Burn Boot Camp - Ashburn

Burn Boot Camp - Ashburn


Day 2 at home with a sick baby and just did this work out. Thought I’d share in case anyone traveling this week was looking for something to do at home!
Not feeling well and had to cancel a 6:15 pm focus meeting for today. It’s up for grabs on the app. Sorry Melissa Pillor for the last minute cancellation!
Do not miss Kate’s workout this morning!! It was *scary*! Kate, I was thinking this morning that you are where you’re meant to be. Thanks for bringing your talents to us. We’re lucky to have you.
I would like to thank Kate Vanderpool Harlan for all of my modifications today! You made my workout possible Kate!!! 💪🏻 I would also like to thank Nicole Buccio for being my partner and being patient with me and my injury. While we were outside running, I told Nicole how bad I felt for keeping her behind, and she said “you don’t need to apologize at all...we are in this together!” Nicole is a true BURN sister! Thank you so much Nicole! I can’t tell you how much your kindness meant to me today! 💜👍🏻💪🏻
Lindsey Palmiero Treadway and Chris Palmiero...Commit to Fit is on 🔥🔥🔥!!! Is there any possibility of adding the 3:30 camp? The 4:30 camp is so packed! Thanks for considering (again) as I know many members have inquired about a 3:30 camp in the past. 👍🏻💪🏻
Who’s ready for upper body day?! 💪🙌💥 We’re ready for you!
5:30am was 🔥🔥🔥🔥!! Shout out to the early camps for crushing their workout! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
Thank you all very much. I love all of the support and encouragement. The trophy and I had a great day. I'm looking forward to a month's worth of adventures with it!
Helllllllpppp!!! I left my wedding ring in one of the cubbies this morning at the 630 camp!!! Please tell me it’s there! Kari Chesick Svetahor Katie Gepford Davidson Kerry Byrnes Brophy
Index card party- great way to kick off my bday! Thank u Chris Palmiero & all for the sweat and bday wishes from everyone! Y’all the best! Special thanks to those in my group for the motivation for the bday burpees!
The music today was 🔥🔥🔥 Thanks Kerry for an awesome playlist!
Can I just brag about this girl right here Jaslani Barnes? Camp was very challenging today and she toughed it out and pushed through! Way to go Jasy! 💗💗💗

Some words from Kate Harlan: ⬇️
Never believe anything negative anyone ever says about your body. Including yourself. In a focus meeting (yes! trainers need FMings - truth!) with Kerry she asked, “are you trying to lose weight?” // the answer that immediately came to my mind was, “YES! Every. Single. Day. since I was eleven years old!” When I was in fifth grade a classmate called me a, “beached whale;” I threw him over a desk and proceeded to bawl my eyes out. I had a sensitive (male) teacher who couldn’t fully understand how I felt, but who was kind enough to discipline the classmate and forgive my uncharacteristically aggressive behavior 😂😅 The motives behind the classmate’s comments were probably relatively innocent, but at that moment his comments launched a full-fledged war inside my heart. A battle I was determined to fight! I chose to believe the lies he told me and to tell them to myself often. I became hyper-aware of my body and food, and self-image grew to be an obsession, an object of my everyday thoughts. Is it possible to chase something for so long, that you totally miss when it arrives? Yes. And I don’t want to miss it. BURN boot camp has done something for me, nothing else ever has, it has given me the strength to embrace exactly who I was designed to be. It’s awakened my inner athlete and given me back something I lost on the day I’ll never forget when I was eleven years old. Is every day perfect?! No, absolutely not and I’d be lying if I told you otherwise! I have highs and lows like everyone else, but after joining BURN and being embraced by this incredibly unique and supportive community, I’m loving my body more than I’m hating it, and that’s progress for me. That’s worth something invaluable to me. If you are with us for Raise the Bar, I encourage you to commit and see what BURN can do for you. If you’ve never walked through our door, I encourage you to do it. I can now look at eleven-year-old me and say, “you’ve arrived, the chase is over.”

It is freezing 🥶 outside, but it’s hot 🥵🔥 up in here!!! Core conditioning today! Whose joining us?! You still have 5️⃣ (count em, 🖐🏻!) more chances to get your sweat in today!
. .
Come warm up with a 🆓 14 day trial!

#motivationmonday brought to you by Christopher Robin from Winnie the Pooh 💛

We are kicking of Spirit Week with neon day tomorrow! Show us all the bright colors 😎

It’s Week #3 of our 6 week challenge‼️ We are so proud of all of you and can’t wait to see what this week has in store for you 🙌🏼
What’s your goal for this week? Drop it below and tag your accountability partners👇🏼 Let’s get after week #3🔥🔥

✅ Tip #4 for dropping your sugar:

Don’t skip meals. Skipping meals leads to energy dropping drastically. When your energy levels drop, your blood sugar levels drop as well, causing your brain to think it needs more sugar. When you are overly hungry, your willpower weakens and it’s much more difficult to say no!

Shout out to Lisa Codella, she killed it today at our 9AM camp and then held her plank for 14 MINUTES & 3 SECONDS!!! 👏🏼🎉 😲 Who else is picking their jaw up off the floor?

Let’s bring in 💥WEEK 3💥 with a little fun in the gym. Let’s celebrate OURSELVES and #burnsisters and #burnbros as we reach our 1/2 way mark through this challenge.

✅ Tip #3 for dropping your sugar:

Cook at home. When you cook your own food you are able to control the ingredients added to your food, making it easier to drop the sugar.

Word on the street is, there is going to be spirit week soon and one of the days is “wear your burn gear”! So, if you’re lacking in the Burn gear department, now is the time 💙

✅ Tip #2 for dropping your sugar:

Add cinnamon to your coffee, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, apples and protein shakes. It has been shown to control blood sugar levels.

Don’t over think hydration : just check your pee! 😂
💦 Stay hydrated, friends, and come back ready to work again!!

PM camps on 🔥 Check out our Burn Bros & Sisters getting their 🦵🏼 day sweat on! 💧
. .
Come check us out for a 🆓 14 days 🙌🏼

✅ Tip #1 for dropping your sugar:

Cut out the alcohol.

Today we are going to talk and sample AFTERBURN‼️

I’m sure you’ve heard trainers at the end of camp say “don’t forget your 20-30 grams of protein within the next 30 minutes”! Lucky for you, Burn Boot Camp has created a protein powder that is clean, no artificial flavors, and provides you with 23g of cold pressed whey protein and it’s on our shelf for you to purchase at any time. With tomorrow being a strength day it’s the PERFECT time to purchase a canister for yourself and start fueling your body in the best way 💪🏻


To get the most out of your six-week fitness challenge, we’ve created a supplementary nutrition challenge. We will challenge you to eliminate all processed sugar from your diet.

Did you know Americans consume roughly 94 grams of added sugar a day, equivalent to 358 empty calories? To work off those empty calories, we would, on average, have to hold a plank for 2 hours, do 30 minutes of constant pushups, or do 358 pull-ups. Is the sugar worth it? We think not!

Be on the look out for tips over the next several days of how to overcome temptation!

Let’s talk about Focus Meetings👏🏻

Focus Meetings are an opportunity for FREE one-on-one time with a trainer to discuss personal fitness, nutrition, and much more‼️These are available to clients AND trial members🤩 You can’t find such a sweet deal anywhere else!

Make the most of your Burn experience and book your Focus Meeting today‼️You can book in person, via email, or through the Burn app💙

💡 Think BIG... Life’s too short to think small! 💯

Two claps 👏🏻👏🏻 for our Burn Sister Christine who planked for 13 mins and 20 secs yesterday 🔥 After 10 mins, Melissa put 20lbs of weights on her 😦

Drop an emoji and tell us how your first week went!

Raise Your Bar 🏋🏼‍♀️ Week 2️⃣ protocol!
➡️Accountability check - how many days this week are you getting to Burn?? 💥 Today is the final day to join us for the challenge! Sign up TODAY and begin your fitness journey TOMORROW! Burnbootcamp.com/Ashburn-VA

🧐Did you know we have a members ONLY Facebook group? Join to share recipes, tips, tricks and get the inside scoop of whats happening at the gym!
>>> Burn Boot Camp Ashburn Clients

Shout out to Lisa Baker for being our January client of the month 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
If you see her in camp, give her a high-five 🤚🏼

🔥 Embrace the shake 🔥
Drop your plank hold time ⬇️

Don’t forget about the changes made to our Saturday schedule!

As of THIS Saturday, 1/11, ALL camp times are members only!
If you are not currently a member, we’d still LOVE for you to join us! 💙
• We offer a FREE 14 Day Test Drive year round that you’re welcome to utilize for 14 consecutive days if you’ve not yet taken advantage of it!
• Our public drop-in fee is $25 if you’d like to join your friends at any camp time! • We also offer monthly camp packs and FitCards. See a Burn Ambassador for details
See you Saturday! 💪

@eatrootrise will be hosting a pop-up during our Saturday camps tomorrow!

Check them out ➡️➡️➡️ https://eatrootrise.com

Have you been 👀👀 this teal cami while working out?! 🔥 If so, TODAY ONLY grab it at 20% off 🙌🏼
#fridayflashsale #itemoftheweek
Not making it to the gym today? Comment below and we will set your size aside for you 😘

𝗦𝘁𝗼𝗽 𝘄𝗮𝗶𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗴, 𝗝𝗼𝗶𝗻 𝗻𝗼𝘄! >> burnbootcamp.com/Ashburn-VA 6 weeks. $99
All you need to do is SHOW UP! NO need to sign up for camps to attend. No need to worry about canceling.
JUST SHOW UP!!! #itsthateasy 🙌🏼

Drop ⬇️ your sugar 🍩🍪🍭 and kick 🥾that sugar dragon 🐉 to the curb!
. .
Check out this video on how to curb those pesky sugar cravings while keeping yourself on track! 🙌🏼

This is Burn boot camp. 💯💯🔥🔥🔥💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 💯 percent pushing you past your limits and what you thought was possible. Personal training in a group setting. Sign up today!! 6 weeks - $99

❄️Would you please do us a favor and change your shoes before you jump on the #floatingfloor 🙏🏻 It does not like ❄️ and 🧂
Thanks, Team AshBURN

Camps are ON! Come get your cardio & plyo done this morning!! 🔥🔥

❄️PM camps are cancelled❄️ But check in the comments for an at home workout 🙌🏼

⚠️For the safety of our members and staff, we will be cancelling PM camps ⚠️
Tune in later for a trainer demo of our exercises.


Strong looks good on you, Corrie! 💪🏼
. .

Lock in your spot RIGHT NOW for our 6 week challenge.
Challenge & feel STRONG again! ↘️6 WEEKS FOR $99↙️
♦️WHAT: 6 Week Fitness Challenge at Burn where you get 1:1 personal training in a group setting
♦️WHEN: Starts NOW !! New Year, New Decade, New Goals!
♦️WHO: All fitness levels! We have modifications for everyone! ♦️WHAT’S INCLUDED: Fun and Challenging Workouts, Unlimited Camps, FREE Childcare, 1-on-1 Focus Meetings, Healthy Grocery Guides, Recipe Cards & a Personal Accountability Tracker!! Let’s go into 2020 and actually achieve those goals. Lets stop making excuses. Lets Raise YOUR Bar! 👇🏻Sign Up Now!👇🏻

LAST CHANCE! Our 6 week challenge started TODAY but don’t worry....we have extended sales to join us until Friday!
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>>>> Burnbootcamp.com/ashburn-va

💥Core City 💥
⬇️Promotional sales EXTENDED! 🙌🏼 ⬇️
Don’t miss out on this amazing 6 weeks for $99 challenge! 🔥

We are SO excited to welcome many new faces tomorrow!🤩
Here’s a simple checklist if tomorrow (or any time this week) is your first day! We cannot wait for you to walk through our doors!💙

Just like last year we will have our posters on the wall to track your progress week after week. Are you ready?! 🙌🏼 Only a handful of spots remain >>> burnbootcamp.com/ashburn-va

6 weeks. $99.
New year, STRONGER you! 💪🏼

Who’s excited for week #1 of our 6 week challenge??? 🙋🏻‍♀️
Another awesome week ahead 🔥💙
We have about 🖐🏻 spots remaining! Don’t miss out ⤵️

The time is upon us! Our 6 week challenge starts on January 6th, which is Monday!
We are limiting the amount of spots available so we only have 🖐 🖐 10 spots left! Sign up NOW!

=>> Burnbootcamp.com/ashburn-va

*comment below if you didn’t receive your packet*

💥Don’t Forget 💥 Jan 4th is our LAST Saturday that will be open to the public.
💥The good news is that we will STILL have Saturday co-ed camps, but they will be for members only!
💥We still offer FREE 14 day trials or FitCard options. Talk to your Burn Ambassador for details!
💥ALSO - there is still time to sign up for our 6 week challenge, which will allow you to not only join us on Saturdays, but you get to join us during the week too - for 6 weeks, for only $99 (🔗below)
💥6 WEEKS $99💥
🔗:: burnbootcamp.com/Ashburn-VA

Let’s face it, you have a lot of options when it comes to joining a gym!
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