the annual Gears for Good charity ride that GoTours supports. Transportation, lodging, meals, snacks, drinks, trailside support, luggage transport, and SAG support all included for your fundraising effort. Good food, good friends, good cause.

Last minute corporate request for 20 rental bikes for tomorrow is met. Bikes are ready for their group ride at 0830. As a small business, every rental matters, no matter the effort.

Great bikes, great service. Try us out for your group outing.

Off to Boxwood Winery and Mt. Defiance Cidery on another Salamander Resort bike ride and wine tasting. We have hardy Richmond, VA clients who prepared for the heat with a lot of drinks (water and Gatorade, that is, LOL).

Tomorrow, we get to serve BSA Troop 141, with 20 bicycles for their 50 mile ride on the C&O Canal. They needed a company that would deliver in Brunswick and pick up in Washington, DC, and could handle their group size. Bikes are loaded (18 inside and two on the back rack).

Friday, we will have a cleaning party, to get the bikes turned over for a Saturday event.

We are open while those who work hard normally rest a day, if anyone needs to RENT a bike, Get Out and Go Tours, Ashburn, VA. Call ahead, 571-572-2453. Near the W&OD trail, and bike rideable fireworks!

Happy birthday USA. Why not have a bike ride party on its birthday?

Cue cards for the Gears for Good 2019 charity ride are coming along nicely. Everyone who is registered has luggage tags completed. We will add maps and bike tags, and have the rider packs complete. Sign up before July 3, to get an event bike Jersey, and if you join GoTeamPhilo, you can get your rental bike for free, and we will have an optional team Jersey too!

With 7 more inside, thank you to Spokes, Etc. in Leesburg, for boosting our inventory to cover Gears for Good demand. It is always a good problem to have in the bike rental business, to run out of inventory, however, HFA's Gears for Good ride ( is not the time to practice that problem.

Join GoTeamPhilo for this most epic and amazingly well supported charity bike tour from Paw Paw tunnel to Washington, DC, and your rental bike is complimentary.

Meals are hearty. Snacks are plentiful and varied, and friendships will be forever. And, did I mention that you get Trailside drinks and snacks every 10-15 miles, and way cool bike jersey(s)?

Does your corporate group want an event? We can supply more than 40 hybrid bikes, and with road or Mt. bikes added, handle a group of more than 50 people. Call us at 571-572-2453, to inquire.

Thanks to Adriane Harrison, these four bikes we delivered to Pittsburgh are racked and ready for final delivery Saturday, to start their one-way rental ride to DC on the GAP and C&O Canal, with Bill West's group.

Great teams developing for the September 20-22, 2019 Gears for Good charity bike ride on the C&O Canal. Transportation, lodging, meals, snacks, drinks, trailside support, luggage transport, and SAG support all included for your fundraising effort. Good food, good friends, good cause.

Kevin Baldwin and his family set out for Purcellville today on our tandems, where they had lunch, before returning. Kevin told me an amazing story of his road to health following a recent scare, and cycling is a part of his routine now.

Tour van doubles as fireworks viewing platform and bike tray seating. Welcome to Summer Ashburn, VA! [Get Out and Go Fireworks Tour]

Get Out and Go Tours is pleased to announce the addition of Lianne Lapierre, Alicia Hutchinson, and Karla Espitia, to the rapidly growing GoTeamPhilo for the 2019 Gears for Good C&O Canal Tour, September 20-22, 2019.

This ride differs from our usual tours, in that participants fund raise for the Hemophilia Federation of America's Helping Hands Fund, as a 503(c)3 charity, and the trip is covered.

In case you will consider this challenge, here is the event info:

Sept. 20-22
West Virginia to D.C.

Join Team Resilience (all teams for the ride are part of this parent team) for the Gears for Good National Ride, Sept. 20-22. We will ride 156 miles from beautiful West Virginia to Washington, D.C. to raise awareness and funds for HFA's Helping Hands emergency assistance program.

Don't let the distance scare you — we offer complete service along the trail.

The $100 registration fee goes towards your $1,000 fundraising goal. All meals, snacks, hotel accommodations and awards dinner is included!

Register today & secure your custom cycling jersey!

Thank you, ANMC, for taking your group out on the W&OD trail during your conference in Dulles. It was a pleasure providing your group with bikes.

This week, we prepared some of our key clients' bike fleets for group events, then supplemented them with 10-20 more bikes to use for large events. If your corporate group wants to do an outing or team building ride, we can supply up to 35 hybrid bikes, or up to 60 bikes, if we mix road and Mt bikes in. It's charity ride season -- we can provide you with a bike to participate. Call 571-572-BIKE(2453) to plan/reserve.

It's good to be busy with beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon bike rentals. It's not too late for a bike ride with your visiting guests!

Happy Easter from Get Out and Go Tours, 571-572-BIKE(2453).

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43160 Wintergrove Dr
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General information

Public and private bicycle tours scheduled during the season. We offer support for non-profit fund raising tours, providing complete bicycle tour operations and execution. With your marketing and our execution, you can raise funds for your programs, and we'll run the tour.
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