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Our Mission at The ROCK is to challenge our members, physically and mentally, with customized programs to achieve their personal health and fitness goals.

Ayyyye there folks! Amy here!

While Sam is out of town, I’m running the show this weekend....I’m you can see, the possibilities are endless....


Reagan and Ana hitting deadlifts like a boss this morning! Epic job ladies!

Today: Butts and Guts at 5:30 and Sweat Box at 6:15 with Amy.

Tomorrow: BOOT CAMP with Amy at 9am! Be there or be square!

If you havnt already please check out @dandelionfoundr page and non profit. When I am not at my best I write out what I appreciate and am grateful for in life. Having a strong support team around you is important for personal growth and to help you carry out the mission. Her non profits does just that, they support and educate women who are suffering from gynecological cancer. @agerojas and I were blessed to be able to represent fitness fights cancer at her women’s cancer symposium and listen to the many speakers. It was very empowering and very grateful we will be working together for the greater good!

What is it like to live with cancer PT1 - The Body...I get this question a lot and I hope i can shed some light to the “WHY” that drove me on this conquest to beat it. We hear about it, we maybe have read about it but what happens to your body when you have cancer and are getting blasted with high doses of chemotherapy??

Saturday I had an amazing day listening then speaking at the women’s cancer symposium. I ate cava afterwards (healthy right?) and something happened. For 2.5 hours it felt like a dull knife was jabbing the inside of my gut and hitting my organs. I felt like dying. For what eating a dam super green salad with chicken? But...the show must go on. Loaded another plate, fell to the floor, loaded another finishing at 435lbs for 4 reps. I’m stubborn and didn’t go to dr’s or hospitals before this so I take my healing oils and power through.

My point is this, sh*t can happen at any moment. You can be happy and ready to take on the world then at the blink of an eye be puking your brains out, or feel like collapsing. I was anemic, my oxygen levels were plummeting so my body was very acidic, my muscles cells can’t recovery anywhere near the same so after a big lift it feels like you caught pneumonia after getting hit by a bus, lactic acid build up during lifting, the inflammation of my muscles and joints, pain for too many reasons to count, I am more prone to injury as well as infection, And the list goes on.BUT guess what...The show must go on. The grind is what keeps me going and on a exercise science stand point this is why I have be able to do what no person on this planet has done during cancer and heavy chemo treatments. my mission is to prove this, not to me, I know it, but prove to the medical community that this does work. Through fitness, nutrition and mental health awareness we can make a difference.

ALL MY CANCER FIGHTERS AND SURVIVORS...let me hear you!! What else have you been facing, struggling with and fighting? If you don’t feel comfortable commenting shoot me a DM!!

#flexfriday goes to these two young ladies for grinding it out this morning 💪 @reagan_flynn and Ana have been two of my most dedicated clients. they have transformed mentally and physically by challenging their thoughts and ideas of what the human body can accomplish when you really put your mind and your heart into it. Reagan has gain over 3 pounds of muscle and her strength has increase between 50-250% on a range of exercises in a couple of months and Ana has lost around 20 pounds and has become one of the strongest women who train with me in just 5 weeks. This is why I love doing what I do and nothing not even cancer is going to stop me from helping people and building the next generation of trainers and athletes (more to come on that in the future). Great job ladies, let’s keep it going the sky is the limit!

Another great day of small group training here at The Rock! Still more fun to come this evening!

If you haven’t joined us yet, what are you waiting for!? 🔥💪🏻

Good Evening Rock Fitness Members!!

As we finish out cancer awareness month, and in honor of my newly minted non profit "Fitness Fights Cancer," I'm offering a blow out sale on small group training.

From now until the end of the month I will be extending the $299 UNLIMITED group training package. We are excited to have an entire new training schedule and 20+ group training classes!!

Hope to see you all at the next class!

*Note: The new classes on the attached schedule will be added to the Mind Body app ASAP for current members.

4:15 and 5:30 were CRUSHING IT this evening! Great workout everyone!

You missed out if you weren’t here!

We had a packed house for last night’s 4:30 and 5:30 Butts and Guts! Melinda even stayed for the 6:30 Sweat Box! Hope you see everyone next time!

Fitness Fights Cancer

Come visit Sam, Amy, Reagan, and Evan at the Community Church of Ashburn’s health and wellness fair!

Sam, Amy, Evan, and Reagan representing at one of many community events that the Community Church of Ashburn is putting on for their 36th birthday!!

Our booth and obstacle course was part of the health and wellness fair but, hundreds of volunteers from the church are out and about today giving back to the community through various beautification and revitalization projects for charity.

Come out and bring the kids to give the obstacle course a try!

I want to know...Everyone has their own story. We all have our own problems, set backs in life, insecurities, demons in our past that are holding us back from being who we want want to be. The more I hear stories of other survivors, about their struggles, their pains, their losses but, what I found most helpful is what they gained.
They gained the power to rise up and overcome, as well as a new knowledge of who they are.
You don’t need to get cancer to get yourself right, to take the time to make the best you, and to break the barriers you set for yourself. You don’t even need to have physical cancer if you have “cancer of the mind.” You have the power to change at a given moment and rise to be a better version of yourself.
I want to know what you have conquered!! What is an obstacle in your life that you’ve conquered? What is something that’s holding you back? Dig deep and think. Comment below!! Shout out to Amy Phelps for the great photo and editing!! Sam J Juzbasich

Having a hell of a time At the 2018 Cancer survivor conference representing my non-profit “Fitness Fights Cancer!” Learning, networking and just having fun. Follow my story throughout the day for more!! This showed me again why I am doing this. today is 9 weeks out from @garyudit @npcnewsonlineofficialpage @ifbb_official Max Muscle in Woodbridge va!! My mind is clear and I’m doing this for these people are sitting in this room and the many out there that are effected by cancer. You can fight back. It all starts with you...have a great weekend everyone!! #cancersurvivor #f**kcancer #cancersucks #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #fitfam #charityevent #cancerawarness #cancerresearch #lymphoma #fitspo #nutrition #health

School is in session at The ROCK and its time to Fall back into shape!

I am excited to announce that we have an ALL NEW semi-private/group training schedule this fall and are continuing to add more classes to fit our members goals and needs. What is private group training? It is a small personal training setting where you get the individual attention you need and our way of creating a community that supports each other on their health and fitness goals.

Check the calendar for the day and times of each class! Contact us via FB or email us at for questions on how to join, sign up for, or if you are not a member to set up your free health consultation and workout!

Class Descriptions:
A combination of strength, muscular and, cardiovascular endurance exercises incorporated into a high intensity interval circuit to maximize fat loss while building lean muscle.

Sculpt and Tone
Focuses on Isolation of specific muscle groups to build and develop the overall muscle definition and shape of your body. Great for long term fat loss and body composition.

A high intensity cardio class to improve overall heart health and increase fat loss.

Butts N’ Gutts
A strength and toning program primary focusing on overall core strength and hip/glute development.

Rise and Burn FitCamp
A hybrid cardio circuit incorporating various training techniques to kick start your day in a fat burning mode.

We want to add more!! So any other days and times you have an interest for message me and I will add it to the list of potential times for Group Training classes.

MWF @430pm - Strength, Speed and Agility Training
Wednesday @615 - RockFIIT
T/Thur @630am - RockFIIT or Sculpt and Tone
Sunday @9am or Wednesday at 7pm - Yoga

Let us know what else you may want!!

Getting boot camp ready 💪💪💪

I woke up with a smile today and just never took it off :) life is good if you make it so and I can say I am the happiest I have been in a very long time. I am more focused, determined, driven and I’m ready to shock the world with what I can achieve in business and on the bodybuilding stage despite the life eating cancer that runs through my body so I can show others it can be done. If I can give one person hope, change one persons perspective of how they see themselves, and show them how they can take back control over their life I will achieve what I’m setting out to do with this journey of mine. I took some time to myself recently and reflected on what I am trying to achieve in this life at this moment in time. After Beating myself down to the ground, causing pains, having breakdowns from more life changing news, self conflict, fear of failing you all scared me and much more...but i rose up a renewed identity of the relentless, driven, hard working, caring, loving, friendly man that i once was but with the strengths I have developed and knowledge I have learned over the years. I am back and it feels good. There will be much more to come; these plans, ideas, dreams are a reality now and I’m ready to roll so thank you all for being a part of this thank you 🙏💪

[07/15/18]   Due to popular demand I am looking to double our class schedule and add some more variety in there! Realistically What days and times would you all like to see a class?? We would like your feedback!!

*Client Spotlight* I want to ignite some motivation for your Friday morning/almost weekend grind! This is a throwback to my 12 week bikini prep with @dkreutzfeldt. Coming back from a 2+ week vacation in Brazil we started that day from 21% body fat and in 12 weeks shredded it down to the mid 13’s. That took a tremendous amount of discipline, strength and will to step on stage with the best physique that we could have possible brought and we did it!! We had our ups and our downs but we worked together to keep her body as well as her mind healthy and in tip top shape and she worked for a new level of fitness and confidence in her body that she didn’t know she could achieve and that’s why I love this sport. it teaches us so much about our true internal strength that we can achieve anything we put our minds to. Let’s get back on that grind dee!! #fit #fitfam #fitspo #fitness #fitstagram #girlswholift #fitgirls @ ROCK Fitness and Performance

Had to share some keto eating hacks!! My philosophy is that A life style diet has to be something you can live with, not just fit for your needs and goals but practicality. Sometimes we don’t always have each meal prepped, we are going out to dinner with friends, taking the kids to get food or just running late and need something quick. There are options to stay on your diet it’s just knowing what they are and how to improvise. If you know any more keto friendly places comment below!!

[06/27/18]   Happy Wednesday ya fitness animals! Water we working out today? #staythirsty

The good old life when playing football and I could eat and drink however much you wanted and not care. But then my goals changed, and I wanted “The Look.” in all honestly, I have big man genetics, for good and for bad. I spent years packing on muscle so my metabolism is like all the naturally lean guys but I’m 240pounds. You work hard, enjoy life but don’t blow a months worth of training, dieting, and steer away from your health and fitness goals to go out a cheat ALL weekend. plan for one day after 6 clean eating days and DO WHAT YOU WANT just plan for it and the cheat benefits you by resetting your metabolism the other way. #fit #fitspo #fitfam #motivation #transformation #tiptuesday #transformationtuesday #diet #gymmotivation #fitnessmotivation #determination #genetics #goals #bodybuilder #bidybuildling #powerlifting #cancersurvivor #cancersucks #f**kcancer

*Client Spotlight* very proud of Lou, In just six weeks of training (with a week vacation to add in there) Lou was able to make a complete lifestyle change and has dropped almost 20 pounds of fat, added 5 pounds of lean muscle and lost 15.75 inches around his shoulders, waist, hips and both thighs. He followed the program inside and outside the gym fully and found a new level of confidence in himself and is motivated to drop another 80pounds. It’s a long journey but you can do it Lou we are here to support you! #fit #fitspo #fitfam #fitness #transformation #motivation #motivationmonday #gym #gymmotivation #diet #healthylifestyle #keto #ketodiet #ashburn #oneloudoun #nutrition #gymlife #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #weightloss @ ROCK Fitness and Performance

I wanted to thank everyone for your love and support in my journey “Fighting Cancer with Fitness” with a GIVEAWAY CONTEST!! Like this post, Tag two friends and if you are not already following my journey in battling cancer and other chronic diseases through exercise, nutrition, and mental health awareness follow our page and/or Instagram page Samjuz59! On Thursday at 730pm I will pick and announce a winner who will receive a 30 serving size bag of genepro by @musclegen. Genepro was tested and ranked one of the highest quality and absorption rate amongst protein powder and for anyone who is lactose intolerance or have dairy sensitivity this is stamped lactose free so we can have it!

*Client Spotlight* I wanted to give a big shoutout to Mackenzie, tomorrow is her big wedding day and about 6 months ago she first came to me like all women she said she wanted to tone. she was afraid to lift weights because she thought she was going to bulk up. It took a few weeks to break that mental habit but I showed her that when women lift heavy weights and do volume training the body responds how you want it to. She wasn’t obese or overweight but she wanted to do this for herself to look good for her special day tomorrow and I think we can all say that your hard work and dedication inside AND outside the gym shows off. Now you are just a healthier, stronger and more cut up 💪 version of what you were before and I’m excited to see how much more you will improve! #fitfam #fitspo #fit #fitness #girlswholift #gym #gymlife

Does anyone else have trouble meal prepping? what are you struggling with? Time? This only 15 minutes for ALL 5 meals today. That’s all it takes, make it a part of your daily/weekly routine and that will help you stay consistent with your diet. Have a happy Thursday everyone!! Thank you @blackanddecker_us for the airless fryer it’s a life saver 👍 #mealprep #food #diet #nutrition #foodporn #foodie #bodybuilder #bodybuilding #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #keto #ketodiet #ketogenicdiet #cancer #cancersucks #cancersurvivor #fit #instafit #fitspo #fitfam

Im feeling great and full of energy...Post workout #keto meal @cava loaded with extra super and “splendid” greens, beef meatballs for the extra fat, spicy harissa, cucumber salad, feta cheese and a little spicy Greek sirachi sauce...YUM #diet #nutrition #ketodiet #nutrition #protein #salad #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #fit #fitfam #fitspo #fitnessmodel #food #cancersucks #f**kcancer #cancer #cancersurvivor #picoftheday #gains #foodie #foodporn #lunch #eat

Everyone who has met me after college never believes me when I said I was once a 300lbs defensive lineman in college. I grew up being big strong and fat my entire life, that was all I knew. I hated how I looked, I had self esteem issues, never thought I was good enough. I wanted the look just never knew how to get it. When I made my transformation for MR.SRU and dropped 65lbs in 16 weeks with my diet and training program I fell in love with the sport of bodybuilding, it was harder than any sport I ever did and I did it for me. After years of hard workX surgeries, recovery and more surgeries here I am fighting cancer so I can get back on that stage and earn my procard in this sport...and i I will win it, when it’s my time. Sam J Juzbasich

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