Orangetheory Fitness Mueller

Orangetheory Fitness Mueller


Looking forward to our No Shower Happy Hour this Friday at Bobos Snack Bar on Airport Blvd. Hope to see y’all there!

Question! What does the inferno workout format look like for a 3G class?
Does anyone else have concrete all over their car?!?!

I attended the 6:15 AM class on Thursday, 9/24, parking across the street from the studio (and right next to the ongoing construction). My truck is now covered in concrete 'specks'. I am going to try and resolve this with the property owner/construction firm (which will likely be an uphill battle).

While I hope this did not happen to anyone else, if it did - please let me know. I feel as if it will be a much more compelling/convincing 'case' if I am not the only one trying to make the claim that they are responsible for fixing it.
✨Wellness Wednesday✨
Orangetheory Fitness Mueller is a group workout that combines science, coaching and technology to guarantee maximum results from the inside out. It’s designed to charge your metabolism for more caloric afterburn and more results.

💥 Orangetheory Fitness Mueller is currently offering in-studio, outdoor and online workouts. Plus, your first class is FREE.
💥 Visit their social pages to sign up and learn more!
First day back felt great. Thank you OTF-Mueller.
Orangetheory Fitness Mueller is now offering LIVE classes with OTF Mueller instructors. Get in a sweat session at home with your favorite #MuellerATX instructor!
We’re still open! Many of Mueller’s local businesses are still open and offering to-go, curbside pickup and delivery options. We will try to keep an updated list of open Mueller businesses here. Thank you for supporting local!

o Bao'd Up is offering pickup orders via sanitized food lockers at all its locations.
o barre3 has a $23.30/month offer for unlimited access to hundreds of 10- to 60- minute workouts.
o Colleen’s Kitchen has online or call-in ordering for pickup at its walk-up window.
o Halcyon Mueller is serving non-alcoholic drinks and “family-style” meals for pickup and delivery.
o Kerbey Lane Cafe provides online ordering for “kerbside” pickup and delivery.
o L'Oca D'Oro offers a special takeout menu.
o Lady Quackenbush's Cakery is offering curbside service and walk-in to-go orders.
o Lick Honest Ice Creams Mueller is providing take-out only and limiting patrons to 10 people at a time.
o Lilla & Beth is offering online shopping and free local delivery.
o Orangetheory Fitness Mueller has online workouts.
o Rebel Cheese has online ordering for pick up or delivery within a five-mile radius.
o StretchLab is offering online live stream stretch demos.
o Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming Mueller has curbside pickup for pet food and free delivery within a five-mile radius.
Oh I needed this laugh today, maybe y’all do too. 😂 + Thank y’all for everything you do and I can’t wait to come back and see ya. 🧡
Getting that bingo life
Barely survived today! Row row your boat....

Orangetheory Fitness is the leading high intensity training gym. Our innovative workouts make us a health studio that you will see results at.

WE'RE OPEN, with expanded health and safety guidelines to protect our members and staff. These changes include even more stringent policies on cleaning and disinfecting, required use of protective equipment for staff and members, and limited class capacity to ensure social distancing. Please visit the Orangetheory website for a comprehensive list of the new health and safety precautions that have

Operating as usual


Thank you to all the members who came out to Haymaker last night for our Happy Hour!! We love building our community and you all make that possible. We are super grateful for each one of you! See you at the next one 🍻😎🎉

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“You’ve gotten where you are in life because you have gone through challenges.”

Don’t think you’re ready for #DriTri? Hard disagree. Check out 4 ways to reframe your DriTri fears into better future states (because spoiler alert: You’re 💯 built for it).

#Orangetheory #DriTri #Fitness

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Infinity’s leaderboard!! ♾


Mueller was very excited to host the ATX Region Staff Dri Tri!! Thanks for coming out and representing your studios! 💪💯🎉🔥


Let’s go Coach and Staff Dri Tri #otfdritri #orangetheory #otffamily

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Here's your Friday reminder to grab that towel and water bottle and head to class! We're pawsitive you'll feel more energized and ready for the weekend festivities 🐶 🍊

#Orangetheory #Friday #Fitness


Mueller was very excited to have our COO Nick Bach, National Director of Fitness Vic Guerra, and Regional Managers Shaye and Jardin come visit us this morning!! Come back soon 💪😎 #otfmueller

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We love a good surprise here at OTF Mueller!! We were honored to help Ben surprise his wife Meghan this morning on her BIRTHDAY!! We hope you have an amazing day! 🥳🎉🧡🎈#otfmueller

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Ready for a taste of #DriTri? We’ve got you with Infinity. ♾️ It’s your ultimate prep workout. Your chance to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Your opportunity to GROW both inside and outside the studio. Don’t you love it?

Here are some tips to help you through today's workout:
🍊Rower - Think sustainability. Figure out a 100-meter intensity you can keep up between your medball power jacks
🍊Floor - Be slow and stable. Prioritize proper form over'll be better off in the end
🍊Treadmill - Rely on your base pace. Be conservative in speed with your initial Push Pace effort. After that? Even .1 is progress.

Comment ⬇️ if you have any tips of your own. 🚣💪🏃

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Just a midweek motivation reminder that the only bad workout is the one you didn't do... Come see us for a class and leave stronger than before! 💪🏼

See you all soon 🧡

#WorkoutWednesday #MidweekMotivation #Orangetheory

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The time is now, #OTFFam. Whether it means clocking extra meters. Walking or running longer distances. Crushing a 60-minute version of the real thing … these #DriTri prep classes are designed to help you BEST train your mind, body and community spirit. Pre-book while there’s still a spot. 🗓 There’ll be badges and bragging rights waiting for you at the end. 🙌🏆

#Orangetheory #Fitness #MoreLife #DriTri


You are built to TRI. ⬅️ Read that sentence again. Then welcome back #DriTri. Orangetheory’s twice-a-year version of a triathlon. It’s your time to show up. Have fun with your entire studio. Prove to yourself that just by coming to class, you’re constantly improving. We know you’re ready for the Full 2000-meter row 🚣 300 bodyweight reps 💪 and 5K (or half, if you’re walking) 🏃… but there are other options like the Sprint and Relay — ask your studio about ‘em all.

This is your opportunity to master your mindset. For only $25, register now. Tap into your inner athlete. Earn elite OTF #DriTri swag. Make yourself proud … because hey, it’s true. You’ve been training for this since your first class.

#Orangetheory #DriTri #Fitness #Triathlon


Look ahead and get pre-book!!!

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Corbin Bleu and Coach Kenny bringing us all the motivation this lovely Monday!

Like if you're pushing it to the limit today 🧡

Comment if you remember what movie this is from 🤪 ⬇️

#MondayMotivation #Orangetheory #Fitness #MoreLife

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February? More like Febru-VERY proud of everyone finishing off the month strong today 💪🏼 Together — let’s help each other. Drop some motivation in the comments on what has helped YOU work hard towards your goals this month ⬇️

#NeverMissAMonday #Orangetheory #Fitness

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Let's flex this Friday by bragging on our favorite coaches! They cheer us on, show us the way with the best tips and tricks and make every workout fun 🎉

Tag your favorite coaches that keep you coming back for more OTF! ⬇️

#Orangetheory #FLEXFriday #MoreLife #Fitness

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Let's celebrate #ThrowbackThursday by taking a jog down memory lane and remembering back to your first Splat Point....Your first row...How about your first personal best?

What is your most memorable first at Orangetheory?

#Orangetheory #MoreLife #Fitness

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May the only space here be what’s between you and your excuses. 🤟 Pass it on. 🧡

#Orangetheory #Fitness #MoreLife

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Catch me at if you can 2022 🏃🏽🏃‍♀️💨

Timeline photos 02/22/2022

He doesn’t just BANK on a strong heart — he works for it. Meet Dr. Alan Banks. As a cardiologist, he sees the devastating consequences of unhealthy lifestyles every single day. Like being sedentary. Having a poor diet. Smoking. STRESS. On the flip side, he sees the extraordinary benefits of healthy lifestyle choices. Like … can you guess? EXERCISE! And while Dr. Banks enjoys multiple types of exercise, he loves the challenging and dynamic nature of cardio, weights, and circuit training at @otfghent. “It makes the class fly by.” And most importantly? As someone whose own health and the health of others is a top priority, you best believe him when he says, “Take this as a direct prescription from a medical professional — if you're looking for a challenging and varied program, definitely consider Orangetheory.”

Comment your WHY — the reason you make the time to get that hour of multivitamin for metabolic training in ⤵️. You never know who it might inspire to take that next step. 👀🧡 #TransformationTuesday

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Today is the day to turn up the speed and outrun the clock ⏰

Here is a pacing guide to help you on your journey to race time 🏃🏼‍♀️

Good luck everyone, we can't wait to see you all crush it!

#Orangetheory #CatchMeIfYouCan #Fitnesss #MoreLife

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You hear that? It’s the ⏰ ticking. Programmed to go off at different checkpoints. Ready to catch EVERYONE covering distance today in the Catch Me if You Can signature workout. As the time decreases between each checkpoint, that’s when the challenge levels up. So, when you get caught, don’t sweat it! Focus less on sticking it out till the end and more on getting farther than you did last time. Or if you’re new, set a baseline! You’ll feel on top of the world when this workout is done. Tag an OTF friend ⤵️ who needs this reminder today.

#Orangetheory #CatchmeIfYouCan

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You get what you focus on. ✌️ In just a month and a half, we’ve had the chance to ...
✔️ Inferno
✔️ 200m Row
✔️ 1-Mile
✔️ 500m Row
❓Catch Me if You Can

Tomorrow, you can check Catch Me if You Can off your list. ✔️ This fun-filled signature workout will measure how far you can go before you get “caught” by the checkpoint timer. And when you do get caught (most of us will), you’ll want to record your final distance in the Challenge Tracker. That’s where you’ll see yourself improve over time.

Got it? Good. Now, put your best 👟 by the door, pre-book tomorrow’s class, and feel confident you’ll crush at least one checkpoint more than last time.

#Orangetheory #CatchMeIfYouCan #Fitness #Running

Timeline photos 02/19/2022

We asked our members how they feel when they leave an OTF class. Here's what one of them said...

This is your reminder to make time for what makes you feel empowered. 🙌

How do you feel after crushing an OTF class? Let us know in the comments! ⬇️

#Orangtheory #Fitness #MoreLife

Photos from Orangetheory Fitness Mueller's post 02/19/2022


Photos from Orangetheory Fitness Mueller's post 02/19/2022



If your long weekend doesn’t include sweating your heart out in a 90-minute donation class for @american_heart, what are you doing? Drop a ❤️ in the comments ⬇️ if you’re pumped to take your happy hour to a happy 90.

#Orangetheory #MoreLife #HeartHealth


Huge shout out to Coach Bri for being selected to coach the all coach workout!! If you have not taken her class yet - make sure to get signed up!! Rock star 🌟👏💪 #otfmueller

Timeline photos 02/17/2022

Compliment someone’s form. Give words of encouragement to the person on the tread next to you. Thank the coach who woke up at 3:30 a.m. Kindness can make such a difference. Even if it seems small to you, the simplest actions can turn someone’s day around. #RandomActsOfKindnessDay


We love when members chose to celebrate their special day with us!! Happy birthday Jordan!! We hope you enjoyed you birthday burn! #birthdayburn

Timeline photos 02/16/2022

We all love that Orangetheory Splat logo.. but who can tell us what the splat symbolizes? 🤔

Give us your best answers in the comments below! ⬇️ 🍊

#Orangetheory #MoreLife #Splat

Timeline photos 02/16/2022

Stunt Man. 🔥 playlist connoisseur. Super fun coach. You know when you go to @mooreofjoe’s class at @otflongbeach_lakewood, you’ll dance, laugh and sweat your whole heart out. You might also hear him talk about the muscle that lets us do it all. “Heart health is heart wealth! … Personally, my family has had numerous health problems that all derived from the heart. I’m taking care of myself so I can cherish the times with the ones I love as long as I can and Orangetheory helps me do that.”

Wanna donate to @american_heart this weekend but are nervous about a 90-minute class? Take it from Joe: “It’s not about what you did yesterday. It’s about what you’re willing to do today.” Like this post if you’re ready to push past your own mental boundary. #OrangetheoryHeartsFitness

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1911 Aldrich Street
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Monday 9am - 7pm
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