You may be seeing a lot of our athletes post about Hyperwear. They’ve been around for a while with their stellar weight vest. Here’s a review from 2018 on what makes them so great!
When FrogWedge Glute Builder & Hyperwear collide
A Few Exercises With The 50 LB Sandbell
Balance, Strength & Core 💪🏽
Hyperwear + BOSU
TRX + Hyperwear Vest = Magic. #nextlevel TRX Training Hyperwear
When regular planks just aren’t hard enough you add Mark Bell - Sling Shot #resistancebands & a Hyperwear #sandbell to the mix
Making Hyperwear #sandbell #plankpushups look easy!
Synchronized sand bell sit-ups for the win! #coreworkout Hyperwear
Have you noticed that opening jars is suddenly a real challenge? Or if you’re a dog owner, you might notice when out walking your pup that holding on to the leash has become a problem? Did you know that research has established a strong link between grip strength and expected longevity? Experts say that those who retain higher levels of grip strength as they age have been found to have a lower risk of developing and/or dying from diseases such as cancer, respiratory disease, and heart disease.

So what can you do to improve your grip strength? Squeezing special hand-therapy putty or therapy balls (or "stress balls" as seen in my photo) is certainly one way to help keep your grip strong as this engages the hand, wrist, and arm muscles. When I teach my weekly "chair yoga" classes at a local assisted living facility, I often provide each attendee with one of my promotional stress balls to keep so that they can have it near where they sit most frequently and pick it up several times throughout the day and SQUEEEZZZE!! 💪💪

But my all-time favorite way to develop a killer grip is by doing CARRIES! Carries — which simply involve lifting weight(s) and walking around with it — are among the best exercises for training almost every muscle at once. Not only do they create a stronger grip, but they also help improve posture and shoulder health as well as build a stronger core. The best part is that you don’t need any special equipment! A couple of gallon containers of laundry detergent will work just fine!

👉 Here’s how to do a Farmer's Carry (as seen using my favorite Hyperwear sandbells here):

Place two weights on the outsides of your feet...one on each side. Squat down to grab onto the weights with your palms facing in. Keeping your chest up, stand up with the weights. Holding them tight, start walking with a tall spine, keeping your eyes looking straight ahead. When you’re finished, squat to place the weights back on the floor.

💥 Carries are one of the most functional and effective exercises. Give it a try! You’ll soon be opening those plastic water bottles for everyone as well as winning arm-wrestling competitions! 💪💪
The month of May is Correct Your Posture Month, which encourages us to be mindful about the way we align our bodies as we go about our day. Poor posture affects our long-term health and causes bone and joint issues over time creating pain as well as other health issues. And posture-related back problems are the number three reason for all doctor visits!

One of my favorite ways to work on improving my own posture is to perform Goblet Carries! Not only does this exercise reinforce good posture by strengthening the muscles in the upper back, but it's also great for your biceps, the entire shoulder girdle, as well as your core muscles! Simple in nature, but highly effective!! 😉

How to do a Goblet Carry:

🔳 Grab a dumbbell, kettlebell, or Hyperwear sandbell (as seen in photo)...or even your heavy purse will do! ;)

🔳 With elbows bent and pointing in the direction of the ground, hold the weight close to your body at chest level. (By holding the weight in front of your body, it provides you feedback about how your upper body is aligned.)

🔳 Keep your upper body in a nice neutral position and your head in good postural alignment (think earlobes over shoulders).

🔳 Then start walking mindfully, paying attention to how you are holding your upper body. Make sure you're not allowing the weight to round you forward, nor that you're leaning back to counterbalance the weight!

👉 Once you start feeling any signs of muscle fatigue, set the weight down. You can walk for short periods of time with rest breaks in between. Once your strength improves, you can start to increase the length of time you spend carrying!

👉 Give it a try, and let me know in the comments below how it goes for you!
Hyperwear takes your training to the next level with sandbells, weighted vests and more! Thank you for keeping us strong every year as the official Gear of CG Games! 💪
Happy #NationalTakeAWalkInTheParkDay! After being stuck in the house all winter (or longer this past year!), the end of March is a great time to celebrate this day! Perhaps, you might even consider making today the beginning of a daily habit that can be carried out for months to come!

One of my favorite places here in Nashville is the Richland Creek Greenway and, not only do they have a fabulous path there which provides me with a scenic one-hour walk, but there are plenty of grassy areas where I can get a little extra workout in afterward! I often bring my Hyperwear sandbells along and do some loaded carries with them (as can be seen in this photo). What are loaded carries? Put simply, they are a class of exercises where you add weight to your walk. Why would I choose to do loaded carries? Because they improve grip strength while strengthening shoulders, upper back, and core muscles. 💪💪

Can't get outside for a walk today for some reason? Then you might enjoy a virtual walking tour which can provide a nice mental escape...and you even might discover a place that you'll want to add to your bucket list! So whether you're on your exercise bike or on your couch, check out some cool virtual hikes here: https://www.travelandleisure.com/trip-ideas/nature-travel/virtual-walking-trails-around-the-world

UNCONVENTIONAL TOOLS FOR UNCONVENTIONAL TRAINING Hyperwear was created to bring fitness consumers equipment that is simple, effective and efficient, no bells or whistles here, our products work.

We have challenged the fitness industry by providing a powerful product line of fitness gear that will transform your body, improve your health and become apart of your everyday fitness regime. But, we didn't stop there. Each of our products comes backed with industry-leading educational training materials that provide continual and evolving knowledge of how to use and incorporate Hyperwear training into your everyday life. No fads or trends here, our products are here to stay.

Operating as usual


It’s almost FRIDAY! Ok, but can we talk about who looks this going while doing the MURPH???

@candiesfitness Two hundred and thirty-two, two hundred and thirty-three ☝🏼✌🏼...

Can you tell how happy I am almost finishing 300 air squats, knowing there's just another mile run left in the workout 😳😱🤗😂

Every Memorial Day our fitness community honors fallen soldiers by doing a hero workout named "Murph" aka "Body Armor" 🇺🇸

What is it❓
• 1-mile run
• 100 pull-ups
• 200 push-ups
• 300 air squats
• 1-mile run
*optional weight vest 20/14

Why do it❓
To remember the heroic men and women who have have made the ultimate sacrifice while serving our country 🇺🇸

It is a tradition that helps push us, humble us, and allows us the opportunity to dedicate a bit of pain and sweat to honor LT. Michael P. Murphy (SEAL), a man who sacrificed everything he had for our freedom 🙌🏼 🙏🏼

📷: @jesseviray
🏋🏻‍♀️: @crossfitcrowncity


Photos from Hyperwear's post 05/09/2022

Athlete of the week @j_nukes !!!💪🏻

This elite level coach specializes in Obstacle Course Racing and Functional Fitness competitions like Hyrox and DekaFit!

Catch him at these events coming up:
-Spartan Race Big Bear for the US National Series on Sunday
- DekaFit SoCal


ATHLETE OF THE WEEK! Featuring @ellezfit and a Sandbell!

Could YOU keep the Sandbell on your Back? @hyperwear

Adding UNSTABLE surfaces (sand, Bosu, etc) innately makes your Core muscles work HARDER.

More abdominal muscles have to ENGAGE in order to keep your body in BALANCE.

Using the @hyperwear 12lb Weighted Sandbell is a great tool for adding Resistance to your core workouts.

Get Creative and Keep Moving!


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Spring into action with our Spring Sale happening site wide at hyperwear.com !!!


Can we take a moment to appreciate the design of our new Sandbag System ✨


The energy we needed the Monday morning! Here’s a small pick me up to get you moving in the right direction this week!



As a way to celebrate International Women’s Day, we want to introduce our newest Hyperwear Sponsored Athlete @krisrugloski 🚨

Kris is one of the strongest females we know who competes in obstacle course racing and ultramarathon running! To keep up with this speedy winner, stay tuned into our page or follow her account to watch what she’s up to this year!

From our family to yours, make sure to celebrate the strong and special women in your life!


Motivation Monday!!!!

@candiedotcandie 70lb D-Ball Over the Shoulder Cleans with a 12lb Weight Vest 💣 This was 🌶 AF 🥵

• 5 Dball Over the Shoulder
• :45 Dball Bear Hug Hold

I ate like crap yesterday 🍪 and woke up feeling super slow, sluggish and bloated 🐢

I didn't let that deter me and opted for an easy workout where I didn't have to think much 🚫🧠 Pick something up and throw it, then pick it back up again and hold it 💪🏼

Sometimes you make poor choices and it's ok, just don't beat yourself up over it and salvage from it what you can 🤙🏼

• I ❤️ cookies 🍪
• Cookies in moderation are OK 👍🏼
• Cookies in excess make you feel like a GIANT BLOATED COOKIE 👎🏼

Lesson of the day: don't eat so many cookies 🤢



Keep your MURPH training interesting and dynamic but adding in additional challenges to your routine.

Athlete @krisrugloski is adding a hop over her Hyper Rope in addition to her Burpees! Worth the attempt with a 10lb weight vest!


TRAINING TIP 💡 Our Sandbells can double as sliders on smooth flat surfaces! Although the heavier the Sandbell, the harder the resistance 🔥

@ellezfit "Each day is a new opportunity to improve yourself."

Trying out a new Core combo on the 12lb @hyperwear Sandbell with an Offset Plank position... and it is CHALLENGING!

The "offset plank" combines a low Plank (on forearm) and high plank (arm fully extended) to increase activation of the obliques AND you get a little shoulder bonus.😉

Wanna try it? Find ways to get better EVERY day.


Meet our athlete of the week @champcityatx 🤩🤩🤩

The dad with the rocking dad bod who knows his way around health, food, and life! If you are just starting your fitness journey or feel like you’ve been struggling for a while, check out Eric’s page to learn more about what you can do improve your results!
Check out this solid core exercise he’s got going on! A Hollow Body Hold paired with some Sandbell Skull Crushers!


@brookbenten Happy Galentine’s, Valentine’s, Anti-Hallmark-Holiday-intine’s… whatever you celebrate, spread the love.

(Cue the song Love Will Keep Us Together).


This is your sign to get after! We are staying fit in 2022 ✔️





*exclusions apply


Training tip 💡

Life is a balance of things. Same goes with exercise. For us fitness enthusiast, we spend the majority of our workouts training our strength, endurance, flexibility, or mobility. But there is another key factor that gets overlooked: BALANCE ⚖️. Some people know it as stability. This is your reminder to incorporate stability or balance training into your workouts. Some of you may already be doing this without realizing it, but it’s important to make it a focus for your workouts every once in a while. By adding this move in, it can decrease your chances of falling injuries when your much older.

Timeline photos 02/04/2022

MX Rapid Select Dumbbells now available at Hyperwear.com so you can take your home gym to the next level. Available in 30, 55 and 85 lbs options.



FLIDAY FLEX 💪🏻. We are truly impressed with what @brooklyntank718 does with our Elite Vest! Talk about athleticism😱! Could you do this?

Photos from Hyperwear's post 02/02/2022

Proudly declaring ourselves to have the most fashionable Weighted Vests in the game! ✨
We love seeing how you guys style our Vests along with what you do in them!


Same move, different flavors 🌶.
The Cossack Squat is a deep squat on one leg and a half split on the other. The squatting leg is challenged by full flexion at the hip, knee and ankle, while the other leg is stretched significantly through the hamstring and adductors.

One variation that increases difficulty is holding the arms overhead with our weighted Jump Rope and performing a side bend at the bottom of the Cossack Squat.

A regression from that is holding the Jump Rope out in front and maintaining your balance and posture through the movement.

See which one you can make it through without falling!


Training Tip💡

Need to challenge your core stability? Instead of having four points of contact on the ground for the exercise Bird Dog, try starting of with two instead.
As you progress, use a light 2lb to 4lb Sandbell with your reach to change the type of load that your body has to adapt to. Not only will your core experience the struggle for stability, but your shoulders, hips and ankles as well!

Could you do this?

# hyperfit


💥Check out our top 7 favorite exercises with the all new weighted Hyper Rope JUMP ROPE! 💥

This weighted jump rope goes beyond traditional jump rope training by improving strength & conditioning too!



Introducing the Hyper Rope Jump Rope! Weighing in at 7.5lbs, the Hyper Rope Jump Rope can bring the heat for any cardio session or total body strength training program. Check out our website to get your Jump Rope today!


We don’t even know what to say but WOW 🤩

@defrancosgym Here’s a fun (pec-poppin’) CHALLENGE for advanced trainees👇
Barbell Seesaw Push-ups w/ 25% BW (additional load) - AMRAP*
*How many consecutive reps can you complete WITHOUT either side of the barbell touching the ground? [And your chest must touch the dumbbell on every rep.]
NOTE: I did 2 AMRAP sets on Sunday night. I got 32 reps & 25 reps (w/ 40lbs of chain & 20lb vest) and my pecs are STILL SORE TO THE TOUCH!!😩🤣
Give this one a try and lemme know how you do!


Training Tip Tuesday 💡 Add some extra resistance to your squats but anchoring down one of our super bands! Not only do you have to work harder to get back up, but you also have worry about not falling back 😅.


A little sneak peak of what’s to come! 💥What do you guys think it is?!?


A little sneak peak of what’s to come! What do you guys think it is?!?


ROTATIONAL POWER ATHLETES💥! This one is for you!

Any sport that requires you to use a powerful rotation (tennis, golf, baseball, hockey, basketball, etc.), this move is a must have in your training.

This is a Frontal Plane Single Arm Rotational Slam. The key components of this move are:

-Keeping the hip movements to a minimal to just a hinge.

-Rotating the just the torso from one side of the room to the other.

-Reaching the arm fully across the body and then behind you in same direction as you rotate.

-sinking your body down into the ground as you slam the weight.

This move can be a game changer for your athletic performance!



We want to help you in 2022 and have the ultimate health and wellness kit to do so!

One (1) lucky winner will receive this awesome bundle of prizes from 12 incredible health and wellness brands in celebration of our 12 Labors of Fitness giveaway. 

Entering is simple! Hit the link in bio for all the details. 

Every day for the next 12 days, we will be featuring each of the 12 participating partners! Give us a follow and enter today! Good luck.


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Hyper Vest® PRO: The Hyper Vest PRO patented design prevents weights from bouncing, but still allows for full chest expansion and easy breathing. It'a the thinnest weight vest, made with dense, zinc-plated steel weights. Breathable, wicking fabric and generous open sides keep you cool and odor-free. Weight is fully adjustable, with 5 lb. booster packs available for purchase. Max vest weight varies with the size, and sizes range from XXS to XXL.

SandBell®: Grip it. Curl it. Throw it. Catch it. Push it. Pull is. SLAM it. Made of tough, stretchy neoprene, the SandBell is the most versatile weight-training tool on the market. Sizes range from 2 lb. to 50 lb., and are sold empty or pre-filled.

SteelBell®: Swing it. Wrestle it. Press it. Row it. Lift it. SLAM it. The SteelBell is versatile like the SandBell, but with steel shot inside, it kicks dynamic movement to the next level. Twice as dense and more lively. Sizes range from 5 lb. to 200 lb., and are sold pre-filled.

Hyper Vest® COOL: Boost performance by pre-cooling before an event, prevent heat exhaustion during activity, or wear after a workout for recovery. The Hyper Vest COOL patented design holds cooling packs tight to your core. Phase Change Material (PCM) holds 58 degrees for two to four hours, while the Gel Packs stay at 32 degrees for up to an hour. Buy spare packs to extend cooling, sizes range from small to large.

SandRope™ battle rope.



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