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So excited!! Just bought my pass!
See you soon!
Pure Barre Fitness Studio Opening Soon at Belmont Chase

Ashburn will soon be home to Loudoun's first Pure Barre. As the name suggests, the studio's fitness programming is inspired by ballet moves and postures. Pure Barre Ashburn is scheduled to open August 20. It will be located at 19825 Belmont Chase Drive, Suite 125, Ashburn.

To celebrate their arrival in Loudoun County, Pure Barre is offering a pre-opening special of 5 weeks of unlimited classes for $100. To learn more go to: http://purebarre.com/va-ashburn/
Just signed up for my first class on the 20th! Complete newbie, but looking forward to it!
I can't wait for this to open!! So close to my house!
Thank you for running the water station at the Twilight 4-miler last night!
This is awesome. Congratulations on this amazing success.
Yeah!!! Congrats Courtney Matyola Miller I'm so excited for you but still bummed for me 😕 I'll come visit during weekends.

Pure Barre is the most effective way to change your body-a total body workout that lifts and tones your seat, thighs, abs, and arms in record breaking time

Transform your body at Pure Barre in Ashburn, VA and feel the burn with isolated movements, targeting muscles in your arms, legs, hips and thighs. Each workout is crafted carefully with each fitness level in mind. Find your balance at our studio and be inspired by our community of strong women.

Temporarily closed

Photos from Pure Barre's post 10/24/2022

Cheers to Lauren M, studio owner of Pure Barre Las Vegas & Pure Barre Henderson, celebrating 12 years Pure Barre strong! Let’s drop 12 hearts for Pure Barre Las Vegas!

“12 years! It's hard to put 12 years into a few words but here goes...

I love to tell people why I have stayed with Pure Barre for over a decade and the short answer, it works! The Team, the Community, the Technique all blend together for the perfect trifecta.

The Team of amazing people who call Pure Barre home have made these four walls with a barre and some mirrors something far more special. Some have come and gone but many have stayed around through marriages, babies and many life changes. Being able to grow, empower and lead such amazing people has been and continues to be one of the greatest rewards!

The Community inside Pure Barre is like no other, we support each other inside and outside the studio. Through celebrations and sadness there is a level of trust and loyalty that is unbroken. The last 2.5 years have been by far the most challenging as a boutique fitness studio owner but I will never forget the day we went virtual, March 17, 2020 and the members SHOWED UP! We worked overnight to take our classes virtual, I was terrified that no one would log on...but they did and then more did and I was once again reminded that for many, this bond is unbreakable.

The Technique, well this is where it all started! I fell in love with Pure Barre in 2009 and after many body ailments, 2 babies and a major hernia surgery it still works. It continues to safely challenge and change my body.

If you enjoy being challenged mentally and physically but also want to be supported through the journey, Pure Barre is the perfect combination!

Thank you to all my team members, past and present and to every member or prospect who has walked through our doors over these last 12 years. You are why we do what we do! And last but certainly not least a huge thank you to my family for the many sacrifices made behind the scene to make this dream a reality! Cheers to another 12 years of Pure Barre Vegas Valley! “
♥️ Lauren M, studio owner Pure Barre Las Vegas & Henderson

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Words of inspiration from Dominique, a part of our Pure Barre Training & Technique team and also lead teacher for . Share what motivates YOU to continue pushing toward your dreams and goals.

"My why is likely different then your why. But something we all have in common… is that we have a why & our why is what propels us forward. Our why may change season to season, day to day, or even moment to moment. My encouragement to you is don’t stop believing, dreaming, or leaning into your why, your purpose. May we all continue to grow with grace/ level- up, but also find that sweet spot of contentment with who we are and where we are."

-Nique ♥


💕 community honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month & National Mammography Day.

"While we celebrate and elevate breast cancer warriors all year, October is the month we come as a collective to honor and do our part to promote breast health and safety 💖 If you aren’t a survivor yourself, the odds are that you have a loved one or know of someone that has been affected by breast cancer. Men and women diagnosed with this cancer earn the title of “Warrior” and “Survivor.” They combat what comes with the diagnosis, all while managing their daily lives. They work, parent their children, and much more as they progress through their journeys. So what can we do? Get educated about breast health, go to your health provider, and encourage others to do so. Knowledge is power and having it on our side is the best way to support and do our part for those we know and love who have or have had Breast Cancer. The PBA community cherishes and embraces the Men and Women who have had and have Breast Cancer. We are a part of the fierce community behind these warriors, cheering them on every step of the way!" - Pure Barre Addison team⁠


Fall Fit Challengers! 15 days left until the last day of the challenge! Comment below how the challenge is going for you. You've Got This!

Photos from Pure Barre's post 10/19/2022

Sharing why our Pure Barre community loves Pure Barre! Swipe right to see what our LTB crew says is their favorite benefits of taking Pure Barre ➡️

Photos from Pure Barre's post 10/15/2022

Lift. Tone. Bark!
welcoming in their next future barre bestie 💕 .goldengirlhoney

Photos from Pure Barre's post 10/14/2022

One Barre, Stronger together. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, coming together strong to show support for a local community member, as they journey their way through their breast cancer battle 💕

Let’s drop a pink 💓for all of our warriors and survivors through their breast cancer journey.


It’s PSL season at the barre! In our studios that means PULSE, SHAKE, LIFT! Click on the link in bio to learn more on the Pure Barre blog. ➡️


Meet Sallie Doebler, Pure Barre member for over 8 years, celebrating her strength and being a part of community!

"My Pure Barre experience in Las Vegas has really been one of the workout methods that will really stick with me for my entire life. I have been doing this for eight years at Pure Barre. So clearly this has worked for me, will continue to work for me, and I really recommend it work for everybody. After I joined Pure Barre I just felt a real change in my physique. I felt stronger, my muscles were longer, I had more energy, and I just knew that I had found the perfect workout for me. The Pure Barre community is amazing because it really is a community. We're all friends, you've shared your life stories, you're working out together, and you just feel like you're part of one familyI would recommend Pure Barre to anyone. It gots something for everyone. There's all kinds of levels. The teachers will work with you to make sure that you are doing exactly what you should be doing for you. There is always something new that will keep it fresh and keep you coming back for more." - Sallie D. Pure Barre Member

Photos from Pure Barre's post 10/10/2022

Meet Amber, Fall Fit Challenge finisher from !

" challenges and inspires me every. single. day. Not just physically, but also mentally. It’s become my therapeutic 50 minutes to myself to get lost in the music and become stronger than I was the day before. Mental health is extremely important to me, and this has done wonders for mine.

I’ve never been more excited to workout + move my body, but it’s a habit I now crave every single day. I’ve definitely found my place. My fellow teammates at , the instructors who kick my 🍑 + encourage me with a shoutout when I feel like giving up and push me harder with hands-on corrections, the community of amazing women I have met when we take class together… their stories, their smiles, their hard work + dedication… they always inspire me. 💕

Thankful for this community. 💪🏼 So much love for you, PB TLH 😘" - Amber B.

Photos from Pure Barre's post 10/09/2022

Meet Kelly N, owner of celebrating over a decade Pure Barre strong! Let's drop 10 hearts for Kelly in the comments! ❤️

"I’m going on my 11th year owning Pure Barre Ft. Wright, (and also bought and sold Pure Barre Mason in between to amazing owners!) I started this journey 16 years ago at Pure Barre Lexington where I absolutely fell in love with the technique, community and everything that goes with it! I credit Pure Barre, my staff and my clients for getting me through some of the hardest and best days during these years and believe me it’s been a roller coaster!

In these 11 years I have seen Pure Barre go through so many changes, only to be get better and stronger. I remember taking Carrie Dorr’s class and thinking how I was going to be able to survive this class?? Well I was stronger than I thought and still here to tell about it! Now I take class at my studio and think, my GM, Katie G and Lead Teacher, Ashley K are even better Pure Barre teachers than Carrie! She set the barre, but my team has raised it higher and for that I am proud!

I’ve made more mistakes than done things right but here we are 11 years later and I love Pure Barre technique more than anything!!
The community of owners, especially the OG’s have become friends and even though we may not see each other but once a year, I know that I could call any of them at any time to ask for help!! SHOUT OUT to all the original owners that have been here 10 years plus! We deserve an award am I right?!

Thanks to each Pure Barre owner past and present for making this brand “Tucking Awesome” and having the guts to own your own Pure Barre! Thanks to my staff, past and present, for bringing so many good vibes into the studio and working your “seats” off for the clients!! Thanks to my clients, past and present, (except for a few) for walking in with smiles and inspiration each day!

I will love this community for life! "
- Kelly N. Owner of Pure Barre Fort Wright, KY


The benefits you feel at Pure Barre are different for every person on their fitness journey. Here are a few benefits you can start to feel when you take class on a consistent basis each week:

• increased core strength
• improved flexibility
• mind-body connection
• sense of community

What are your favorite benefits you have felt from Pure Barre?


Today is the Day! Pure Barre is now streaming on .

lululemon is bringing the best of the best together to deliver the most dynamic fitness content, community and products. Your favorite Pure Barre classes will be now accessible through the lululemon Studio and in-person experiences. Click on the link below to learn more: https://shop.lululemon.com/story/lululemon-studio


Technique Tip Tuesday! Leverage Options in Teasers

Technique Tip Tuesday! Leverage options in teasers to build strength.

Teasers, roll-ups, sit-ups: no matter what you call them, this movement pattern can be one of the biggest challenges in all of class! Meet yourself where you are at; the act of rolling all the way to seated, no matter if your feet plant into the floor, if you are holding behind your thighs, or extending your legs fully straight, the beautiful thing is you are still getting the work of the movement itself. Use options to build strength in your core over time, as well as to maintain safety and alignment in the spine.

Photos from Pure Barre's post 10/03/2022

Bridal Barre-ty!
Bride to be celebrating with her barre besties at


Fall Fit Challenge check in! Over 28,415 participants in the Pure Barre app and over 175,312 classes completed! How many classes have you completed so far?


lululemon x Pure Barre

Pure Barre is proud to announce a new collaborative partnership with lululemon Studio! Over the coming months we'll be introducing more lululemon products in our studios as well as showcasing workouts on the lululemon Studio Mirror.

lululemon's commitment to athletic performance is the perfect compliment to our guest experience!


Photos from Pure Barre's post 09/26/2022

Consistency is Key ✨ Pure Barre member Nancy has consistency nailed down! Nancy was the first to hit 2500 classes Pure Barre strong at her home studio , coming to class consistently 6 days a week, starting her morning routine at Pure Barre. Nancy completes every Pure Barre challenge and layers on variety Empower, Classic, Intensives, Outdoor popups, and showing up strong for every fundraising class - a pillar to 's studio community.

"My Pure Barre journey began in April 2016. Exercise had been a big part of my life for many years. I had been a runner, biker and a regular at the gym but at 67 I was looking for something different to keep me in shape. A friend encouraged me to try a class. I had no idea what Pure Barre was about but tried a class. I loved the music and everyone was so friendly and encouraging. I guess you could say it was love at first tuck! I bought a package of classes and came to class about 3 times a week. I was beginning to see changes in my body and my strength was much better. Hitting the 100 club was my first challenge and I was so proud of myself! As time passed I started taking classes 5 or 6 times a week. When Empower was added to the schedule I would double with Classic 2 or 3 times a week. Pure Barre was a wonderful fit for me. Another great part of Pure Barre is the amazing group of strong women that became my friends. Here I am at 73 taking class 6 days a week. 2500 club is a huge accomplishment for me and I will continue for as long as I can. To sum this up I would not be here without the encouragement from the instructors and my friends. " - Nancy

Photos from Pure Barre's post 09/25/2022

Celebrating National Daughter Day! Drop some PB love in the comments💕for powerhouse mom + daughter duo from

“Working out with Alli brings me so much joy and elevates my PB experience that much more. I love that we can share in each other’s fitness journeys. Watching so many rich relationships being cultivated with her and other members of the community is a beautiful thing to see as a mom and I am so proud of her.” - Cynthia V. studio owner

“My mom is the walking definition of beauty, strength, and grace! I never thought I would be a fitness instructor, let alone along side her, in her studio, that she has built full of incredible, inspirational, uplifting people! She has shown me the power of self care, strength and personal growth within yourself spiritually, mentally, and physically and there is no better life taught lesson I’ve learned this far! I love the life you’ve built us and the spaces your give our community!” - Alli J. Pure Barre Teacher

Timeline photos 09/24/2022

Fall Fit Feels at

How is your going?! Let us know in the comments! 🔥

Photos from Pure Barre's post 09/24/2022

Foundations Friday! The Pure Barre technique comes with time, sharing a few key terms that you may hear in a Pure Barre class.

Time to Learn the L I N G O!

Timeline photos 09/22/2022

First day of Fall is here! A reminder that you are stronger than you think - Tag someone who needs to hear this today! ❤️


Photos from Pure Barre's post 09/21/2022

Meet Melanie, Pure Barre teacher from who took her passion for Pure Barre to the next level. Drop some celebrations in the comments for Melanie for joining the PB teaching team!

"I was a Pure Barre Bethesda client for 6 years before making the leap to becoming a Pure Barre teacher. My favorite format to take is Empower and I hope to make it my next certification. I love to create an energetic vibe that allows folks to zone out, feel the music, and embrace the movements during class. It’s all about creating a community and experience that people will enjoy and want to return to!"
- Melanie,

Photos from Pure Barre's post 09/20/2022

Fall Fit Challenge Tip Week 3! In addition to Classic, explore our various class formats to add variety to your schedule!
- Classic: low impact signature barre class focused on full body strength training
- Empower: cardio-centric fusion of barre and interval training using weights and a plyometric platform
- Reform: resistance + strength training - blend of barre and resistance based movements that build your strength
- Intensives: check our class schedule for limited time specialty classes!


Timeline photos 09/18/2022

Pure Barre has benefits for any mommy to be, including a community filled of supportive humans empowering you into your next chapter of life 💗 See what has to say about her experience as she welcomes baby #3 in just 3 WEEKS! 🎀⁠

“Pure barre is the best thing that could have ever happened to me during this pregnancy! It keeps me strong, gives me energy & gives this mama an hour of ME time! Not to mention the community of strong, powerful, beautiful women I get the honor of being surround by daily! I feel so much stronger & healthier thanks to pure barre! It has truly carried me through this pregnancy, and I can’t wait to continue Postpartum!”⁠

The Pure Barre family wishes you all the health and happiness as you welcome your newest addition into your beautiful family soon! 💓⁠

Timeline photos 09/17/2022

Whether you’re new to working out or just new to barre, find out what you can do ahead of time to make sure you have a great first Pure Barre class.

Read more on the Pure Barre Blog https://bit.ly/PureBarreBlogFirstClass

Timeline photos 09/16/2022

Fall Fit Challenge tip of the week:
☑️Barre with a bestie! Take on classes together to help keep each other accountable

Tag your besties that keep you going strong!



Technique Tip Tuesday! This week's technique tip is all about prioritizing placement of your foot on the platform in wide 2nd in an Empower class. ✨ The platform adds intensity through use of leverage throughout Empower classes. Focus on where your foot is placed to ensure you maximize the time you spend there! Keep your foot in the center of the platform to be able to effectively push into it. This way, you will be able to engage your target muscles-- inner thighs and lot of core engagement!-- throughout the movement, which is exactly what this class is all about!

Timeline photos 09/11/2022

Remembering and honoring. Never Forget.


Timeline photos 09/11/2022

Planks well with others: Comment below on what goes through your head during the 90 second plank!⁠


Behind the scenes, magic in the making ✨
🎥: imajignacio

Photos from Pure Barre's post 09/08/2022

Fall Fit Challenge Week 1 Tip: Set yourself up for success with a weekly goal.

30 classes in 60 days can seem like a lot of classes, so let's set up for success by breaking down into weekly goals (and adding cushion because life happens!).
☑️ Set a weekly class goal in the Pure Barre App (5 classes a week!)
☑️ Use visual trackers (in-studio challenge board, printable tracker for home/work)
☑️ Plan your classes (pencil in your classes on your calendar).

We can't wait to celebrate your progress throughout the challenge, you've got this!

Using the IG Story Fall Fit Tracker? Add Circle P IG Stickers by searching for "purebarre"

Photos from Pure Barre's post 09/06/2022

Day 1 of the Fall Fit Challenge! Kicking off the challenge strong.
Comment below if you have already crushed your first class or booked your classes for week 1!

Timeline photos 09/05/2022

Happy Labor Day!

Photos from Pure Barre's post 09/04/2022

Fall Fit Challenge starts soon! Get Ready for the Fall Fit Challenge in the Pure Barre app.⁠

✨September 6 - November 4
✨30 Classes, 60 Days

Timeline photos 09/02/2022

Barre you ready for the Fall Fit Challenge!? Comment below if you've signed up for the challenge!
🔴 September 6-November 4
🔴 30 classes. 60 Days.
🔴 Fall Fit Challenge


Small movements, build my strength. We don't use big weights, because we don't need to. Down an inch, Up an Inch - until every muscle shakes. It's about ME and US. We build strength in numbers. Small movements. Big Results. We are stronger together at Pure Barre Share in the comments why YOU love Pure Barre

Timeline photos 08/31/2022

Fall Fit Challenge is less than ONE WEEK AWAY!
Are You Ready?

Timeline photos 08/30/2022

Besties at the Barre! Grab your bestie this week and snap a picture at the barre - we'll be sharing all week long! ❤️👯



New to Pure Barre? Our musically-driven group classes focus on low-impact, small movements that strengthen and tone your entire body. Book your spot in class and experience why our members love working out with us! Click on the link in bio to book into your Free Barre Class.

We can't wait to meet you at the barre.


12 Days of Classes starts TOMORROW! Download the class tracker in our highlights and book your classes NOW!


Congrats are in order for this beauty, who took her 100th class this week and signed the barre 🌟 Kayla, we’ve loved having you as part of our PBA family this year! Cheers to you! 🥂


Heads up, PBA 👀 Our 12 Days of Classes challenge starts on MONDAY! 🥂 Take 12 classes between December 13th and December 31st and earn a big retail discount PLUS an entry into our raffle to win a full outfit (top and leggings!) More info to come on our FB client page and via email. In the meantime, start booking those classes!

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Nobody loves Halloween like Pure Barre Ashburn! 🎃 Wear your costume to class this Saturday ~ wether you’re on Zoom or in...
💕 Pure Barre Ashburn member MaryJo takes some time this morning to explain how Life With Cancer was an important piece o...




19825 Belmont Chase Drive, Suite 125
Ashburn, VA

Opening Hours

Monday 6am - 8pm
Tuesday 5am - 7pm
Wednesday 5am - 8pm
Thursday 5am - 7pm
Friday 5am - 5pm
Saturday 7am - 11am
Sunday 8am - 11am

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