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The Fitness Equation


are you open 3/18 and beyond. I understand you are not but don't see it posted here.
Just watched my 5 year old get picked on for 20 mins straight from the monitor on the bike I was exercising on. All the kids club employee could say is that she repeatedly told the bigger boy to stop. Pathetic
Parents Night Out @TFE South Riding
It’s a great gym coming from the competition around and I think this excels to the standards, there’s only one thing that need to be added/worked on and it’s the ability to bring a guest. Currently there’s no plan that includes that.
No contracts ; better sales department ; better options ; better yoga teachers and room.
Tomorrow is the day you make things happen! You have 2 chances! Get your butt up early for a quick 30min spin at 5:30am OR Drop in on your lunch for a 30min spin at noon! NO EXCUSES!
THIS. Titan Games.
Hi all! My store, For Goodness Sake Natural Foods is hosting our first free health and wellness event of 2019 on January 16th, 6-7pm. We are partnering with Allison Tepper Nutrition Consulting to chat all about gut health and why it is so important. Would love for you to join us. Feel free to share!
Athleta in Reston Town Center “outfitted” TFE’s Group fitness instructor, Christine Belotti today! She received a four piece outfit from Athleta! Look for Christine’s fitness class at our store in February!
We have the perfect combination of LEGGINGS AND FITNESS GEAR that are tailored to meet your needs through our standard shopping practice. Even if you are not sure of what you want, our e-shop has got several ways to help you identify your needs. Click here @ #womenfitness #fitnessfashion #fitgoals #girlgains #girlswhoworkout #fitnessclothing #leggingsarepants #fitstyle
Recognizing George (trainer) who is making my fitness experience AWESOME with the right mix of humor, challenge and encouragement. I've never been able to say this before now but I LOVE going to the gym. Thanks George!
working out with Olena... she's great!

A world-class fitness center in a world-class One Loudoun and South Riding communities. Email any questions or comments to [email protected]

CoachAi intro video

Are you looking for some additional motivation to keep up your home workouts? Give CoachAi a try, FREE for all members!

CoachAi is a virtual interactive personal coach on your phone (via Facebook Messenger). It offers advice on maintaining your routines, new home-based fitness videos to get you inspired & motivational prompts/goal setting

To sign up - simply follow this link: [Activation Link]

For more information, visit:

Desperate times call for desperate measures. We are going through a tricky time, as your workout regime has been thrown off due to our closure. We get it. There’s nothing worse if you struggle with accountability. But fear not - we are here to help. Rather than lifting cans of food for strength training, give this a try #WorkingOutAtHome #Workouts #DontStop #2020ShutDown #KeepGoing #WorkoutsOnDemand

If you’re an active gym-goer, you’re probably going crazy at home. We get it. And we could be in this quarantine for a few more weeks. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop working out. To be the best you can be, create your own fitness space at home. That doesn’t mean clearing out a room, but pick items that motivate you at home. Hand weights, a yoga mat, music, or your gym workout gear. Remember to eliminate all other distractions and you’re good to go! #WorkingOutAtHome #Workouts #DontStop #2020ShutDown #KeepGoing #FitnessSpace

40 Minute Hip Hop Paper towel Glute & Core Workout w/ Jessica - Round 3!

If strength training is your thing, then you may be missing all of our free weights at our gym. Look, we get it. There’s nothing fun about our current situation. Now is the time to make the best of it and don’t forget all the progress you made prior to being forced to stay at home. We believe in you and we want to help! We have the most effective workout where you only need paper towels to keep you on your toes until we see you again #WorkingOutAtHome #Workouts #DontStop #2020ShutDown #KeepGoing #StrengthTrainingAtHome

*Pre-recorded Live Video* Hip Hop At Home "Quarantine" Paper towel workout with Jessica - Round 3! This is a fabulous Glute and Core workout! All you need ar...

Cheers Sports Community Tee Project

We have received so many kind emails and messages from our members and community asking how they can help support TFE during these unprecedented times. Our friends at Cheers Sports have created the perfect way with the “Community Tee Project”.

Help support two local businesses with the purchase of one awesome t-shirt!! Shirts can be shipped direct to your home or picked up at Cheers Sports.

Thank you for your support. Stay FIT to FIGHT COVID-19! Health and happiness to all!! Online ordering for Cheers Sports Community Tee Project

Happy Mother’s Day and Thank You to Moms Everywhere! ❤️💪

Now that we are all locked up at home, it’s time to get creative with your workouts. Don’t start taking shortcuts just because you are working out at home. Remember to warm up and cool down as part of your exercise routine. We want you to stay active and stay on your fitness journey, but we don’t want you to get injured. #WorkingOutAtHome #Workouts #DontStop #2020ShutDown #KeepGoing #WarmUp #CoolDown

Don’t stop working out just because we are closed. Instead, give yourself some dedicated time to stick to your fitness goals. If you find that your house is too distracting with pets, partners, or kids, find yourself a place where you can be alone, such as a bedroom or office. Remember, 20 minutes of high-intensity cardio is better than no workout at all. #WorkingOutAtHome #Workouts #DontStop #2020ShutDown #KeepGoing #HIITAtHome

It’s a stressful time for many. Work, childcare, lack of income, no gyms open to let out the stress, and much more. It really is the best time to practice meditation and yoga. But yoga can be tough to get right without an instructor. Fear not! Try this yoga video to keep you active, relaxed, and less stressed. #WorkingOutAtHome #Workouts #DontStop #2020ShutDown #KeepGoing #Yoga #Meditation

You are back home, the gym is closed, and you’re not feeling the same motivation to stay active. With everything going on in the world, we don’t blame you for being overwhelmed. But we want you to stick with your fitness routine, so you don’t let this period of time push you off track. Rather than get overwhelmed, create your own fitness routine that suits your style and comfort level. Memorizing a few go-to workout routines can help you get through this rough patch #WorkingOutAtHome #Workouts #DontStop #2020ShutDown #KeepGoing #CreateYourWorkout

This self-isolation scenario has flipped our worlds upside down. With the kids at home for some members, we don’t have the same time as we did before. Plus, in many places, we can’t go outside for long to exercise. With only so much time on our hands, it’s important to get the workouts done fast and effectively. Here is a 20 minute workouts #WorkingOutAtHome #Workouts #DontStop #2020ShutDown #KeepGoing #NoEquipmentWorkouts

If you are a group fitness junkie, you are probably not enjoying this self-isolation time. You can’t go to the gym and you can’t organize a workout group in a local park. But fear not - that doesn’t mean your fitness regime has to go out the door. Luckily, you can still get your workout fix right at home. Stay motivated and stay strong during these tough times with this great workout. #WorkingOutAtHome #Workouts #DontStop #2020ShutDown #KeepGoing

During these difficult times, it’s important to keep your workout schedule intact to ensure you remain healthy. You want your immune system to be in top shape and you don’t want to halt any progress you’ve made in the gym. One tip to keep up your fitness routine at home is to set up a scheduled workout a few times a week, just like you would when you go to the gym. Hold yourself accountable! #WorkingOutAtHome #Workouts #DontStop #2020ShutDown #KeepGoing #WorkoutTip

If you haven't yet, today's the day to try TFE's FREE YouTube channel At Home Workout series and TFE's FREE CoachAi virtual coaching! Available for Members and their Non Member Friends and Family!!

Here's your CoachAi link:

We miss you! Stay Health and Happy!!

In addition to our free YouTube At Home Workouts series provided by our talented Group Exercise Instructors and Personal Trainers, TFE is excited to share another way to maintain your exercise routine until you can return to The Fitness Equation. Stay active while social distancing with the help of your very own virtual coach, CoachAi. TFE is offering this service free for our community (Members and Non-Members)! CoachAi will motivate and guide you to stay active at home, along with providing loads of home workout videos!

Here is the activation link for your CoachAi:

Hi there! We’re checking in 😷...How’s everyone doing?? Like you we at TFE are adjusting to lifestyle changes due to quarantine. Let’s ensure we stay healthy by staying home AND staying active as well! Before, after, (or as a break) during the binge watching of your next tv or movie series, try 4 new videos created by TFE’s amazing team that have been uploaded to TFE’s YouTube channel just since our last post! #stayhome #stayhealthy #stayfit #quarantine #quarantineworkout #covid

At Home Hip Hop "Quarantine" Paper towel workout with Jessica - Round 2!

Four more "At Home" workouts were uploaded today to our TFE YouTube page so go check them out! Our Marketing Director and Group Exercise Instructor posted some videos using products from your home, pantry etc you can use to workout! So go grab your paper towels or dish towels and get your core fired up!! Check out our workouts from all our fabulous instructors on our TFE Live app as well. Don't forget our new tile! Stay safe and healthy!! Hope to see you all soon!
#quarantine #daywhat #fitness #homeworkouts #motivation #virtualworkouts #TFE #core #papertowels #dishtowels

*Pre-recorded Live Video* At Home Hip Hop "Quarantine" Paper towel workout with Jessica - Round 2! This is a fabulous Core workout and all you need are 2 pap...

TFE Members! For your convenience a new Virtual Classes’ tile has been added to your already fantastic TFE App! You now have direct TFE App access to the unique GX and Training videos your favorite TFE instructors and trainers are creating for you and posting to YouTube. TFE is YOUR Solution for Fitness!! Stay healthy!!

Proud of our very own Assistant Membership Director Chiquita Beatrice Savine and GX Instructor Juliana Aaron prioritizing and promoting their fitness and making the South Riding Proprietary page for their Driveway Dance Party!! What a great idea, looks like so much fun!!

TFE update regarding COVID-19

Family Workout Cardio/Strength

We hope all of you and your families are staying safe and healthy! For those under family quarantine at your house who want to release a little excess energy, try the Family Workout Cardio/Strength home workout with TFEGX Instructor Doreen and her son Karim!

Cardio and strength intervals for you and your loved ones with Doreen and son, Karim. Try this short but intense workout together. Build those muscles and cl...

Slow and grounded. Deep Stretch, Yin Yoga Practice.

Here’s a great way to de-stress, relax and get a great workout in! Try Yin Yoga with Danella on our TFE YouTube channel! We have other great workouts on our channel from many of our instructors so check it out!

Deep stretching and calming practice to release tension and quiet the mind. Namaste ❤️

Move It! Core Workout

TFE South Riding Assistant Fitness Director and Personal Trainer Bonny has posted a great ‘Core and More’ at home workout on our YouTube channel... have you tried it? There is no cost and no equipment is required. If you’re bouncing off the walls after 1 Week of social distancing, try these workouts! 💪

#AtHomeWorkout #AtHomeExercise #Gym #Fitness #Workout #Exercise #Covid19 #Coronavirus #SocialDistancing #Stayfit

Core Workout Do 12-15 reps or a timed circuit of 60 seconds work/30 seconds rest Jack Knives Cobras Russian Twists Spinal Flexion/Extension Bridges Shoulder ...

TFE OutdoorTabata Bootcamp 2 with Jessica - NO PROPS!

TFE has more great workouts for you on our YouTube channel! Subscribe, follow along and workout with us everyday! New workouts of all formats uploaded almost daily! #TFEstrong #bettertogether #motivation #socialdistancing #seeyousoon #community #keepworkingout #together #followTFE

Please note due to two music copyright issues two sections will have no sound & the first few seconds, but just follow along with me! This was filmed on 3/18...

At times like these it’s more important than ever to celebrate accomplishments! We couldn’t be more proud of our members, staff, and community and are ecstatic to announce The Fitness Equation has been recognized by the Loudoun Times-Mirror as Best Of Loudoun 2020 for Fitness Center/Gym!! This means so much to all of us!! Congratulations to all the BOL 2020 Winners, Finalists, and all those nominated. Best Of Health to everyone in 2020 from TFE!!
#OneLoudoun #SouthRiding

TFE Strong with Shelby (No Equipment Needed!)

A new TFE at home workout has been posted on our YouTube channel so you can use a built in YouTube app on your TV or your Apple TV, Roku, or other device to stream, cast, screen mirror from a phone to watch and exercise. This at home workout is TFE Strong by our talented TFE Instructor Shelby. There is no cost and no equipment is required. If you’re bouncing off the walls after days of social distancing, try these workouts! 💪

#AtHomeWorkout #AtHomeExercise #Gym #Fitness #Workout #Exercise #Covid19 #Coronavirus #SocialDistancing #Stay fit

Join TFE Group Fitness Instructor Shelby Hill (@shelbers3) for a total body TFE Strong workout at home! This workout requires no equipment and can be done in...

TFE The Fitness Equation

Check out The Fitness Equation's YouTube channel for all your at home workout needs! Our fabulous instructors and trainers will be here for you every step of the way posting our awesome TFE workouts! Our first Tabata Bootcamp was posted last night! Don't forget to Subscribe!
Since we are a partner of Les Mills we will also be offering their platform of workouts very soon!
All of the virtual workouts will be free of charge! Stay healthy and fit with your TFE instructors! #bettertogether #staystrong #TFEstrong #stayhealthy #traintogether TFEGX

After a great deal of careful consideration, we are temporarily closing all club locations effective tomorrow, March 18th with the length of this temporary closure dependent upon governmental guidance. As an additional courtesy to our members, we will be suspending payment of dues until TFE reopens. Please see our closure letter from TFE's President, Chuck Wilson. Thank you for being a valued member of TFE! Stay healthy and safe! #bettertogether #TFEstrong TFE South Riding TFE_Kidz Gym TFEGX

Due to the rapidly evolving situation, TFE is closely monitoring and currently creating contingency plans for our members as the news is received. We are always monitoring the situation closely. TFE will be OPEN at our regular scheduled time tomorrow 3/17.
We will confirm gym hours/operations tomorrow 3/17 to all members.
We are currently working on virtual Group X classes & will offer Facebook Live classes as well this week!
Thank you for your patience and being a valued member of TFE! #bettertogether #stayhealthyandstrong
TFE South Riding TFEGX TFE_Kidz Gym

SOUTH RIDING: Week of 3/17
9.00am Bootcamp
9.45am Zumba
10.45am Kidz class
9.30am Cycle
12pm yoga
5pm Cycle

9.15am HIIT
5.30am Cycle
11am Barre
12pm Cycle
9.30am Yoga

9.00am Cardio/Core
9.45am Tabata
9.30am Cycle

9.45am Barre
11am Cycle
6am Yoga
12.15pm Pilates

8.30am Insanity

10.30am Kidz Class
10.30am TFE HIIT

TFE HIIT 8:30am
HIIT the Glutes 10:45am
GRIT 5:45pm
Core to Cool 6:15pm
Deep Stretch 7pm

Yoga for Athletes 7pm

TFE Strong 9:15am
HIIT The Glutes 10:15am
Yoga 10:30am

TFE Strong 10:15am

Please check our app TFE Live for sub information and any changes. Thank you for your patience as we navigate this new territory. We will be offering Facebook Live classes and trainer videos this week. More details to come!

*Please note all Kidz Classes are suspended until further notice*

Monday 03/16:
6am TRX Bootcamp - Cancelled
10:45am cycle - Cancelled

Tuesday 03/17:
5pm cycle - Cancelled

Wednesday 03/18:
9.30am Yoga - Cancelled

Friday 03/19:
12:15pm Pilates - Cancelled

Saturday 03/21:
8.30am Insanity - Cancelled

*All Kidz Classes are Cancelled*
*All CRUSH Cycle Classes are Cancelled*

Tuesday, March 17:
HIIT the Glutes at 10:45am - Cancelled
Deep Stretch at 7pm - Cancelled

Wednesday, March 18:
Yoga for Athletes at 7pm - Cancelled

Thursday, March 19:
TFE Strong at 9:15am - Cancelled
HIIT The Glutes at 10:15am - Cancelled
Yoga at 10:30am - Cancelled

Friday, March 20:
TFE Strong at 10:15am - Cancelled

[03/16/20]   Here at TFE, we are actively taking measures to put the health and safety of our members and staff first. We have enhanced our already top of the line disinfecting procedures. The safety and well-being of everyone's health remains our daily and utmost priority. Due to the rapidly evolving situation, TFE is closely monitoring and currently creating contingency plans for our members as the news is received. We are always monitoring the situation closely.

Beginning this week, we will be making amendments to our Group Ex schedule. Please check our website and TFE Live on our app for the most up to date information on classes by location, South Riding & One Loudoun.

Thank you for your patience and for being a valued member of TFE!

About Us!

With over 40 successful years of experience in the health and fitness industry, we have returned to the Northern Virginia market with our One Loudoun location.

The Fitness Equation is designed to be the most advanced, high-quality and convenient fitness center in Northern Virginia. You’ll instantly recognize that the fitness center has much to offer its members, including cutting-edge amenities and atmosphere. From hardcore athletes to active families, our members are getting healthier and reaching their fitness goals at TFE. Located in the heart of One Loudoun and with our recent opening in South Riding, The Fitness Equation is the perfect addition to its 700,000 SF of trendy retail, restaurant and entertainment space. We’re proud to play a part in the betterment of health and well-being in the Loudoun county community.

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44693 Brimfield Dr
Ashburn, VA

Opening Hours

Monday 04:00 - 23:00
Tuesday 04:00 - 23:00
Wednesday 04:00 - 23:00
Thursday 04:00 - 23:00
Friday 04:00 - 22:00
Saturday 07:00 - 21:00
Sunday 07:00 - 20:00
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The Fitness Equation The Fitness Equation
44693 Brimfield Dr
Ashburn, 20147

A world-class fitness center in a world-class One Loudoun community. Email any questions or comments to [email protected]

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