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So excited!! Just bought my pass!
See you soon!
Pure Barre Fitness Studio Opening Soon at Belmont Chase

Ashburn will soon be home to Loudoun's first Pure Barre. As the name suggests, the studio's fitness programming is inspired by ballet moves and postures. Pure Barre Ashburn is scheduled to open August 20. It will be located at 19825 Belmont Chase Drive, Suite 125, Ashburn.

To celebrate their arrival in Loudoun County, Pure Barre is offering a pre-opening special of 5 weeks of unlimited classes for $100. To learn more go to: http://purebarre.com/va-ashburn/
Just signed up for my first class on the 20th! Complete newbie, but looking forward to it!
I can't wait for this to open!! So close to my house!
Thank you for running the water station at the Twilight 4-miler last night!
This is awesome. Congratulations on this amazing success.
Yeah!!! Congrats Courtney Matyola Miller I'm so excited for you but still bummed for me 😕 I'll come visit during weekends.

Pure Barre is the most effective way to change your body-a total body workout that lifts and tones your seat, thighs, abs, and arms in record breaking time

Looking for a great workout in Ashburn, VA? Inspired by yoga, Pilates, and ballet, Pure Barre is an empowering full-body workout that transforms you physically and mentally. Our classes have been carefully designed to feature low-impact, high-intensity movements for any fitness level. With Pure Barre Ashburn, you'll build full-body strength at our studio and be inspired by our supportive community.

Operating as usual

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Meet our instructor Roxanne, from (AND and Read her Pure Barre story below and drop some love for Roxanne in the comments!👇

"The Pure Barre community has given me SO much more than I could ever repay it!

I recently turned 55 years old. I had been contemplating becoming an instructor for a while and despite my age, made the decision to “go for it!” last February. However, shortly after, I was diagnosed with skin cancer. (As a Hispanic, olive-skinned woman, this was a shock!)

I had to delay the process until healing after the excision surgery. I went through Zoom training in May. BEST decision ever!

This is my third act. I was in the corporate world, then became a stay-at-home mom and volunteer. As a recent empty nester, I felt like I didn’t have a purpose or direction for this season of my life. I had no idea how much I needed Pure Barre for my well-being. I will be forever grateful!

Pure Barre has given me a purpose and a renewed sense of self. I love the members & all of my coworkers!

I truly believe that the Pure Barre community is uniquely special. I feel extremely blessed that I get to be an instructor! I get to both challenge & cheer on clients. It’s through the process of truly learning who they are that I have and continue to form strong relationships both in & outside the studio.

My home studio is amazing! Currently, I’m traveling watching my son play baseball. I’m guest teaching at two studios…and the clients have welcomed me with open-arms and been awesome!

Lastly, as a “mature” instructor, I love letting women know that not only CAN we…but we SHOULD be at Pure Barre! The way Pure Barre is great for our bodies & mind and how it changes us…cannot be beat! Age is just a number. We do not have an expiration date on being relevant, strong or fabulous! I don’t miss an opportunity to tell people about my passion!"

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It's simple - Pure Barre gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. 😊 Drop an emoji describing how you feel when you leave Pure Barre!

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The Fall Fit Challenge is officially 2 weeks away! Tag your challenge buddy in the comments and book your classes for the week to start warming up!


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Don't miss out on sending your friends TWO free Pure Barre classes in the Pure Barre App! Swipe to find out how and tag your besties so they don't leave you on read!

**2 FREE classes expire 7 days from when you press 'invite'.

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Get in, we're going to Pure Barre. ✌️



Barre at the vineyard with 🍷😍

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We want to know how many classes you've taken! Find out in the Pure Barre App and drop it in the comments below! ⬇️
Haven't downloaded the app yet? Head to your app store and search 'Pure Barre'!



Squats are pretty much Pure Barre's love language: a multi-joint movement, featuring core engagement, and improved with mind-body connection! 😍 That's why squats show up in ALL Pure Barre class formats! Squats ask your hips, knees, and ankles to move simultaneously, improving your coordination and recruiting multiple muscle groups. Check out this week's tip to see proper form and alignment, and try it out next time you are in studio!

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Still trying to convince your loved ones and friends to join you at the barre? We break down the outdated stereotype that men can't do barre on the blog. Click below to read our latest blog post to learn how barre offer benefits for any body and everybody.


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Come on Barre(bie) Bestie, let's go to Pure Barre! 💖
Send your friends 2 FREE classes right from your Pure Barre app. Swipe to find out how and tag your besties below!

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🇺🇸 Happy Independence Day! 🇺🇸 We hope you have a blast celebrating with your loved ones.

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Mark your calendars! Pure Barre Define™ Day is coming up on July 29th! Studios all across the country will be coming together to re-DEFINE our workout.

Contact your local studio for event details and to book your spot in Pure Barre Define! Send this post to a friend you think would love Pure Barre Define!


💥 P U R E B A R R E D E F I N E I S H E R E. 💥

Pure Barre Define™ fuses concepts from our classic barre technique with weight-based strength training to develop muscular strength and power. In 50 minutes, you will experience the best of our Pure Barre technique fundamentals combined with additional dumbbell training in functional movements to enhance muscular definition and build confidence in your form.

Pure Barre Define brings you new ways to build strength, increase your energy, and move better.

See what the hype is all about at a studio near you! https://bit.ly/findyourstudio

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In honor of Pride Month, we are so excited to highlight our rockstar master teacher trainer Sydney! We asked Sydney to share her Pure Barre Story, what Pride means to her and what advice she'd give to newcomers as a seasoned Pure Barre teacher. Read her responses below and drop some love for Sydney in the comments!

🌈 Please share your Pure Barre story! 🌈

I started taking Pure Barre during January 2016, and immediately fell in love with it! I went to teacher training in March 2016, and have never looked back! I met my then-girlfriend, now-wife, while I was in the process of training to become a teacher, and my team was incredibly supportive from the very beginning! When we got engaged, my studio didn't even hesitate to post a congratulatory post, which made me feel so special, as it was extra clear in that moment that I was supported! Members of the team and some of the studio clients at the time showed up to all my pre-wedding festivities, and were there for the wedding!

When I joined the corporate team during the summer of 2021, I was nervous at first to have to "come out" again, as it's hard feeling as though you have to each time you're around someone new. I immediately began telling people proudly about my wife, and nobody batted an eye. Again, it was so nice to feel supported in a place that I love so much. Throughout all my time at Pure Barre, I've received nothing but support. This place and this brand have been a place of healing and acceptance for me since 2016, and I love the opportunity to provide that to others.

🌈 What does Pride mean to you? 🌈

Pride to me means visibility. It means being able to see people like you succeed in all different spaces. Pride means being able to be who I am without feeling as though anything is wrong with me. Pride is a sense of belonging within our community!

🌈 What advice as a teacher would you give to first timers? 🌈

Give yourself grace! Learning anything new can be challenging, and Pure Barre is a technique! The more you come back, the more you'll understand. Your teachers are there to help you every step of the way, and are always more than happy to help you with modifications or to answer questions about the technique!

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Cross-train with Pure Barre Empower™! Charity has always loved running, and now she loves Pure Barre to build strength and agility to support her long distance runs.

🏃‍♀️ improve flexibility & strength
🏃‍♀️ stamina & endurance training
🏃‍♀️ supportive community

Tag a runner friend in the comments who needs to take a Pure Barre Empower class!

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Honoring Juneteenth. Today, we celebrate the end of slavery in the United States, and everyday we celebrate diversity and inclusion in our studio and community.

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Happy Father’s Day to all the dads in our community! Thank you for all you do ❤️ Swipe through to see our amazing Pure Barre dads!

Tag a rad barre dad you love and invite them to your next Pure Barre class!

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Meet Matthew, our superstar teacher & sales manager from . We asked him to share what Pure Barre means to him in honor of Men's Health Week!:

"For me, it's about being the best version of myself and being able to Teach others what I would call, "the most challenging workout of my life".

I grew up swimming, diving, playing soccer, baseball, and long distance running. After College (Go 'Canes!), life inevitably became busier and my fitness routine became less of a staple in my daily routine. By my mid 30's, my blood pressure had started to creep up and my energy level was at all time low.

Almost exactly a year ago, my wife and I were walking in downtown Ann Arbor after a day of shopping. A class was just letting out and the Teacher (hey Abby!) greeted us near the front door. She said, "next class starts in 7 minutes, put your bags over there and let's go".

The rest is history.

This serendipitous meeting opened the door to the biggest mental and physical challenges I have ever experienced. Attending class 3 times a week, learning form (I have no previous dance experience), and intensive daily study sessions are just a few of the examples of the challenges I went through at the start of my Pure Barre experience. The workouts translated quickly into lean and long muscle gains with absolutely no discomfort on my joints. It wasn't long before I knew I wanted to Teach in addition to Train.

The fact that I am the 3rd male Pure Barre Teacher All-Time is something I am extremely proud of.

I sit here today, still early in this chapter of my life with Pure Barre. At 40 years old, I'm in the best shape of my life (crazy strong!), cleared from taking all of the blood pressure medication I was previously on (this workout works!), and happier than I have ever been. The sense of accomplishment I feel after a class cannot be measured. The joy of being able to Teach an effective workout to my peers is fulfilling.

The feeling of inclusion from the willingness of my coworkers and Owner to teach me to Teach has given me a strong sense of gratitude. Grateful is an understatement when reflecting on my Owner, and her belief in me. She is one of the hardest workers I know and the rock of the studio. Go Colleen!

Elevating my drive just to BEGIN to keep up with the level of dedication & fitness I witness daily in the local Ann Arbor Downtown Pure Barre community will continue to be my biggest challenge.

I highly recommend Pure Barre to anyone looking for a challenging and fun workout experience.

Advice for newbies; just commit to the process and go for it at your own pace. Personally, I always use the words of encouragement from my Teachers and community members as fuel to keep myself in high gear. The community is incredible!

Thanks for reading this chapter of my story. I can't wait to continue learning and giving everything I have to this fantastic community."


Celebrating Men’s Health Week at the barre with Deric! Deric is an avid golfer who recently joined Pure Barre to help with his golf swing. After just a few Pure Barre Align™ classes, he noticed an improvement in his flexibility…and his backswing! ⛳

Tag a friend who you think could benefit from joining Pure Barre!

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Pure Barre’s signature low-impact technique is the perfect way to cross train for your favorite sport or activity without sacrificing performance. Cross-training simply refers to moving your body in a different way than you usually do! Our different class formats can help fill the gaps in your routine so you can do all the things you love beyond the barre. Head to our link in bio to read more!

Photos from Pure Barre's post 06/08/2023

Happy National Best Friend Day! 💌👯‍♀️💪 Send your friends a FREE barre class to join you in the studio - because barre is better together! ➡️ Swipe to see how to send a free class right from your Pure Barre App.

Your friends have 7 days to redeem their free class, the countdown starts when you press 'Invite'!

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Happy Global Running Day!

Did you know barre can help fill the gaps in many runners' training routines - namely, strength training, lateral and twisting movements, and mobility and flexibility work. According to Katelyn DiGiorgio, Pure Barre’s VP of Training & Technique, “Cross training with barre will provide a more well-rounded exercise regimen, which will improve running performance and reduce the likelihood of injury."

Comment below how Pure Barre has helped with your running or jogging!

Timeline photos 06/03/2023

Pure Barre’s signature low impact, high intensity workout technique is designed for anybody and every body. In every class, you will target every major muscle group for a full-body workout that will leave your muscles shaking! Enjoy the benefits of barre:

🔥Build Endurance
🔥 Increase Flexibility
🔥 Improve Balance
🔥 Strengthen & Tone

Drop in the comments the changes you've noticed since you started taking Pure Barre!

Timeline photos 06/02/2023

Happy Pride Month! 🏳️‍🌈

No matter who you love, we love having you in the studio! We are proud to be an inclusive space for all to lift, tone and burn your way to a better you!

Photos from Pure Barre's post 05/30/2023

Learn why Pure Barre Member Kathryn loves coming to the barre to keep her head clear and her body prepared for her weekend hikes!

⛰️Low impact, but full-body workout
⛰️ Feel stronger, healthier, & more flexible
⛰️ Find like-minded community & make friends

Photos from Pure Barre's post 05/26/2023

✨ Foundations Friday ✨

We asked our members what advice they would give to first-timers at the barre. Scroll through to see their tips! Comment below what you wish you could tell yourself before your first Pure Barre class!

New to Pure Barre? Click the link in bio to find your nearest studio and get started with a FREE Pure Barre Foundations™ Intro Class!*

*Free Pure Barre Foundations Intro Class offered at participating locations only

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More dumbbell options?! New ways to strength train at Pure Barre?! Why would I want to do that?!

Glad you asked!

Pure Barre's newest class format, Pure Barre Define™, expands on how you build strength at Pure Barre, combining functional dumbbell strength training with the benefits of our tried-and-true Pure Barre technique, providing you with new tools to reach your goals! But why add additional weights to your fitness routine? Peep a few benefits of adding dumbbell strength training into your workouts:

💪🏽 Build muscle & gain strength
💪🏼 Increase muscular power & endurance
💪🏻 Decrease aches and pains
💪🏿 Increase bone density to reduce your risk of osteoporosis
💪🏼 Improve heart health
💪🏻 Improve your Pure Barre form
💪🏾 Increase flexibility & mobility in the joints to MOVE BETTER!

ALL class formats at Pure Barre build strength. Pure Barre Define expands on the definition of strength training at Pure Barre by using weights in varied ways throughout class- upper body, lower body, & core- giving you new ways to build muscle via the Pure Barre technique!

The best part?! Pure Barre Define allows you to progressively build strength by selecting from a wide range of dumbbell options. So, choose your challenge: whether using a 3lb weight or a 20lb weight serves you best, Pure Barre meets you exactly where you are at, because there is something for EVERYONE in Pure Barre Define!

Send to a friend who needs to try this class, and remember to follow us to keep learning about ALL the 🔥🔥🔥 coming to Pure Barre!

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Experience all the full-body benefits of Pure Barre! Drop in the comments why YOU keep coming back to the barre!

✨ Increase muscular strength & flexibility
✨ Strengthen mind-body connection
✨ Improve endurance & cardiovascular health

Photos from Pure Barre's post 05/24/2023

Wondering what to expect at Pure Barre Define™?!

Get ready to MOVE; you will not only build strength by using additional weights for the upper body & arms through full ranges of motion, but you will also utilize dumbbells to build strength in the lower body through a variety of exercises while focusing on power, endurance, and overall strength in EVERY class! The best part? Check out these Pure Barre Define highlights:

💥Functional Strength Training
➡️Pure Barre Define adds new tools to increase the efficacy of your workout! Heavier dumbbell options allow you to tailor your Pure Barre Define class to suit your needs, helping you build strength in new ways.

💥 Alignment & Engagement
➡️ Alignment is a Pure Barre love language; build your confidence in form for all positions and movement patterns, and engage all the major muscles of your body, in every class!

💥Low impact, High intensity.
➡️ Maintain safety and still feel the burn! With Pure Barre's low impact technique, any options to add higher impact are just that- optional! You still reap all the benefits of the workout by keeping one foot on the ground at any given time. Injuries or limitations? Your teachers have got your back, and are there to coach you through options to ensure you get the most out of your class!

💥Build on Foundational Pure Barre Technique
➡️ Whether you have taken 1 or 1000 classes, Pure Barre Define's focus on strength & power through the fusion of traditional strength training and Pure Barre's quintessential technique enhances your mind-body connection, helping you realize you are SO much stronger than you think. ✨

Timeline photos 05/14/2023

Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible moms in our community! Tag a Pure Barre mama you love with a ❤️ to tell her how much you appreciate her!

Photos from Pure Barre's post 05/12/2023

Discover why Pure Barre Member & Teacher Meg prioritizes Pure Barre as a new mom to support her postpartum recovery, physically, and to dedicate time for herself, mentally.

💖 Easier delivery & postpartum recovery
💖 Focus on self-care
💖 Feel like a better Mom because I get one hour of Pure Barre each day

Timeline photos 05/11/2023

It’s a beautiful day to barre! What's one thing you can do today to plant the seeds for a better tomorrow? (Hint: it's booking your next Pure Barre class!)

📍Pure Barre Naperville

Photos from Pure Barre's post 05/10/2023

May is Mental Health Awareness Month 💚 We are proud to be a safe space to leave your problems at the door and spend 50 minutes focusing on YOU. According to , “Exercise can help you manage symptoms of depression, stress and anxiety.” Pure Barre’s signature full-body workout technique can help you strengthen your mind-body connection & provide all the mental health benefits of working out. Our amazing studio community is here to support you every step of the way.

And just in case no one’s told you lately:
💚 It’s okay to not be okay.
💚 Speak kindly to others, and to yourself.
💚 You are not alone.


Get ready to re-DEFINE your strength.

Pure Barre Define™: Coming soon to a studio near you.

Drop a 💥 in the comments if you’re excited!

Follow us and your local studio to learn more & reach your goals 💪


There are many benefits of staying active during your prenatal and postpartum journey. 👶Every pregnancy is different, and Pure Barre teachers are trained in pregnancy modifications to help you safely perform the movements used in our low-impact classes. We recommend consulting with your physician prior to beginning a new exercise routine. Share how Pure Barre helped you with your pregnancy & postpartum journey in the comments! 👩‍🍼

Some of the benefits of Pure Barre during & after pregnancy:
🍼 Strengthen pelvic floor muscles
🍼 More energy
🍼 Reduced lower back pain

📍Pure Barre Puyallup

Photos from Pure Barre's post 05/06/2023

Happy National Nurses Day! 🏥⚕️Thank you to all the incredible nurses in our Pure Barre community. ❤️ We are so excited to feature Candice, the owner of newly opened who is ALSO a Nurse Practitioner by day. Read about her passion for nursing & Pure Barre below!

As a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, the foundation of my career is helping patients achieve optimal health and wellness. Caring for and counseling patients has always been fulfilling for me, but many days as a nurse can be as draining and exhausting as they are rewarding. Over the past ten years, Pure Barre has consistently been my space to check my mental exhaustion at the door and refill my cup to be able to give back to others.

In early 2021 I was struggling with the burn out like so many other health care providers. I came home from an especially exhausting work day and told my husband “I’m going to open a Pure Barre”. He may have thought I was crazy, but I had reached a point in my career where I felt like there was more I could be doing to help women achieve health and wellness, while also focusing more on my own well-being and success. Counseling patients about the health benefits of exercise was no longer enough for me, especially when I felt I was constantly encountering the hurdle of patients not wanting to take action.

Thus Pure Barre Waxhaw was born! Starting a business while still seeing my patients in the office has been everything except easy, but putting my words into action to better serve the humans in front of me achieve their goals and find improved health and wellness has been worth every minute. I love seeing expecting moms finding their power during pregnancy. I love witnessing postmenopausal clients embracing the importance of strength training as they gracefully age. I love cheering on my younger clients, silently feeling proud that they recognize the importance of exercise now which will serve them indefinitely. All the things I counsel on daily have come to life in my studio. Bottom line, I'm grateful that my career path as a nurse practitioner was able to merge with my personal path as a Pure Barre addict so that I can share the health benefits of Pure Barre with so many amazing people day after day.

Timeline photos 05/05/2023

Congratulations to all April First 10 Challenge Finishers! Completing 10 classes in your first 30 days as a member is no easy feat, and we love watching you crush your goals! If you're new to Pure Barre, join us for your First 10 Challenge to get started with our low-impact, full body workout technique! You’ll get to:

🚩Explore all 4 class formats & pick your favorite
🚩Get to know our incredible community
🚩Complete your first milestone on your PB journey

Head to the link in bio to find your local studio and get started on your First 10 Challenge!

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It’s time for a class format showdown: Pure Barre Empower™ vs. Pure Barre Align™! Pure Barre Empower is our cardio-barre fusion class guaranteed to get your heart rate up while Pure Barre Align helps you slow down and work on your flexibility & mobility.

Comment🔥to vote for Pure Barre Empower or ✨ for Pure Barre Align!

Timeline photos 05/02/2023

THANK YOU to all the amazing teachers in our Pure Barre community! ❤️ Tag your favorite teachers below and share some love for their incredible dedication, guidance & care!

🎤 Pure Barre teachers - we thank you for always bringing the positive energy, for dedicating time to continuous improvement, and for helping us show up as the best version of ourselves!

🕮 School teachers - thank you for taking care of our little ones and graciously guiding them to their bright futures!

Timeline photos 04/28/2023

Raising the barre, one class at a time! 💪💪

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19825 Belmont Chase Drive, Suite 125
Ashburn, VA

Opening Hours

Monday 6am - 8pm
Tuesday 5am - 7pm
Wednesday 5am - 8pm
Thursday 5am - 7pm
Friday 5am - 5pm
Saturday 7am - 11am
Sunday 8am - 11am

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