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How Wlaa Weeks Found a Niche in the World of Fitness - CYB Atlanta, a Personalized Fitness Experience

CYB Atlanta is a privately-owned, results driven, integrative fitness company connecting clients wit CYBHQ (formerly CYB FITLAB) is a boutique style training studio which provides a unique and intentional flow of intimate and interactive personal training in an ‘open space' among body architects and clients.

Operating as usual

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Our goal is to ship out at least 100 pairs of lightly used sneakers by the end of January to people and places that will use them! We are teaming up with @soles4souls to help us collect and send out our sneakers to the less fortunate to start the year off giving back through the month of January…and we need your help!!!

As a company, we believe that movement is always better when done with community and for charity!

Please share this post…drop off your lightly used sneakers @cybatlanta and help us raise our team goal of 100 pairs of sneakers by January 31st for the less fortunate!


Finishing out the year like we plan on starting 2022…CRUSHING IT! ✌🏽✌🏾✌🏻 2021…LFG 2022!!!🥳⚡️💯


Final stretch of 2021 📆

According to a @statista survey, Did you know there were more resolutions, plans, goals for 2021 made around exercise and getting “in-shape” than any other category…ever? Was it on your list? How are you doing?! Have you been keeping track?

Schedule an initial consultation today to assess an aesthetics, performance and wellness review (EOY Review) by one of our team members or DM us today!


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Think of us as the GENERAL CONTRACTOR for your fitness experience…and we bring your BLUEPRINT to life! it’s just that simple!

“It’s always been more than about a workout. We sell the intangibles — accountability, motivation, direction, convenience, and motivation — to create your personalized experience, and using our network of fitness and wellness professionals. We get to know who you are as a person. Your strengths and weaknesses, then we personalize those intangibles to you. The workout is pretty much complementary from our point of view because it is tangible.” - Wlaa W., Lead Body Architect

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Sending good vibes this weekend!
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Did you know that you can utilize theLAB for your personal workouts?

Download the CYB Personal Assistant in your App Store today and book your first appointment today!!

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Team work makes the dream work⚡️💙💯🔥



“Great to be back at CYB! It was fun trying other places the last few months with friends, but the attention to the detail that Joana and all the trainers here show me when we train is what brought me back!That is so important to me!” - Ashton M.

Welcome back @ashtonyorkmilner! Great to have you back in theLAB with our team, and we look forward to working with you during this next stage, and we hope to continue to provide the service you have come to expect!

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Friday is a vibe⚡️💙💯

Have a great weekend and remember to find time to catch your breath!



“It feels good to see a difference already! The fact that all of you work together as a team and share the information about me to know what is going on is impressive. This style of training and structure is definitely for me right now.” - Shannon W.


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FALL 2021 DROP!!!!






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The right service always starts with selecting the right membership for you! Cash back rewards, facility and trainer accessibility, customized digital blueprints, assessments and so much more to make your training experience seamless.

Link in Bio to learn more about CYB Memberships.

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💪🏼💪🏼 together...a few true success from the last three months!

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“...that right there HIT different!” - @katie.moses

Swipe ⬅️ to see how Katie is CYBIng and crushing her birthday month 🎉🎈🍾

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“...that right there HIT different!” - @katie.moses

Swipe ⬅️ to see how Katie is CYBIng and crushing her birthday month 🎉🎈🍾

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Hardworking...Mom...Wife...Business owner...the lottery gods picked a good one!!!! Congratulations to @shoplilyanne for winning our first September giveaway last Wednesday...a prize for the mom who could finally get some time for herself after the kids went back to school. It was a no brainer giveaway for all moms and we’re glad it was a hit!!🍾🎉 🎉

Special thank you to those that made the winning prize amazing like @thirdeyetribelagree, @perspiresaunastudio, @goodwipes, @liveboldr and the CYB team for putting this prize together to have amazing, hardworking moms like Chelsea to want to participate and win a prize!

We’re excited to give back and help you get back in a routine for YOU! P.S. if you haven’t checked out her page for some amazing finds, you’re missing out. GET TO IT!!! ➡️➡️ @shoplilyanne @shoplilyanne

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...talking shop this Friday July 10th @ 2:30pm on IG LIVE with our owner, Wlaa (@thepracticaltrainer) and Heather (@heath_n_wellness), one of our founding members discussing her love for @onepeloton in her training regimen, and how she uses her knowledge she built throughout the years with training at CYB and other amazing studios in the ATL commujity to implement a successful program...for her 💙


A CYB challenge created by Wolvie, and performed by our CYB crew for our team dedication all month to "CYB FOR A CAUSE" and focus on using our 💙 for fitness to bring communities all over the world together through charity. Come CYB with us all month long. Donate ($1-25) and/or Share and come CYB @cybatlanta's theLAB with your favorite trainers (or just to and meet us). DM us with questions and suggestions. Link in Bio! (No music for copyright protection)



He walks on his toes so definitely his calves 😎

Areas to Improve: He thinks he is a Realist...but he is more optimistic than he realizes. He thinks he can get the good out of everyone (Nope! Someone needs to tell him that everyone doesn't have the "it" sauce)

Opportunities: More time for his family

Threats: His 🧠 doesn't turn 📴

One thing People don't know about You: "I grew up in West Africa where I went to boarding school. We cleaned bathrooms and cut grass with machetes before we went to school during the week to build our work ethic and discipline." 😳

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⏳⏳...we're excited!!! Can you tell?!

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friendly reminder: It starts with kindness and 💙💙💙

"It's not about how we start, its about how we finish." Press🔛

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Strengths: Impeccable Attention to Detail, Tall, Good Looking, Great Energy and Vibe, Work ethic, Draws you IN

Areas to Improve: His height🔝

Opportunities: Getting smarter in PT school📚 and married💍soon to @emilieatran

Threats: Living his best life because why not?!

Company Name: Trains With Wolves™️🐺

Favorite Gear: @trainswithwolves Hoodie 🔥🔥

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To restart 🔁 swipe ⏪ and visit @mindbody app and schedule today! It's complimentary because we owe you that 💙

@ CYB Atlanta

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Try to CATCH YOUR BREATH more than ever this week...

Spread LOVE💙 & Stay SAFE⚓

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In a world of digital, it's about time we put the decision making for all things with your account in the palm of your hand.


Catch Your Breath with CEO & President of Force Marketing John Fitzpatrick

During the pandemic, Founder and Owner of CYB Atlanta, Wlaa Weeks is diving into different methods to engage with CYB clients to check in and have candid conversations with his clients who range from CEOs, MBA students, housewives, small business owners, real estate agents, college students, and other personal trainers who work within the industry. CYB and understand what other people you can relate to and take from their current experiences while finding a new routine, normal and what's new in their day to day.

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Many small businesses reopened yesterday, but we were not one of them. @usatoday's Grace Hauck interviewed Wlaa Weeks and a number of other gyms, salons, and spas who had mixed opinions about our Governor's decision...

Read the full article in our bio

@ Atlanta, Georgia

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...for social distancing and staying safe!💙💙💙

At this time, our training team unanimously voted to remain closed. We are reviewing guidelines provided by the state and will keep you informed once we have a path forward for reopening. Please check your email for more detailed information. Thanks and

Happy Wednesday...💙

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SWIPE 👈🏽 for some major 🔑🔑🔑s...

Your homework is to provide yourself the first three...and our job is to provide you 4️⃣ and 5️⃣. It's just that simple! That's CYB...that's our approach.

Let us know if you need to CYB and get some assistance with 1️⃣, 2️⃣, 3️⃣, 4️⃣, or 5️⃣. We're here to help!

@ CYB Atlanta


Cocktail Hour with Atlanta Fitness Expert Wlaa Weeks of CYB Fit Lab

Great time with our client and friend interviewing our Lead Trainer Wlaa Weeks during these unprecedented times.

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A message from your CYB Team:

We want to empathize with everyone during this unprecedented time. Our focus remains the same: To continue to provide a personalized experience similar to the standard we have set throughout the years. To provide you a sense of mental stability through fitness which translates to mental and physical progressions each and everyday💙

A sense of structure, guidance, accountability, convenience, consistency, discipline and motivation through an integrative training approach with our team and partnerships. An approach we whole heartedly believe is much more than just a workout!💙

Although so much has progressively changed in the last week, our goal is to help you maintain a sense of normalcy in what you can take control of - your fitness routine. We pledge to continue to work with you through communication and feedback in this unprecedented time, and we are working diligently, as a team, to provide services that can keep things as close to "normal" as possible💙

As always, in all you do, remember to CATCH. YOUR. BREATH.

Thank you. Stay Safe. Much Love.🙏🏽💙,
Your CYB Team

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L A B P A S S 🧪🧫🔎⚗
The perfect complement to your training routine

@ CYB Atlanta

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Throwin' it back ➡️ February 1st, 2020 💙

We had a blast!! Stay tuned for the next event...
@ CYB Atlanta

CYB Atlanta: A Unique and Integrative Private Training Company.

Wlaa Weeks, owner of CYB Atlanta and creator of the CYBmethod™ shares his experience on how he started as a fitness trainer and followed the fitness trends. He explains how his passion, purpose and philosophy evolved over time to create a company with an environment for clients and fitness professionals serious about investing in a long term approach to their wellness and health, using a proactive approach.

The fitness industry today is saturated with high intensity group fitness studios on every block, and b***y programs on every fitness influencer’s website. Clients are exposed to a plethora of ‘quick fixes’ everyday with no sustainable or personalized approach for the long haul with regard schedule, availability, budget or even something as simple as “workout likes”. These ‘quick fix’ options usually lead to injury and wind clients right back to square one - out of shape. A majority of current trends in the personal training and fitness industry today, surprisingly, follow this approach, and are almost as contradictory to what fitness represents as saying one plus one equals five.

After years of industry experience, watching trends change and analyzing the personal training and wellness business evolve from 2006 to 2015 (and speaking to his clients and colleagues about their past experiences, good and bad), Wlaa Weeks set out to establish the first integrative, service-based fitness company utilizing a team of specialized independent professionals. The goal, provide the most valuable fitness experience for his clients. Instead of competing with other forward thinking, passionate and smart fitness professionals in Atlanta, he would create a non-competitive environment for the fitness professionals and help them find a unique specialty in training, different from the next professional, integrate and utilize the specialties they acquired, for their personal success. In the process, create a unique source of value for the client’s overall experience while working with CYB Atlanta.

After working in commercial gyms, athletic clubs and small boutique facilities, and realizing everyone, from the top-down was in it for themselves, and there was no long term opportunities for the trainers like himself, he identified a lack of great long-term service which focused on detail. “Everything, from the sales approach to the training program seemed to be short term! It seemed like every trainer and client was thinking quick, easy and unsustainable; as if they forgot maintenance of the body after reaching the goal was not part of the plan.”, he says. He noticed injury rates going up and clients being discouraged and discontinuing training programs during his first few years. He realized there was something wrong being done! He decided to change his philosophy, training approach and the environment, and stop sticking with the trends - which at the time seemed to be contradictory to the definition of wellness he envisioned. He realized that clients who were invested in their health and wellness for the long haul were frustrated at receiving ‘box gym” cookie cutter workouts that was not tailored to them. Trainers he worked with who invested a ton of hours were frustrated for the lack of commitment and guidance needed to help client retention and improved success stories.

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Did you know that you can utilize theLAB for your personal workouts?Download the CYB Personal Assistant in your App Stor...
Catch Your Breath with CEO & President of Force Marketing John Fitzpatrick




3098 Piedmont Road NE
Atlanta, GA

Opening Hours

Monday 5:30am - 8pm
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