Orangetheory Fitness Arbor Town Square

Orangetheory Fitness Arbor Town Square


In 2022 we have decided to dedicate the 14th of each month to some of our amazing vendors!

This month we are choosing some health based vendors!

A big shout out of appreciation and love for Orangetheory Fitness Arbor Town Square for an amazing group experience and Catherine Greene [email protected] for amazing one on one results!

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Coach Morgan kicked my ass today but I’m so glad to be back! Now I’m motivated to stop eating buckets of fried chicken 😅
Thank You!!
Feels great to be back!! I’ve missed OTF! Big thanks to all the OTF staff over the last 3 days of opening back up 🙂
Anyone else having trouble joining the Zoom workout this morning?
Where do we find the live workout schedule?!? 🧡
Hey, OTF friends! Looking for a way to make a difference in 2020? Sharon Sargent and I are fundraising for pediatric cancer research through CureSearch. If we reach our goals of $2400 (each), we get to participate in the Ultimate Hike on 4/18: 22.7 miles on the Lone Star Trail! Please consider making a donation at one of pages below - Even $5 adds up! (And if you want to take a virtual hike with us on the big day, make a donation of $50. Send us a photo of you or a loved one and we will carry you along with us!) Thanks!
Im so out of shape I'm nervous about starting up 😢
A Real-life Amazing Race coming to Austin next Saturday, Feb. 9th! First place $600!

Combining adventure, fitness, puzzles, and all things Austin into an awesome race!

OTF Members get 50% off with code: OTFATX

This event is sponsored by: Orangetheory Fitness Arbor Town Square and Orangetheory Fitness Downtown Austin

Sign up now!
Lisa Taylor Taylor joined Make A Vet Sweat and began her membership in 2015. After the 90 days and still today she continues to workout today at the same facility. Read her testimony!

Our membership retention proves what we are doing is doing good for these American Heroes!

You can sponsor one veterans 90 day membership for a cost of $150, our average 90 membership cost to a gym of the choice.
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Great job today Morgan. Sorry for the hassling, you'll get the hang of it! Welcome!
Yall, check out this video of the Fetch MD flu shot clinic for MAVS this past Monday. Thanks Spectrum News Austin, Victoria Maranan, News and Orangetheory Fitness Arbor Town Square

Orangetheory Fitness is the leading high intensity training gym. Our innovative workouts make us a health studio that you will see results at.

WE'RE OPEN, with expanded health and safety guidelines to protect our members and staff. These changes include even more stringent policies on cleaning and disinfecting, required use of protective equipment for staff and members, and limited class capacity to ensure social distancing. Please visit the Orangetheory website for a comprehensive list of the new health and safety precautions that have

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 03/13/2022

If you could turn back time … wouldn’t you wanna share it with the (mini) band? 😏

Happy #DaylightSaving! Comment ⬇️ how today’s workout made you feel more confident you can do ✨ more with less ✨ and still push to be the best you can be.

#Orangetheory #Fitness


TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGERS- reminder that today is the LAST day for final weigh-ins! We are SO proud of your progress these past 8 weeks! Know that every class, every step, and every improvement is PROGRESS you should be PROUD of. 💪 You are all incredible examples of how consistency can create change!!! Cheering you on every day here at OTF ATS 🤩✨

Timeline photos 03/12/2022

The tough part isn’t training your body, it’s training your mind. So, get up. Tie your shoelaces. And trust you’re built for this.

Here are some DriTri Tread Prep tips as you go through the #DriTri prep workout:
🍊 Start conservatively: Your speed should be slightly above base pace; a .3-.5 increase is all you need
🍊 Stay strong: Treat the run or walk like a long push where you can go back and sustain base
🍊 Make it count! On the final progressive push, build up to your only All Out for the day

We’re so proud of you all and can’t wait to see you crushin’ the workout today! 💪🏼

Timeline photos 03/11/2022

Our Flex Friday is continuing to celebrate our new CMO! At the heart of our workouts is the beat. The beat you feel in your chest and the beat you feel pulsing through your body when the music drops. Music motivates us to dig deeper, push harder and crush every All Out. Music is what drives us and our new Chief Music Officer - Steve Aoki, is going to make it 🔥!

Are you signing up for the first All Out with Aoki class Saturday the 26th? 🎶 🍊

#AllOutWithAoki #Orangetheory #Fitness


WOOOOHOOO 🎉 Way to go Elena! We are so happy to have you apart of our OTF family 🧡

Timeline photos 03/10/2022

12 years, 12 efforts! Today, we celebrate the YOU who wanted more. Friends made in the lobby. Building confidence in everyBODY. There is no limit to what we can do when we work together. Truly, from the bottom of our 🧡, for yours. THANK YOU. Comment ⬇️ how long you’ve been a member.

Timeline photos 03/09/2022

Orangetheory is thrilled to welcome to the Stage its First-Ever Chief Music Officer..DJ Steve Aoki 🎶🎉

Plus keep an eye out for our first ever All Out with Aoki workout happening on 3/26 @steveaoki

Photo and video location credit: @otfdowntownaustin 🧡

#AllOutWithAoki #Orangetheory #Fitness #MoreLife #Music


Post 200m row vibes 🥵🔥


Congrats to MK for hitting a new 200m Row PR today! 💪🏼🔥

Timeline photos 03/08/2022

It’s a big day, #OTFFam. Our 2000m Row Benchmark is happening NOW. And sure! It’s not easy. But trust: So long as you’ve been coming to class, your body is ready for it. Understood? Good. Now drop those times ⬇️

Timeline photos 03/07/2022

Who run the world?? 🏃🏼‍♀️

Tag the women in your life that inspire you everyday and bring them with you to class to celebrate #InternationalWomensDay Can't wait to see all you strong ladies there 🧡

#Orangetheory #Fitness #WomensDay

Timeline photos 03/07/2022

If you’re going to do anything tomorrow, make it the 2000m row — AFTER you pay tribute to the women you love in your life. It’s the best way to celebrate International Women’s Day. Tell them why they’re your WHY. Tag them below, and show up for this class — because if women can break glass ceilings, you can row a boat.

#IWD2022 #Orangetheory #Fitness

Timeline photos 03/05/2022

“You’ve gotten where you are in life because you have gone through challenges.”

Don’t think you’re ready for #DriTri? Hard disagree. Check out 4 ways to reframe your DriTri fears into better future states (because spoiler alert: You’re 💯 built for it).

#Orangetheory #DriTri #Fitness

Photos from Orangetheory Fitness Arbor Town Square's post 03/05/2022

Region Wide Staff Dri Tri 🔥

This was such a fun experience. We got to cheer on and motivate each other and our fellow studios.

Can’t wait to be there for all of you when you take on the challenge of the DRI TRI 🧡

Timeline photos 03/04/2022

Here's your Friday reminder to grab that towel and water bottle and head to class! We're pawsitive you'll feel more energized and ready for the weekend festivities 🐶 🍊

#Orangetheory #Friday #Fitness

Timeline photos 03/03/2022

Ready for a taste of #DriTri? We’ve got you with Infinity. ♾️ It’s your ultimate prep workout. Your chance to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Your opportunity to GROW both inside and outside the studio. Don’t you love it?

Here are some tips to help you through today's workout:
🍊Rower - Think sustainability. Figure out a 100-meter intensity you can keep up between your medball power jacks
🍊Floor - Be slow and stable. Prioritize proper form over'll be better off in the end
🍊Treadmill - Rely on your base pace. Be conservative in speed with your initial Push Pace effort. After that? Even .1 is progress.

Comment ⬇️ if you have any tips of your own. 🚣💪🏃


FREE Injury Assessments at Arbor Town today!!! ✨ Come learn more about the Iler Method, used by sports therapists to combine myo-fascial, deep tissue, and trigger-point therapy techniques to help you achieve muscular health + physical balance for your active lifestyle! 💪 Stop by before studio close to catch him while you can! 🔥


Congratulations to our amazing member NATALIE VASQUEZ on her 150th burn here at the Arbor Town studio!!!🔥 Natalie has been an OTF member for over 5 years, and we are so proud of her dedication to showing up for herself every single day! 💪 Go Natalie!!!

Timeline photos 03/02/2022

Just a midweek motivation reminder that the only bad workout is the one you didn't do... Come see us for a class and leave stronger than before! 💪🏼

See you all soon 🧡

#WorkoutWednesday #MidweekMotivation #Orangetheory

Timeline photos 03/02/2022

The time is now, #OTFFam. Whether it means clocking extra meters. Walking or running longer distances. Crushing a 60-minute version of the real thing … these #DriTri prep classes are designed to help you BEST train your mind, body and community spirit. Pre-book while there’s still a spot. 🗓 There’ll be badges and bragging rights waiting for you at the end. 🙌🏆

#Orangetheory #Fitness #MoreLife #DriTri


Our 100% club winner for February is… JOSH KATZOWITZ! ✨ Congratulations, and kudos to all of our dedicated members working hard and crushing their goals here at Arbor Town!!! 💪


Have any friends that want to try our 30-day results guarantee? 💪 NOW is the time! This March, get $60 off our Premier (unlimited) membership your first month! Don’t wait on this slam dunk of a deal before it’s too late! 🏀✨


You are built to TRI. ⬅️ Read that sentence again. Then welcome back #DriTri. Orangetheory’s twice-a-year version of a triathlon. It’s your time to show up. Have fun with your entire studio. Prove to yourself that just by coming to class, you’re constantly improving. We know you’re ready for the Full 2000-meter row 🚣 300 bodyweight reps 💪 and 5K (or half, if you’re walking) 🏃… but there are other options like the Sprint and Relay — ask your studio about ‘em all.

This is your opportunity to master your mindset. For only $25, register now. Tap into your inner athlete. Earn elite OTF #DriTri swag. Make yourself proud … because hey, it’s true. You’ve been training for this since your first class.

#Orangetheory #DriTri #Fitness #Triathlon

Timeline photos 02/28/2022

Corbin Bleu and Coach Kenny bringing us all the motivation this lovely Monday!

Like if you're pushing it to the limit today 🧡

Comment if you remember what movie this is from 🤪 ⬇️

#MondayMotivation #Orangetheory #Fitness #MoreLife

Timeline photos 02/28/2022

February? More like Febru-VERY proud of everyone finishing off the month strong today 💪🏼 Together — let’s help each other. Drop some motivation in the comments on what has helped YOU work hard towards your goals this month ⬇️

#NeverMissAMonday #Orangetheory #Fitness


Happy Birthday to our newest member, Claudia! 😍🔥 thanks for burning with us today!! 🧡

Timeline photos 02/25/2022

Let's flex this Friday by bragging on our favorite coaches! They cheer us on, show us the way with the best tips and tricks and make every workout fun 🎉

Tag your favorite coaches that keep you coming back for more OTF! ⬇️

#Orangetheory #FLEXFriday #MoreLife #Fitness

Timeline photos 02/24/2022

Let's celebrate #ThrowbackThursday by taking a jog down memory lane and remembering back to your first Splat Point....Your first row...How about your first personal best?

What is your most memorable first at Orangetheory?

#Orangetheory #MoreLife #Fitness

Timeline photos 02/24/2022

May the only space here be what’s between you and your excuses. 🤟 Pass it on. 🧡

#Orangetheory #Fitness #MoreLife


Out promoting OTF 🧡

Timeline photos 02/22/2022

He doesn’t just BANK on a strong heart — he works for it. Meet Dr. Alan Banks. As a cardiologist, he sees the devastating consequences of unhealthy lifestyles every single day. Like being sedentary. Having a poor diet. Smoking. STRESS. On the flip side, he sees the extraordinary benefits of healthy lifestyle choices. Like … can you guess? EXERCISE! And while Dr. Banks enjoys multiple types of exercise, he loves the challenging and dynamic nature of cardio, weights, and circuit training at @otfghent. “It makes the class fly by.” And most importantly? As someone whose own health and the health of others is a top priority, you best believe him when he says, “Take this as a direct prescription from a medical professional — if you're looking for a challenging and varied program, definitely consider Orangetheory.”

Comment your WHY — the reason you make the time to get that hour of multivitamin for metabolic training in ⤵️. You never know who it might inspire to take that next step. 👀🧡 #TransformationTuesday

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10721 Research Boulevard
Austin, TX

General information

Orangetheory's model can help you burn as many as 900 calories in each session, thanks to its mash-up of workout techniques and equipment, including treadmills, rowing machines, TRX Suspension Training, and free weights.

Opening Hours

Monday 5am - 8pm
Tuesday 5am - 8pm
Wednesday 5am - 8pm
Thursday 5am - 8pm
Friday 5am - 7pm
Saturday 6am - 3pm
Sunday 7am - 1pm

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