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BW-PT offers a variety of training options to meet your budget, schedule, and lifestyle. You can take part in personal training, semi-private training, program planning, or workshops.

Every workout will challenge your individual needs. We specialize in kettlebell training and functional fitness. Our high-energy boot camp style workouts are fun and efficient, combining cardiovascular and strength training, all in less than 60 minutes. Whether you want to get stronger, lose weight, or improve athletic performance, we have proven strategies to help you achieve your goals.


UltraSlide Slideboard

Clients at most any level of fitness can make use of the slideboard here.

UltraSlide slideboards can be used for so much more than traditional sliding exercises! 💪🏼Check out this challenging upper body and core move from A.J. Perez!

What are your favorite UltraSlide moves? Tag us in your post to be featured in our feed!

“Changed this UltraSlide workout up a little, adding a scissor at a low plank.”


Thanksgiving is upon us again, and the traditional turkey, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie will be consumed by millions of Americans on Thursday. Oh, and, probably some alcohol to cope with that right- and/or left-wing uncle of yours. Drink responsibly, especially if you're drinking the hard stuff.

Now, I’m not saying to gorge away, but also don’t panic if you have eat an entire turkey leg -- even if that turkey leg is fried and covered in mashed potatoes -- and 13 cans of beer.

The accepted -- if not flawed -- number of excess calories needed to gain a pound of fat is 3,500. That means you’d have to consume that number above your daily caloric needs, which varies by your weight, height, activity level and metabolism.

Yes, you could easily exceed an extra 3,500 calories, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll gain a full pound of body fat. The “3,500” number possibly isn’t even accurate, mainly since it’s derived from studies that show you can lose a pound per week if you consume 500 fewer calories per day. (7X500=3,500). The research on if that number applies is seriously lacking.

Plus it doesn’t take into account an individual’s metabolism and there’s also a limit to the amount of food your stomach enzymes can process before your body, basically, gives up and passes what you digested to you bowels before it’s absorbed.

Now, your scale could show a pound -- or more -- when you step on it the next day. Don’t freak out. It can take your body more than a couple days to pass all the food you eat, including transient water weight.

One way to put those concerns at ease (if you don’t want to practice some self restraint) is to work out before your meal. Or this weekend with one of your FoundFit trainers.


Participants in trainer Cynthia’s class are all smiles after Monday’s 7 pm class. You can reach out to us on here for info on how to become a part of our many group classes each week.


Sometimes trainers get an exercise stuck in their head as A.J. Perez did at the Ashburn FoundFit in recent days. Here’s a few of his clients doing squat jump-back with rows using the rip trainer.


Foundation Fitness of Ashburn's cover photo


Dan epitomizes what #transforamtiontuesday is all about. Last September, Dan weighed 335 pounds. Currently, he's 206. Major congrats to Dan for his nearly 130-pound #weigthloss and his impressive dedication to frequent, demanding #workouts – both with Ashburn-based #personaltrainer A.J. Perez and on his own – after his weight-loss surgery. We are all proud of you. 03/26/2018

Personal Training Foundation Fitness - Personal Training - Group Training - Massage Therapy - Boot Camps and much more!

Small Group training is structured the same as one on one but is done with 2-4 people.

We may recommend a few one on one sessions to get you comfortable, and then put you into a small group of people with the same goals as you!

Sign up here for a FREE Fitness Consultation: Your health is important. Take it back! Find our Locations in Annandale, Alexandria, Ashburn, Fairfax, Cleveland park and Georgetown. SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION TODAY! 01/12/2018

Tactical Strength Challenge | StrongFirst

It’s officially open. This StrongFirst event for the last several years has been awesome to give a personal challenge for me and many of the people I work with.

I am always looking to help drive some focus in peoples training. It is just like signing up for a 10K run. (Except for strength). It’s just an event we as adults can participate in for personal challenge. It gives a focus to a training program.

Me and my group will participate at the Tysons playground location this year. If you’re interested in meeting me there, just sign up. If you would like to join my training team for the six weeks building up to the event, then shoot me a PM and I will give you all the details. Multiple locations worldwide. Register for the Tactical Strength Challenge now for $25 to be a part of this one-of-a-kind event, open to all.

[11/14/17]   Just read a compelling article on walking for weight loss! (Fat loss). This is nothing new, I recommend this all the time-but what I did like is it gave a very clear goal for those that wear pedometers. Walk at least 10,000 steps with some days pushing 15k.
Eat clean
Lift strength (reps 4-7) 3xweek

Love it!


It’s a few weeks away! Who’s in? Bring family and friends for a tough work based hour-all levels welcome! Email or PM me!


It’s official, join me- Brian Wright for a different kind of meal prep! Not a 5k in the cold, but 5000lb move in the cold.

If you don’t get my jokes - come up the Thanksgiving Day Burner in Ashburn and I will explain them to you while you lift heavy items!

This is for all levels-bring family and friends.

Email to register


Love this Pic!!!
Everything about it is Strong!!!
Kristen DeBruycker



Today's the last day you can register and qualify for the free T-shirt with the registration! See you in Ashburn-Old Glory Gym Location on 10/28

Don't forget, we are having a mock TSC next Sunday at noon. This is completely free. Just shoot me a message to let me know if you plan to attend-come challenge yourself and your training!

The Tactical Strength Challenge is open to ALL levels. Choose one of 10 competition categories at one of 139 locations worldwide—and register before August 15th to get the official October 2017 TSC tee or tank INCLUDED with your $30 registration. Power to you!


Really solid work here. Getting back into consistency. The tactical string challenge seems like a far way off, but that just means there's plenty of time to work toward the five wheels!

Great stuff Ryan


Me and the entire team and all your friends at the studio wish Karen Secker the best in her move to FL!

What an outstanding athlete and person and friend!

We will miss you!!!!
Come back and visit!!!


Katy tied her PR after not having dead lifted for over a year. She maintained her strength almost purely with simple and sinister program (1 hand swings)
A testament to consistency and tension! Awesome!


Strong class on Saturday!!!! Who's in for this week or weekend?!

(Summer punch cards available)

[06/14/17]   Are you missing the basics?

Focus instead on the 6 major movement patterns first in your program.

Hinge: Deadlift, good morning, kettlebell swing, sn**ch and clean variations

Lunge: Lunge, split squat, step-back lunge, Bulgarian split squat

Push: Bench press, push-up, overhead press, one-arm press

Pull: Pull-up, bent-over row, seated row, one-arm row

Squat: Front squat, goblet squat, Zercher squat, back squat

Carry: Farmer walk, single-arm carry, overhead carry

Analyze your program and ask yourself if these movement patterns are covered. If not, cut out the superfluous exercises and get these into your workout plan.

[05/16/17]   A simple method I’ve used in the past is to repeat a four-day set:

Heavy lifting day (80-95%)
General conditioning day
Movement day
Rest day

An excerpt from an article in how to get REALLY strong!

[05/03/17]   6 week challenge starts May 15th
3xweek training
Full nutrition plan
Private FB coaching group
All for less than $15/class

Newbies welcome! Sign up here -->

Come see what Loudoun's only dedicated Kettlebell studio can do for you.

Call 703-559-4430 05/02/2017

Tip: The Goblet Squat Test | T Nation If you can pass this test, move to heavy barbell squats. If not, you have some work to do first.

[04/13/17]   For those that are local in Ashburn,
I am running a 7 person Kettlebell specific strength and Metabolic challenge starting 4/17.

Just a few days left! Hurry!

It's a focused six week program complete with nutrition plan, three times per week small group training with the highest ranking strong first kettlebell instructors, and a ton of follow up accountability.

Over the last six months, I have found that six week challenge programs are usually successful due to their short period of intense focus and ability to spring into more successful sustainable programming.

Commit to Monday,Wednesday,Friday evening classes in Ashburn near One Loudoun and see what good Kettlebell training does for your total program results!

PM me for an info appointment. 7 spaces available.

For this challenge-we offer a special intro rate! 04/10/2017

Ashburn VA Foundation Fitness - Personal Training - Group Training - Massage Therapy - Boot Camps and much more!

Hey Ashburn! Schedule your FREE WORKOUT TODAY!
Foundation Fitness offers everything you need to get in the best shape of your life. If it has to do with being a healthier happier you, we are the best at it.
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Ashburn VA Foundation Fitness - Personal Training - Group Training - Massage Therapy - Boot Camps and much more!

New location - same great attitude in Ashburn, Virginia

Hey Ashburn!

ONE FREE MONTH of group training OR ONE FREE WORKOUT! Just fill out your information and take advantage of the offer below.


Foundation Fitness of Ashburn 02/13/2017

Fitness Consultation Foundation Fitness - Personal Training - Group Training - Massage Therapy - Boot Camps and much more!

Foundation Fitness is the only all inclusive personal training and massage studio in the area. We offer everything you need to get in the best shape of your life, treat injuries, lose weight, get ready for a wedding etc. If it has to do with being a healthier happier you, we are the best at it.


Hello to all of our BW-PT customers - We are proud to announce that Foundation Fitness is now offering it's services at our BW-PT location here in Ashburn. Foundation Fitness has locations all across Northern Virginia & Washington D.C. We will be transitioning all of our clients over

Thank you for working with us in the past, we can't wait to personally meet all of you in the community.

We are now offering the following specials beginning today through the end of November.





Don't forget to register!
Anyone looking for form drills, strategy, and training plans that focus on sn**ch performance 07/05/2016

The Difference a Body Positive Approach Can Make - StrongFirst

Great article from StrongFirst! More coaches are learning about body positive approaches that make high-quality training accessible to more people. Here's how to find the coach for you.

[07/04/16]   Fantastic efforts and display by all those that came to the press event!!

Again, over half the room setting PR's!!!


Do at Home Kettlebell Workout

If you can't make the Freedom Press Event, then check out this video for a nice pre-cookout workout!


A little inspiration for Monday! 07/01/2016

Why You Should Stop and Go Home After Hitting a PR

Great read for setting a personal record...even better for leading us into our Freedom Press Event! The goal in training isn’t to do the most reps or to spend a certain amount of time in the gym regardless of outcomes. The goal is to improve. If you hit a personal record then the work is done.


Last year's Freedom Press Event! Can't wait to see everyone on the fourth! 06/30/2016

10 Best Ways to Get Better Sleep

Its not about rest, its about restoring. Sleep is important! You are hereHome / Weight Loss / Success stories 10 Best Ways to Get Better Sleep Finally get the Zzz's you need. by Brian T. Horowitz 6 /

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Sometimes trainers get an exercise stuck in their head as A.J. Perez did at the Ashburn FoundFit in recent days. Here’s ...
Dan epitomizes what #transforamtiontuesday is all about. Last September, Dan weighed 335 pounds. Currently, he's 206. Ma...
Really solid work here. Getting back into consistency. The tactical string challenge seems like a far way off, but that ...
Katy tied her PR after not having dead lifted for over a year. She maintained her strength almost purely with simple and...
Try this press variation!Seated press (no need to do them with stacked bells) this was a part of a StongFirst challenge....
6th place in the state in Women's 400m! Strength training for 7months! We don't train many athletes, our main clientele ...
We don't always get it-but master SFG Jon Engum says fail like a professional-log the try and save it for another dayBot...
Brian Stevens 6p.m. class practicing double kettlebell skills in a "tough but doable" work set-- great work by all!
If you are not having this much fun after work consider an evening class or personal session, we have lots of evening op...
Adam's 5p.m. class did great work tonight!  A special welcome to Lisa on her very first day with us-- this class has gre...
I stopedp by F3 today to say hello in spirit of our new joint efforts. I caught them doing a three minute clean set with...
Playing with getups - middle stays braced! Rotation only from the T-Spine, no lateral spinal flexion. Working on details...



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