Truet E. Purnell

Truet E. Purnell

*PICP Level 1 Specialist
*PICP Level 2 Specialist
*Applied Biosignature Transformation Coach
*Precision Nutrition level 1 Coach

Operating as usual


As long as I’m alive, my brother-in-law’s memory and spirit stays alive in me. As with all of the years since your passing I dedicate Memorial Day to you, Ronald C. Brown, Jr. I’ll see you again, Brother. OORAH 🇺🇸


I am getting a little better understanding about how to train a person for body composition changes. In the two upper photos, the goal was fat loss. The strength training routine I recommended:
* Day 1 - Full body
* Day 2 - Conditioning class
* Day 3 - Full body
* Day 4 - Conditioning class
* Day 5 - Off
* Day 6 - Full body
* Day 7 - Off
Primary exercise format was GBC.
Well as you can see, she did shrink. But to our dismay, so did her fat free mass. I was solely focused on using techniques to increase calorie expenditure, EPOCH, hormonal spikes to expedite fat mobilization. Again, it worked for fat loss but not so much for muscle retention/growth.

Fast forward to the bottom photos. We switched focus to solely muscle growth. So, I recommended a different strength training split:
*Day 1 - Legs- Quad dominant
* Day 2 - Chest & Back
* Day 3 - Off
* Day 4 - Legs- Hip dominant
* Day 5 - Off
* Day 6 - Shoulders & Arms
* Day 7 - Off

Also, we used several different hypertrophy techniques:
* Straight sets, 10-12 reps
* Descending reps, 12, 10, 8, 6 reps
* Tri-sets, primary exercises 4-6 reps

In the top two photos, her fat free mass hovered around 108-112 lbs. In the bottom photos, her fat free mass went up to 116.3 lbs. You can see a quite a visible difference in the shape and size of her torso. That means we’re on the right path💪🏽


Deadlifts are my favorite lifting movement. To be able to execute a near perfect deadlift, several issues of joint stability/mobility need to be address in order to activate the right muscles to get the job done. This leads to- you guessed it- my pre-training preparation. In a couple of days I’ll show you what I did before I did my first lift.

* Lift #1 - 140 kg (308 lbs) 👍🏽
* Lift #2 - 180 kg ( 396 lbs) 👍🏽
* Lift #3 - 195 kg ( 429 lbs) 👍🏽
* Lift #4 - 200 kg (440 lbs) 👎🏽

I felt really good about testing my deadlift today. First, I did all lifts without a lifting belt. That means I know how to create and maintain a rigid core during heavy lifting. Second, I haven’t deadlift over 405 lbs, since 2013. And lastly, I failed because I lost focus, total body rigidity, and poor ex*****on (hips rose first).


To .1.1- looks like I adopted a daughter. First breakfast. Now a smoothie 😊


Part II to my last post.

This is my pre-training preparation. This is what I call it. I hope I’m not stealing anyone’s idea. The primary purpose for this is address the issues specific to musculature that affect the joints that will have an impact on the lifts I want to do.

Top row from left to right;
A. Thoracic flexion/extension
B. Quadruped rotational reach.
C. End range scapular adduction, pronated grip

Middle row from left to right:
A. Foam rolling the lats
B. Prayer stretch
C. End range trap 3 DB raise

Bottom row left to right:
A. Pectoral foam ball rolling
B. Supine foam roller DB circles
C. Side-lying DB external rotation

The “A” movements are done for 2 minutes.

The “B” movements are done using the contract/relax method. Or I move into a position for 6 seconds as I did with the prone DB circles for my pectorals.

The “C” movements are antagonistic (opposite) joint actions.

This is not a typical “warm-up” you may see someone do or recommend for someone. I’m kind of fixated on finding ways to move better and lift heavier without pain before, during and after a session.


A continuation of the importance of assessing before diving into an exercise. Today I’m doing my bench press workout. I already knew I had shoulder issues and limitations on the left side. Honestly I didn’t know how bad until I assessed myself. I did a couple of other shoulder mobility screenings. But I’ll just stick to this one for now.

In the left video, my internal rotation on my right arm is mediocre at best. For the left arm, I could barely move it. This tells me I have so much tissue restriction due to my lack of the muscle that provide thoracic stability/mobility, scapular stability/mobility, proper length/tension of the prime movers, coordination of the shoulder stabilizing muscle and the prime movers.

Now after doing some pre-training preparation, you can see the improvements in the right video. Big difference, huh?

I’ll post videos of what my pre-training preparation entailed to get the range of motion I acquired in the second video.


I don’t do traditional “cardio.” Truth be told I don’t do any traditional cardio in the sense of treadmill, elliptical, stair master, stationary bike, etc. So what do I do to keep my blood pressure well under the “acceptable” norms of 130/90 and a resting heart rate of >60 BPM? Good ol’ fashion strenuous strength training. There are numerous studies that show rigorous strength training increases heart size ( left atrium and ventricle), blood pressure, arterial@pressure to working muscle, capillaries, blood volume output, etc.


His ultimate sacrifice saved us. God being a jealous Deity, a tolerant Lord could have wiped out mankind with the snap of a finger. Remember what people went through with Moses? S***m and Gomorrah? Remember He wiped out an entire civilization with rain and spared only a single family and a few beasts? Jesus’ sacrifice kept God from going Ol’ Testament on mankind. Jesus’ mercy and love spared us so that we can know God, do His work and praise Him for all that we are, have and will do until His return. Happy Resurrection Day family.


It’s been THAT kind of week. Saturday included 🤨


I had a diagnostic blood test at LifeMed Institute] yesterday. Eleven vials of my life juice will be sent off to a lab to analyze the inner workings of this ol’ ThunderCat 🧪

LifeMed Institute]

Photos from Truet E. Purnell's post 03/28/2022

My God ALWAYS takes care of me- on time, anytime, and all of the time. Want proof? First thing in the morning I look on my desk and my man, Adam Warburton, hooked me up with some of his deer jerky.🦌 Next, my girl, Lori Monsky, comes in with a coffee and a bag of goodies. Then as always, Rachel Yusufov, blessed me with a can “ass whip” to get me through those early morning training sessions when I don’t have my coffee 🤪 Yeah. My God is good.

Photos from Truet E. Purnell's post 03/20/2022

First Drip A Size Challenge participant of the year. My man, Ben, lost 10.2 lbs. in 30 days. And while still on the program lost another 8.6 lbs. in another 31 days. Summer will be here before you know it. If you’re SERIOUS about how to lose weight/body fat, improve health and lifestyle, contact me


I truly believe your character is the ONE thing you can’t fake. Your true self will ALWAYS come out in the words you speak, the gestures you make, the actions you carry out. I saw this unexpected note from my friend, .trudeau , today. I guess it’s safe to say my God’s holy spirit filled character is doing it’s job. Thank you, sweetie. This note says a lot and means even more ❤️


To my Jewish brothers and sister- Happy Purim. Also, to family- THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU so much for my Purim gift❤️


It’s raining outside. But my friend, , brought the sunshine in with this hot cup of love just for me❤️


100% agree💪🏽

Let’s get one thing straight. Children CAN lift weights safely without fear of broken bones or stunted growth🥊

When you look at the research, there is actually a very LOW risk of injury to children who participate in weight training & the sport of weightlifting or powerlifting. This is often attributed to good coaching and qualified supervision. It may surprise you that the injury rates for young athletes participating in the sports of weightlifting and powerlifting are considerably lower than those of rugby, soccer and football!📝

One research study followed a group of competitive weightlifters (11-14 years old) over an entire year of training and competing. After a full year, there was not a single injury found that limited training or required professional medical attention. It was even safe for young athletes to find their 1 repetition maximum (1RM) without fear of injury (provided proper technique and supervision). The force an athlete sustains when performing a maximal strength test (such as a 1 RM squat) is actually less than what they would be exposed to on a daily basis in most other sports. Youth weight training also does NOT automatically cause growth plate fractures or stunt growth!🥊

In fact, lifting weights at a young age may even help reduce injury occurrence in other sports! Youth athletes who lift weights are less likely to sustain an injury in their chosen sport!📝

As long as an athlete is mature enough to accept coaching, adequately supervised, and prescribed correct weights and technique by their coach they can start lifting without fear of injury🙌🏼

To read more into youth weight training & see the backed research, check out the blog article “When Can My Child Start Lifting Weights” on📲

Shout out to & her dad for being today’s post models🙏🏼


I can hide my emotions quite well. I don’t want to burden people with my burdens because they come to me for inspiration, motivation and sometimes non-training guidance. I can’t that to people if they see a functioning train wreck. So long story short, I had a rough yesterday evening at home and an even rough start this morning today. At 6:30 this morning, this bundle of perkiness, Heɑther B 🌻] , gets my day started with laughter and silliness. Now I’m trying to be serious when I train but I can’t help it. I guess I needed that to get my head cleared and get the day started in the right direction. At the end of every session, she blesses me with a cup of coffee. When she gave me my cup and I read the inscription, I kind got a little emotional. Now before I train everyone today, I read what’s on this cup to keep my “kick ass” attitude going for the next person. You’re the best Heɑther B 🌻]. But you already know this 😉


Yes I’m a Harry Potter fan thanks to my youngest son.


Spirit, mind then the body. In that order. Starting January 1st with a new daily ritual thanks to and his post about the “5 am Club.”


Who else is frying a turkey 🦃 Did my first one today. Definitely having the drumstick 🍗


HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful sister 🤗🎊🎂

Photos from Truet E. Purnell's post 12/08/2021

I honestly feel I’m the least photogenic person on the planet. But I had to somehow represent for company photos. Shout out to for his mad camera skilz 📷


The Holiday season can officially begin now 😂


The first time I looked at a football game, it was a college game between Michigan against Washington Huskies. I@was about 12 or 13 years old. It wasn’t the game that intrigued me. It was the logo on the helmet. It was/is so freakin’ bad ass. Eversince then, I have been a Michigan Wolverine fan.


Although the Challenge is for 30 days, more times than none my trainees want to continue until they reach their personal goal. It took my man, Jeremy, five weeks to drop 9 lbs. Now onto a 4 week hypertrophy phase 💪🏽


Sunday’s are MY days


To all of my beloved Jewish brothers and sisters, HAPPY HANUKKAH


The ever caring and loving blessing me with homemade holiday sweets 🍪 If she keeps this up, I’ll not only have the beard of Santa. I’ll have a belly to match 🎅 ❤️

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Deadlifts are my favorite lifting movement. To be able to execute a near perfect deadlift, several issues of joint stabi...
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A continuation of the importance of assessing before diving into an exercise. Today I’m doing my bench press workout. I ...
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