The Ashburn Village Blue Wave Swim Team

-No Fear- -No Pain- -No Exceptions- -No Excuses- -No Compromises- ----NO LIMITS----

The Blue Wave Swim Team is a USA Swimming year-round competitive swim team sponsored by Ashburn Village offering high quality professional coaching and technique instruction for swimmers of all ages and abilities.

No Fear - No Pain - No Exceptions - No Excuses - No Compromises -No Limits-

Mission: To provide an enjoyable and complete swimming experience for swimmers of all ages and abilities so they can develop the character traits, technical skills, and intense desire necessary to reach their fullest potential as an individual and an athlete.

Isabella is ready to crush finals of the 400 IM at PVS Open Champs. #gobluewaves #ohana

Whatever It Takes #bluewaveohana #gobluewave🌊 #endgame #whateverittakes @ Claude Moore Recreation Center

10& unders getting pumped for Long Course Champs! #bluewaveohana #gobluewave🌊

Good luck to all of our swimmers at PVS 12 & under champs and PVS Open champs this weekend. You’ve done the work, now let’s race the races!!! #gobluewaves #ohana

[07/09/19]   Come to Fudruckers in Ashburn tonight and help us hype up our LC Championship Squad!

Bonus: when you buy your burger tell them you are there for the Ashburn Farms Barracudas fundraiser!

Look forward to seeing everyone tonight 6:30-8:30!

Swimmers in the Mist. An art piece. @ Windmill Pool

Dr. Alan Goldberg- Peak Performance for Athletes, Coaches and Parents

Championships are coming. Don’t let doubt slip in. Keep chasing your goals.

Right NOW, you never really know what and how much you can accomplish. You have the ability to do things that you never imagined. You can be at the lowest point in your athletic career as you read this, flooded by self-doubts and surrounded by failure. However, if you hang in there, if you stick it out, if you refuse to quit, then you could someday find yourself living that dream. Your persistence and refusal to give up in the face of failure and defeat are perhaps two of the most critical ingredients in your ultimate success. Winners become winners because they refuse to quit. They refuse to stop trying. They refuse to accept “no” for an answer. They say that so much in life is just about “showing up.” Well, so much in sports success is just about “keeping on.” So pick yourself off the floor, get back up on your feet and keep trying. Do not give in. Do not quit. Do NOT give up on yourself even if others have given up on you. No matter how badly you may feel right now, keep plugging away.

Practice (is) Everything is Practice

NEW Coach Mike's Corner - Practice (is) Everything is Practice During Yoga practice, I was doing a headstand and I tumbled ever so gracefully out of it, in other words I fell. Reflecting on what happened...

How did you show a teammate they were amazing today?

Stayin warm and waiting for the 400’s to be done!

WellPerformance - Sports Psychology Services

Be deeply aware of how you spend each day. Your daily practices, routines, reading, food intake, sleep, exercise, recovery. Who do you surround yourself with? I can almost guarantee that if these pillars are healthy, consistent, and strong so will be your outcomes.

#sportpsychology #performancepsychology #performancemindset #dothework #idosodoyou #successhabits #habitsofsuccess

We see you Addison & Ava!! Have fun!!

Blue Wave having finals fun! Aren't we cool!?! #gobluewave🌊 #bluewaveohana #gobluewave credits to Kylie and Giada @ Claude Moore Recreation Center


Help your child foster awareness & problem-solve this summer.

It’s a beautiful morning to get faster. If one has to go through the process of training, you may as well do it under a gorgeous sunrise. #ohana #gobluewave

Simply FIT & Fresh

Great info to keep our swimmers big and little hydrated this summer.

Weekly 2min tip- HYDRATION, by request!

How much water to drink? Can you drink something else to hydrate?? What causes dehydration?

Take a listen on how to stay hydrated this summer for kids and adults.

Do you have a requested 2 min tip topic??

Twinpanzee Brewing Company, thank you for sharing this picture.

Thank you graduating Seniors, your kind words mean the world to us.

Thank you, Blue Wave Ohana for your love and support.

Who’s ready to have some fun? Let’s celebrate a great season of Blue Wave Swimming. See you soon.

Happy to see everyone outside in the big pool.

Dr. Alan Goldberg- Peak Performance for Athletes, Coaches and Parents

Be your best self and let the results go from there.

In today’s highly competitive world, far too many athletes get distracted by what their competition is doing. They become too preoccupied with beating a certain opponent instead of just concentrating on themselves. To these athletes, winning means being number one, coming in first and nothing else. Losing or being the runner-up is viewed as a failure. However, if you measure your level of excellence by comparing yourself with an opponent, then you are seriously limiting yourself. The secret to success is doing the best that YOU can do. Excellence is about YOUR BEST and no one else’s, regardless of the outcome. Focusing on what your opponent is doing will only serve to knock you off center, disrupt your concentration and get you too uptight to perform to your potential. Instead, you want to stay within yourself. Forget about what your competition is doing. Do everything in YOUR power to achieve YOUR goals. Focus on YOUR training. Work on YOUR weaknesses. Practice YOUR skills and technique. And when you compete, trust yourself, know that you’ve done everything in your power to prepare, and just let the result take care of itself. Remember, winning is about what YOU do, not what your opponent does. If you do everything possible in your training, if you leave no stone unturned, if you give it your all and truly go for it, then forget winning and losing, you are a true winner!

Great fun this weekend competing at the VA State Invite. #gobluewave🌊 #bluewaveohana @ The St. James

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the swim moms out there. We especially appreciate our Blue Wave mothers today and every day.

We loved bringing the cheering back this morning at the Spring LC Invite! Such a great start to our LC season. Thank you everyone! #bluewaveohana #gobluewave🌊 @ Claude Moore Recreation Center

Dr. Alan Goldberg- Peak Performance for Athletes, Coaches and Parents

Wise words for this time of the pool and out.

What do you expect from yourself? What do you think is possible? What “unbreakable” limits are you placing on yourself as an excuse for not going for it? Henry Ford is absolutely right. You can always do more than you think. You can always do better than your best. Limits and handicaps are placed in your life for you to overcome them. They are not put there as a reason to whine. Our world is a never ending testimony how in every impossible resides a “possible.” Question your limiting beliefs. Challenge them through personal action. Train yourself on a daily basis to get in the habit of trying to do the impossible. Go directly after your “I can’ts.” Do not give in to them. Do not let your “I can’ts” define who you are and what you can do. Your “I can’ts” and “I’ll never’s” are terrible liars and you don’t want to listen to them! As an athlete and a person you are always limited by what you believe is possible. Temporarily suspend your limiting beliefs and go after it anyways. And if you fall on your face, get your butt back up and try it again, and again and again if necessary. You can always do more than you think you can. ALWAYS!

Zig Ziglar

Next Saturday, relay style swim-a-thon! Fun for the whole family too!

Mark your calendars! 🗓🖋

The green crest super six rocked it at practice today!

#Repost @wellperformance
Great #performance happens when our focus is in the #presentmoment and on the process of things we can control.
#simplebutnoteasy #performancepsychology #DoSo #dothework #iDoSoDoYou #mindfulness #mindfulathlete #mentality #mindset #mindsetworkout

Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy

Buy native plants tomorrow at the Native Plant Sale. There are many other choices that you can plant instead of Butterfly Bush.

Day 2 of Zone's. Good luck to Matthew, Jack, and Charis!! #bluewaveohana #gobluewave🌊 @ Webster Aquatic Center and Community Education

Zones day 2!! Congrats to Matthew on 7th place yesterday! #bluewaveohana #gobluewave🌊 #annaandgavinareawesome

Zones 2019!! #bluewaveohana #gobluewave🌊 (this was a very difficult picture to take) @ Rochester, New York

Some great stuff from @yourswimbook. His advice for the mental side of the sport is always on point.

Come find out about Swim-a-thon! You can even pick what zone you'd like to grab sponsors from.

Last one fast one!! GO BLUE WAVE!

Congratulations to Lauren for breaking the 15-18 and open 200 breaststroke team records tonight at the Eastern Zone Sectionals. She finished 13th overall and lowered the records by almost a full second. Way to go, Lauren!!!

400 Free Realy ...........Go Blue Waves!!!!!

Go Blue Waves!!!

Go Blue Waves!!!!

Next stop...Virginia Tech. Sectionals Squad is on the road to swim fast!!!! #goBlueWave #bluewaveohana

Take one and take two!! 10 and unders ready for the last session at JO’s

Ready for day 3 of JOs!! #bluewaveohana #gobluewave🌊

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