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🗣️Can’t wait for tomorrow!

Celebrity makeup artist is blessing us with a Live face beat Tutorial!

💄3pm EST live in the Sisterhood! Bring your makeup & drink bc it’s BYOB per usual

❗️The sisterhood is FREE for a month with the purchase of the Ultimate Confidence Bundle

👉🏾Link in bio or EmelJulie.com

Who’s coming?!

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✨I love Sundays for relaxing…last Sunday looks a little different than today but a win is a win🙃

✨Being on the water was so peaceful & relaxing

✨No matter where you are, find your relaxing space & refill your cup as needed

✨I still get things done on Sundays like cleaning, planning for the week, sometimes workout, brunch, watch football, laundry etc…but it’s still in a chill manor

👉🏾What do you Sundays look like?

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✨As I lay my head down I’m reflecting on a beautiful trip with some really amazing women

✨I feel so blessed, grateful & honored to be able to have the opportunity to wake up & have these experiences

✨Surround yourself with those who are like minded but also that have gifts, talents, successes & bank accounts that are different & bigger than yours! LoL

✨Everyone wins in Sisterhood

✨Find your tribe ladies! Be intentional & be yourself!

👉🏾This was our “homecoming” weekend for founded by

✈️Travel coordinator:

S/o to everyone on this trip who added value! It was truly amazing!! 💞💞💞💞

Emel Julie on Instagram: "✨Whew chile! maybe tomorrow I’ll have more words but for right now… ✨Just. Don’t. Give. Up✨ 🗣The biggest thank you to @microsoftatl for having me today, I’m just so grateful & honored Extra s/o to @ms.kitty_ 10/13/2022

Never giving up on me because I don’t want to give up on doing what God has called me to do.

Yesterday was a really big day for me & I just wanted to share since I barely post on here. Just trying to make the best parents in the world proud! ❤️

Emel Julie on Instagram: "✨Whew chile! maybe tomorrow I’ll have more words but for right now… ✨Just. Don’t. Give. Up✨ 🗣The biggest thank you to @microsoftatl for having me today, I’m just so grateful & honored Extra s/o to @ms.kitty_ Emel Julie shared a post on Instagram: "✨Whew chile! maybe tomorrow I’ll have more words but for right now… ✨Just. Don’t. Give. Up✨ 🗣The biggest thank you to for having me today, I’m just so grateful & honored Extra s/o to .kitty_e for being so amazing 💞I love yo...


Drop one goal for the month for a little public accountability

You scared?! Stop playing n let’s werk!



I am here don’t worry…just been minding my business & plottin…lol

💞Just wanted to remind you (and myself) that loving yourself is non negotiable.

💞Be intentional about loving YOU. Feel so good about yourself that other people cant make you feel small no matter what the say or do (or don’t say or do)

✨Currently focused on:
👉🏽my happiness
👉🏽my body goals
👉🏽turning liabilities into assets
👉🏽business credit

✅What are you focused on??


Sometimes loving yourself is minding your business & just mining your business….

💞LoveYourself Always


Here’s the thing…I’m not competing with you or them they her him he she or it…

I’m just focused on being a better me & spreading love while I’m alive.

💞Be happy & Be Kind.


✨Be your own vibe✨



One of my favorite affirmations….

Reminds me that the woman I’m becoming & the life I desire is just waiting for me to step into it…

✨keep growing & keep glowing sis!


I love when ppl make it happen….I’m here not to drag you bc I don’t have time for that. I’m here to guide you, assist you, help motivate & encourage you….give you tools & resources you need to succeed

👉🏽my final challenge starts 8/1

👉🏽link in bio

👉🏽DM me with questions

✅let’s do this sis!


In 21 Days during the pandemic we still made it happen via Virtual Challenges….

👉🏽AUG 1st is the last one I’m running so get on the list for details!



U know where to find me..:and if u can’t well then you’re not supposed to 🤪

Holla at me if ya need me ✌🏾

💞love y’all 💞


Well hello!

My name is Emel Julie & I focus on loving myself, being genuinely happy, living a healthy lifestyle, & being unapologetically confident.

It’s time to live your best life. Tomorrow isn’t promised. Do what makes you happy & eff everything else.

💞You are Enough! Go after your dream life….TODAY!


💛Do what makes YOU happy.

Not what you think others will validate.

Not what your family & friends think you should do.

Not what pays the most

Not all that glitters is gold & sometimes it just ain’t your glitter 🙃

💛Do what makes you happy & honor your heart

👉🏾All my post ain’t for you, they be for me too 🤪

💞Love y’all, You Are Enough


❗️Don’t overthink your meal prep!

1. No this isn’t a full days worth of food for each day however being prepared for 1/2 your meals/snacks is better than having nothing prepared at all.

2. It doesn’t have to look pretty bc you’re the one going to eat it (I just like it more when it looks pretty 🤗)

3. Keep it simple! Nothing in this picture is complicated or hard to make.

4. Think of each thing separately & write it down. Tackle one thing at a time (mentally & physically lol)

5. You don’t have to do it all at once! I didn’t the fruit, cashews, & boiled the rice first. A few hrs later I cooked the other food.

Lastly….be kind to others💞 I made this for someone who’s been looking out for me. You don’t have to always buy ppl gifts, or give them money etc.

Give people what you can & in ways that are actually beneficial. It all comes back 💫🤗


Best caption wins! Go!


When I say surround yourself with positive people, have a support system this is what I mean!

How are you going to have goals to level up with your fitness/body goals but you’re associating with people who don’t have goals, don’t add value don’t have what it is you want??

❗️Support & community is an important piece to the puzzle of reaching & keeping your goals!

No program should be without it. My Love Yourself to Health Program includes multiple elements so you can create a lifestyle you deserve!

🌟Apply now in my bio & get access to the free werkshop to learn how you can make it all happen

S/o to this great of mine! 💞


Watch your life change when you start being intentional about loving yourself.

Setting boundaries, taking time for you, learning yourself, treating yourself, surrounding yourself with good energy ppl, tending to your mental health….

Your fitness goals are not attainable & sustainable unless you work on it all sis…

👉🏾Did you miss the free werkshop last night? Well you can access the replay until Sunday!


DM me if you’re confused lol

💞Love Yourself Always


❗️FREE werkshop to women tired of starting over on Monday with their fitness goals!


This Werkshop will cover:
* How to discover your next level of confidence
* How to create sustainable healthy eating habits
* How to lose body fat & tone without restrictive dieting
* How to love yourself in your own skin right NOW
* How to set boundaries & improve relationships
* How learning to say NO can change your life
* Why self-care is non negotiable
* How to maintain your results
* How to feel BADASS & most of all
* How to have a better relationship with YOURSELF

This is for you if you are:
•tired of starting over & over
•ready to create lifestyle habits
•ready to feel comfortable in your own skin
•struggling with your nutrition
•uncertain what workouts to do
•lacking a support system
•ready to step into the next level, BADASS version of yourself

‼️This werkshop is INVITE only

👉🏾DM me the word
WERKSHOP if you’re interested


The secret is learning to love, honor, & respect yourself in all ways.

Sounds simple but it can be complicated once life starts to hit ya…I get it, we all get knocked down sometimes. That’s what life is.

But if it wasn’t challenging we wouldn’t have the opportunity to become stronger, more talented, more efficient etc…

Let’s give ourselves some grace (my greatest challenge), ditch the diets , restrictive eating, workout plans we can’t keep up with & all these unrealistic goals of looking like people aren’t real

Just be you! Once you learn to love the skin you’re in…that’s when the magic happens 🌟

✅If you’re ready to get fit & fine (& stay that way lol) you need to be in the FREE WERKSHOP WEDNESDAY

This Werkshop will cover:
* How to discover your next level of confidence
* How to create sustainable healthy eating habits
* How to lose body fat & tone without restrictive dieting
* How to love yourself in your own skin right NOW
* How to set boundaries & improve relationships
* How learning to say NO can change your life
* Why self-care is non negotiable
* How to maintain your results
* How to feel BADASS & most of all
* How to have a better relationship with YOURSELF

👉🏾It’s invite only so Apply now in the bio

✅Apply in the Bio
✅6/16 7pm EST via Zoom

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Need to level up?

It doesn’t matter where you’re at in your journey or process. Sometimes you just need to rewire your mind to be able to move forward to your next level or journey.

👉🏾Here’s how you can rewire your mindset for your next level sis!

✅Ready for your next level?
✅Struggling with consistency?
✅Ready to live your best life?

👉🏾Applications are now open


💞Love Yourself


Sometimes you forget who you are….more like you forget what you’ve ready overcome.

When you’re feeling confused or discouraged about what’s next….take some deep breaths…make a list of your accomplishments (big or small), dance in your underwear if u need to, & remember just how far you’ve already gotten!

You can do this! You are strong enough, smart enough, experienced enough, valuable enough…you have what it takes!

I think this post was for me but I’m hoping it may have helped you🙃💞


Here’s the thing…you sign up for something, you’re all excited, you get your “healthy food” together & some workout clothes…you are READY! ✅

But then…human nature kicks in, life happens, excitement dies, results may come but then level off, distractions & negativity creeps in…you know the rest girl…

🛑🖐🏾We gonna stop this & I’m going to show you exactly what you’re missing & how to finally make this STICK!

I help women just like you create healthy & happy LIFESTYLES. We not doing the yo-yo anymore boo!

👉🏾I’m having a FREE werkshop next week to spill the tea…

👉🏾It’s invite only so Apply in my bio to see if you’re a good fit, & dassit! I’ll see you Wednesday sis!



Hmm let’s talk about it!?!

🍔Wellness Wednesday 12:30pm EST right here on IG LIVE

What’s your relationship with food?? Ever think about it?

Well I started to focus on this & it’s a game changer for myself & my clients!

Share with ya girls & Chime in at 12:30pm!


Juneteenth edition now loading…

Stay tuned to order soon!


🌟Drop a ✊🏾 if you want one!


Rooftop fitness party or nah?

Been contemplating it for awhile & this rooftop location in ATL…

Yay or Nay?



Rooftop Werkout party or nah!?!

I’ve been debating on having a Werkout party on this rooftop in ATL…What y’all think?

Who’s down!?



What y’all got!? Put it in writing!

One of mine👉🏾Finish my new book

✍🏾Remember that when you write things down it is much more effective!

✅For more accountability Join the Private FB Group! Link in the bio sis 🤗


😂😂😂 hey man it be like that sometimes! 🤷🏽‍♀️

Look if u need to get moving join us tomorrow with the June Jumpstart 21 Day Challenge

Who cares how many days away summer is...just get started on your consistency NOW

Maybe you’re just bored? Well let’s switch it up!

🍍🍉🥒 7 Day Smoothie Challenge included + a Mindset Werkbook

Grab yours now + Join the FB Group


Photos from Emel Mosley's post 05/30/2021

It’s really the second slide for me tho 🥰

👉🏾21 Days, No equipment, No Excuses

🍎21 Day Jumpstart Challenge is for you if you:

•need something simple
•don’t know where to start
•tired of feeling sh*tty about yourself
•lack consistency
•need a group to support
•want to feel comfortable in your own skin
•are bored n need to switch it up

👉🏾We start June 1st, grab it in the bio. I literally am giving you no excuses with this one 🤷🏽‍♀️


Spending time outside is one of my happy tools. What’s one of yours?

Remember every moment we have choices..each day might be challenging but hang in there bc there’s light at the end of the tunnel✨

Mental Health awareness month is wrapping up but we can’t dismiss our mental health ever! Let’s be intentional ❤️

💞You Are Enough💞


Wellness Wednesday is here!

Let’s jumpstart some new changes!

To smoothie or not to smoothie?!🤔🍏🍌🍈🥥🥦🥬🥝🍅🍑🍒🍇🍉🍎🍐🍊🍓🥭🍋🫐🍍🥑

Let’s talk about at 12:30pm EST!


Sometimes it’s hard to understand what’s happening & why...it’s important to take each each day one moment at a time...it’s ok to slow down, it’s ok to feel, it’s ok to laugh one minute & cry the next...

There’s no such thing as a perfect life. Or maybe I should say a hiccup free life. They key is learning to manage.

But It CAN be “perfect” if you define perfect as accepting all things as blessings one way or the other. If you make your way through each day & find something to smile about. Something to get you to the next moment, the next breath, the next step....you’ll make it.

You are perfectly made sis....imperfectly perfect that is 😉

💛Look in the mirror today & say I love you. Say it again. And again. Push through Queen. You got this.


Have a handful of these limited edition Red Self Love tees left...they are on Sale. Like Sale Sale.

♥️Link in Bio♥️

👉🏾Grab one & if you don’t see your size sorry they are gone 🥴

🗣Oh & is it just me or am I the only one who can’t post more than 1 pic at a time? Like the ability to swipe multiple pics in one post..wth!😡

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We Are Enough

Love Yourself Enough to Live A Healthy Lifestyle

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