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Lingering Hill Equestrian Center LLC


The holidays are approaching fast!! Do you have a horse crazy kid, spouse, family member or friend that would love to ride or just learn about the horse?? Well here's your chance to come ride with us and become part of OUR family and show season!! Lesson packages, boarding, training and trucking available. Lingering Hill is offering package deals on lessons now through Christmas.. Buy 5, get 1 FREE 🌲🐴🌲🐎🌲
Another successful day with 2 of our horses and one of our amazing kids.. We love the progress these kids make. We are so blessed to have a barn full of wonderful people ❤ Congratulations Kylin, I'm a SOS Sante Fe and Rubins Pink Pirate on your super wins today!!
Trevor had a great time demonstrating Vaulting to the delight of the onlookers!
Directions coming from I-88 Oneonta please.

Family friendly full board and instruction center. Opportunities to get you started or assist you in all your equine needs. Indoor and out door arenas.

Monthly mental wellness workshops, other clinics and camps available as well.

Operating as usual

Join us and let our horses aid in your mental wellness. Let them bring light to your troubles and help to resolve them. $40 per participant. Youth group at 2pm and Adult group at 4pm Saturday December 12. Please remember to dress warm and bring a chair. Warm drinks and water are available. Message to register, limited spaces.

Lingering Hill Equestrian Center and The Gift Horse Equine Dentistry want to wish this young man, Layne Shampang, the best of luck at the Junior World Finals!!! Look for him in the 14-15 yr old Bull Riding Event!

Today was so a success! Unfortunately we didn’t get pictures but had a blast none the less. The kids helped with stall cleaning, and feeding. Because of all the different breeds we have here, they were able to meet draft horses, saddle horses, donkeys and even a mule. We made stick horse pens that they could take home with them. Then after lunch they were able to take turns riding bareback, english, western and even side saddle! Everyone was great about respecting distances and keeping masks on. Even though it was a full day the time flew by, like it does when you’re having fun.

Happy thanksgiving to everyone! Enjoy the Day, enjoy the time spent with loved ones, enjoy the food! Lol 🥰🐴🦃

🦄🌲🔔Our tree in Afton is up and decorated! Can’t wait to see it lit up! 🔔🌲🦄

Baristacrats Coffee Bar

Anyone interested in donating cookies, buying cookies or participating in any of the awesome winter activities in afton?

For every 5 people who donate $5 (12 cookies), Baristacrats will donate an additional 12 cookies.
All proceeds to benefit Afton in Winter events such as:
🎄The remodel of the polar express, which will be available for viewing and photo opps for all community and non community members (yes, everyone is welcome) Sponsored by Henry's Drive In
🎄 Prize baskets for the Christmas decoration contests (fee free to donate small unused items and or gift certificates to be placed into the prize baskets) 🎅🏻🛷
🎄”Walking in a Winter Wonderland” hosted by and at Baristacrats Coffee Bar on Dec. 5th, featuring Santa, the Grinch, and other Christmas characters (we are still accepting donations of gently used or new Christmas lights and or decorations) ☃️
🎄Carriage ride through the village sponsored by Lingering Hill Equestrian Center LLC 🎠
🎄Ornament making class at the Baristacrats Coffee Bar
🎄 Christmas movies hosted at the Baristacrats Coffee Bar. (RSVP required; limited seating available)

THANK YOU to the countless volunteers, donaters, and ideas! With continued community support, we will make this Christmas just as magical without the yearly parade. 🎅🏻🎄💚❤️. You are all loved and appreciated.

Carson James

In case you missed the concept. Mounting made easy.

Another opportunity for self improvement and mental/emotional healing. Please come join us.

Lingering Hill Equestrian Center LLC

It’s officially OFFICIAL!!! We really do have unicorns at Lingering Hill! So excited to finally receive Comet and Mayo’s unicorn registration papers.

This works even if you’ve not had that first fall or bad ride yet, it works for situations both on and off the horse, for situations both in and out of the barn, truly all areas of life. Don’t forget to apply this to your friends, people encounter in your day to day, and definitely apply it to your horse, as many of them struggle with self confidence too.

I was scared today.

I was scared to get on, scared to walk out the yard because I had a bad ride the day before. One bad ride, and it made me scared.

I didn’t know why. I’ve had 1000 bad rides. I’ve had 1000 falls. I’ve broken bones and bruised my pride on countless occasions, but today I was scared.

Why? Because confidence is fragile. It takes months and years to build and seconds to lose and yet we are so careless with it.

When we get on a horse, we wear a hat to protect our head. We wear body protectors, gloves, boots...

We pay so much attention to protecting ourselves physically, we forget that our minds are not invincible, and our confidence certainly is not.

Your bank of confidence needs regular deposits, not just from others... but from you. Self confidence is the most valuable currency in life.

When you go to get on, and you hesitate, you falter and you start to ask yourself “can I do this?”, chances are, your account is almost empty.

Every time you laugh and say “oh no, I’m no good” or “so and so is 10x better than me”, you make a withdrawal from that account, and before you know it, your account is empty and you’re scared to get on.

But every time you say “I’m really pleased with how that went” or “I think I rode that really well”, your balance increases.

We need to learn to give ourselves a break, pat ourselves on the back and allow ourselves to feel proud of where we are - after all, most of the time we’ve worked bloody hard to get there!

Recognising your strengths is just as important as recognising your weaknesses. Never allow yourself or anyone else to empty that account.

Confidence is valuable, don’t bankrupt yourself.

Chris Cox Horsemanship

If you Train the Horse you will always Blame the Horse.
If you Train yourself you will always Praise the Horse.

My Life Changed when I woke up and Realized I was the Problem not my Horses.
So easy to pass the Blame. But it takes Strength to admit the Truth.

John 8:32
And you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you Free .”

Total Feeds, Inc.
Lucerne Farms - Quality Forage Feed Products
5 Star Equine Products
Kiser Arena Specialists
Olsen Equine CJF
Kunafin "The Insectary"
Triangle C Ranch

Riding Boots - Why do I need them? Whilst riding a horse, it is essential to wear the correct equestrian equipment, as each piece is designed to dramatically increase safety levels for both horse and rider. In the case of ridin

Unlike the magic of a unicorn, these photo sessions take a lot of effort! Positioning of not only the human subjects, and our horsey cohorts, but making sure parents stay clear off the sighting, making sure us assistants do as well. Setting up the back ground and props. Not to mention ensuring our equine subjects were pristine and comfortable. Huge thank you to Eye of the storm photography, Kat Raven, Morgan Bennett, and Schyler Longwell. Without all of you we couldn’t have raised nearly $500 this weekend for the Austin family. Thank you so very much to all of those who took advantage of the sessions and came out in the heat allowing us to take some truly magical photos.🦄🤠💕 it’s certainly been a labor of love! Don’t worry if you missed out this time we will be holding other sessions. Feel free to reach out if you’re interested.

Big guy (Percheron)gets to meet his little buddy Ricki(1/2Fresian)💕 I wonder if Ricki thinks it’s his mom?🤔

Morgan admiring the new guy on the farm. Waiting on his new owners to decide on a barn name for this tiny little guy😉🥰

Ponies in the snow. Doesn’t seem to bother them much at all. ❄️

[03/22/20]   Due to COVID19 Equine business restrictions we are closing our barn down to only those who are here to do barn chores. No riding or working horses until further notice. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Hopefully the situation will get under control quickly if we all follow the rules.

Today was a special day at LHEC. We got to be part of a special family moment. Little Zoey turned 4 today and wanted nothing more than to ride. She watches Spirit Riding Free on TV and her favorite character is Boomerang. Our Chincoteague pony Summer was an acceptable replica for her first pony ride ever! Mom and Grammy joined in the fun and made it a really special day. Thank you so much for letting us share this with you. #startyoungrideright

The Power of Expectation

What a powerful message!!! Not only aimed at our horses but at the way we react towards other humans in our lives too! Far too many times I hear people dismiss possibility before it's could ever be achieved.
"At the very least, do your best not to limit those around you by labeling them as incapable. Even if you don't say anything, you are probably going to subconsciously behave differently around them. Everyone deserves the best chance they can have. It won't hurt to entertain the possibility of their magnificence!" Riders often talk about their horses as 'untalented' or 'lazy'... But often that is just their bruised egos that need to blame their horses for difficulties in the training. This interesting article about the power of our mindset explores how our expectations affect our results!

Confidence connection horsemanship

At first glance this video may not seem very impressive. This horse calmly walking while being ridden. Though if you knew this horse you'd know that this was a nearly impossible feat for him just a few weeks ago. If you look closely you'll notice that he's not lathered or sweated because he's not been worked to become tired. He's been worked to become mentally quiet which transfers to being physically quite. Triston has been working him only a couple of times per week as that's what there owners budget allows. With patience, kindness and relaxed guidance this horse has gone from a bundle of nerves, tense and overreactive to a much softer and willing partner. Looking forward to much more progress with this pair as well as with Jesters owner. Building a trusting relationship takes time but if you're willing to allow it to progress it can blossom into something truly amazing.

An Alternative Tying Method For A Rope Halter

Here is a method of tying your rope halter that will never allow the knot to tighten under pressure to the point that you can't untie it.

We had such a wonderful time riding last night in nearly 60 degree weather. Everyone worked on connecting with their horse, plenty of opportunities to see the ground work transfer into saddle work. Building confidence in both horses and riders. And for the finale a lively game of tag!

[12/29/19]   Lingering Hill Equestrian Center would like to welcome Triston Bowen! So very excited to see our horses progress with him!! We have spaces open for board and training as well as lessons. Get a good start on the upcoming riding season.

Don't Do Natural Horsemanship

It's not about doing... It's about being... Read that again! Karen Rohlf explains what it means to do natural horsemanship and how it connects to sport-specific disciplines like dressage or jumping.

Horses regularly trained with ground work are more relaxed when ridden

Yup A recent study of dressage horses in Germany that looked at rein length and tension revealed a surprising finding: horses who were regularly trained in ground work/in-hand work had lower heart rat…

Red Rock Equine Veterinary Inc PS/Dr. Rothschild

Do you know how old your horse really is???
For those asking about the 1-3 years range... It varies because of the gender, husbandry )domestict x wild) and breeds, like a large Warmblood and an arabian, for example. The bones, growth plates and cartilages mature slightly different. The big breeds are delayed. An the jump to a 3 year old is related to reproductive maturation. At 2.5 years of age mares n stallions in the wild start breeding and conceiving. That’s like a 15 year old human. Ideally being 3 years of age helps to have a good pregnancy and good lactation for the newborn. 😊

Working smarter at feeding grain free. We feed a custom mix of alfalfa pellets and Soybean meal. Rigged up a way to transport the bin so chores are easier. Photo credit to Dawn Christiansen

Nine Tips To Avoid Becoming A PIA Boarder

Very honest article...quick read. We’ve all done it. The thing. The text. The ill-timed question. The snarky remark. The single moment in time that will flip the switch in our barn owner’s brain on their assessment of us: the PIA switch. You are a PIA boarder. The worst. When ...

So much more to an arena than the rail...

Stuck in the arena with nothing to practice this winter? No matter if you are a trail or endurance rider or focus on western disciplines or do hunter, jumpers, eventing or dressage, here are some wonderful exercises to break up your "arena boredom" and cross train you and your horse by incorporating poles, lateral movements, different patterns and a variety of transitions! Be certain to start with a good 10-15 minute walk warm up with large figures and more simple movements, then once your horse is properly warmed up in the trot and/or canter move to tighter turns, quicker transitions and harder exercises.

*Please take into consideration the age, physical condition and prior training of your horse prior to doing these exercises to prevent injury and consult a professional trainer as needed.

We know there are hundreds of other exercises, but tried to include some of our favorites as well as some variation. We hope that all levels of horse AND rider - no matter the discipline or breed - can improve their coordination, muscle condition, suppleness, reaction time, rhythm, relaxation (reduce tension), straightness, impulsion and connection from learning to do these exercises correctly! We like to start adding new exercises into our riding routine in "baby steps" at the walk - especially if horse or rider are out of shape or green - to make sure it's a positive experience for horse and rider. 🙂

Megan & Jessica

Horses and cows are enjoying being back out on the hillside. And looks like Huey has found the round bale feeder.

As a child from a broken home, that spent several years in an all be it amazing foster home, I can most certainly appreciate this train of thought where horses are concerned.

Most horses pass from one human to another - some horsemen and women are patient and forgiving, others are rigorous and demanding, others are cruel, others are ignorant.

Horses have to learn how to, at the minimum, walk, trot, canter, gallop, go on trails and maybe jump, to be treated by the vet, all with sense and good manners.

Talented Thoroughbreds must learn how to win races, and if they can't do that, they must learn how to negotiate courses and jump over strange obstacles without touching them, or do complicated dance
like movements or control cattle or accommodate severely handicapped children and adults in therapy work.

Many horses learn all of these things in the course of a single lifetime. Besides this, they learn to understand and fit into the successive social systems of other horses they meet along the way.

A horse's life is rather like twenty years in foster care, or in and out of prison, while at the same time changing schools over and over and discovering that not only do the other students already have their own social groups, but that what you learned at the old school hasn't much application at the new one.

We do not require as much of any other species, including humans.

That horses frequently excel, that they exceed the expectations of their owners and trainers in such circumstances, is as much a testament to their intelligence and adaptability as to their relationship skills or their natural generosity or their inborn nature.

That they sometimes manifest the same symptoms as abandoned orphans - distress, strange behaviors, anger, fear - is less surprising than that they usually don't.

No one expects a child, or even a dog to develop its intellectual capacities living in a box 23 hours a day and then doing controlled exercises the remaining one.

Mammal minds develop through social interaction and stimulation.

A horse that seems "stupid", "slow", "stubborn", etc. might just have not gotten the chance to learn!

Take care of your horses and treasure them.

Written by Jane Smiley

🌟We are their caretakers...let's do it kindly & with compassion!🌟

Trading Physical Scars For Mental Scars

The main reasons we feed a grain free feed at Lingering Hill. Mental health as well as physical health. I can easily walk into a barn, large facility or back yard barn and immediately know what horses are being fed grain products. They tend to have little to no focus, higher energy (too high) and more health issues than in barns that feed grain free. Please free free to ask us about our feeding program. Love discussing and sharing our results with others. Healthy horse is a happy horse. 🐴💕 Many times what people identify as discipline problems with their horses are really frustrated and confused horses, basically caused by the horse having an identity crisis, and or too much stored energy. Horses that are confined and isolated for extended periods where they are denied social interact...

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