The Ashburn Village Blue Wave Swim Team

The Ashburn Village Blue Wave Swim Team


When do the Ashburn Village pools open?
Thank you the Gibbens-Nappi family for the masks donation. #StaySafe #SocialDistancing #alonetogether
Anyone recognize these swimmers 🤗 Swimming at the JMU sponsored meet. Chris (JMU) and Dennis (UVA) graduate in May. Love the beard, Calvin.
Anna wishes all of her Blue Wave friends good luck at the H2okie meet! She was thrilled to meet Olympic Champion Anthony Ervin at a meet in Wiesbaden, Germany this weekend!
Hello everyone! Here's the link to the Timer's Signup for the JP Popovich meet. All volunteers will be entered into the monthly Blue Wave Booster Club Volunteer Raffle for a gift card! Thank you so much for your support!

Good luck to Isabella, Andrew, and Matthew @ LC Eastern Zone Championships 8/7-11 in Richmond, VA.
Wi******er LC invitational. Those kids brave the wind and swam distance.
End of Day 2 of zones, time to refuel!
Blue Wave 10 and under representing at JO’s today - Go Blue Wave!
12U Team cheer
Good luck to Matthew and Chris and all the BWST swimmers at the Eastern Zone Championships this week!

-No Fear-
-No Pain-
-No Exceptions-
-No Excuses-
-No Compromises-

----NO LIMITS---- The Blue Wave Swim Team is a USA Swimming year-round competitive swim team sponsored by Ashburn Village offering high quality professional coaching and technique instruction for swimmers of all ages and abilities.

No Fear - No Pain - No Exceptions - No Excuses - No Compromises
-No Limits-

Operating as usual

[07/22/21]   Registration is open! Sorry for the delay.


Happy birthday to Coach Jess!

Happy birthday to Coach Jess!

[05/15/21]   Parents: We are looking for options to hold an end of year banquet for our swimmers and graduating seniors. If you'd like to help Coach Jess and Coach Gabe please let us know. Thank you!

[04/23/21]   Practices on Saturday are canceled due to the swim meet.
Swim Fast Blue Wave!

[02/18/21]   No morning practices tomorrow BWST. AVSP opens at 10am. We will see you tomorrow afternoon.

[02/18/21]   No early morning or afternoon practices tomorrow. Enjoy the snow day. Stay safe and warm!


Feliz Cumpleanos, Coach Gabe!! 🥳🎂

Feliz Cumpleanos, Coach Gabe!! 🥳🎂


Please let us know if you'd like to participate. A form will be going out next week with items you can purchase.

Please let us know if you'd like to participate. A form will be going out next week with items you can purchase.


Happy 15th anniversary of your 15th birthday Coach Andrew!


Happy Birthday Coach Mike!


Blue Wave,

Did anyone lose their apple watch at The Lakes pool on Monday morning? Coach Jess found it in the parking lot, dead. If you or someone you know is missing their watch please let us know.


First day back in the water! So grateful to be seeing and working with these great people on the team! Excited to be back! #gobluewave #goblue🌊 #bluewaveohana


Mindfulness With Coach Mike - ep010 - Finger Breathing

We count breaths to develop concentration and help us direct our focus where we want it. Just like playing a sport or an instrument, the more we practice, the better we are at concentrating.

We count breathes to develop concentration and help us direct our focus where we want it. Just like playing a sport or an instrument, the more we practice, t...


Mindfulness With Coach Mike - ep009 - Rock-A-Bye Breathing

How do you breathe? Join me as we explore how to breathe like we were born to breathe. Exploring how to breathe with our diaphragm or belly breathe!

How do you breathe? Here we re-learn how to breathe like we were born to breathe. Exploring how to breathe with our diaphram or belly breathe!


We are pleased to share that our team has received a Safe Sport Recognized Club Status! #goblue🌊 #bluewaveohana #safesport


Potomac Valley Swimming 05/28/2020

Live polls and interactive presentations - AhaSlides

Here is the link for the trivia game tonight: Join our live audience platform and be fully engaged! Interact with live polls, fun quizzes, Q&A, Word Cloud, idea board, and more, for free.


Mindfulness With Coach Mike - ep008 - Mindful Breathing

Here is the next episode of Mindfulness with Coach Mike. Enjoy as we become more aware of the breath.

Here we go over breathing mindfully. The breath is such an important part in connecting the mind and body. This is the first in a series of videos exploring ... 05/14/2020

Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting now quiz code320639

Team Trivia Social: Thursday 7:00pm (60min)
Meeting ID: 941 9791 8662
Password: 136829 Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars across mobile, desktop, and room systems. Zoom Rooms is the original software-based conference room solution used around the world in board, confer...


Mindfulness With Coach Mike - ep7 - No Ordinary Moments

There is never nothing going on! Attention is your most important commodity in life and the most important place to direct our attention is the here and now. It is a place where seemingly ordinary moments become extraordinary! No ordinary moments.
"Forever is composed of now's." - Emily Dickenson
If you find this video useful please share and spread these messages.

There is never nothing going on! Attention is your most important commodity in life and the most important place to direct our attention is the here and now....


Another great Trivia Night last night! Check out the leaderboard. Delongs took top spot again, 2nd week in a row!

Thank you everyone for coming Zooming in and participating! Next week it was requested Sports with an emphasis on swimming! 05/05/2020

Peloton #BlueWaveOnLand

We just wrapped up a video chat and it sounds like some of the older swimmers are using Pelotons at home. I started riding in early March and it has become a big part of life in the last two months.

I thought it would be fun to get our Blue Wave family in one of the new hashtags. We can encourage each other and send high fives if we are on at the same time. Maybe we’ll get crazy and do a group ride one day.

Join the group and we’ll see where this goes. This is for swimmers and parents. I’ll bet some parents out there could use a high five every now and then. Join #BlueWaveOnLand on Peloton to join their community and work out with members.


Mindfulness With Coach Mike - ep6 - Attitude of Gratitude

It's time for the next installment of Mindfulness with Coach Mike! We will be exploring an attitude of gratitude. Thank you so much for checking it out!

What is an attititude of gratitude? It is baiscally making a habit to express thankfulness & appreciation in all parts of your life on a regular basis, for b...


[05/01/20]   Hey BLUE WAVE! Do you like to dance or just want to try something new during this time? Well you are in luck! The best dance studio in the area, Dance King Studios, is offering Dance Date Night Gift of a Virtual Lesson with not just one -- but two instructors -- until Friday May 15th. It is their way to help couples connect, have fun, and learn something new during this time.

I started dancing there this year and from day one it has been one of the best decisions I've made! They are absolutely wonderful. I could go and on about my experience, but it is time for you to try them and have your own. You won't regret it!

[05/01/20]   Thank you everyone who came out to do the trivia night! The Delongs came in 1st, Bruleys 2nd, and Leurs 3rd
Look forward to next week's games!! 04/28/2020

Inspiration Is Something You Do For Yourself

Another article in SwimSwam! Inspiration vs. Motivation. Motivation Is Something You Do to Somebody While Inspiration Is Something You Do for Yourself "In my time as a coach, athlete, student, human being on this planet I have found that it is our emotional connection to something that motivates us."


Mindfulness With Coach Mike - ep5 - An OPEN Mind

As F. Scott Fitzgerald describes. "The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind and still retain the ability to function." Exploring an OPEN Mind in ep 5 of Mindfulness With Coach Mike.

The life skills of seeing & reframing develop children and teenagers capaticities to hold back from jumpicg to conclusions and reflexively making judgment. I...


Hands Across BLUE WAVE

We have a challenge for you to connect with your teammates with Hands Across BLUE WAVE. See the video instructions. Check your email and the Team's news page for more details!
Let’s see how many of you we can get involved in this.

Let’s go BLUE WAVE! Are you up to the challenge??

Hands Across BLUE WAVE Video Challenge Let’s see how many BLUE WAVEers we can get involved in this and form the longest video chain! Follow the below steps: ...


Coach Gabe going LIVE on Instagram this Friday at 4pm!


Mindfulness With Coach Mike - ep4 - The Mind - Body Connection

When we develop awareness around how our thoughts can affect the body and vise-versa we will have developed almost a super power to allow us to manage our lives. Here I do my best to explore this wonderful connection and review a few ways to connect them. Be like water my friends.

When we develop awareness around how our thoughts can affect the body and vise-versa we will have developed almost a super power to allow us to manage our li... 04/18/2020

The Power of Awareness — Training Our Minds

Something about the power of awareness and how it can be developed by training our minds. Enjoy! I have been tapping into the power of my mind since I was a youngling. I grew up with many ailments such as asthma, allergies etc…I missed…


Don’t forget that Coach Mike is going live on Instagram at 4:00 today. That’s in a little less than 30 minutes. He’ll be there to hang out and answer any questions you all can come up with. See you there.


How to start a movement | Derek Sivers

Something we have been sharing with the kids this week during the zoom calls. It is just as important to be a great follower as it is to be a great leader! With help from some surprising footage, Derek Sivers explains how movements really get started. (Hint: it takes two.) TEDTalks is a daily ...

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Congratulations to Ella McOmber for lowering her team record in the 200 back this morning at PVS Senior Champs. Outstand...
Commercial for BWST Fundraiser
Ask me how you can save money and help the team!
Congratulations to Ashley Bogushefsky for breaking the 15-18 and Open 50 fly record tonight. Way to finish strong, Ashle...
Another duckworthy swim from Ella as she drops her own record from this morning in the 200 back. She went under 2:10 for...
Congrats to Ella McOmber for breaking the 15-18 and Open 200 backstroke records this morning at the Sport Fair Winter Cl...
Hot start to the Sport Fair Winter Classic for the Blue Wave swimmers. All of our individual swimmers had lifetime best ...
Quick trip over to the Swim & Rock meet for the distance session and we had a great day. 100% best times for the swimmer...
Good luck with your High School season, Monsoon! -Coach Gabe and Coach Jess
Please make sure you have RSVP'd for the event! via
Blue Wave swimmers were looking good tonight at the Popovich Invitational. The Friday night crew killed it. Too many bes...





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Loudoun Elite is a 501(c)3 non-profit, all volunteer, AAU program designed to prepare players for high school and beyond.

Greener Concepts Greener Concepts

Greener Concepts is a dealer in outdoor furniture, sporting goods, fitness equipment & promotional products. Our line of products is always expanding. We can give you the best prices from our manufacturers. [email protected] 703.430.6411

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