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Partner Spotlight: Meet Weights and Plates Endurance! Our partners are a critical part of the S.E.T. race team! Nick and Becky have been a part of the S.E.T. story from the beginning, and we're glad to introduce them to you as team partners! This training and nutrition coaching service is an incredible resource for the endurance community. Learn more about our team and sponsors as well as partner opportunities at setracing.org!

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Obviously as a physical therapist, endurance coach and sports RD, we recognize the importance of not being under fueled for your workouts. However, as health care professionals, we also recognize the validity in realistic and healthy weight loss goals. Is weight loss appropriate for every athlete? Absolutely not. There are plenty of athletes out there who think they need to drop a few pounds, when in reality they’ll probably perform much better with more fueling and a bit more muscle mass. HOWEVER, there are also athletes who appropriately want to work towards seemingly contradictory goals of both weight loss and training. Individuals who experience obesity can absolutely become athletes, and that doesn’t mean weight loss goals have to disappear. It does, however, mean that these goals should be explored with professional guidance.

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Do you struggle with consistency while making lifestyle changes? If you are someone who is frequently starting a new exercise routine or diet pattern but then quickly falling off track, just to try someone else again in a few weeks, then this post is for you.

Especially with the pressures of “new year, new you” upon us, it can be really easy to fall into this “yo-yo” pattern of lifestyle changes & habits.

👉 Swipe to see a few tips to avoiding the yo-yo.

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Yes, we’re posting about fueling your workouts during the offseason for many. However, the offseason is a great time to start playing with different nutrition products and see what your stomach tolerates the best.

What is your favorite go-to nutrition product for endurance workouts? Let us know! 👇

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For many people, the new year comes with new goals. We’ve received a few inquiries from individuals looking to train for something big in 2024. I LOVE seeing these big goals. HOWEVER, it’s so important to consider the whole picture. What’s your driving factor to sign up for a big race? Are you using this as a tool to safely increase activity levels, or will it just fuel an exercise addiction? Can you maintain a healthy relationship with both food and exercise throughout the duration of your training? Can you maintain an active lifestyle after the event is finished, or do you think you’ll fall off track as soon as the finish line has come and gone?

I know this sounds HARSH. But, it’s so important to consider these things when setting new goals, which a lot of people are doing right now.

If training for a goal event is in your best interest and something you really want to tackle, then we’re here to help. However, we find it super important to have the hard conversations first. Our goal is never to fuel an unhealthy path, but to guide you safely towards your individual goals.


We’re so excited to be hosting a workshop on nutrition & strength for endurance sports, specifically for bariatric athletes! We would love to have you join us. The event is completely free. Details are above, and reach out with any questions!

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One thing Nick and I are pretty passionate about is making sure that our athletes maintain a healthy relationship with exercise, so that it becomes and stays a maintainable lifestyle habit.

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2023 was an exciting year for us, with plenty of accomplishments for both ourselves and our athletes. We’re looking forward to what 2024 has in store!

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Happy new year! What are your 2024 goals?

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Holidays can be challenging. Tip number 5 is what really matters. What else do you do to help manage the holidays?👇

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Big goals can be hard to imagine. Start tackling those big goals by breaking them down into smaller goals. I love using the idea of a “goal tree”. What do you physically need to do for training progressions? But also, what do you need to do in your daily life to allow training to be consistent?

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As we always say, consistency is key. Consistency with a balanced eating pattern is always at the top of our list. However, consistency with activity is also very important. Healthy living is all about your lifestyle. Find something that you enjoy and can maintain so you’ll stick with it!

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2024 is right around the corner, meaning a lot of athletes are dialing race schedules and setting new goals! If those goals seem overwhelming or you just have no clue how to get there, then start with identifying the barriers that make those goals seem so challenging.

If you could use some help with your goal setting and identification of barriers, send us a DM to set up a consult!


For anyone interested in our Harford County meal prep service (3 meals per day, 5 days per week with meals prescribed by a registered dietitian, pick up in Joppa), feel free to join our email list for updates as we soft launch & hard launch. Here’s the email subscription: https://solution-based-meals.ck.page/d78def9951

Or, follow Solution Based Meals for updates!

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New package options to work towards your goals!

We’re continuing to offer 1:1 endurance coaching, monthly nutrition coaching and individual consults.

We are now ALSO offering an improved virtual strength & conditioning package via the Everfit app to help dial in your strength training and / or supplement your current endurance training routine.

If you have any questions or are interested in working with us, comment below or DM us with the word RESULTS or learn more!

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Are you thinking of starting to run, bike, swim, etc. post bariatric surgery, but don’t know where to begin?

👉 Check out these 7 tips to get you started.

If you still feel lost and are ready to commit to these 7 things, send us a DM to schedule a coaching consult!

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Friendly PSA for all of the triathletes, runners, cyclists out there - HIIT workouts are not proper strength training, especially for your endurance goals.

Sincerely, this doctor of physical therapy & strength coach who sees this happen WAY too often.

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RD Nick’s top 5 holiday meal tips:

The holidays tend to bring about a good bit of anxiety in terms of food. Give these a read, and let us know if any of these tips are helpful to you!

👇What are your favorite holiday meal items?

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It’s finally the off season for many endurance athletes, which means that strength training should be on your agenda!

Actually, it should be on your agenda year round, but this is where it needs to start.

The two main goals of strength training for endurance athletes should be both improving performance and decreasing injury risk. That means that you need to start building your strength bae NOW so that once your base & build phases of training come around, you are ready to meet those training demands.

Starting your strength training during a base or build phase is asking A LOT of your body, and you probably won’t get the same benefits from strength training as you would if you started in the off season with appropriate structure to your strength workouts.

Swipe to see how to structure your strength training throughout the season!


MEDAL MONDAY!!🏅41 minute half marathon PR in 7 months!

Chris ran his first half marathon on 3/26/23 in a time of 3:51:21. We started working together with Chris in June, and this past weekend he ran another half marathon in a time of 3:10:37. That’s a 41 minute PR in 7 months, or almost 3 minutes per mile. That’s HUGE! Chris has put in incredible effort while training. He has taken all of our training guidance & education and put it into effect, and it is REALLY paying off.

As coaches, we can give you all our best training plans, advice and guidance, but at the end of the day you have to be the one to apply it. Chris is a great example of an athlete who does just that. Of course we can help problem solve barriers to help you find consistency and confidence, but you still have to do the ex*****on.

Congrats, Chris! We are so thrilled to see your progress!

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If you have had WLS, experience frequent overuse injuries, have had a stress fracture or are returning to endurance training from injury, you may benefit from the added support of working with a coach who is also a PT.

I love helping athletes who fall into areas that allow me to use both my coaching AND my physical therapy brain.

Here are just a few considerations for the benefits of working with a PT & coach.


Ironman California is finally here! Thankful for my 2 Sherpas this weekend ☺️


Best of luck to everyone who will be out racing this weekend!

Both Jen and Becky are racing their A races for the season this weekend. They have put in all the training, and are now tapered and ready to crush it this weekend! Have fun!!


Wishing our athletes racing this weekend the best of luck at the Baltimore Triathlon! Have a great race!

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