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Amethyst, known for its magnificent purple color, sends energy directly into our 3rd eye, making it the most wonderful tool for meditation.

Join Patsy, an experienced yoga teacher and trained shamanic healer, as she guides you through gentle asanas and guided meditation to take you on a journey with this beautiful crystal.

This 90-minute workshop, accessible to yoga practitioners of all levels, will support you to tap into your intuition, and deeper sense of self.


Yes, you may encounter challenging moments during your practice, but signing up and then showing up to move your body are the two hardest moments!

It’s so easy to move yourself and your health lower and lower on the list of to-dos, but when you make and take the time to show up for yourself you feel:
✨ stronger
✨ more confident
✨ grounded

You may also notice increased:
✨ flexibility
✨ balance
✨ chill (can you feel yourself breathing deeper already?!?)

Ultimately, when you schedule your classes and then show up like you told yourself you would you’re proving to yourself that you can do hard things.

So, when will we see you for your next class?


✨APRIL LIMITED SERIES✨ join the wonderful Patsy on Wednesdays at 5:30 at our Cockeysville location in April for our latest limited series: Meditation!

Each Wednesday evening throughout the month of April breathe a little deeper and uncover more moments of calm as you develop your meditation practice.


✨sub alert✨ it’s your chance to take class with the fabulous Mari

Join her tonight, March 21 at 7 PM at our Cockeysville location for Aluma Vinyasa.


come to stretch and destress
stay because you feel better

have you scheduled your time on the mat this week?


Why is movement important?

When you move you give your brain a moment’s rest, you get to check in with your breath, you get to let go of the challenges you might have been facing and clear your mind.

Movement reminds you that you are strong, flexible, that you can be challenged and rise to meet whatever challenge comes your way.

When you commit to moving your body you increase your endorphins, your serotonin, your dopamine. You sleep better, become more mobile.

You connect with your body, mind, spirit and with a community of like minded people.

Yes it’s hard to take the time to commit to moving your body. Yes you will feel tired, it’s rare that you’ll always want to move your body, but what’s amazing is at the end of your class, you’ll feel better.

So, tell us, when are you planning to join us at the studio to move?


✨It’s time to plan your week✨

With over 27 opportunities to practice - when will we see you in the studio this week?

Fun things to consider when planning your practice:
-You can take Tone & Flow Tuesday mornings or join Melody on Wednesday evenings throughout March for our Tone & Flow Limited Series!

-Pilates with Eva .falls has taken a permanent spot on the schedule! Join Eva Thursday evenings at 5:30 in Cockeysville for your Pilates fix!

-Have you tried class with Mari or Karis yet?

-Looking a little bit further ahead into next week - are you joining Cassandra for her Spring Equinox flow? It’s taking place on Wednesday, March 20 at 7 PM at our Mt Washington location. Sign up today!

Tell us below - when are we going to see you in the studio?

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✨happy international women’s day✨ today, and every day, we celebrate all of the incredible, strong, powerful, amazing women in our community!

Tag a fabulous woman who you are celebrating below!


Have you been wanting to take classes at Aluma?

Treat yourself to our New Member Special! This is an incredible way test out both of our locations, enjoy classes with all of our amazing teachers and get all of those stretchy, bendy, good feeling benefits that come with membership!

For $58, you get an unlimited month of yoga and movement classes, discounts for special events and you start to collect rewards points that you can use towards private sessions, yoga teacher training, events, workshops and travel!

Feel free to reach out with any questions and we can’t wait to see you in the studio!

*please note this is a special offer that is for folks who have never been a member of Aluma. This offer rolls into our Unlimited Membership that is $129, and renews every 4 weeks. You have the option to cancel at any time or change your membership to our Classic Membership which is $89 for 5 classes, and renews every 4 weeks*


Happy Wednesday, friends!

We have loved having Eva .falls lead our Pilates Limited Series each Wednesday evening this past month, but with the start of a new month, it’s almost time to switch things up!

Starting next Wednesday, March 6 at 5:30 PM in Cockeysville, and each Wednesday through March 27, you’ll be able join Melody for Tone and Flow!

We’re excited to bring you more opportunities to expand your practice, increase your strength and flexibility and feel your best!

Will we see you next Wednesday?

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These last few weeks of winter are making us very excited for spring!

Join on Wednesday, March 20 at 7 PM at our Mt Washington location for a Spring Equinox Pop-Up!

This special yoga practice will support you to harness the energy of renewal and balance that is brought about by the changing season.

Stay tuned for more exciting events this spring 🌸


The beauty of Aluma is you can always come back.

If you haven’t practiced because
✨ work has been nonstop
✨ your kid keeps bringing home all of the germs
✨ it doesn’t feel like you have enough hours in the day
✨ your bed has been super cozy
✨ life has felt overwhelming
✨ you have been in your feels
✨ maybe all of the above or none of the above

It’s 100% okay!

Because you can always come back. We’ve got space for you at Aluma to come back to your practice and flow however suits you - body, mind and soul 💖

And what’s even more beautiful is when you remember how good yoga makes you feel and that you’re able to leave class feeling better.

So, when are you coming to class next?


A list of things we love (in no particular order):
✨when we see your relaxed, slightly sleepy looking, smiling faces at the end of class after savasana
✨hearing you say “I am so happy I came to class” and “I feel so much better!”
✨the chance to chat with you before and after class
✨when your name pops up as you register for class
✨experiencing workshops with you and traveling with you and watching you grow and evolve as your practice grows and evolves
✨our incredible teachers who we truly couldn’t do this without
✨the amazing community that is Aluma 💖

Happy Valentine’s Day to each and everyone of you - we love you and appreciate you and can not wait to see you in the studio again soon



Aluma Vinyasa is our signature method - so what in the world does that mean exactly?

Aluma Vinyasa is designed to link your movements with your breath in a moderately paced flow from one posture to the next. You’re guided with cues, curated music, and modifications to support you and your body are available.

Warm Aluma Vinyasa is our signature method but the room is heated up to 80 degrees.

Warm Power Vinyasa takes things up a notch. The room is still heated to 80 degrees, but you move through postures at a faster pace. This class requires strength and stamina and it’s recommended for folks who are new to yoga.

Easy Flow is a more moderately paced flow with a focus on engaging all parts of your body - spinal movements, core engagement, balance, and hip openers to support your mobility, flexibility, and stability.

Aluma Grow is a more workshop-style class that supports you to focus on how your body is structured and your alignment. This is a class where you can expect a focus on your postures and form.

Aluma Explore is taught from an intuitive place within the structure of a traditional class. You’re provided with the space to explore movement and tap into exactly what you need in the moment.

Aluma Align is an intermediate class for dedicated and curious students who want to use yoga as a means to transform their bodies. The class is structured in a workshop format deconstructing and rebuilding poses using a skills and drills approach.

Which class are you going to be joining us for this week? Tell us in the comments below 😘


You’ve got an extra day to practice this February - have you planned for it?!

This is your gentle reminder that planning ahead is how you take the time you deserve for your self.

Schedule your yoga today and if you need support, a class recommendation or want us to sign you up for membership - just let us know! We’re here to support you and your practice xoxo

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We 💖 Beth!

Join her for class:
✨Saturdays at 9:30 in Cockeysville
✨Tuesdays at 6 in Mt Washington
✨Thursdays at 6 in Mt Washington
✨Fridays at 9:30 in Cockeysville

Tell us below - when are you joining Beth for class next? Go ahead and sign up now!

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You’ve got four chances to do Pilates at Aluma with Eva!

Wednesday, February 7
Wednesday, February 14
Wednesday, February 21
Wednesday, February 28

at 5:30, at our Cockeysville location! This is a limited series, so grab your spots now!


Come to Aluma to connect with your community 💖

During your first few classes, you’re getting to know the studio, figure out the different class types and trying out our amazing teachers.

As you continue to practice at the studio, you start to recognize faces, maybe you even start to chat with fellow students before or after class.

You come to Aluma because we know your name. Because your teachers are excited to know that you’ve signed up to attend their class.
You come to Aluma because you feel better when you walk out of the studio AND because of the incredible community.

Ready to join our community? Drop an emoji below and we’ll take care of you!

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5/10 classes are SOLD OUT and the remaining classes have just a few more spaces remaining! Sign up NOW for our Free Yoga Weekend! Aluma Yoga

Register Here 😊

📍Have you told yourself, “This year will be different.”

📍Do you need a way to relieve stress from your everyday life?

📍Are you searching for a way to meet & connect with chill people from the area?

📍Maybe you need a healthy lifestyle reboot?

📍Or you want to increase flexibility while decreasing pain.

There are SO many reasons to join us this weekend. The time is yours and the time is NOW.

Register Here 😊

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Today we’re shining the spotlight on Eva! Swipe through to learn more about her and then sign up to flow with her on Thursdays at 5:30 in Cockeysville

Photos from Aluma Yoga's post 01/21/2024

Mark your calendar - Sunday, February 25, at our Cockeysville location, Patsy will be leading you through a Rose Quartz Workshop!

Perfect for February - the month of all things love - rose Quartz is a powerful stone. Patsy, a highly experienced yoga teacher and trained shamanic healer, will guide you through stretches and restorative asanas to activate the energy of rose quartz. This 90-minute workshop will leave you with an increased sense of self-love and a state of bliss!

This workshop is accessible to all levels of yoga practitioners.

Comment below and we can support you to sign up. If you’re a member you can use your points. All you have to do is email [email protected] to have your points balance applied.


Let us know if we can sign you up for class - we can’t wait to see you at the studio!


You can flow post snow!

Join Patsy at 5:30 at our Cockeysville location or Beth at 6:00 at Mt Washington this evening - we can’t wait to see you there!


A little weather update!

We hope you stay warm and cozy this morning and look forward to seeing you on the mat again soon!

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It’s never to early to start planning for Valentine’s Day!

Bring your bestie or your love or come solo to nurture yourself as guides you through a unique sensory experience! Melody will lead you through a flowing, candle lit yoga practice while Liz Stacy plays the violin, live in studio.

Following class, you’ll get to indulge in champagne and chocolate - yum!

This will be an incredible way to celebrate the ones you love on Friday, February 9 at 6 PM at our Cockeysville location.


Warrior II - a powerful pose that does a lot!

This posture is known for strengthening your legs, lengthening your back, opening your chest, hips and shoulders, and supporting you with grounding and balance.

If you’ve ever practiced yoga, it’s likely that you’ve encountered this pose.

To find this posture in your own practice:
Start in a wide stance along the long side of the yoga mat. Stretch your arms out to either side and position the feet under the wrists.

Turn your front foot and leg until they face the short edge of the mat.

Turn your back foot inward by about 45 degrees. Your toes should be pointing toward the upper left corner of the mat.
Bend your front knee to 90 degrees, checking in if your knee is aligned over your ankle.

Your back leg will be straight and both feet are planted firmly on the mat and your weight evenly distributed.

Check your spine and shoulder alignment. Your spine should be straight so that your head is right over your pelvis. Your shoulders should be directly over the hips.

Keep your arms straight out from the shoulders and turn your head so that your gaze is over the right arm straight down to the fingertips.

Hold the pose for several breaths and then repeat on the other side.

Practice your Warrior II with us! Schedule your next class with Aluma - we can’t wait to see you there!


Move with me this week! 🧘🏻‍♀️💪🏼

5:30pm | Aluma Vinyasa 🧘🏻‍♀️
Subbing for Jackie Leo Hershfeld

9:30am | Tone & Flow 💪🏼

5:30pm | Aluma Vinyasa 🧘🏻‍♀️
Subbing for Elizabeth Hand it’s her 🥳

Wednesday | Community Vinyasa 🧘🏻‍♀️
$10 drop in

Msg me to get signed up! 🫶🏻

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6080 Falls Road, Suite LL2
Baltimore, MD

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