TRU= Strength

We offer personal programming in a supportive group atmosphere. Whether it is your first time working out or if you have been at it for a while. We got you

Operating as usual


We are closed (no 5/6/7/9 AM classes) due to weather and road conditions. Please stay safe. We are planing to open for 12/5/6pm




Tru=Strength is nothing without our members or as we call them—ATHLETES.

Every day, we watch TRU=Strength Athletes walk through the door exhibiting a full spectrum of emotions.

Some are excited to grind towards their fitness goals before or after their daily grind.

Some Athletes see this time with our TRIBE as an hour dedicated to themselves that helps refocus on their Tribe at home.

Whatever the Time of day.

Whatever the Reason for fitness.

Whatever your Unique goal is.

WE are here to help you find your Strength.

If you're not a part of the Tribe already, come join us for a week free—WE will help find The Real U.


"Unleash your full potential with a workout that fits your lifestyle! Come to our gym and train with the best equipment and a supportive community. We are here to help you reach your fitness goals, no matter what they are. Sign up for a free trial today and take the first step towards a stronger, healthier you! "


Group fitness classes are a popular and fun way to stay active and get in shape. But the benefits of working out in a group go beyond just the social aspect. Here are some of the top benefits of participating in group fitness classes:

Increased Motivation: When you work out in a group, you are surrounded by people who are also there to get fit. This can provide a sense of accountability and motivation to push yourself harder than you might if you were working out alone.

Group fitness classes can also create a friendly competition that encourages you to work harder and reach your fitness goals faster.

Diverse Workouts: Group fitness classes offer a variety of workouts, which can keep your routine from becoming monotonous. With a range of classes available, you can find one that fits your fitness level, interests, and schedule. Whether it's yoga, dance, strength training, or cardio, there is a group fitness class that will help you reach your goals.

Professional Guidance: Group fitness classes are usually led by certified trainers who are knowledgeable about safe and effective workout techniques. They can offer you tips on how to improve your form and prevent injury, and also provide modifications for exercises if needed. This professional guidance can help you get the most out of your workout and ensure that you are using correct techniques.

Social Interaction: One of the biggest benefits of working out in a group is the social interaction. Group fitness classes create a supportive community where you can meet new people and form friendships. This can make working out more enjoyable and keep you motivated to attend your classes regularly.

Improved Mental Health: Exercise is known to improve mood, reduce stress, and increase energy levels. When you participate in a group fitness class, you are surrounded by positive energy and encouragement, which can further enhance these mental health benefits.

In conclusion, group fitness classes offer a range of benefits that can help you get fit and stay motivated. Whether you're new to working out or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, group fitness classes are a great way to challenge yourself, meet new people, and reach your fitness goals. So why not give it a try and see how it can benefit you! Ready to get started??? SEE YOU TRU= Strength


"New week, new goals 💪🏼 Let's start the week off strong with a killer workout at TRU= Strength! Who's ready to push their limits and reach new heights? "


It's not about perfection, it's about consistency. Keep pushing and stay committed to your fitness journey at Tru Strength. "


"It's a new month and a new chance to level up your fitness game! Start strong and stay consistent. Remember, working out is not just about the physical results, but also the mental benefits. Keep pushing yourself and make every sweat session count. Who's ready to crush their goals this month?"


"Don't wait for motivation to hit, create it! Working out isn't just about getting in shape, it's about feeling strong, confident, and empowered. So lace up your sneakers and get ready to conquer the day with every rep and every sweat drop. "


"Monday motivation! It's a new week and a fresh start to reach your fitness goals. Whether you're a seasoned gym-goer or just starting out, now is the perfect time to commit to a healthier you. Don't let fear or doubt hold you back. Remember, every journey begins with a single step. So, lace up your sneakers, grab a water bottle, and let's hit the ground running! Who's ready to sweat and make this the best workout week yet? 💪🏼 "


Stop waiting for the right time- Show up no matter what!! Life is hard But we have the choice to be strong. Be strong enough to show up and start even if the circumstances aren’t all right. Progress is better than perfection.


Invest in your health now….or pay the price later… Start where you are at, take the first step and just keep grinding… you got this.

If your in Ashburn VA. Stop in and find your Tru=Strength.


You can do it….💪


Take the next step towards your goals


Due to current weather conditions and projected forecast- we will be closed for our 5/6/7/9AM classes on Monday 1/17/22. We plan to open for all afternoon classes. Hope to see you then!!!


Come spend that 4% - work hard- have fun- find your Tru=Strength

Join us for a 1-hour class @ 5/6/7/9AM or 12/5/6 PM


Stuck at home…take 15mins and try out this quick workout.
1. set a clock for 15min.
2. Do as many push-ups without stopping (that’s your starting point)
3. Do that number of reps for sits-ups, jumping jacks, and air squats.
4. Redo push-ups and repeat.

Post reps in comments…


Stay safe: 1/3/22
Due to current weather conditions and forecast…Unfortunately we will be closed for our 6/7/9AM- classes today. Hope to see you this afternoon💪💪


Do what you have to… and make your goals and dreams come True.
The work you have to put in might be harder than you thought or wanted it to be, but don’t give up or give in. Challenges change your character and with the right mindset you truly are unstoppable….Do the Work!!!

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Fitness designed for you.

No matter what your experience, background, or fitness level is we have a plan to help you reach your goals. We are a community of motivated and supportive individuals getting better everyday. Come and find your TRU=Strength.

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Tru=Strength is nothing without our members or as we call them—ATHLETES.Every day, we watch TRU=Strength Athletes walk t...
Invest in your health now….or pay the price later… Start where you are at, take the first step and just keep grinding… y...
You can do it….💪




42910 Winkle Drive Unit# 105
Ashburn, VA

Opening Hours

Monday 5am - 8pm
Tuesday 5am - 8pm
Wednesday 5am - 8pm
Thursday 5am - 8pm
Friday 5am - 8pm
Saturday 5am - 3pm

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