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We're the area’s premier traditional Japanese martial arts school, teaching children and adults how to improve their mind and body to become their very best!

We had an excellent start to the New Year last weekend at HQ for Hatsu Geiko with Master Hidy Ochiai!

It was followed up by a wonderful visit these last two days with Master Ochiai here in VA. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any pictures this visit, but it was great to see so many of the students at the Dojo! Looking forward to the next visit in February!

[01/07/20]   The Dojo is closed today and all classes are canceled.

With the steady snow, that's set to continue through class, we're very concerned about safety not only on the roads but also in our parking lot, which was not pre-treated by our property owner/management.

Sensei Winkler looks forward to seeing everyone in class tomorrow. Stay safe and warm!

We had an excellent Self-Defense Class this past weekend! A big thank you to Shirley's Wellness - Holistic Health Coach for hosting and to Kelly's Bootcamp & Inergy for providing us such a great place to have the class!

You all did very well, and we hope to see you at the next one!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! The Dojo only has one class today from 4:30 - 5:15pm.

To all of our trick-or-treaters, have a great time and remember to always be aware of your surroundings and avoid any potentially dangerous situation!

This is an overdue CONGRATULATIONS to Ragya for achieving his Junior Black Belt back in August!!!

Ragya has been a stellar student over the years, consistently demonstrating the spirit of hard-work, discipline, respect, humility, positivity, and kindness combined with strong technical skill that are indicative of a black belt. We are very proud to have you among our black belt ranks.

Earlier this month, Ragya also won three individual gold medals at our 53rd Annual Tournament in New York! Congratulations again and keep up the good work!

Congratulations to all of our Little Pandas on their Graduation last week! It took a few (maybe a lot) of takes, but we finally got a picture or two we could share :).

It was a wonderful session, and we can't wait for the next one to start on November 11. See you then!

Little Pandas Karate Graduation Fall 2019

We had a great time at the Reception for Master Ochiai’s 80th Birthday! So glad so many of our Dojo’s families could make it.

We’re looking forward to tomorrow morning’s tournament. Wishing all of our competitors a good night’s sleep and good luck! #HidyOchiai #HidyOchiaiKarate #karatenova #WashinRyu #karatedo #budo #martialarts #karate

Now that it's Fall, we've finally gotten to adding our photos from our Summer Camps.

This year, each of the four camps was amazing! Everyone had a great time, including all of our instructors, and the addition of swimming with our neighbor Goldfish Swim School - Ashburn was a huge hit among all the campers!

Thank you to all of our campers and their families, to our Assistant Instructor Mrs. Suzuki and our Junior Asssitant Instructors, and to Goldfish Swim School - Ashburn for partnering with us!

We're looking forward to an even better Summer next year. In the meantime, we wish you all a great Fall!

Summer Camp 2019

Summer Camp 2019

We have a big congratulations in order: Back in November, Mr. Frias and his two sons achieved their black belt, and now the mother, Mrs. Suzuki, has joined them!

Over the years, the Frias family has been extremely dedicated to our Dojo and to Wa-shin Ryu, always helping out around the school and traveling to our HQ in New York whenever possible to attend special seminars.

You all have demonstrated time and again that our school is truly for the whole family. We are so proud of your achievement! Keep going and don't forget "life is short, art is long."

We look forward to continuing to see all of you on the training floor!

We are closed today for Independence Day. Wishing you all a great holiday!

The Dojo will reopen for all classes on Friday, July 5th. See you then!

Last week was a busy one at the Dojo with Summer Camp, and it was capped off by a trip to Hidy Ochiai Karate in New York on Saturday for a special seminar on Jufu no Kata (Gentle Karate) by Master Ochiai!

While most are familiar with what comprises the conventional practice of traditional karate, not many know about the breathing exercises (Ko-kyu Ho), gentle forms and techniques, and the moving meditation that are also a part of traditional martial art, which fall under the practice of Jufu.

Jufu is an integral part of our style (Wa-shin Ryu), and we took a lot of information back home to share with all of our students!

Thank you to Master Hidy Ochiai for such a wonderful seminar. We look forward to seeing you at the end of July for the Mid-Summer Training!

We had an excellent first week of Summer Camp! While we were able to take one serious photo with the campers, we were having a lot of fun in between as you can see!

Special thank you to Goldfish Swim School - Ashburn for having our campers. They loved swimming with you!

And thank you to our Assistant Mrs. Suzuki (not shown) and Junior Assistants Michael (shown in the back) and Baron (not shown). You are an important part of what makes camp so special!

We still have 3 more camps coming up with spots available in each. The first is happening July 8-12. To enroll go to http://bit.ly/MartialArtsCampEnroll.

See you there!

Congratulations to our Little Pandas on their Graduation! You all did very well, and you should be proud!

Little Pandas is now on its Summer Break, but it will return in mid-September. We will miss seeing you!

In the meantime, we still have room in our Summer Camps! For more information, including how to enroll, please go here: http://bit.ly/MartialArtsCamp.

Blend Coffee Bar

Congratulations to our friends at Blend Coffee Bar for the great press. It’s well-deserved!

We’re proud to be one of the sponsors for Ashburn’s Got Talent. Best of luck to all of the contestants tonight!

Thanks for the press, NVSL Magazine! We’re excited to be kicking off Ashburn’s Got Talent today!


Ashburn Patch

Stay vigilant and remind your kids to always be aware of who and what is around them!

Authorities are investigating two incidents of suspicious strangers approaching children in the area the past several days, says the LCSO.

Thank you Master Ochiai for the fantastic Nunchaku Seminar this past weekend! And, it was so wonderful to have you for all of our classes last Friday and Saturday.

Also, thank you to all of the Wa-shin Ryu students who traveled from as far as New York and New Jersey to train with us! It's always great to see our community.

We're all looking forward to the upcoming Bo Seminar happening this Saturday at HQ!

We excited to announce a new course coming to our schedule in April: ART & THEORY OF SELF-DEFENSE FOR WOMEN!

The course will run on Thursdays only for 6 weeks, starting on April 4 and ending on May 16 at 6:45-7:45pm. (no class on April 18) It will be taught by our Chief Instructor, Sensei Winkler.

The course is open to ages 13 & up and no previous experience is required!

To Enroll: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=193315&stype=-105&sView=day&sLoc=0

For More Info: https://hidyochiaikaratenova.com/self-defense-women-course/

Congratulations to our Little Pandas who graduated this week!! Everyone did really well.

Our next session is a Renshu (practice) session, which gets going next Wednesday. We look forward to seeing you there!

[03/08/19]   It may be snowing outside, but the Dojo is open for classes this evening. Please drive safely out there!

We had an excellent time at Master Class with Master Hidy Ochiai this past weekend. There were over 100 Wa-shin Ryu Black Belts in attendance!

We're already looking forward to next year, when we expect to have even more black belts from Virginia represented!

[02/20/19]   SCHEDULE UPDATE: In consideration of our little ones’ safety, we have rescheduled today's Little Panda's class for Saturday at 9:00AM. We will still have All Ranks class tonight at 6:15pm.

If you do venture out for class tonight, please stay safe on the roads. We hope you've been having a great snow day ❄️!

[02/01/19]   The Dojo is open for all classes tonight! It was snowier than we thought it would be today, but the parking lot and sidewalks are plowed and salted.

Come get your training in before having a nice, warm Friday night inside!

[01/29/19]   Due to the bad weather and potentially dangerous road conditions, we have decided to cancel all classes this afternoon.

We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to seeing you in class tomorrow!

We had a fantastic New Year's Celebration with Master Ochiai this past weekend! Ever since we opened our doors in 2014 we've wanted to host this event, and with our new space we finally have a place large enough.

There was a training and lecture with Master Ochiai, followed by a Japanese themed lunch with treats, a gift for all attendees, and a three chances to win one of Master Ochiai's Sumi-e calligraphies!

This was the first of many to come. Thank you to all who attended. And, if you missed it, make sure you join us for it next year!

First Training of the New Year with Master Hidy Ochiai

Hatsu Geiko 2019

First Training of the New Year with Master Hidy Ochiai

First Training of the New Year with Master Hidy Ochiai

[01/14/19]   Even though schools are closed, the Dojo is open for class tonight at 6:15pm! We hope you have been able to enjoy all the snow. Now it's time to get some training in !


Alleged Kidnapper Chases Woman into Karate Dojo, Gets Ass Royally Whooped — VICE

“Once outside he attempted to attack again and was dealt with accordingly”...

apple.news "Once outside he attempted to attack again and was dealt with accordingly."

We have a very long overdue CONGRATULATIONS to Michael on his promotion to Junior Black Belt over the summer!! We're sorry for the late recognition!

You have come a long way over the years and are now a model student. We are so very proud of your hard work, dedication, and commitment to constantly improving both your character and physical technique.

We look forward to seeing you grow and continue to progress in your training. Again, congratulations. You are a wonderful example for all the other juniors!

Japan Information & Culture Center, Embassy of Japan


Today’s budo arts all evolved from the training systems used by the samurai, which can be seen most in the ancient art of kobudo. But you can even see these practices in the modern arts of kendo, judo, karate, and more.

[11/21/18]   Holiday Schedule Reminder:

We have both Little Pandas at 5:00 and All Ranks class at 6:15 today. We are closed Thursday through Sunday and reopen for all classes on Monday, November 26.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

CONGRATULATIONS Scarlett on your promotion to Junior Black Belt!!

You've worked very hard over the years, and you've shown a tremendous amount of patience and perseverance. We are so proud of you and your accomplishment!

Remember, Black Belt is just one of many milestones along the path of self-development. Keep doing your best and keep a "fresh mind" as you continue your traditional martial arts education.

Congratulations again! See you in class!

We had a wonderful visit with Master Ochiai at the end of last week. It was a full house!

Thank you Master Ochiai for your continued commitment to your students here in Virginia. We're looking forward to seeing you later in December!

[11/15/18]   ANNOUNCEMENT: All classes are cancelled today due to the continued bad weather and hazardous road conditions. We were hoping to be able to hold classes, but out of concern for safety, we're closing the school for the day.

Please stay safe out there. Osensei Ochiai and Sensei Winkler look forward to seeing everyone on Friday and Saturday!

We're back from the Toyama Ryu Iaido & Hanbo Seminar with Master Hidy Ochiai this weekend and ready for classes this week!

Sadly, we didn't get any pics from the seminar this weekend, so here's one from the Toyama Ryu and Kendo Seminar we had here in VA back in June. Can't wait to hold another of these!

The pictures from our Grand Opening celebration are finally up! It was an amazing, fun-filled weekend that went by too fast.

Thank you to all of our dedicated students, past and present, and the greater Loudoun County community, all of whom made this beautiful, new school possible!

We're looking forward to many, many more years to come!

The Grand Opening celebration of our new, 5,500 sqft. state-of-the art martial arts school in Ashburn Crossing right by Redskins Park! Our new school has locker rooms with showers, a vast family-viewing area, and a 3,000 sqft. traditional wood training floor, built with cutting-edge gym floor construction.

GRAND OPENING - October 26 & 27, 2018

The Grand Opening celebration of our new, 5,500 sqft. state-of-the art martial arts school in Ashburn Crossing right by Redskins Park! Our new school has locker rooms with showers, a vast family-viewing area, and a 3,000 sqft. traditional wood training floor, built with cutting-edge gym floor construction.

The Grand Opening celebration of our new, 5,500 sqft. state-of-the art martial arts school in Ashburn Crossing right by Redskins Park! Our new school has locker rooms with showers, a vast family-viewing area, and a 3,000 sqft. traditional wood training floor, built with cutting-edge gym floor construction.

[10/31/18]   Remember that we have a special class schedule today for Halloween: All Ranks Karate-do 4:30-5:15pm. There is no 6:15pm class.

Have a fun and safe time tonight and always stay aware!

[10/28/18]   Thank you to all who came to our Grand Opening & Open House this weekend. It was a great success and so wonderful to see everyone!

We also would like to give a very big thank you to our special guests Tony Howard, president of the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce, Vanessa Wagner, small business manager at the Loudoun County Economic Development, and to Master Hidy Ochiai!

Stay tuned, we’ll have pictures up soon!

Hidy Ochiai Karate - Northern Virginia's cover photo


The History Of The Onna-Bugeisha — Japan's Badass Female Samurai

allthatsinteresting.com Though the depiction of samurai warriors is traditionally male-oriented, the Onna-bugeisha, female samurai existed and were just as fearsome.

We know it's been awhile since we posted, and we apologize for the blackout. It's been a whirlwind since we opened our doors to our new Dojo in June. But, we've got a bunch backlogged from our packed summer that we'll get up here soon!

In the meantime, there was the annual Wa-shin Ryu Tournament in upstate New York this past weekend that some of our students competed in, and we wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! Everyone did so well, with each competitor bringing home at least one medal!!

Unfortunately, we're missing one our competitors, so we'll have a complete photo soon. Congratulations again. We're all very proud of you!

Thank you so much to all our students and their families for their help this weekend getting us moved out of our old school and in to our new one!! It was a great success, and now we’re ready for opening day!

While we’ll be doing more improvements to the school in preparation for our Grand Opening in the Fall, this was a wonderful start to a new chapter for our Dojo. Thank you again for everyone’s help!

The sign is up and the mirrors are installed! It’s official: ALL classes will be held in our new space starting Monday, June 25!

Stay tuned, there is more work to be done in the next week and a half. It’s an exciting and busy time! #HidyOchiaiKarate #karatenova #ashburnkarate #WashinRyu #ashburnmartialarts #traditionalkarate #traditionaljapanesemartialarts #karate #martialarts #budo

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