Yoga Collective

One home. One people. One collective. Baltimore's newest Yoga studio. Coming Spring 2022.


Still here, and still SO thankful for your continued support as we all patiently wait to open our new home's door to our community!



Happy Wednesday YoCo Fam! We had so much fun at our 7-week Sunday Yoga Series with - thank you Volo, and thanks to those of you who were able to come out & join us! 🀸

We can't wait to host so many more great events for yall when we open our own doors in SO SOON!

What kinds of yoga events would you like us to host?? Leave us a comment and let us know what you're most excited for! πŸ‘‡


does it again THIS SUNDAY, June 12th, to bring you the heat at our Sunday morning yoga series with at !

Hit the link in our bio to sign up and meet us on the mat at 9:30 am in the .events to kick off your Sunday with a great start πŸ§˜πŸΏβ€β™€οΈ


We're really getting used to these sweet Sunday sessions with our YoCo community! Have you had a chance to attend one yet??

We've got a few more left through the month of June, so make sure to sign up while you still can:

June 12 with
June 19 with
June 26 with

All at 9:30 AM in the .events at , in partnership with our friends over at



HAPPY FRIDAY! You already know - YOGA THIS SUNDAY with the one & only at 🀸

If you haven't signed up yet, head on over to that LINK IN BIO and lock in your spot for some with the YoCo community and in the .events !


It's happening, YoCo fam - THIS SUNDAY, JUNE 5th, Yoga with our very own at !

Hit that LINK IN BIO to sign up and join us in the .events at 9:30 am!


T-MINUS 3 DAYS until yoga with for our Sunday Yoga series with at !!

Meet us at 9:30 am in the .events at White Hall Mill in Hampden 🧘🏿



with continues THIS Sunday, May 29th at 9:30am, with at in the .events !

HAVE YOU SIGNED UP YET?! Link in bio πŸ‘†


Only TWO DAYS left until our next Sunday morning yoga sesh with at Whitehall Mill !

LINK IN BIO to sign up and join in the .events at 9:30 am THIS SUNDAY (May 22nd).


Have you signed up for the second one of our Sunday morning yoga series with at in the .events ??

This time with our very own - finish off your weekend with a sweet yoga sesh at 9:30 am THIS Sunday, May 22nd.

πŸ”— LINK IN BIO to sign up!

Photos from Yoga Collective's post 05/16/2022

We kicked off our Sunday yoga series with with a GREAT class yesterday taught by the lovely at ! A big thank you for those of you who joined us - we so appreciate the love & support! πŸ™

Didn't get a chance to attend? NO WORRIES! We've got six more opportunities for you to practice with one of our badass instructors! Next up: our very own teaching THIS SUNDAY, May 22nd (same time & place: 9:30 am in the .events at Whitehall Mill in Hampden).

✨ LINK IN BIO to sign up!


Happy Friday the 13th! The only thing "spooky" about today is the thought that you HAVEN'T yet signed up for this Sunday's FREE yoga class with ! πŸ˜‰

What are ya waiting for?? Hit that LINK IN OUR BIO and sign up for the first of this 7-week yoga series in collaboration with at in the .events !

FREE class, FREE parking, FREE good times!
9:30 am in Hampden. Food vendors on site πŸ˜‹


Our 7-week Yoga Series start THIS SUNDAY, May 15th, and the first class is FREE!!
** Sign up through - LINK IN BIO!**

Join to kick off this awesome series and start your Sundays off RIGHT!

Located in Hampden at in the .events - class starts at 9:30 am! (don't forget to bring your own mat πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ ).

Extra perks (besides the FREE class πŸ˜‰ ) - FREE parking, plus food vendors on site to enjoy a little somethin' somethin' before/after class!


Have you signed up for our Sunday morning yoga series with yet ??

This is a great opportunity to start practicing with some of our amazing instructors before we get into our own YoCo home very soon!


🀸 Class Schedule:
- May 15th with Taylor Kaulius
- May 22nd with Robin Fencel
- May 29th with Gabriella Waters
- June 5th with Marissa Walch
- June 12th with Gabriella Waters
- June 19th with Marissa Walch
- June 26th with Lindsay Kiracofe


We're SO EXCITED to be teaming up with for a new 7-week Yoga Series at in Hampden!! πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ

Beginning May 15th, join one of our awesome YoCo instructors each Sunday morning, 9:30 am, at the Penguin Room in White Hall Mill for a 45 minute yoga session! (schedule belowπŸ‘‡ )


🀸 Class Schedule:
- May 15th with Taylor Kaulius
- May 22nd with Robin Fencel
- May 29th with Gabriella Waters
- June 5th with Marissa Walch
- June 12th with Gabriella Waters
- June 19th with Marissa Walch
- June 26th with Lindsay Kiracofe

We can't wait to see you!


🌍 HAPPY EARTH DAY! 🌱 🌳 β˜€οΈ 🌊

What are you doing to celebrate, and thank, Mother Earth today?? Lets u know in the comments πŸ‘‡ πŸ’š

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We're just happy to be here, that's all 😊

Thank YOU, YoCo Family, for being here with us too. We so appreciate our supportive community already, as we all *patiently* wait to open our doors very very soon!

Photo by .

It's Monday again! What are you looking forward to most this week?...or, this month?...ooorrr this season...? πŸ‘€ πŸ˜‰

πŸ‘‡ Tell us in the comments - We'd love to hear from our YoCo fam!

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It's Monday again! What are you looking forward to most this week?...or, this month?...ooorrr this season...? πŸ‘€ πŸ˜‰

πŸ‘‡ Tell us in the comments - We'd love to hear from our YoCo fam!

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Fact: Fridays are For Flexin'.

We don't make up the rules πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

What's your Friday Flex??

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Have you told your bff about YogaCollective yet?!

Share the love and let’s get everyone ready to join the YoCo family! πŸ™ŒπŸ½

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Happy Sunday! We hope you've had a lovely week and are looking forward to next week as much as we're looking forward to opening our studio doors for you SO SOON! πŸ’™

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Who knew balancing on one hand and foot could look so graceful?

Come learn how to be smooooth like when we open our doors to YoCo soon!

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Here's a shot of just casually levitating off the mat. nbd.

Raise your hand if you can't wait to learn from all our magical instructors! πŸͺ„ ✨

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It felt like Mother Nature already played a mean April Fools joke on us earlier this week with that silly snow and very un-spring-like temperatures, so we're just going to spare you any other jokes today (at least none here πŸ˜‚ ).

We can't wait for yoga and warmer temps (and no surprise snow flurries) with you all soon!

πŸ“Έ phot by


Raise your feet up in the air if you're excited to get your inversion practice on with when we open!! πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ

Are you into inversions?? Or would you rather keep your feet on the ground? Either way, we welcome you and can't wait to practice with you, SO SOON!

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HAPPY MONDAY! We hope your week looks as good as does in this beautiful dancer pose 🀩

What's your favorite pose, and how excited are you to show it off at YoCo?!

πŸ“Έ photo by


We hope you've practiced some heart openers this week, and if you haven't yet - now is the time!

Join us at YogaCollective, opening soon, and practice your heart openers, and so much more, with ! πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ

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Who's ready to get STRONG with ?! πŸ’ͺ🏿 😎

Follow along with us as we get ready to open our doors soon and help you get fit, flexed, focused, or whatever else you want to get out of your yoga practice!

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Have you told your buddies about YoCo yet??
Tag someone who you think should join the YoCo fam when we open up soon! (Hint: it's literally everyone. Everyone should join!).

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Looking forward to the weekend, almost as much as we're looking forward to YoCo opening soon! πŸ˜‰

Where are you getting your yoga on this weekend??

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It's Wednesday, which means we're already half way to the weekend, and that much closer to the opening of YogaCollective! πŸ˜ƒ

Raise your hand (and maybe a leg too) if you're as excited as we are! πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

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Happy Monday! Where are you practicing yoga this week? We can't wait to be on your calendars soon πŸ˜‰ πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ 🀸🏾

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Let's show some love to our next YoCo teacher - Robin Fencel!

Robin arrived on the yoga mat as a Division 1 athlete seeking the physical benefits of the practice, and she never left! The community, empowerment, freedom, and personal growth had her hooked, and in 2011 she completed her 500-hour certification in yoga. She teaches a high energy power vinyasa class filled with dynamic sequencing to the tune of fire playlists!

🎀 Fun fact: Robin's lyric memorization skills make her a wonderful karaoke partner!

Make sure to give Robin a follow and stay tuned here (and on her page) for her class schedule coming SOON!

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Please welcome our next teacher, joining the stellar lineup of YoCo yogis - Sydney Airey!

Sydney is a RYT 200 teacher from the Eastern Shore, MD, specializing in vinyasa, yoga sculpt, yin, and restorative yoga practices! She loves yoga because it has changed her life for the better; in her own words: "My yoga journey began in 2014 when I lost a close family member. I was in a lot of pain, angry, and I started to have a lot of questions about life. Developing a yoga practice not only helped me grieve but I started to look at life differently and was able to feel more connected to the present. I have always been a believer in some sort of higher power, trusting that the universe has a plan for me. Yoga has helped me put meaning to my life and better follow my intuition."

According to Sydney, Yoga is the relationship between the mind, body, soul, and breath. During her classes, she hopes you will find a safe space on your mat, use your breath to guide you, feel your feelings, and use yoga practices up off of your mat in every day life.

⭐️ Fun Fact: Sydney was named after Sidney Poitier!

Make sure to give Sydney a follow and stay tuned here (and on her page) for her class schedule coming SOON!

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Let's keep the teacher love going for our next YoCo family member - Gabriella Waters!

Gabriella is from Baltimore and teaches vinyasa, yin, prenatal, kids, and restorative yoga! She also teaches yoga to children and adults with autism. Her favorite thing about practicing yoga is the opportunity to quiet her mind and feel each breath. Her favorite thing about *teaching* yoga is watching participants become curious about themselves and settle into their skin during the practice.

🧠 πŸ’ͺ🏿 Gabriella has a varied fitness background that includes personal training, nutrition coaching, and teaching group exercise, but one thing most people don’t know about her is that she creates neural networks and artificial intelligences designed to mimic human neurobiology!

Make sure to give Gabriella a follow and stay tuned here (and on her page) for her class schedule coming SOON!

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Welcoming another one of our lovely teachers, Lindsay Kiracofe!

Originally from the Philadelphia area, Lindsay came to Maryland after being recruited by Towson University to play lacrosse. She has been teaching yoga since 2008 and is primarily a Vinyasa Yoga teacher whose classes are fun and filled with smart alignment, hands-on assists, consistent flow, engaging transitions, and compelling sequences making even the most challenging asanas available and inviting.

πŸ€“ Pulling from her Master's in Clinical & Counseling Psychology and strong athletic background as a Division 1 collegiate athlete, Lindsay unifies the wisdom of the mind and body for inspiring and effective yoga classes. No matter if she is on her mat as a yoga student, teaching workshops in another city, or leading one of her Yoga Teacher Trainings, Lindsay's favorite thing about practicing yoga is also why she teaches yoga: to experience mind-body harmony on the mat so you can bring that off the mat into your everyday life.

Make sure to give Lindsay a follow and stay tuned here (and on her page) for her class schedule coming SOON!

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Welcome to the YoCo family, Michelle Stafford!

Michelle is from right here in Baltimore. She teaches Iyengar Yoga, where she fuses what she knows about Personal Training and The Feldenkrais Method into her teaching. Her favorite thing about practicing and teaching yoga is that it empowers the practitioner to heal the mind, body and spirit.

πŸŽ‚ Fun fact about Michelle: when she was pregnant with her 3rd son, she and her sister took cake decorating lessons, so that they could make fancy birthday cakes for their children, friends, and family!

Make sure to give Michelle a follow and stay tuned here (and on her page) for her class schedule coming SOON!

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Hey YoCo fam, say hello to your first yoga teacher, Marissa Walch!

Marissa grew up on Lake Norman in NC, went to school at Wrightsville Beach in NC and then moved to Baltimore, MD in 2011. She started practicing yoga in California in 2009 and trained at the Wilmington Yoga Center for her 200 hour followed by Charm City Yoga for her advanced training; during this time she was already working full time teaching group fitness classes and personal training. The yoga studio became Marissa's home; she loves sharing her creative sequencing with all bodies and provides opportunities for building full body strength, developing flexibility and injury prevention. Her classes are mainly a vinyasa based sequence, powerful, therapeutic and relaxing.

πŸ˜‰ Fun Fact: Marissa has her own YouTube Channel - !

Make sure to give Marissa a follow and stay tuned here (and on her page) for her class schedule coming SOON!

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Happy LUV Day to our YoCo family! We already luv and appreciate you for being here & supporting us as we gear up to welcome you into our studio in just a few months! πŸ’•

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