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Hi Everyone! Less Lethal will be having its World Premiere at the Austin Film Festival. The first screening is this Sunday, October 24th at 3:3:30pm - 5:25pm CDT at the Rollins Theatre, 701 W Riverside Dr, Austin, TX 78704. It is included with a block of some amazing short docs! Please let me know if you can make it and I can reserve a ticket! Sadly, you can't buy in advance online, you can only buy tickets the day of and at the door. If you can't make it this Sunday there will be one more screening on Tuesday, Oct 26th at 8pm-10pm at the Hideout Theatre.

Howdy folks. After Brandon heckling me like crazy, I'm signing up for the comp on 10/22. I need an Rx partner. Holla at ya boy if you want to crush this thing.
CrossFit Austin keeping germs out, and keeping that fresh, clean feeling in 🧼
Hi, Austin talent! I'm with a Chicago based production company who's doing a shoot there in January, and we're looking for 5 athletes/athletic models. Please see below for details on submitting.

CASTING: seeking Non Union Crossfit Athletes/Athletic Models for 1 day video/photo shoot for social media. Please submit photos, website/Instagram, and contact info to [email protected] by Sunday 12/29 if interested and available. Client will be booking from photos and online materials. Thanks!

TYPE: Athletic, Any Gender, Any Ethnicity, Ages 20-40

DATES: 1/7, 1/8 (Talent only needed 1 of those days)

LOCATION: Austin (exact TBD)

RATE: $650 (includes day rate and usage)

CLIENT: Optimum Nutrition
I absolutely love my 0530 AM crew because they are smart, strong and just really nice. Why do we all love our little CrossFit nirvana in South Austin? It's the coaches, the vibe, and the people.

Our genetics drives us to be healthy. It's fairly well explained in this article. Keep doing what you're doing and stay safe. Merry Christmas y'all.

I love this box! I love this people, I couldn’t had found a better place to swole up CrossFit Austin, this people are amazing and if you can I complexly encourage you to join us this people are rad af

Photo credit: Brian Wei
We had a great turnout today at our November 1st Sunday Trash Clean Up! Our volunteers collected a lot of trash from the Upper and Lower Falls, probably the most we've had in the past few months! Thank you all the volunteers and the groups from Generation SERVE and CrossFit Austin who help us keep McKinney Falls beautiful and clean!
Completed and delivered!

A new peg board with T-Nuts to install bouldering grips if wanted. Made from Baltic Birch plywood and 3 coats of heavy traffic polyurethane finish.

We sure hope that CrossFit Austin will have a lot of fun with it and that their members get those gainZ!

If you are interested in getting a board like this or other supporting equipment drop us a line and let us know.

We’re starting a women’s only ball hockey league! It’s played entirely on foot and requires no previous experience. Non-contact league so no hitting, just lots of running, very little risk of injury. We’re just trying to keep growing our sport in the area and would be happy to have any of your group attend the Kickoff Party! Most of those attending have ZERO experience, so no need to worry about being a bit lost the first time out. At worst, you get some free beer! Hope to see you in two weeks!
Less than one month left until the Giants of the Bayou Strongman Competition and today is the LAST DAY to receive a FREE t-shirt with registration.

When: April 6th
Where: Jackie's Brickhouse
How to register:

$65 to compete, FREE to come watch.
Crawfish and brunch will be served and drinks will be had.

Are you strong enough?
Calling on you: Jet Engine CrossFit CrossFit Central Houston AllSport CrossFit Flying Fortress CrossFit CrossFit Katy ...DESTINATION Dallas, TX CrossFit Ammo Atomic Crossfit V12 Sports & Fitness CrossFit Kemah CrossFit Sparrow Steelworx Gym and Training Center Space City Iron Galveston Hardcore gym CrossFit Undercurrent CrossFit San Antonio City Base Crossfit CrossFit 925 Crossfit Optimistic CrossFit Mettle Alamocitycrossfit CrossFit Lackland North Dallas CrossFit East Dallas CrossFit CrossFit Aesthetics CrossFit Waxahachie Mortal CrossFit CrossFit City Limits CrossFit REP CrossFit Austin Crossfit Realm

Who's going to represent your box among the strongest in Texas?!
CrossFit Austin Body Analytics and are coming to YOU....TODAY!!!

There are just a few spost left. Grab yours here
Hi, I’m in town from Houston for the weekend and wanted to drop in this morning for a WOD? You have 9 & 10am?

A hidden South Austin Gem, Rockin' the Functional Fitness game since '08! That goal is to embody the the best version of ourselves. New to it all.

CrossFit Austin is made up of many things barbells, rubber mats, pull-up bars, and gymnastics rings just to name a few. But more importantly we are a singular collection of people with a common goal of living a fit, healthy, and therefore great life. Though the people of CFA come from many different backgrounds, and each have their own unique story we all gather in the same place in pursuit of the

Operating as usual



Happy humpday, y’all! 🐪

Keep smiling, moving and grooving!

In training, our body responds to progressively harder challenges over time ….as does your mind.

When you are consistently practicing ways to challenge yourself, you become more resilient to challenges that pop up unexpectedly throughout the week.

It’s science, look it up.😎




Longevity. Fitness maturity…things you hear from your coaches…

Things you must take to heart in order to experience longevity.

This may mean taking a step back or altering your training for a period of time.

Those that learn this lesson, practice the longevity mindset….and your coaches salute you💪🏼




Friendly reminder to stay on that mobility!

The memes about mobility/flexibility being a dumpster fire are out there because too many neglect this area and expect to keep improving.

Dial in and start the work to improve NOW. Don’t wait!



Another day…another opportunity.

You’ve been working hard towards your goals all year.

Don’t just shut it down now and wait until the new year to get back on track.

Do what you can today, tomorrow and the other 20+ days we have left this year!

Consistency over time, let’s get it🔥




What a wonderful way to spend an evening celebrating our 14th birthday and all the cheer the holiday season brings!

Thank you CFA community for another fantastic year of FUN & FITNESS!💪🏼🎉




It’s a beautiful evening here in ATX!

Here’s a nod to a similar evening back in 2014🌞



Hey, hey CFA!

We are so very grateful that we get to do what we do each week🙏🏼.

We can’t wait to celebrate end of our 14th glorious year here in Austin this Friday!

It’s the gyms birthday, Christmas and holiday party extravaganza🎉 will be there to capture you dressed in “real clothes”, ugly sweaters, or your sweats🤷🏼‍♂️ (clothes are required)



Many see L-Sits and say….meh.

Don’t just go through the motions tomorrow during the skill practice piece.

Let’s find an appropriate progression and own it!

This piece will also serve as a great primer for making sure we are ready to receive those heavier cleans during our strength portion💪🏼

See y’all tomorrow!



We know many of you are looking forward to spending a little extra time with friends and family these next several weeks.

Enjoy that time!

Keeping in mind where you want to be in 6 weeks can help us finish out the year in a solid place.

Hang in there with us💪🏼

January you, will thank today you!🙏🏼




Happy birthday, Coach .eb !

We’ve enjoyed having you as apart of the family over the last 4+ years, and look forward to another 4+🙌🏼💪🏼.

Help us wish her a very happy birthday!🎉



…brought to you by team Flex Appeal.

Here’s to finishing out your week strong!💪🏼🎉



Today you have the opportunity to practice different skills in our conditioning.

Don’t sleep on the “crossover”!

If it’s not feasible for you to perform in the workout, meaning it’s going to slow you down where you fall out of the range for the intended training pace/stimulus…practice in warm-ups and outside of class!




One. More. Lap.

When you’ve got one more lap….but 13 friends hop in and ride with ya to the finish line💪🏼

📸: June 2022



We know that exercise is great for our physical health.

All too often, however, we forget to play.

We don’t want to take exercise so seriously that we lose the joy of the journey along the way.

The connections we can develop during play creates joy…and that enjoyment can do wonders for our mental/emotional health.

So…game on!




Friendly reminder to stay on that mobility!

If you recently went through the assessment, are you working on improving your results?

Photos from CrossFit Austin's post 11/13/2022


Thanks to all those who competed, judged, came as a character and supported!

Next up…the gyms 14th birthday/Christmas/Holliday extravaganza on 12/2 !

We had a blast at NOC X - Clash of the Characters!



Home of the free, because of the brave.

Thank you to all of our veterans that have paved the way and allow us to do as we choose each and everyday.🙏🏼

November Athlete of the Month || Shan Vonier!! - CrossFit Austin | Group Fitness Classes, Personal Training, Olympic Lifting, BootCamp 11/10/2022

November Athlete of the Month || Shan Vonier!! - CrossFit Austin | Group Fitness Classes, Personal Training, Olympic Lifting, BootCamp

We are proud to introduce our November Athlete of the Month, Shan Vonier!!

Check out her interview here >>>>

November Athlete of the Month || Shan Vonier!! - CrossFit Austin | Group Fitness Classes, Personal Training, Olympic Lifting, BootCamp Each month we spotlight a different CFA athlete who stands out and shows just how awesome they are. What is it […]



We had a blast this past weekend!

was in the house teaching everything from beginner to advanced level movements and progressions. They delivered clear, concise, and actionable cues for all the skills and drills.🤸

Our crew learned.

To our CFA community: your coaches are experienced and humble….and maintain a “beginners mindset”. This mindset is crucial in the continuous pursuit to improve. They CARE about you….and continue to work, to get get better FOR you❤️



The energy at Night of Champions IX was phenomenal!

We’ve got our work cutout for us, but think this crew can bring it all the same🔥

Train smart this week, and we look for to seeing y’all Friday night at NOC X!!

*Reminder: our November Birthday Social will follow.




We’re just over a week away from Night of Champions🏆

Our gal just had a birthday! She’s our favorite DJ and Austin’s hottest DJ🔥

is going to brining energy next Friday night at NOC 10!

We can’t wait💪🏼




We make progress, one step at a time.

Do the work and don’t skip steps.

Take YOUR next step.

Progress at YOUR pace!


Photos from CrossFit Austin's post 10/28/2022


A very special shout to our and her duet partner !

Theses two ladies competed in the USA Artistic Swimming Masters Nationals and took first in Duet Technical and first in Free Duet = 1st overall.

Congratulations, ladies! We are proud of your hard work and happy to see so many support the final leg of this journey!



The week begins anew.

We are wrapping up our Front Squat Cycle.

Focus your efforts, and celebrate everyone’s accomplishments as you would your own!


Photos from CrossFit Austin's post 10/24/2022


What a pleasure it was to have back in the house over the weekend sharing the concepts of with our crew!

Please remember…the knowledge alone won’t make you better.

Implement that knowledge with consistent action💪🏼



Repost from

COACHING || Is an art that all of us coaches are learning more about everyday. Be confident in your coaching but always be willing to learn more. A wise person once said, you finally know something when you realize you don’t know anything at all. 📸:



Big/little. Strong/weak. Fast/slow. Heavyweight Barbell/High Volume Gymnastics.

We all have strengths and weaknesses.

Choose your partners wisely for the upcoming Night of Champions !

We can’t wait to see y’all at themed 🎉

Registration is live!
(*in-house competition, members only)




It’s Thursday!

Hang in there…your CFA Social is just a few days away🕺🏼💃🏻

Don’t forget to check out the Member’s page for more details from .cmoon about Saturday.🎉

We’ll see y’all there!


October Athlete of the Month || Tarun Nandkishore!! - CrossFit Austin | Group Fitness Classes, Personal Training, Olympic Lifting, BootCamp 10/12/2022

October Athlete of the Month || Tarun Nandkishore!! - CrossFit Austin | Group Fitness Classes, Personal Training, Olympic Lifting, BootCamp

Congratulations to our October Athlete of the Month, Tarun! Proud to honor you this month, friend!

October Athlete of the Month || Tarun Nandkishore!! - CrossFit Austin | Group Fitness Classes, Personal Training, Olympic Lifting, BootCamp Each month we spotlight a different CFA athlete who stands out and shows just how awesome they are. What is it […]



You get out, what you put in.

This rings true with your workout, your relationships, your community….

What are you willing to put in?




Best of luck on the Squat Clean Pre-Test today!

May your technique ever be in your favor.

🧐Want/need more technique practice between now and when this Strength Focus begins?

🙋‍♂️Make sure to hit up your Coach! Use your sessions and get some private coaching in during the next few weeks to find some individual focal points to practice.




Hey ATX…Happy ACL!

💆🏻‍♂️We hope you got to relax and recover some this weekend.

😎For those that went to Week 1 of ACL…the recovery might have gone out the window …we know who you are👀

🏋🏼‍♂️We’ve got a Pre-Test for our next Strength Focus tomorrow!

SOOOO…if ya went out this weekend like you were in college again…it might be wise to book a self-guided spot later this week and knock it out.🤷🏼‍♂️


Not Given.




This throwback gives us a look back to that one time the open was in the Fall.

First CFA member with the correct answer below gets a on the house👏🏼

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BEAR-HUNTER-NINJA|| It’s full body Rock-Paper-Scissors. Happy Tuesday, ATX!
FOCUS|| Nice focus on those single arm overhead carries yesterday CFA. Body positions and stability continue to look bet...
Happy Sunday, y’all! Hope you’re getting outside to play and enjoy this sunshine!☀️




8708 S Congress Suite C-300
Austin, TX

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