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Our Mission at The ROCK is to challenge our members, physically and mentally, with customized programs to achieve their personal health and fitness goals.

Glute bridges and hip thrusts are a major part of the booty building program here at Thr ROCK!

Adding a resistance band and abducting (pushing the knees out against the band) at the top and bottom of the movement really adds extra 🔥 to dem cheeks! 🍑

Next time to work gifts try this finisher:

4x25 Banded Glute Bridges off the bench.

Want more? Try this 👉🏻 Abduct (push the knees out against the band and slowly release - think slow and controlled) 5 times at the top of the movement and the bottom of the movement every 5 reps.
Scorcher! 🔥🍑

Happy Mothers day from The ROCK! We just finished making breakfast for mom and now we want to give you all a Mothers Day gift as well!

This is the LAST WEEK to join our 6 Week Transformation Challenge! Today we are offering $20 off of the challenge! TODAY ONLY! This is our way of giving back to all the hard working mothers out there who are looking to make a change in their life.

For more info:

Sam J Juzbasich Amy Phelps

Mental it all just in your head ?

How powerful is our Brain? Is mindset just a concept of positive thinking or does our brain actually react to our thoughts? Are we stuck with the life we have?

At The Rock We are about empowering and inspiring our members and community to TAKE ACTION. it all starts with you, we are here to help guide you with the tools and resources to be successful

Join us this Saturday at The Rock or on FB LIVE at 10am for our talk on Mental Health.

Check out our 6 week mind-body transformation challenge!

Sam J Juzbasich Amy Phelps

Full house for the 4:40 today!

Join us for more flexin’ fun during our 6 Week Sexy By Summer Challenge!

Details here ⬇️

ROCK Fitness and Performance

Lauren Stockwell is IN! Who’s next?!

Sam and Amy are excited to announce our Sexy by Summer 6 Week Challenge!

$900 value Grand Prize! $100+ in rebates and other opportunities to earn CASH for referrals!

For more information visit here:

Also, join our Challenge Facebook group here:

Sam and Amy are excited to announce our Sexy by Summer 6 Week Challenge!

$900 value Grand Prize! $100+ in rebates and other opportunities to earn CASH for referrals!

For more information visit here:

Also, join our Challenge Facebook group here:

Legs and Abs at ⛰The ROCK⛰
4:40pm Class was crushing that leg day today! 🔥💪🏻🏋🏻‍♀️
Check out Poppa Sam with that epic leg press! Killed it!

Cindy Juzbasich Sam J Juzbasich

Ivana G. Getting it done this morning at the 6:15!

See you all next time!

Barbell hip thrust have been shown to build better glutes than any other compound exercise. Come join us for the next leg day to build a better booty for the beach!

Full house for the 4:40 today! Come join us next time for some good times and get your sweat on!

Bonnie Coulbourne getting it done at this morning’s 9:15 class!

Gettin’ dem shoulders fired up for summer!🔥💪🏻

9:15 class crushing it this morning! Summer is approaching! Let’s get those bodies ready for the beach!

Sam J Juzbasich Lori Morelli Pendergast Sandi Koenigsberg Cleary

[03/29/19]   Just a reminder...NO BOOTCAMP tomorrow morning. We are still away at our conference, Sorry for the inconvenience!

[03/28/19]   💥ATTENTION💥

As I mentioned, I will be at a medical conference tomorrow through Saturday. I was able to get a substitute for only a few classes.

Classes that are canceled:
Thursday night 440 and 540pm
Friday night 440 and 540pm
Saturday morning Bootcamp 915am

*Thursday and Friday morning at 830 and 915 are still ON*

Sorry for the inconvenience, I was only about to get someone to cover those few classes.


Come join us this Saturday March 16th for a FREE family friendly fitness event (link below)! This weekend we will be having a very special installment of our biweekly IsaBurn N’ Learn that is fit for the whole family!

I want to create a more confident, mentally tough and physically stronger generation that is conscious of their health, mind and body. We do that at The Rock by educating our youth on the foundations of proper fitness, how to use nutrition to fuel the body, and by challenging them each and everyday to be the best versions of themselves. It is important for them to start making healthy habits now, and we are here to help guide them.

Here is our Facebook event for this Saturday! See you at The ROCK!

As some of you know, with the new schedule at the beginning of the year we launched our Youth Sports Performance small group training classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 5:40pm-6:30pm.

Message us for more details! Thank you and have a great day!

[02/20/19]   All morning classes are canceled!! I will post an update about this evening but the Roads are getting bad and unless it clears up they will be canceled.

[01/29/19]   As of right now 440 class is still on but all later classes will be canceled. If you have to be on the roads Please drive safely !!

Sam J Juzbasich has a special workout for the ROCK STRONG crew this morning. I set up my personal HIIT stations this morning so they get to see how my mornings can be.

3 stations: 60 seconds ON 15 seconds OFF
2 sprint intervals of 40 ON 120 OFF

REPEAT Through the 3 sets of stations

[01/24/19]   FREE workouts for furloughed employees!! It’s the least we can do!! Tag someone who could use a stress relieving workout 🏋️‍♀️ 💪

From this morning’s early small group training! Glute and core day at The Rock! Big shout out to Reagan for increasing her max every week!! I hope to See more of you at the next one!

Morning classes getting it done this morning!

[01/13/19]   Due to the weather we are stuck in Phoenix so there will be NO CLASS tomorrow morning and will be tentative for tomorrow evening. Sorry for the inconvenience, class will resume on normal schedule Tuesday morning. Please be safe driving if you do go out.

Much deserved credit goes out to Scott Kasper for his amazing transformation that placed him in the top 3 of our spring transformation challenge. His commitment towards health and wellness shows!

The first two pictures were from our spring challenge. Scott had a busy schedule traveling the next few months and couldn’t make it to the gym consistently. He kept to his customized program and continued to make results happen.

With a plan, you set yourself up for short and long term success. That’s what I am here to help you with. I create customized nutrition and fitness programs for YOU. Check out our 2019 Fitness Transformation challenge for more details! First waves starts next week, let’s go!!
Sam J Juzbasich

Ladies at the 9:15 are getting it this morning. They are gearing up for the challenge that starts next week!

Come join us to get your New Year transformation on! #resultsnotresolutions

Lori Morelli Pendergast Sam J Juzbasich Sandi Koenigsberg Cleary

Big congratulations to Cindy Juzbasich and Sam Sr. for making big lifestyle changes. The results show in just 3 weeks!! They started our new nutrition/supplement program following thanksgiving to avoid the downfall by working out 2-3 days per week. It’s not just the visual change that is amazing but they noticed they both have more energy, endurance, muscle and feel less pains. After another two weeks they are both 6-7lbs down more, keep it up mom and dad!

Take care of your body and it will take care of you! *10lbs lost in 30 days or you get your money back - that’s my guarantee...message me for details!

Sam J Juzbasich Amy Phelps

BBC Oxford

Why do we lift weights for long term health?This woman right here says it all! You are NEVER to old to start! Who is ready to come back and kick it up a notch?

Talk about a powerful woman! 💪💪

[12/23/18]   Happy Sunday everyone!

I wanted to show my gratitude and appreciation this holiday season by doing a FREE family and friend holiday pass. This week through Jan 1st, bring a guest for a FREE week of classes and they will receive a complementary health and nutrition consultation with a one on one workout.

Since all gyms are closed on Christmas day I am opening up the studio TO EVERYONE during our “Open Gym” hours between 1030am and 1pm on the 25th. Members and non members/clients are welcome to come in and workout. I will not be running any classes or be training.


Christmas Eve. 24th
- 830 and 915 Upper body Sculpt and Tone is ON
- No Evening classes.

Christmas Day
- Open Gym Hours 1030am-1pm
*If You are coming please message me beforehand
on messenger or text*

Saturday 29th
- IsaBurn and Learn Workout 9am-1015am
* in replacement of our rise and burn will be a FREE Saturday morning Bootcamp for all fitness levels followed by a 15 minute nutrition 101 lesson to help you plan for success in 2019.

Bring and friend and get put into a drawing for a big prize at end of the week!!

New Years Eve
- 830 and 915am upper body sculpt and core

Cindy Juzbasich Sam J Juzbasich Amy Phelps

[12/14/18]   Sorry for the inconvenience but there will be NO CLASS tonight or Bootcamp tomorrow morning. Our sub who was going to take over had an emergency and could not make it in. Normal class schedule will be on starting Monday.

The 5:30 Isabody crew is in the house! Congrats to Cindy who is down 4.5lbs and -1.2% body fat, Poppa Sam who is down 11.6lbs and -1.9% body fat, and Karen Kokiko for her 3lbs loss in their first week on our new 30 cleanse/weight loss program! Awesome job!

Sam J Juzbasich Cristelle Rodriguez

Fitness Fights Cancer

Step by step on setting yourself up for health and fitness success!! Food prepped for a week and food cooked for the day. Eating healthy never tasted so good and no I’m not BS-ing you. Whoever can say bacon skillet rib eye, Cajun pesto chicken and goat chèvre sunny side up Eggs is not a good time needs to be checked. The goal is sub 5.5% BF LETS GO 💪🔥💪 #foodporn #foodie #bacon #protein #nutrition #keto #ketodiet #ketosis #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #healthy #healthyeating #cancerdiet #mealprep #breakfast #meat #shredded #abs #ripped #muscle #cancersurvivor #cancerfighter #f**kcancer #goals #fitnessgoals #fitfam #fitspo #instafit #weightlosstransformation #fitnesstransformation @ ROCK Fitness and Performance Sam J Juzbasich


It’s no secret in the fitness industry that between now and and the new year is a time when many months of hard work and dedication are lost due to overeating, increased amounts of stress, and lack of physical exercise. Health and fitness is not a fad or something that should be put on the back burner, it is a lifestyle. Prevent the holiday backslide and take advantage of these deals today!

Promotion ends at 11:59pm this Friday November 30th!!!!

This morning’s class was packed! Great to see everyone getting their workout in before the feasting tomorrow!

DON’T miss our two boot camps tomorrow! 7:45 and 8:30am!


Sam J Juzbasich

5:45 HIIT class is burning this morning!! Let’s get it!!!

Saturday morning RISE AND BURN🔥🔥🔥

Kickin’ it with the 8:30 class today! Leg day for the win! Sam J Juzbasich

[11/15/18]   All afternoon and evening activities are canceled due to inclement weather. Stay safe and we will see you all tomorrow!

[11/15/18]   Sorry but class at 830 and 915 will be canceled today due the the snow. I will keep you posted about the evening classes if the now let’s up

The end of one part of my journey, the final day of treatment. I couldnt be more happy with all that has happened. We raised $2800 and the fundraiser is still LIVE!! I kept it open for any last minute donations following the results of my competition,

I placed in 3 of my classes:
My best showing was 4th place in the Open Class C for Classic Physique
4th place in the Novice Class for Classic Physique
3rd Place open Bodybuilding Heavy Weight

Thank you all again for your support and love during this. I share much of this to prove that you can do anything you set your mind to, no matter your current life's circumstances YOU CAN make a change in anything you want. God bless and have a great evening!!

The final day of chemo...I am still processing all that happened this weekend to begin to explain how I feel at the moment. I’m just living in the now with a smile on my face. Many lessons learned and rewards earn, many people reached and my message heard. I was in the heat of the moment of competing to understand the significance of what all happened. Not only did @npcnewsonlineofficialpage interview me for 15 mins following pre judging but after my routine I was handed the mic to speak in front of the hundreds of people in the audience about my journey. The powerful message that was delivered and the voice and tension in the audience can be felt through the video...I did what I set out to do in this show. To Make a difference and change how the world thinks of fitness and health. To help these kids, we raised $2800 in 21 days!!! I couldn’t be more happy with those results. I miscalculated and did not look my best at the time of prejudging but I learned a lot more about myself physically and mentally which I can’t be upset about, my time will come. A story and maybe a book for another time, but I will take away much from my first competition and how my body works. I will continue to build the perfect plan for ME. I will come back and the next one will be to win and win it all. More to come on that, for now I will rest, enjoy the moment and reflect. For my official results and this was in the largest most competitive classes at the competition: 4th open Class C in classic physique, 4th in Novice classic physique, 3rd open heavyweight bodybuilding.

I increased our goal to $3150!! I know we can hit it by the end of the week. Here is the link to my story... @ Inova Loudoun Hospital

Thank everyone who came out to the show and supported me!! Melinda Gipson April Kritsberg Cindy Juzbasich Reagan Flynn Alex Juzbasich Sam J Juzbasich Kate Shepko Evan Pendergast Evan Pendergast Cristelle Rodriguez Cristelle Rodriguez Todd Becker


8:30 class crushing some deadlifts this morning! Get it ladies!!!

Morning back and HIIT workout! Well done ladies! 🔥💪🏻

Sam J Juzbasich

Click here to support Fitness Fights Cancer for Kids organized by Sam J Juzbasich

Hello Rock Fitness Family,

I wanted to first thank you all for the for all of the love and support you have shown throughout my journey with cancer. I am very grateful to have people around me who do care. I do want to ask one more thing of you. Please take a moment and look at my fundraiser to help cure children's cancer.

We all have had a friend, family member or close loved one who has been effected directly by cancer. I started my non-profit Fitness Fights Cancer to be a strong community support system for these kids, and everyone else battling cancer. As a way to mark my journey through cancer, to show the science of what I know and have learned is real, and to raise money for children cancer, I am competing in a bodybuilding show November 10 in woodbridge VA.

Thank you again for everything.

Sam J Juzbasich Why this means so much to me... Like many other people out there who have been diagnosed with cancer I remember the day, the hour, the very thing I was doing that moment I received the news that I had cancer. I wasn’t prepared for the news, no one is. May 8, 2018, the diagnosis: Stage 3B Hodgk...

Here’s the 4:15 crew gettin’ it done! Join us for the 5:30 Upper body and HIIT!

Our 545am Rise and Burn 🔥 crew starting off the day with a metabolic fat shredding workout 💪 keep up the hard work and dedication ladies!!

4:30 Butts and Guts class! Check out that 740lb leg press! Awesome job! Can’t wait to see you all at the next one! Cindy Juzbasich Sam J Juzbasich Amy Phelps

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