Conscious Rider LLC

Conscious Rider LLC


At Liberty Tips...our horse needs to:
1) Look at me
2) Follow me
3) Catch me
4) Interact with me while using Obstacles
5) and Challenges like figures of eight, flying lead changes, bare back riding out in the arena using our body to ride then out on the trails - while applying the first 4 steps.

If the horse does 1) and 2) but not 3) go back to 1) constantly go back to 1).

Use rewards after each time they do a good job trusting and getting it, I use meaningful hugs. Some use treats or kind words and strokes. I don't use treats because I don't want them getting pushy so the hugs tend to calm them down and they love the connection.

Try each session to have the horse do their personal best. That may be just getting to 2) and staying there for 2 mins longer then the horse has done before. Remember to reward.

'At Liberty' is not about doing fancy things off the lead rein it is or running around in circles going this way and that it really is only about ONE thing.


Connection can be quiet and still.

I call it Heart Mind Connection.
Mindfullness, but not being aware of your mind or brain instead bing aware of the intelligence and 'mind' of the heart. Many eastern religions consider the mind being one's Heart and that is the part of the physical and energetic part of the body that is given attention to - to be mindful is about having a mind heart connection.

The Heart Mind is how we connect to Almighty Love and to horses and to others. Attention or being mindfull of our heart mind, expands that connection. Animals, especially horses respond to this way of communication because it is their first language.
A great At Liberty trainer and dressage rider said "I don't ask why or when or say if only - I just say what it is I want from my horse or my life and I sit and I ask - How? and wait.

So, I have decided after years of really wanting a good strong steel cover for our arena. I'm saying yep I would like one - we deserve it and so How? - That is way more inspiring then what I did before I'd think 'oh, it's alot of money and we only have a small arena' - 'shouldn't it be a proper sized dressage arena?' Then I would sigh well, we don't have the land for an arena that large so I would let it go.

But, I use our arena all the time, to lunge and train the horses and of course to teach and do our riding sessions in it. It is my main place to work yet I have stalled.

So today I asked How? instead. I found myself calling the best arena peeps I could find 'Covered Riding Arenas in Texas' had a great chat with Scott and got a quote and he told me they do 50'x100' arenas and in Portugal they are preferred by a top trainer as the horses have to be so collected to work safely and that is true. I got a quote and it was way more affordable then I had thought. (Half the price I was expecting)

So how will I raise the money? - I am going to save for it the old fashioned way - 'How?' I will earn a little extra or alot extra and put it aside each month. Ok I can do that.

So now I have two ambitions for this year 2021, be At Liberty riding out in the woods and creeks and wild garden meadows with two of my horse and visualize and actualize this beautiful covered arena! How? - I don't really know but it feels super fun allowing the universe to guide me as I enjoy working to save for it....So, instead of asking why or when I can see the inspiring difference in asking- how.
At Liberty at it's BEST Matthias Geysen and Maya - I must watch this video 4 times a day and my ambition is to be out in our land totally at liberty with at least two of my horses by this time next year! ekk and i willl film it and post it to you all ....

Beautiful photo shot by Arnica who volunteered with us and is an artist poet and photographer.
W***y our gentle giant - in horse heaven now - what a beautiful horse and what a great little rider my little boy - he is riding with a Dr Cooks bridle and safe as houses.
Dressage and At Liberty - what a life! Love our spring days right now training all three horses in dressage basics which they love and the At Liberty walks in the park are a real joy ...
Mornings in May by the creek

'To Experience Union Through Horses'
Horse Riding - To ride consciously with grace, composure and j

Operating as usual

Photos from Conscious Rider LLC's post 11/18/2021

Photos from Conscious Rider LLC's post

Photos from Conscious Rider LLC's post 11/17/2021

Three Day Retreats - Horses As Healers.

The course begins Friday evening through Saturday and Sunday.

“I am extremely happy that I attended the Horses as Healers retreat and will definitely attend more retreats like this in the future. The place is beautiful, peaceful, and full of light energy. The horses are healers and they opened my heart in a way that I can’t begin to explain. The horses are very well trained and it was a safe and secure environment to be around.” – Paulette

What you will receive:

A deep sense of Knowing - by joining the horses in ‘Theta meditation’ techniques which heal stress in them and ourselves. Experiencing a sense of worthiness by noticing how the horses respond to you empathically. You will notice the simple beauty of nature that surrounds you and recognize it’s beauty is also what is innately beautiful about you.

Trust in life. - Trusting your life and your journey by acknowledging the wild power of the Feminine seen in the horses and experiencing this power as your soul speaking.

Learn to use - Kinesthetic muscle testing - and how to use a pendulum to give our minds a rest from decision making.

Know - what deep meditation feels like and getting good at it by having the Theta experts (the horses) teach us and show us how to be in a bliss state yet remain active, safe and coherent. This is Presence, we don’t talk about it we become it. 

Supporting - each other to get conscious of and go for the next right step in our life, taking ‘action for our passions’.

Sisterhood – by finding other courageous peaceful warriors. Holding each others wishes and dreams in our hearts long after leaving the retreat.

Here are the next two retreats:

2021 November 26th-28th:
Friday 6pm-8:30pm
Saturday arrive at 2pm to begin at: 3pm-8:30pm
Sunday arrive at eleven to begin at: noon-6pm

2022 January 28th-30th:
Friday 6pm-8pm
Saturday arrive at noon to begin at: 1pm-8pm
Sunday arrive at noon to begin at: 1pm-6pm

Beginners & Intermediate Retreats * $600

* If you are passionate about your inner journey and need to be here, contact me and we can feel into what feels right financially.

Photos from Conscious Rider LLC's post 03/30/2019

its spring in austin - the best!!


the rides are sunny and crisp warming up as we walk trot n canter in the sun - beautiful


we have created an instagram page to y'all in de loop for a mindfull therpeutic riding experience.

to follow on instagram the handle is:


Photos from Conscious Rider LLC's post 12/26/2018

example of session - getting ready to learn side pass - early dressage basics

Photos from Conscious Rider LLC's post 12/21/2018

out riding in the park today - gorg

Photos from Conscious Rider LLC's post 12/16/2018

our ranch custodians in thier bell tent all cosy - angels new boots - old lics of horse therapy lie downs!

Photos from Conscious Rider LLC's post 12/16/2018

when Caroline first came to Conscious Rider she was 9 and now she is back - training with me and doing wonderfully!


conscious rider is offering more slots again - if anyone wants to start riding again or some brush up Centered Riding leasons or need to interate life and some horse therapy - shoot us an email at [email protected]
and to to re-cap -

90 min sessions
twice a month
$300 a month

100's of acres of shady trails and creeks
sand arena
loving environment

if u know someone who wpuld be interested please pass this on ❤️

Photos from Conscious Rider LLC's post 12/13/2018

its beautiful riding weather - i am going out daily - in the mornings - beautiful!!


it's autumn-fall and here are some pics over last few months and now

Photos from Conscious Rider LLC's post 06/22/2016

We had such a great time thank you all -mothers - fathers (especially on Father's Day!!) - and children and horses! Esp Linda and all the peeps at Central Texas Arabian Horse Association.
Our first show for many of us and for Conscious Rider (first of many)
Congratulations everyone got placed!! Yay

Timeline photos 09/26/2015

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 09/26/2015

Timeline photos

Mobile uploads 05/10/2014

James and W***y looking good...feeling good!

Mobile uploads 04/21/2014

We think Willie has the best smile!

Photos from Conscious Rider LLC's post 04/20/2014

Springtime fun...

Spring and Summertime at CR! 05/21/2013

Spring and Summertime at CR!

Timeline photos 05/15/2013

Lizzys good bye guests and lots of wonderful volunteers

Timeline photos 05/15/2013

Big gentle horse with small big heart

Timeline photos 05/15/2013

trail together stay together.

Timeline photos 05/15/2013

Timeline photos

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