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I have created my Complex Trauma Training specifically to teach you how to understand your experiences, to provide you with tools, skills and resources to navigate and support yourself and others through high emotion in self-honoring ways.

This training is designed not only to support you in your personal development but also to leave as a Certified Trauma Specialist so that you are taking these resources and skills out into the world in every capacity that you show up in - personally and professionally, no matter your industry.

Follow the below link to learn more about how this powerful training can support you.


What does my dark night of the soul have to do with trauma training?

We’ve been talking a lot lately about leveling up, awakenings, dark nights of the soul and phoenixing.

If you have found yourself navigating these places, then you are all too familiar with emotional pain.

Many people don’t realize that what they’re struggling with is emotional trauma, also called complex trauma and that they can benefit greatly from trauma informed training.

Unless you are consciously aware that you grew up in an overtly abusive home, many tend to think they haven’t suffered trauma wounds.



We've all been overwhelmed, shut down, afraid to move, speak or act or unsure how to.

Being in that space kicks up some big emotions that get all tangled up inside and often shut us down even more.

Not knowing what to do, we throw all our might behind suppressing and silencing the emotions we've been taught are bad and harmful, the one's we've been taught are not productive.

But those emotions don't actually go anywhere.

They merely become silenced just as you have been. The energy of them lives on in our body, in emotional reactions to new circumstances, eroding our very soul.

How is your past haunting your present and dictating your future?


The journey of spiritual awakening is a profound exploration of self and connection to something greater.

Embrace the whispers of your soul and embark on a transformative journey towards enlightenment and inner peace.


Leadership isn't just about guiding others; it's about leading yourself towards greatness.

Empower yourself to step into leadership roles in every aspect of your life.

You’ll be amazed at how inspired and uplifted you will be when you’re standing in your truth as a Self-led Leader.


Trauma can leave deep scars, but it doesn't define you.

Understanding and healing from past traumas can lead to a brighter future.

Embark on a journey of education, empowerment, and healing and connect with a magical world of endless possibilities.


You have been disconnected for too long.

You are ready to rediscover your true essence.

Dive deep into the journey of self-discovery and reconnect with the person you were meant to be.

Embrace your authenticity and watch as magic unfolds in your life!


A Springtime of Possibilities

As the days lengthen and sunlight bathes the world in its warm embrace, we find ourselves at the threshold of a new spring—a magical time of renewal and rebirth. In this moment, between breaths, anything is possible. It's a time of beginnings, expansion, and deepening growth.

Dreaming Big: The Magic of Possibility

If we could wave a magic wand, what would our lives look like in the next 6 months? Dreaming big is not only encouraged but essential. Envision a life filled with vibrancy, purpose, and fulfillment. What would it feel like, sound like, smell like, and taste like? The canvas is blank, waiting for the brushstrokes of our aspirations.

Click to read full article:


In a life built on lies, scarcity, gaslighting and manipulation, you are ready for some solid ground.

A foundation you can stand confidently on, knowing that you are standing in truth, love and eternity.

You are ready to reconnect.

What does ‘reconnection’ looks like to you? Share in comments.


Commit to meeting your needs in a way no one ever has.

You're that worth it.


Our beliefs create glass ceilings that crush us, suppress us, hold us down and back, playing safe and playing small.

Now is your time.

Reconnect with the truth behind the limiting beliefs.

What would help you lean into your intuition?


When you’re healing from trauma, (re)learning who God / Universe / Creator is and remembering who you are, reality can feel fragile, to say the least.

When you need it most, finding trusted people to lean on can be the most challenging.

Do you have at least one person you can say anything to and KNOW that they’ve got you? Without judging? Without worrying if you’re crazy? Without trying to fix you?

Reach out to learn more about building your safe community that can support your healing process.

Book a free call now:


Trusting your intuition takes time.

And patience.

And a support system. (When you struggle to lean on yourself, lean into someone you can trust.)

Start small. Spend a few minutes a day feeling into your intuition, just to familiarize yourself with the new sensations.

Dare to follow the gentle nudges that make no logical sense.

These are the beginning stages connecting you with your deeper Self which will support you even more in trusting and strengthening your intuition.


Ready to reclaim your power?

Toxic shame that may be holding you back and preventing you from standing up for yourself. We often make excuses for others' disrespectful or unhealthy behavior, but it's crucial to acknowledge that every cut, no matter how small, adds up.

But here's the truth: you are strong, capable, and worthy. It's time to reconnect with the intuitive, wise being you were born as. You have unique gifts and strengths to offer the world, and you deserve a life filled with joy and fulfillment.

Are you ready to step into your power and create the life you've always dreamed of?

Click the link below to book a free call, and let's discuss how you can make it happen.

[Link to book a free call]


Did you know that your intuition has many different ways of showing up?

Most people’s intuition tends to show up in certain ways more so than others.

When you’ve struggled with trauma wounds, you’ve likely learned to tune out, turn off and ignore those gentle nudgings.

Reconnecting to your inner voice is a crucial part of healing trauma and of supporting your continual emergence.

When you allow yourself to go quiet… to simply BE…

How does your intuition communicate?


Despite being disconnected from yourself…

Despite doubting your intuition…

Despite ignoring that tap on the shoulder….

There have been times you actually listened.

What was different those times?

What was it that made you or allowed you to follow through?


Trauma wounds, culture, misguided advice, low self-esteem and many other factors have a way of disconnecting us from ourselves… from the truth of who we are.

We believe that we are bad, wrong, less than somehow.

We people please, overextend ourselves, over promise.

We overcompensate, overwork, and undervalue.

Remember what Mufasa told Simba?


You are love.

You are wise.

You are whole.

You are complete.

You are MORE THAN enough.


Western civilization raises us to be over reliant on our left brain, 5 senses and the tangible world.

As important as those are, they are only part of reality – perhaps the smallest part.

The greater reality lies outside our 5 senses and most of us have been taught to shut down our higher senses, and to believe them the stuff of evil witches and black magic.

Those higher senses, collectively called intuition, is your higher self / God / Spirit / Creator / Universe speaking to and through you.

If you trust nothing else, trust that.


What’s been most surprising about spiritual awakenings?


What has supported you in navigating dark nights?


Western culture doesn't offer a framework for understanding spiritual awakenings.

Many of the common, to be expected and even beneficial experiences are pathologized. People are told they're crazy. Or evil. Or bad. Or sinful.

You are none on those things.

You are evolving.

And sometimes change can feel hard. Especially when you have no understanding of what you're experiencing and feel alone, scared and isolated.

You are not alone. Connect with people who get you and can help you better understand where you are and who you are.

Click the link below to schedule a free 30 minute Zoom Empowerment Session to learn how to make sense of the nonsensical.


What would support you through your greatest challenge?


Not all Dark Nights of the Souls or In-Between experiences are created equally.

While there’s a general disrupting quality, some are more manageable while others bring us to our knees in ways that we could never have fathomed.

Extended bouts of depression and anxiety, disordered eating, physical illness are all common.

At the dissolution of the soul level, it can feel as though you are losing your mind.

While some view experiences such as visions, premonitions, visits by spirits or aliens as symptoms of psychosis, many of us know that these are symptoms of a spiritual awakening or even a spiritual emergency.

In that place, we each need to be seen, loved and accepted, not judged and banished.


If words like 'dark night of the soul', 'dark woods', 'cocoon', 'lost', or 'falling apart' hit home, then keep reading.

Perhaps you are struggling with big overwhelm, afraid to talk about your experiences for fear of being told your crazy. Perhaps you sometimes worry that you might, in fact, be crazy.

You are not alone!

There are others.

And there is a way through the darkness.

Check out my article, 'Navigating the In-Between: A Journey of Spiritual Awakening' to learn more.


What is one thing you wish you'd known?

Share in the comments!


Share in comments!


Likely you’ve heard of the Dark Night of the Soul.

That time when you find yourself in the valley of the shadow of death.

It’s easy to sympathize with the caterpillar in his cocoon, dissolving into nothingness, stricken with ceaseless terror on the inside and judgement on the outside as everyone around you becomes increasingly frustrated with your inability to continue with the status quo.

I sometimes call this the In-Between.

The space between steps, between cosmic breaths when you are floundering…. clinging to the seeming safety of the past and being stretched into the more real but less tangible future.


How do we define trauma?

Is it just an event, like a car accident or a hurricane? Or is it consistent and frequent events, like childhood and/or emotional ?

A traumatic event is all of this, and how we respond to such an event has a lot to do with our temperament, prior experience, and our level of resilience.

Trauma traps somatically in the body. If a person is not able to emotionally process overwhelming emotions, the trauma will remain present in the body, affecting their mental & physical health and well-being for years to come.

How might your unhealed trauma be impacting your life, relationships and business or work?


The Mirror's Invitation to Self-Discovery
In the hurried rhythm of our daily lives, the reflective surface of a mirror serves as an unassuming yet essential companion, urging us to take a momentary pause and evaluate our physical appearance. Yet, amidst this habitual ritual, we often overlook the significance of turning that introspective gaze inward—towards our emotions, plans, actions, and intentions. This article explores the transformative power of regular self-reflection. Beyond the superficial scrutiny, it delves into the intricate journey of understanding oneself, overcoming pitfalls, and embracing growth. Join us as we unravel the nuances of this reflective journey, offering insights into the art of introspection, the pitfalls of negative reflection, and the questions that illuminate the path toward a more profound understanding of the authentic self.

Read full article:

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